The BEST seasons of Garo

Every season of Garo ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best seasons of Garo!

"Where there is light, shadows lurk and fear reigns. But by the blade of Knights, Mankind was given hope." The Makai fight a secret war against the demon forces known as Horrors, evil creatures that manifest themselves through darkness to devour Humanity. On the frontlines are the Makai Knights, given the task of watching over a district and eliminating any Horrors that manifest there. GARO follows the tales of the Knights bearing the title of ‘Golden Knight Garo’, and their duty to vanquish the Horrors and protect Humanity from the darkness.

Last Updated: 10/6/2023Network: TV TokyoStatus: Ended
Makai Senki
4 votes

#1 - Makai Senki

First Aired 10/5/2011

Now Knight to the Senate, Kouga finds himself marked for death with the Seal of Destruction. Teaming up with old rival Rei Suzumura—Zero—and a young Makai Priest named Leo, Kouga races to find a way to save himself from fate.

10 votes

#2 - GARO

First Aired 10/6/2005

Makai Law decrees that any human stained by the blood of a Horror should be killed, or else they will die painfully in 100 days. This is the fate that has befallen Kaoru, a young girl caught in the middle of a fight between a Horror and a Makai Knight. Kouga Saejima—the Golden Knight Garo—defies this rule, and vows to find a way to purify Kaoru before her time is up.

Versus Road
3 votes

#3 - Versus Road

First Aired 4/1/2020

A mysterious pair of VR glasses is delivered to 100 young people, bringing them into the world of "GARO VERSUS ROAD". They have one objective: summon a mysterious suit of golden armor, and earn the title of Garo. The catch? Only one player can survive.

The Makai Flower
5 votes

#4 - The Makai Flower

First Aired 4/6/2014

Garo: The Makai Flower follows the adventures of Raiga Saejima, son of Kouga Saejima and Kaoru Mitsuki while he tries to prevent the resurrection the demonic flower of destruction Eris.

Gold Storm: Flight
5 votes

#5 - Gold Storm: Flight

First Aired 4/10/2015

After the events of The One to Shine Light into the Darkness, Ryuga Dougai, the current Garo, is assigned to oversee matters in Line City alongside the Makai Priestess Rian. There, meeting new allies and enemies alike, the two first face a rogue Madōgu who sees humanity's destruction as the only way to end the Horror threat and then a pair of Horrors who were once Makai Order members that are intent to revive an ancient Horror.

Makai Retsuden
2 votes

#6 - Makai Retsuden

First Aired 4/7/2016

A collection of individual episodes featuring characters from the previous installments of the Garo franchise, each of them narrated by Gonza Kurahashi, the butler to the Saejima household.

The One Who Shines in the Darkness
6 votes

#7 - The One Who Shines in the Darkness

First Aired 4/4/2013

In a distant future, the Garo armour has lost its golden shine, and its power as a consequence. The new holder of the Garo title—Ryuga Dogai—is summoned to the metropolis of Volcity and tasked with eliminating the Madou Horrors, a rare breed of Horror, who have infested it. Who are the Madou Horrors, and what is their connection to the lost shine of the Garo armour?