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Last Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Network: ABC (US)

The series chronicles the rocky coexistence of Larry Appleton and his distant cousin Balki Bartokomous. A Wisconsin native, Larry, who comes from a large family with numerous brothers and sisters, has just moved into a new apartment in Chicago, and is experiencing his first joys of newfound privacy when Balki, a hitherto unknown cousin from a Greek-like island in the Mediterranean called Mypos, drops by to live with him. Balki, a shepherd by trade, interprets what little he knows about the United States by relying on his own recollections of American pop culture, which are often out-of-context. After initially gently rebuffing his cousin's request to stay at his apartment, Larry, an aspiring photographer, decides to take Balki under his wing and teach him about American life...

Get Me to the Dump on Time (2)

#1 - Get Me to the Dump on Time (2)

Season 7 - Episode 24

According to a sacred Myposian custom, Balki and Mary Anne must be married within 24 hours and they get everything ready. Larry feels left out of the duties so Balki makes him his best man and the guardian of his Myposian marriage necklace which he must have during the ceremony, but Larry accidentally throws it out. So Larry and Balki search the dump for it and eventually find it and Balki and Mary Anne finally get married.

star 8.40
5 votes
Directors: Judy Pioli
Writers: Tom Devanney
Pipe Dreams

#2 - Pipe Dreams

Season 3 - Episode 17

Jennifer asks Larry if he can call a plumber for her to fix her shower head while she's away. Larry decides that to impress her he'll fix it himself and as Larry and Balki try and put everything together, things go extremely wrong and they end up flooding Jennifer and Mary Anne's bathroom.

star 8.27
11 votes
Tux for Two

#3 - Tux for Two

Season 2 - Episode 16

Larry has been invited to a formal party for a photographer he idolizes but Balki's honest opinions embarrass Larry.

star 8.17
24 votes
Directors: Joel Zwick
Writers: Joel Saltzman

#4 - Lifesavers

Season 2 - Episode 5

After Larry saves Balki from getting hit by a taxi, Balki becomes his personal servant which ends up annoying Larry.

star 8.10
29 votes
Directors: Joel Zwick
Writers: Jim Parker
Trouble in Paradise

#5 - Trouble in Paradise

Season 2 - Episode 14

Larry and Balki invite Jennifer and Mary Anne over for dinner but cannot agree on what to serve which cases a rift between them and eventually a rift between Jennifer and Mary Anne.

star 8.04
25 votes
The Graduate

#6 - The Graduate

Season 3 - Episode 19

Balki manages to graduate night school at the top of his class but soon finds out that there is no graduation ceremony. So Larry talks to the principal and arranges one.

star 8.00
13 votes
Directors: Joel Zwick
Writers: Robert Blair
Just a Gigolo

#7 - Just a Gigolo

Season 4 - Episode 19

Lydia is miserable when her boyfriend dumped her so Balki uses his match-making skills to fix Lydia up with a man who turns out to be a gigolo who married wealthy women, takes their money and leaves them.

star 8.00
12 votes
Directors: Joel Zwick
Writers: Howard Adler, Robert Griffard
Door to Door

#8 - Door to Door

Season 7 - Episode 4

Larry and Balki get part time jobs to earn extra money. Balki tries stuffing teddy bears, but Larry asks for his help with door to door selling cleaning products. However, Larry is determined to go to a mansion and sell lots of products instead of going door to door with disastrous results.

star 8.00
11 votes
Directors: Judy Pioli
Writers: Barry O'Brien, Cheryl Alu
The Elevator

#9 - The Elevator

Season 7 - Episode 18

Larry decides to impress Mr. Wainwright by enlisting himself and Balki to move his brand new oversized couch up the elevator to his office while the elevator is under repair.

star 8.00
8 votes
Directors: Joel Zwick
Writers: Tom Amundsen
...Or Get Off the Pot (1)

#10 - ...Or Get Off the Pot (1)

Season 7 - Episode 21

Mary Anne has been hinting at Balki to propose to her and he has failed one too many times so she threatens to move out. Larry talks to Balki and tries to get him to realize but do to mis-communication, Balki thinks that Jennifer's in love with him and Mary Anne is going to die. But in all the confusion, Mary Anne move out.

star 8.00
7 votes
Ladies and Germs

#11 - Ladies and Germs

Season 2 - Episode 4

Larry has a date with a beauty queen but after going to the hospital to visit Mr. Twinkacetti (who has broken his leg), he catches a cold and when Balki tries to cure him with a secret Myposian cure, he ends up sleeping for three days.

star 7.95
38 votes
Directors: Joel Zwick
Writers: Michael Warren, William Bickley
The Pen Pal

#12 - The Pen Pal

Season 3 - Episode 15

Vince Lucas the racketeer that Larry and Balki testified against has been paroled and Balki invites him into their apartment after writing to him ever since he went to prison. Even though he threatened them, Balki trusts him but Larry's too scared.

star 7.94
17 votes
Directors: Joel Zwick
Writers: Bob Keyes
Up a Lazy River (2)

#13 - Up a Lazy River (2)

