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Last Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Network: MBC

Lee Kang-Woo is a handsome guy, who enjoys being the center of attention. In his past, he was dumped for being ugly. Since that moment, he has been obsessed with his appearance. Joo Seo-Yeon is an enthusiastic P.E. teacher. She does not like handsome men, because she went through a lot of trouble due to her 3 handsome brothers. Her ideal guy is someone who is closer to normal. Lee Kang-Woo and Joo Seo-Yeon happen to meet. They initially argue about everything, but they develop romantic feelings for each other.

Seo Yeon Knows the Truth Now

#1 - Seo Yeon Knows the Truth Now

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired Dec 12, 2019

Kang Woo drives Seo Yeon home and gets to encounter Won Seok and Won Jae. Won Seok is suspicious about Kang Woo and Seo Yeon's relationship, and he wants to meet Kang Woo. Won Seok finds out that Kang Woo isn’t gay, and Seo Yeon gets mad about it. Seo Yeon is deeply disappointed with Kang Woo thinking that he asked her out for a joke again.

star 8.14
7 votes
The Story About Seo Yeon's Parents

#2 - The Story About Seo Yeon's Parents

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Aired Dec 18, 2019

Seo Yeon goes to Kang Woo’s house, and Kang Woo cooks for her. Seo Yeon gets to see Kang Woo’s designs, but Kang Woo doesn’t want to talk about it. Won Jae asks Kang Hee for help, but she thinks Won Jae is putting on a show. Meanwhile, Kang Woo gets to know what happened to Seo Yeon’s parents.

star 8.14
7 votes
Seo Yeon Goes to Kang Woo’s House

#3 - Seo Yeon Goes to Kang Woo’s House

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Dec 5, 2019

Won Jae is curious about Kang Hee. Kang Woo doesn’t come to school for four days, and Seo Yeon goes to his house to get the approval for the budget. Mi Kyung thinks Hyun Soo is a janitor at HS Entertainment. Meanwhile, Kang Woo feels embarrassed to have Seo Yeon in his house late at night.

star 8.00
6 votes
Min Hyuk & Kang Woo's Conflict

#4 - Min Hyuk & Kang Woo's Conflict

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired Dec 18, 2019

Min Hyuk wants to tell Kang Woo that he likes Seo Yeon, but Kang Woo doesn’t want to hear about it. Min Hyuk asks Seo Yeon to be his partner for the meeting with his friends. At the meeting, Min Hyuk tells his friends that he had a crush on Seo Yeon at first sight. Meanwhile, Kang Woo gets jealous of Min Hyuk.

star 8.00
7 votes
Kang Hee's Decision

#5 - Kang Hee's Decision

Season 1 - Episode 31 - Aired Jan 16, 2020

Seo Jun and Joo Hee ask Seo Yeon for help. Seo Yeon goes to HS Entertainment and tells Hyun Soo that it was a misunderstanding. Hyun Soo kicks out Jung Ho, saying that he can’t have a trainee with a terrible character. Meanwhile, Kang Hee suddenly gives Won Jae the cold shoulder.

star 8.00
5 votes
Kang Woo's Trauma

#6 - Kang Woo's Trauma

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Nov 27, 2019

Seo Yeon breaks the flowerpot which the vice-principal adores. Min Hyuk witnesses her at the moment, and he tells the vice-principal who the culprit is. Kang Woo’s parents want him to join the family business, and it seems difficult for him to escape from them this time. Meanwhile, Seo Yeon goes to a bar to find Joo Hee, and she encounters Min Hyuk there.

star 7.88
8 votes
Seo Yeon Hates Pretty Boys

#7 - Seo Yeon Hates Pretty Boys

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Nov 27, 2019

Seo Yeon gets into a fight because of her handsome older brother. Since this is not the first time, she is now sick of her brothers. Her boyfriend Jung Tae calls her to meet, and Seo Yeon is excited because he wants to meet her in the fancy restaurant which is a famous spot for proposing. However, Jung Tae’s face has changed, and Seo Yeon is flustered.

star 7.86
7 votes
Directors: Oh Jin-seok
Writers: Ahn Shin-yoo
Kang Woo Bullies Seo Yeon

#8 - Kang Woo Bullies Seo Yeon

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired Dec 12, 2019

Kang Woo decides to bully Seo Yeon because he can't admit the fact that Seo Yeon pitied him. Min Hyuk tells Kang Woo not to bully Seo Yeon, but Kang Woo won’t listen to him. Jang Mi gets beaten by her mother, and Kang Hee saves her at that moment. Meanwhile, Seo Yeon gets drunk and tells Kang Woo that he hasn’t changed a bit.

