The BEST Episodes of No Heroics

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Last Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Network: ITV2

No Heroics is a six-part series that sees a group of British off-duty superheroes living their day-to-day life - which for supposed saviours of the world is actually rather normal, as they just can’t be arsed. Instead, this group of B-listers would rather get drunk and commiserate their lack of superiority in their local superheroes-only pub, The Fortress, reading New Power Express and bitching about everyone who’s more successful than them.

Back Issues

#1 - Back Issues

Season 1 - Episode 4

Jenny heads to prison to visit a super villain she helped put behind bars, but her efforts to cheer him up backfire when she thinks up a novel way to use the prison phones. Don takes a job looking after a young prince who is less than grateful for the protection. Alex and Sarah talk about old times in the pub. Excelsor tries his luck with Sarah.

star 7.96
18 votes
Origin and Tonic

#2 - Origin and Tonic

Season 1 - Episode 5

Sarah enlists Alex's help to annoy her parents when they arrive at The Fortress, little knowing that her dad and Excelsor have their own messy joke to play on Alex. Jenny gets a job in an office. Don joins a therapy group for superheroes as he tries to come to terms with the number of people he has killed.

star 7.79
18 votes
Directors: Ben Gregor
Writers: Jon Brown
Mean Gills

#3 - Mean Gills

Season 1 - Episode 3

Sarah is given a sidekick with behavioural problems by the Super Powers Authority as part of her probation. Don takes Alex to a strip club, who attempts to convince people there that he can be dangerous. Back at The Fortress, Jenny gets chatted up by a mysterious lothario at the pool table.

star 7.57
18 votes
Monkey Gone To Heaven

#4 - Monkey Gone To Heaven

Season 1 - Episode 6

Norse Dave is desperate to avenge the death of Thundermonkey. Jenny struggles to uphold Thundermonkey's pub rules, and considers breaking the 'no powers' rule to uphold the 'no smoking' one. Alex considers leaving his friends when he meets an American agent who is keen to sign him up to her superhero group.

star 7.51
18 votes
Directors: Ben Gregor
Writers: Drew Pearce, Jon Brown
The Fantastic Chore

#5 - The Fantastic Chore

Season 1 - Episode 2

Sarah and Jenny reunite as crime fighting duo Ladytrouble to appear at a convention, but are the memories of the past best left alone? Alex heads off on a mission to make a drugs bust. Don makes a new friend at The Fortress, but finds it difficult to be seduced by his unusual power.

star 7.41
17 votes

#6 - Supergroupie

Season 1 - Episode 1

Alex arranges to meet a girl who has given him her number, but it becomes obvious that she is a supergroupie who is only interested in one thing. Meanwhile Sarah faces a dilemma when she witnesses a robbery taking place at the cornershop, and must choose whether to help the sexist shopkeeper or not.

star 7.38
23 votes
Directors: Ben Gregor
Writers: Jon Brown, Daniel Peak, Drew Pearce