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Every episode of Legend of the Galactic Heroes ever, ranked from worst to best by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The worst episodes of Legend of the Galactic Heroes!

In the distant future, there's an interstellar conflict going on. For almost two centuries, the monarchic and the democratic have been in constant battle. The series focuses on the exploits of rivals Reinhard von Lohengramm and Yang Wen-li as they rise to power and fame in the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance, respectively.

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Jessica's War
67 votes

#1 - Jessica's War

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired 2/1/1989

Yang is sent to Thernussen (Heinessen's second largest city) with his ward, Julian Minci, to attend a ceremony at the Military Academy. He meets Jessica Edwards, who is campaigning for the Peace Party candidate in an upcoming election. We learn that Yang, while being loyal to democracy, has no love for the current politicians. The P.K.C. sets a bomb in the Peace Party's headquarters, killing the candidate, but their plan backfires when Jessica, who is the new Peace Party candidate, wins a landslide victory.

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The Actress Exits
64 votes

#2 - The Actress Exits

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired 2/1/1989

Susanna von Benemünde, a former favorite of the Emperor, wants to get rid of Annerose and win back the Emperor's love. She teams up with Flegel, who hopes that a scandal involving Annerose will lead to Reinhard's downfall. Annerose is abducted: she is to be killed and found with a supposed lover from the lower class. She is rescued by Kircheis, Reuenthal, Mittermeyer and Oberstein. Benemünde is forced to commit suicide. Flegel has been smart enough to leave no proof of his involvement, but Oberstein and Reinhard suspect him anyway.

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The Klopstock Incident
69 votes

#3 - The Klopstock Incident

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired 2/1/1989

Thirty years ago, marquis Klopstock was exiled form the imperial court. He asks prince Braunschweig, the Emperor's son-in-law, to ask forgiveness on his behalf. Braunschweig invites him to his daughter's birthday party. Klopstock's real goal is to bring a bomb in order to kill the Emperor, who will be there. At the party, Reinhard clashes with baron Flegel. The bomb is taken away by accident and makes little damage. Klopstock commits suicide and all the incident is kept secret.

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Cold Cybernetic Eyes
63 votes

#4 - Cold Cybernetic Eyes

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired 1/1/1989

Paul von Oberstein, chief of staff of the Iserlohn fleet, is in trouble. He saw through Yang's plan, but his commander didn't listen to him, and he fled before the destruction of the fleet. The three chiefs of the Imperial fleet resign, but want to make him responsible of the defeat. Oberstein meets Reinhard and explains how, like him, he hates the high nobles and the Goldenbaum dynasty, and offer his help. Reinhard agrees and obtains his pardon by advising the Emperor to refuse the chiefs' resignations.

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The Battle of Astarte
78 votes

#5 - The Battle of Astarte

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired 12/1/1988

After the destruction of the 4th and 6th fleets, Reinhard's fleet engages the 2nd Fleet. When its commander is wounded, Yang takes command and manages to escape utter destruction. In Phezzan, Adrian Rubinsky, administrator of the planet, and Nikola Boltik, his main adviser, make comments on the battle and note that it won't change the strategic situation.

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In the Eternal Night
86 votes

#6 - In the Eternal Night

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired 12/1/1988

January 1, 796 S.C. / 487 I.C.: in the Astarte star system, an Imperial fleet of 20.000 spaceships under Reinhard von Lohengramm's command is about to be cornered by three Alliance fleets of 13.000 spaceships each. Against the advice of his subordinates, Reinhard decides to strike first in order to defeat each fleet before they can join. The Allied commanders, trusting the overall odds of 2 to 1, don't anticipate this and rebuff Yang Wen-li's advice to quickly regroup their forces.

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The Arrow is Loosed
22 votes

#7 - The Arrow is Loosed

Season 2 - Episode 12 - Aired 9/1/1991

The young Emperor passes through Phezzan into Alliance territory. The Alliance government declares that they will shelter the refugees while the nobles announce a government in exile. Merkatz is appointed as secretary of defense without his own consent. August, 20, 798 S.C. / 489 I.C.: Reinhard declares the government in exile kidnapped the young Emperor in an underhanded act of cowardice. The public within the Empire mobilizes in support of Reinhard's declaration of total war.

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Decisions & Ambitions
22 votes

#8 - Decisions & Ambitions

Season 2 - Episode 9 - Aired 9/1/1991

The Mittermeyer and Reuenthal Fleets meet the retreating Imperial fleet and destroy the Alliance's pursuing ships before falling back when the Iserlohn Fleet shows up. In Odin, Müller is forgiven by Reinhard. Reinhard tells Hildegard von Mariendorf that power should not be inherited, but seized. In Phezzan, Kesselring explains to Rubinsky that the Free Planets Alliance is on the verge of bankruptcy; they decide to go on with their plan. It is revealed that Kesselring is Rubinsky's illegitimate son. Back in Iserlohn, Yang shares with Julian Minci his thoughts about military strength and how it is often used against the citizen it was supposed to protect.

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The Past, the Present & the Future
22 votes

#9 - The Past, the Present & the Future

Season 3 - Episode 5 - Aired 8/1/1994

On Odin, Reinhard reviews the secret history of the past Emperors of the Empire. On Heinessen Yang is enjoying his private life. Lennenkanpt is uneasy with Yang's quiet life, being vigilant he increases surveillance. Fredrica decides to learn how to cook better for Yang, she consults Cazellnu's wife. During this period, both women realized they can trade information inside the food.

23 votes

#10 - Visitors

Season 3 - Episode 4 - Aired 7/1/1994

Oberstein confronts Reinhard to choose a consort for bearing a heir. Reinhard releases Hildegard and her father from house arrest. Reuenthal reveals to Mittermeyer that his personal demons are effecting his lifestyle. At this time Reuenthal also gives up his ambition for power, realizing he can not exceed Reinhard. Müller launches his fleet from Odin towards Earth. Julian, Mashengo, and Poplan arrive on Earth and head to the Earth Cult holy temple.

When the Sad Rains Come...
24 votes

#11 - When the Sad Rains Come...

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired 3/1/1989

August, 22, 796 S.C. /487 I.C.: the invasion of the Empire has begun. Reinhard implements a scorched earth strategy: all food is taken from the frontier zone, so the "Liberation force" of the Free Planets Alliance will be forced to feed the inhabitants. Reinhard plans to attack the invading fleets when their supply lines will be overstretched. Commodore Ulrich Kesler carries out the orders but, in the process, has to face someone from his past.

Invitation to a Requiem
18 votes

#12 - Invitation to a Requiem

Season 2 - Episode 16 - Aired 10/1/1991

Julian arrives on Phezzan. The next evening, he attends his welcome party. Julian spreads conjecture about a possible invasion of Phezzan from the Empire. Reinhart organizes his fleet for operation Ragnarok. Admiral Bucock tries to warn the Alliance National Defense Council about a possible Phezzan corridor attack, but is ignored. November, 20, 798 S.C. / 489 I.C.: Admiral Reuenthal leading an Imperial Fleet of 36,000 ships lays siege to Iserlohn. Carrying out the first part of Operation Ragnarok.

One Slender Thread
23 votes

#13 - One Slender Thread

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired 6/1/1991

In Phezzan, Rubinsky explains his plans to a bishop of the Earth Cult. He will use his contacts in the Free Planets Alliance, such as chairman Trüniht, to make the Alliance crumble from inside, paving the way for an Imperial victory. Then, Reinhard is to be murdered. Kesselring is sent to the Alliance's commissioner in Phezzan, saying the financial support can continue only if the Alliance is a stable democracy, hinting that Yang is willing to seize power. In Iserlohn, Alex Cazellnu is concerned about Yang's safety: for the time being, his skills are needed, but he fears that Trüniht wants to dispose of him in the end. In Heinessen, Trüniht, who dislikes Yang's popularity, asks the Secretary of Defence, Negreponte, to form an inquiry committee about Yang's action during the coup.

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The Holiday is Done
23 votes

#14 - The Holiday is Done

Season 3 - Episode 10 - Aired 9/1/1994

Julian convinces Wahlan to escort him to Odin. The Imperial admirals discuss the issue of Lennenkanpt's capture and the unverified accusations against Yang. Oberstein argues that the subterfuge within Heinessen could be very advantageous to the Empire. The Admirals all reject Oberstein's conclusion and opportunism, preferring to investigate the plot for the truth. Yang's fleet heads towards Merkatz's base. During this trip, Yang considers the miscalculations leading up to his capture as well as the next steps needed. Reinhard formalizes his plan of moving the Imperial capital to Phezzan. August 13, 799 S.C. / 1 N.I.C.: Planet El Facil declares independence from the Empire and Alliance.

Rolling Thunder
19 votes

#15 - Rolling Thunder

Season 3 - Episode 21 - Aired 12/1/1994

Reuenthal is arrested by the Imperial police under suspicion of overthrowing Reinhard. It is revealed that Lang, the head of the secret police initialed the investigation. Reuenthal is accused of harboring a woman of the exiled Lichtenlade family. Oberstein is suspicious of Lang's intentions. It is revealed that the woman is pregnant with Reuenthal's child. Reuenthal is granted a hearing from Reinhard that very afternoon. Reinhard and Reuenthal reminisce on the past. The Imperial officers direct their hatred toward Oberstein.

17 votes

#16 - Rumbling

Season 4 - Episode 4 - Aired 10/1/1996

A large memorial service by the former Alliance government turns into a bloody riot with around 5000 killed and the number of injured exceeding 50,000. Reuenthal looks for the instigators of the riot. A anonymous tip warns that Trüniht is responsible for the violence now spreading from the memorial service to all parts of Neue land territory. Reuenthal orders a blockade outside of Iserlohn. On Iserlohn, Julian and Katerose become closer. Meanwhile, Terraists plan to turn Reinhard into a tyrant by provoking Reuenthal to betray Reinhard. If Reinhard became a tyrant, it would increase public unrest and give Terraism as a religion a chance to gain mass appeal.

The Wind Blows Toward the Corridor
19 votes

#17 - The Wind Blows Toward the Corridor

Season 3 - Episode 23 - Aired 12/1/1994

Reinhard and his senior staff launch from Heinessen and head towards Iserlohn. On Phezzan, a terrorist bombing occurs during a celebration. Silverberche is killed while Oberstein and Lutz suffer minor injuries. The Imperial plan to attack Iserlohn is not postponed. On Heinessen, Andrew Fork is kidnapped by the Earth Cult. On the front lines, Fahrenheit and Bittenfeld kill time.

First Battle
25 votes

#18 - First Battle

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Aired 6/1/1991

January 1, 798 S.C. / 489 I.C.: Reinhard von Lohengramm is now Premier and Commander-in-chief of the imperial military. He implements many reforms for the welfare of the people. Meanwhile, an training sortie, under Dusty Attenborough's command, turns out to be Julian Minci's first battle as a fighter pilot. The Attenborough Fleet is on the verge to be crushed, but Yang Wen-li, with the help of Admiral Merkatz, goes out of Iserlohn with the whole fleet and saves the day (January, 16).

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The Order to Transfer the Capital
17 votes

#19 - The Order to Transfer the Capital

Season 3 - Episode 31 - Aired 2/1/1995

Lang finds the terrorists that bombed and killed Silverberche via a tip from Rubinsky. Rubinsky convinces Lang to kill Nikolas Boltik on suspicion of killing Silberberche. Many admirals within the Imperial Military are wary of Lang's influence. It is revealed that Rubinsky has Elfriede von Kohlrausch, the mother of Reuenthal's child. Reinhard officially orders all government servants and their families to move to Phezzan, the new Imperial capital. Trünicht accepts an outragous joke position from Reinhard in Heinessen. Oberstein considers purging members of the Reinhard staff.

Hoch Kaiserin!
19 votes

#20 - Hoch Kaiserin!