star 7.86
7 votes
Kang Woo’s Feeling

#9 - Kang Woo’s Feeling

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Dec 5, 2019

Doctor Kim says that Kang Woo is still in love with Seo Yeon, and Kang Woo strongly denies it. Seo Yeon waits for Kang Woo to get approval for the budget, but Kang Woo doesn’t come to school. Meanwhile, Kang Woo starts to work for Hyun Soo’s company as a fashion designer.

star 7.83
6 votes
Kang Woo Gets Fired

#10 - Kang Woo Gets Fired

Season 1 - Episode 19 - Aired Dec 26, 2019

Seo Yeon feels nothing after Kang Woo kissed her, and she thinks something is wrong with her. Kang Woo gets kicked out of Shinhwa High School, and Min Hyuk becomes the chief director. Seo Yeon tells Kang Woo this is a great opportunity to realize his dream. Meanwhile, Seo Yeon gets to know that Seo Jun still has a symptom.

star 7.83
6 votes
Seo Yeon Says She Doesn't Love Kang Woo

#11 - Seo Yeon Says She Doesn't Love Kang Woo

Season 1 - Episode 24 - Aired Jan 2, 2020

Seo Yeon tells Jang Mi to leave her house. Won Jae keeps avoiding Kang Hee’s calls, and Kang Hee goes to his house. Min Hyuk gets to know that Seo Yeon lost her parents when she was young. Hyun Soo visits Shinhwa High School to see Mi Kyung. Meanwhile, Seo Yeon tells Kang Woo that she doesn’t love him.

star 7.80
5 votes
Seo Yeon's Guilty Feeling

#12 - Seo Yeon's Guilty Feeling

Season 1 - Episode 23 - Aired Jan 2, 2020

Mi Ja pretends to like Seo Yeon in front of Kang Woo, and Kang Woo asks Mi Ja if it’s okay for him to date Seo Yeon. Seo Yeon tells Mi Ja that she will break up with Kang Woo, but Mi Ja tells Seo Yeon that she should keep seeing him. Meanwhile, Jang Mi visits Kang Hee’s office and tells her that she should stop Kang Woo from dating Seo Yeon.

star 7.75
4 votes
Kang Woo's Misunderstanding

#13 - Kang Woo's Misunderstanding

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Nov 28, 2019

Seo Yeon brings Joo Hee to her house and tells Joo Hee to stay there. Kang Woo asks Seo Yeon to go out with him, and Seo Yeon thinks he is insane. Mi Kyung notices that Min Hyuk likes Seo Yeon. Meanwhile, Kang Woo becomes the chief director of Shinhwa High School.

star 7.71
7 votes
Psychological Treatment

#14 - Psychological Treatment

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Dec 4, 2019

Doctor Kim tells Kang Woo that he needs a photo of Seo Yeon to overcome his trauma. Therefore, Kang Woo takes a photo of Seo Yeon in secret. Meanwhile, Seo Yeon and Mi Kyung realize that Kang Woo is the grandson of Shinhwa Food’s chairwoman.

star 7.71
7 votes
Seo Yeon's Prejudice

#15 - Seo Yeon's Prejudice

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Aired Dec 19, 2019

Kang Hee wants to compensate Won Jae for her misunderstanding. Mi Kyung tells Seo Yeon that Kang Woo’s feeling for Seo Yeon is sincere, and Seo Yeon apologizes to Kang Woo. Seo Yeon still rejects Kang Woo because of his good-looking appearance. Meanwhile, Seo Jun keeps thinking about Joo Hee.

star 7.71
7 votes
Kang Woo's Confession

#16 - Kang Woo's Confession

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired Dec 11, 2019

Kang Woo is curious about Seo Yeon when he’s not with her, but he doesn’t want to admit it. Ho Dol is Seo Jun’s private tutor, and he runs into Won Seok at his house. Kang Woo decides to confess his feelings for Seo Yeon, but Seo Yeon and Kang Woo misunderstand each other’s intentions.

star 7.67
6 votes
Seo Yeon's Trauma

#17 - Seo Yeon's Trauma

Season 1 - Episode 18 - Aired Dec 25, 2019

Min Hyuk decides to work for the company, and Mi Ja wonders what if Kang Woo gets on Chairwoman Han’s bad side. Seo Yeon can’t remember anything about the day of her mom and dad’s accident. Hyun Soo wants to express his gratitude to Mi Kyung by buying her expensive bags, and Mi Kyung gets angry at him.

star 7.67
6 votes
Seo Yeon Blames Herself

#18 - Seo Yeon Blames Herself

Season 1 - Episode 21 - Aired Jan 1, 2020

Seo Yeon thinks that her parents had an accident because of her, and she starts to avoid Kang Woo. Won Seok and Won Jae tell Seo Yeon that it wasn't her fault, but Seo Yeon still blames herself. Kang Woo keeps texting and calling Seo Yeon, but Seo Yeon won’t answer him.

star 7.67
6 votes
Kang Hee Tells Kang Woo to Break up With Seo Yeon

#19 - Kang Hee Tells Kang Woo to Break up With Seo Yeon

Season 1 - Episode 29 - Aired Jan 15, 2020

Won Jae notices that Seo Yeon is not home, and he asks Mi Kyung where Kang Woo’s house is. Won Jae goes to Kang Woo’s house and witnesses Kang Woo and Seo Yeon together. Kang Hee tells Kang Woo to break up with Seo Yeon, but he won’t listen to her. Meanwhile, Seo Jun hurts his shoulder and Min Hyuk takes him to the hospital.

star 7.67
6 votes
After the Breakup

#20 - After the Breakup

Season 1 - Episode 25 - Aired Jan 8, 2020

Kang Woo tells Seo Yeon that he is the one who should cry. Kang Woo doesn’t want to admit that Seo Yeon doesn’t love him anymore, and he wants to make her love him again. Hyun Soo transfers Mi Kyung’s mother to another hospital. Meanwhile, Woo Bu tells Kang Hee to do a background check on Seo Yeon.

star 7.60
5 votes
Seo Yeon's Wedding Dress

#21 - Seo Yeon's Wedding Dress

Season 1 - Episode 32 - Aired Jan 16, 2020

Kang Woo finally gets to know the secret of Doctor Kim. Seo Yeon meets Mi Ja and Chairwoman Han for a meal. Jang Mi won’t let her mother bully her anymore. Min Hyuk decides to leave school for a while. There’s a farewell party for Min Hyuk at Kang Woo’s place, and Kang Hee and Won Jae encounter each other there.

star 7.60
5 votes
Kang Woo's Childhood

#22 - Kang Woo's Childhood

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Nov 28, 2019

Kang Woo tells Doctor Kim that Seo Yeon is the one who caused his trauma. Doctor Kim says that Kang Woo needs to overcome the fear regarding Seo Yeon so that he could get better. Chairwoman Han suggests Kang Woo that he should work for her company for a year. Meanwhile, Seo Yeon finally finds Joo Hee.

star 7.57
7 votes
Kang Woo's Welcome Party

#23 - Kang Woo's Welcome Party

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Dec 4, 2019

Shinhwa High School’s teachers and Kang Woo have a welcome party for Kang Woo. Kang Woo brings the teachers to Fantasia where Jung Tae dumped Seo Yeon. At Fantasia, Seo Yeon runs into Jung Tae, and Kang Woo witnesses Seo Yeon arguing with Jung Tae.

star 7.57
7 votes
Seo Yeon Is Concerned About Kang Woo

#24 - Seo Yeon Is Concerned About Kang Woo

Season 1 - Episode 16 - Aired Dec 19, 2019

Chairwoman Han tells Min Hyuk to think about a position that he wants. Seo Yeon already knows that Min Hyuk is the grandson of Shinhwa Food. Jang Mi gets to live with Seo Yeon from now on. Min Hyuk’s father still wants Min Hyuk to be a doctor again. Meanwhile, Kang Woo tags along to Seo Yeon’s trip for the track and field match.

star 7.57
7 votes
Seo Yeon & Kang Woo's First Kiss

#25 - Seo Yeon & Kang Woo's First Kiss

Season 1 - Episode 17 - Aired Dec 25, 2019

Mi Kyung gets to know that Hyun Soo is the president of HS Entertainment. Kang Woo takes care of Seo Yeon so that she could sleep well. There’s an emergency situation with Hi-Seven’s concert, so Mi Kyung and Kang Woo help Hyun Soo. Meanwhile, Kang Hee asks Won Jae why he came up with that act.

star 7.57
7 votes