Season 4 - Episode 7

After the river takes them on a wild ride, The four end up lost in the woods. Hoping that Larry can regain Jennifer's respect, he talks Balki into letting him lead them back to the camp site but they end up walking for five hours in a circle. Later, Larry and Balki almost drown in quicksand and in the evening, they get attacked by a bear.

star 7.94
16 votes
Babes in Babylon

#14 - Babes in Babylon

Season 2 - Episode 6

Larry and Balki win a trip to Las Vegas. When they get there, Larry plans out what to do for their entire trip to prevent Balki from going to the casinos and becoming a compulsive gambler. Balki eventually talks him into it and after Balki has a string of good luck playing roulette, Larry starts playing and won't stop.

star 7.94
31 votes
Directors: Joel Zwick
Writers: Bob Keyes
Beautiful Dreamer

#15 - Beautiful Dreamer

Season 2 - Episode 15

Balki hasn't been sleeping due to a nightmare that has been haunting him about him not being able to help out at harvest season back on Mypos.

star 7.92
24 votes
Directors: Joel Zwick
Writers: Paula A. Roth
The Break Up

#16 - The Break Up

Season 6 - Episode 3

Jennifer was asked out on a date by an old boyfriend and checked with Larry first. But he agreed thinking that's what she wanted but she really wanted to know here their relationship is going. Confused, She breaks up with Larry who is too scared to tell her how he really feels but they eventually end up getting engaged.

star 7.92
12 votes
Directors: James O'Keefe
Writers: Terry Hart
Bachelor Party

#17 - Bachelor Party

Season 7 - Episode 1

As the best man at Larry's upcoming wedding, Balki is tricked by Mr. Gorpley into throwing a bachelor party and when Mr. Gorpley show up at the party, he spikes the punch and hires a stripper and Jennifer finds out.

star 7.91
11 votes
Directors: Judy Pioli
Writers: Terry Hart
The Sunshine Boys

#18 - The Sunshine Boys

Season 6 - Episode 11

Larry's popular high school rival Bunky McDermott comes to see him and invites him and Balki to a formal dinner party and make him a member of his popular club. Larry is so excited and lies to Bunky about going to the Caribbean but to convince him, Larry and Balki spend some time in a tanning bed and end up getting sunburned.

star 7.90
10 votes
Directors: Judy Pioli
Writers: John B. Collins
Speak, Memory

#19 - Speak, Memory

Season 6 - Episode 17

Jennifer's mother comes to town and wants to meet Larry, and Jennifer doesn't think that her mother will approve of her marrying him. Later on, Larry falls down the stairs at the Chronicle and gets amnesia which last during the dinner where Larry meets Mrs. Lyons.

star 7.90
10 votes
Directors: Judy Pioli
Writers: John B. Collins
Since I Lost My Baby

#20 - Since I Lost My Baby

Season 2 - Episode 13

After Mr. Twinkacetti forgot his wedding anniversary (for the 16th time), Edwina kicks him out. Balki invites him to stay for a while but he makes no efforts to reconcile with Edwina. So Larry and Balki try and get them back together.

star 7.89
19 votes
Directors: Joel Zwick
Writers: Doug Keyes
Three's a Crowd

#21 - Three's a Crowd

Season 5 - Episode 17

While playing a board game, an argument breaks out between Jennifer and Mary Anne. The result being Mary Anne moving out and in with Larry and Balki at Balki's insistence. Larry doesn't like the idea because is jeopardizes his relationship with Jennifer. So Larry and Balki devise a plan to get Jennifer and Mary Anne back together.

star 7.89
9 votes
The Lottery

#22 - The Lottery

Season 4 - Episode 1

Balki insists on buying a lottery ticket but Larry thinks that it is just a waste of money for something that can't possibly win. But during the draws, Larry realizes that Balki picked the right numbers and won 28 million dollars but Balki can't remember where he hid the ticket.

star 7.88
17 votes
Directors: Joel Zwick
Writers: Howard Adler, Robert Griffard
Falling in Love is...

#23 - Falling in Love is...

Season 2 - Episode 7

Balki falls in love with a girl at night school and who makes a play for Larry and constantly breaks dates with him. Balki refuses to believe that she is just using him to get good grades.

star 7.87
30 votes
Directors: Joel Zwick
Writers: Michael Warren, William Bickley
It Had to Be You (1)

#24 - It Had to Be You (1)

Season 7 - Episode 23

Balki has been having so many dates in the past two weeks and Jennifer thinks he still misses Mary Anne but Larry refuses to believe it. Later on, Balki meets the woman of his dreams who is identical to Mary Anne, and they later discover that Mary Anne is dating a man identical to Balki. Balki and Mary Anne don't seem to realize what's going on for a while, but when they do, they end up getting engaged.

star 7.86
7 votes
Directors: Judy Pioli
Writers: Thomas R. Nance
Up on a Roof

#25 - Up on a Roof

Season 2 - Episode 20

Larry enters a photo contest and has the idea of a perfect picture. But to take it, him and Balki have to go up on a roof and shoot it before a storm comes in.

star 7.84
19 votes