The BEST episodes of My Mad Fat Diary

Every episode of My Mad Fat Diary ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best episodes of My Mad Fat Diary!

Set in the mid-90s at the height of cool Britannia, My Mad Fat Diary takes a hilarious and honest look at teenage life from the perspective of Rae - a funny, music-mad 16-year-old who, despite an eccentric mother and her own body image and mental health issues, has a huge lust for life, love and trying to get laid.

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236 votes

#1 - Glue

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired 3/31/2014

It is a very dark period of Rae's life without her friends and mum being around for support. She's managed to alienate everybody and now a crisis with Chloe leaves her feeling helpless.

171 votes

#2 - Voodoo

Season 3 - Episode 3 - Aired 7/6/2015

Rae ends up back in the same hospital where everything began. She is adamant that she is staying despite what the doctors say. Kester pays her a visit who still believes that Rae is ready to end therapy despite the setbacks and she finds the strength to return to her old life in Stamford.

Writer: Tom Bidwell
It's a Wonderful Rae (2)
268 votes

#3 - It's a Wonderful Rae (2)

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired 2/18/2013

Feeling guilty that she was not there for Tix Rae is also depressed when Chloe tells her of her feelings for Finn and imagines running her over. Things get worse when Rae realises that Chloe has read her diary and tries to commit suicide but is herself run over. Whilst Rae is unconscious Tix appears and tells her how life would be poorer if Rae was to do away with herself so ,after being discharged from hospital,she goes to see Kester Gill,discussing her suicide attempt and her feelings for her father

297 votes

#4 - Alarm

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Aired 2/17/2014

Rae's still madly in love with Finn, but will her insecurities sabotage their relationship before it's even begun? Meanwhile, Kester encourages her to face her demons and finally confront the truth about what happened toTix.

It's a Wonderful Rae (1)
258 votes

#5 - It's a Wonderful Rae (1)

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired 2/11/2013

Rae and Chloe both attempt to try and win Finn's affections, but after Rae's mum stops her from going to a rave with the rest of the gang, Rae believes that it's game over. She decides that the time is right to try and free from all the constraints of her mental health issues and stops taking her medication, but the consequences are massive.

220 votes

#6 - Friday

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired 3/10/2014

When Rae begins to grow closer to Liam, his new girlfriend, Amy, starts to feel suspicious and threatens Rae. Meanwhile, Archie is finding it hard to cope after Rae outed him to Lois.

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Don't Ever Tell Anybody Anything
264 votes

#7 - Don't Ever Tell Anybody Anything

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired 2/4/2013

Rae is falling in love but doesn't know whether to admit it to the object of her desires. As Kester pushes her to examine what triggered her self-harming, Rae is torn between telling people the truth or keeping her illness a secret. Then her two worlds collide at an impromptu house party.

Not I
225 votes

#8 - Not I

Season 2 - Episode 6 - Aired 3/24/2014

Rae is livid as it looks likely Chloe is going to let her down once again, but a discovery forces her to see things through Chloe's eyes for once. Rae begins to realise that there are two sides to every story and hopes that it is not too late to sort things out.

Who Is Stan Ford?
170 votes

#9 - Who Is Stan Ford?

Season 3 - Episode 1 - Aired 6/22/2015

June 1998. Rae Earl is boss. Drinking, dancing and dating the hottest guy in the North - Rae has life as a teenager nailed. Despite a disastrous university interview, Rae's future in Stamford is looking bright. However, change is on the horizon as the gang grows up. When Rae's attempts to maintain the status quo backfires, she faces one of her biggest challenges yet. Is Rae Earl ready to grow up?

Writer: Tom Bidwell
293 votes

#10 - Touched

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired 1/21/2013

With her best friend Chloe in a secret relationship with a mystery man, Rae also longs for a boyfriend, but is worried she'll never get one while she's overweight. She's annoyed when Kester recognises she's uncomfortable with her appearance and refuses his request to try and look in the mirror more. She's also embarrassed by her complete lack of sexual experience - she's never seen anyone naked, been kissed or had an orgasm.

Directors: Tim Kirby
Writer: Tom Bidwell
224 votes

#11 - Girls

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired 3/3/2014

Without Finn in her life, Rae feels lonely in college and struggles to make friends. When the chance comes to be a part of the cool gang, she has to decide how far she'll go to fit in. Meanwhile, Archie is firmly back in the closet, which infuriates Rae - can she really be friends with someone so fake?

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Ladies and Gentlemen
267 votes

#12 - Ladies and Gentlemen

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired 1/28/2013

Rae and Chloe's friendship becomes difficult when Rae discovers who Chloe has been secretly dating. When things start to get rocky, Rae finds herself drawn back to her old patterns of destructive behaviour, but an upsetting event makes her view someone in the gang in a different light.

257 votes

#13 - Radar

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired 2/24/2014

The long hot summer is over and Rae is starting her first year at Sixth Form College. She's determined that things will be different this year, but she quickly starts to struggle under the pressure. When her relationship with Finn thrusts her into the spotlight, Rae must decide whether to run away from the bullies or to face her fears.

143 votes

#14 - Rewind

Season 3 - Episode 2 - Aired 6/29/2015

Rae takes drastic action that could jeopardise her future when Chloe's parents ban her from seeing their daughter in hospital

Writer: Tom Bidwell
Big Wide World
366 votes

#15 - Big Wide World

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired 1/14/2013

Rae has continue to have therapy sessions at the hospital - initially unsure whether she can trust her new therapist, Kester, she starts to tell him about her first week back on ‘the outside'. On her way home from the hospital with her mum, Rae bumps into her old friend, Chloe - who she's recently drifted apart from, and who has no idea where Rae's been these few months. Chloe is hanging out with a new gang, which includes three gorgeous boys - Chop, Finn and Archie. Rae instantly finds Archie irresistible. Back home, Rae is shocked when she discovers her mum has a new boyfriend living with her - an illegal Tunisian immigrant, Karim, who she's hiding from the neighbours.

Directors: Tim Kirby
Writer: Tom Bidwell
Inappropriate Adult
210 votes

#16 - Inappropriate Adult

Season 2 - Episode 5 - Aired 3/17/2014

Rae wants to be treated like an adult as she pushes the boundaries with her parents. After she begins to spend quite a bit of time with a group of older boys that Chloe has befriended, things turn nasty and Rae thinks about whether adulthood is really everything that it is supposed up to be.

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