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Buckle your seatbelts motor fans. The all-new season of Fast N' Loud will take viewers on a wild ride as Richard Rawlings and his team at Gas Monkey Garage push their limits further than ever before. This season, Richard is putting everything on the line in hopes of taking Gas Monkey Garage to new heights and a new level of success in the hotrod world.

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Season 8
4 votes

#1 - Season 8

First Aired 9/6/2016

The season begins with Aaron restoring a vintage Harley Davidson in celebration of Discovery's Harley and the Davidsons. The rest of the season is jam-packed with adrenaline-fueled fun. Between a visit from iconic car builder Chip Foose, a trip to Nascar with the Miller Lite team, a Porsche vs. Porsche race and a venture into the business of Monster Trucks - the Gas Monkey Garage has its work cut out for it. The season also includes some of the best builds the crew has ever done, including a'72 Pantera, a '00 Porsche hot-rodded with a Chevy engine, and a classic '49 pickup, which turns out to be the ultimate curse for the team, as they attempt to restore it to show truck perfection.

Season 10
4 votes

#2 - Season 10

First Aired 10/17/2017

With Aaron Kaufman's departure at the end of last season, Richard and his crew are entering a new stage at Gas Monkey Garage, setting out to prove the shop is still going strong. Richard and his team search high and low for forgotten and derelict vintage cars to buy and restore, and this season they're determined to go big—literally—by finding an original 1973 Chevy P30 Step Van and turning it into a hot rod. Throughout the season, guest builders Big Mike Sajid and Brian Bass also show off their skills and work with the Monkeys to build impressive hot rods. Without Aaron, the Monkeys work harder than ever before to turn even the most neglected cars into gold. However, these rare cars come with hefty price tags. Will Richard and his crew at Gas Monkey Garage be able to finish cars and turn a profit without Aaron, or will they lose sight of looming deadlines with too many opinions on each build?

Season 4
6 votes

#3 - Season 4

First Aired 9/3/2013

In the hit series Fast N' Loud, Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman travel the back roads, searching barns and open fields for that one rare ride to restore and choosing the right car is the trick. Richard is the man with the eye, the gift for seeing that rare find; while Aaron is the master mechanic who decides whether or not these relics are too far gone or the perfect basis for a Gas Monkey overhaul. Once Richard wheels and deals for a good price, it's back to the Garage to set the design plan and begin the major teardown. Then, the major work begins. It's always a race against the clock to get these cars finished: time is money at Gas Monkey Garage and the quicker they finish their cars, the quicker they can get to auction.

Season 2
7 votes

#4 - Season 2

First Aired 2/19/2013

Richard decides he has outgrown the shop on Reeder Road, and leases for $6500 per month a much bigger building nearby on Merrell Road in Dallas, where Gas Monkey Garage can work on more cars at once. They hire new mechanics to help with the extra work, as well as a couple more people to help with buying parts and looking for cars to buy for future projects. The actual move took place in January 2013.

Season 3
7 votes

#5 - Season 3

First Aired 6/11/2013

Fast N' