The Best Episodes of Game of Thrones

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2018

Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros. Friction between the houses leads to full-scale war. All while a very ancient evil awakens in the farthest north. Amidst the war, a neglected military order of misfits, the Night's Watch, is all that stands between the realms of men and the icy horrors beyond.

Battle of the Bastards

#1 - Battle of the Bastards

Season 6 - Episode 9

Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton battle for Winterfell. In Mereen Daenerys deals with old foes and new alliances.

star 8.92
19,834 votes
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The Winds of Winter

#2 - The Winds of Winter

Season 6 - Episode 10

Cercei and Loras are about to face their trial. In Winterfell Davos confronts Melisandre. Bran has another glimpse into the past. Daenery makes a decicion before leaving Mereen. And winter has come.

star 8.84
19,943 votes
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The Spoils of War

#3 - The Spoils of War

Season 7 - Episode 4

The Lannisters pay their debts. Daenerys weighs her options.

star 8.77
18,465 votes
Directors: Matt Shakman
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The Dragon and the Wolf

#4 - The Dragon and the Wolf

Season 7 - Episode 7

House Lannister, Stark and Targaryen meet at the Dragonpit and negotiate the future of Westeros ...

star 8.75
16,855 votes
Directors: Jeremy Podeswa
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The Rains of Castamere

#5 - The Rains of Castamere

Season 3 - Episode 9

Robb presents himself to Walder Frey, and Edmure meets his bride. Jon faces his harshest test yet. Bran discovers a new gift. Daario and Jorah debate how to take Yunkai. House Frey joins with House Tully.

star 8.70
10,113 votes
Directors: David Nutter
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The Lion and the Rose

#6 - The Lion and the Rose

Season 4 - Episode 2

A who’s who of honored guests turns out for Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding in King’s Landing, but the king’s taste in entertainment rubs many of them the wrong way. Meanwhile, Bronn gives a lesson to an unlikely pupil; Bran’s vision helps map out his journey; Stannis loses patience with Davos; and Ramsay takes a perverse delight in his new pet.

star 8.68
10,843 votes
Directors: Alex Graves
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Beyond the Wall

#7 - Beyond the Wall

Season 7 - Episode 6

Jon's mission continues north of the wall, but the odds against his ragged band of misfits may be greater than he imagined.

star 8.68
16,304 votes
Directors: Alan Taylor
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#8 - Hardhome

Season 5 - Episode 8

Arya makes progress in her training. Sansa confronts an old friend. Cersei struggles. Jon travels.

star 8.65
10,879 votes
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The Children

#9 - The Children

Season 4 - Episode 10

Circumstances change after an unexpected arrival from north of the Wall. Daenerys must face harsh realities. Bran learns more about his destiny. Tyrion sees the truth about his situation.

star 8.62
10,515 votes
Directors: Alex Graves
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The Mountain and the Viper

#10 - The Mountain and the Viper

Season 4 - Episode 8

Unexpected visitors arrive in Mole's Town. Sam questions his decision regarding Gilly. Littlefinger's motives are questioned. Sansa is interrogated by Lord Royce. Arya and The Hound arrive at the Bloody Gate. Ramsay tries to prove himself to his father. Tyrion's fate is decided.

star 8.58
10,400 votes
Directors: Alex Graves
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Fire and Blood

#11 - Fire and Blood

Season 1 - Episode 10

As tragic news spreads across the Seven Kingdoms, Bran and Rickon share a prophetic dream, Catelyn interrogates Jamie about her son's fall, and Robb's destiny is forever changed. After a surprising decision by his father, Tyrion heads south. Arya assumes a new identity in an attempt to escape King's Landing, and Sansa is terrorized by Joffrey. At the Wall, Jon is forced to choose between the Night's Watch and the family he left behind. Across the sea, Dany pays a terrible price for her love, but finds new hope.

star 8.56
8,890 votes
Directors: Alan Taylor
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And Now His Watch Is Ended

#12 - And Now His Watch Is Ended

Season 3 - Episode 4

Trouble brews among the Night's Watch at Craster's. Margaery takes Joffrey out of his comfort zone. Arya meets the leader of the Brotherhood. Varys plots revenge on an old foe. Theon mournfully recalls his missteps. Daenerys deftly orchestrates her exit from Astapor.