Season 4 - Episode 14 - Aired 12/1/1996

Kaiser Reinhard publicly announces his marriage to Hildegard von Mariendorf at the Imperial new years party. Hilda's father, Count Mariendorf resigns from his position recommending Mittermeyer as the new Chief Minister of Internal Affairs. Many of the ministers discuss joint rulership and succession rights for the upcoming Empress. Princess Grünewald visits Reinhard and Hilde on Phezzan. On January 29th, Reinhard and Hilda's are wed. Oberstein interrupts the wedding midway through to report riots on Heinessen.

The Mission to Retake Iserlohn
23 votes

#21 - The Mission to Retake Iserlohn

Season 3 - Episode 15 - Aired 10/1/1994

The Imperial forces head deeper into Alliance territory. Julian and friends arrive on El Facil. Julian passes off the Terraism data disk to Yang. Yang and stuff discuss the next step, namely the retaking of Iserlohn Fortress. The El Facil government is wary of Yang being outside of their field of control, thus they refuse to let Yang lead the next operation. Effectively Yang has become a bargaining ship for controlling the excesses of his subordinates. Yang speaks with Konev about the possibility of Phezzan's aid. December, 799 S.C. / 1 N.I.C.: The El Facil fleet, under Merkatz launches for Iserlohn. During the same time, the last of the Alliance fleet launches for their final sortie.

23 votes

#22 - Portrait

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired 6/1/1991

January, 798 S.C. / 489 I.C.: Admiral von Schaft, head of the Science and Technology Division, works out a plan to take Iserlohn back. The Geiesburg fortress is to become a mobile fortress by adding warp engines: its firepower is a match to Iserlohn's, so the Imperial fleet will be able to defeat the Iserlohn Fleet. The operation will be under Admiral Kempf's command, with Admiral Müller as second-in-command. In Phezzan, Rubinsky decides to support the plan and asks Kesselring to find a way to move Yang away from Iserlohn. Some of Mittermeyer and Reuenthal's background is revealed.

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The Magician is Captured
23 votes

#23 - The Magician is Captured

Season 3 - Episode 6 - Aired 8/1/1994

July 17, 799 S.C. / 1 N.I.C.: Alliance forces in accordance with the Treaty of Barlat start decommissioning and disassembling Alliance cruisers and carriers. The Merkatz freedom fighter fleet launches a sneak attack on the Imperial flagship, causing many planned decommissioned soldiers and ships to switch sides. Oberstein tricks Lennenkanpt into blaming Yang. Yang is arrested in his home by Alliance soldiers. All of Yang's subordinates notice increased surveillance as a sign of danger. If Yang is executed by the Empire, it would cause a popular uprising in the Alliance. The uprising would thus give the Empire a reason to subjugate the Alliance further. The Alliance government thus considers executing Yang before the Empire, to avoid interference or subjugation

The Afterglow of the Empire
39 votes

#24 - The Afterglow of the Empire

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired 12/1/1988

In Odin (capital planet of the Galactic Empire), Reinhard is promoted to imperial admiral after his victory at Astarte. With his friend Siegfried Kircheis, he pays a visit to his elder sister Annerose, the Emperor's favorite. In a flashback, Kircheis remember how he and Reinhard became friends, how Annerose was taken away from her home to be the Emperor's favorite and how they came to hate the high nobles and the Goldenbaum dynasty.

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Approach to the Future
18 votes

#25 - Approach to the Future

Season 4 - Episode 13 - Aired 12/1/1996

Mittermeyer and the other admirals return to Phezzan. All the admirals are debriefed by Reinhard. Mittermeyer meets with Hilde and discusses the adoption policy for Reuenthal's child. Mittermeyer adopts Reuenthal's child and servant and brings them home to meet his wife. Hilde reveals to Reinhard she is pregnant with his child, she accepts his marriage proposal. The Terraists feud leadership now that Reinhard has a successor. A deranged Landsberg leads Imperial police to the mummified corpse of Erwin Josef II. In Iserlohn, the staff celebrates the new year with a large party.

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