star 8.55
9,601 votes
Directors: Alex Graves
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The Laws of Gods and Men

#13 - The Laws of Gods and Men

Season 4 - Episode 6

Tyrion faces his father in the throne room. Stannis and Davos put their faith in a new strategy. Daenerys' sphere of influence expands.

star 8.49
10,229 votes
Directors: Alik Sakharov
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#14 - Blackwater

Season 2 - Episode 9

Tyrion and the Lannisters fight for their lives as Stannis’ fleet assaults King’s Landing.

star 8.48
8,305 votes
Directors: Neil Marshall
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Valar Morghulis

#15 - Valar Morghulis

Season 2 - Episode 10

Tyrion awakens to a changed situation. King Joffrey doles out rewards to his subjects. As Theon stirs his men to action, Luwin offers some final advice. Brienne silences Jaime. Arya receives a gift from Jaqen. Dany goes to a strange place. Jon proves himself to Qhorin.

star 8.46
8,087 votes
Directors: Alan Taylor
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The Watchers on the Wall

#16 - The Watchers on the Wall

Season 4 - Episode 9

The Night's Watch attempts to defend Castle Black against Mance Rayder's massive wildling army, who plan to siege the fortress from the north, while a secret garrison of wildlings, including Ygritte, are poised to launch a surprise attack from the south.

star 8.45
10,337 votes
Directors: Neil Marshall
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The Door

#17 - The Door

Season 6 - Episode 5

Tyrion seeks a strange ally. Bran learns a great deal. Brienne goes on a mission. Arya is given a chance to prove herself.

star 8.45
17,586 votes
Directors: Jack Bender
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The Dance of Dragons

#18 - The Dance of Dragons

Season 5 - Episode 9

Stannis confronts a troubling decision. Jon returns to The Wall. Mace visits the Iron Bank. Arya encounters someone from her past. Daenerys reluctantly oversees a traditional celebration of athleticism.

star 8.44
10,393 votes
Directors: David Nutter
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#19 - Mhysa

Season 3 - Episode 10

Joffrey challenges Tywin. Bran tells a ghost story. In Dragonstone, mercy comes from strange quarters. Daenerys waits to see if she is a conqueror or a liberator.

star 8.37
8,982 votes
Directors: David Nutter
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Two Swords

#20 - Two Swords

Season 4 - Episode 1

Tyrion welcomes a surprise guest to King’s Landing for the royal wedding, but fears he’s come to the Red Keep for something else. Meanwhile, Jon warns his skeptical Night’s Watch superiors about an impending attack. Jaime struggles to regain his status at home. Arya encounters a face from her past, and Daario Naharis discusses strategy with Daenerys on the journey to the slave city Meereen.

star 8.36
10,933 votes
Directors: D.B. Weiss
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Book of the Stranger

#21 - Book of the Stranger

Season 6 - Episode 4

Tyrion strikes a deal. Jorah and Daario undertake a difficult task. Jaime and Cersei try to improve their situation.

star 8.35
16,638 votes
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The Queen's Justice

#22 - The Queen's Justice

Season 7 - Episode 3

Daenerys holds court. Cersei returns a gift. Jaime learns from his mistakes.

star 8.35
17,487 votes
Directors: Mark Mylod
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#23 - Mockingbird

Season 4 - Episode 7

Tyrion gains an unlikely ally. Daario asks Daenerys to allow him to do what he does best. Jon's warnings about the vulnerability of the Wall are ignored. Brienne follows a new lead. Arya and The Hound come across Rorge. Sansa discovers Littlefinger's true intentions for The Eyrie.

star 8.34
9,986 votes
Directors: Alik Sakharov
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#24 - Home

Season 6 - Episode 2

Bran trains with the Three-Eyed Raven. In King’s Landing, Jaime advises Tommen. Tyrion demands good news, but has to make his own. At Castle Black, the Night’s Watch stands behind Thorne. Ramsay Bolton proposes a plan, and Balon Greyjoy entertains other proposals.

star 8.33
17,081 votes
Directors: Jeremy Podeswa
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Mother's Mercy

#25 - Mother's Mercy

Season 5 - Episode 10

Stannis marches on Winterfell. With Daenerys missing, Meereen has to find a new custodian. Cersei seeks forgiveness for her sins. Jon deals with life back behind the wall.

star 8.33
10,830 votes
Directors: David Nutter
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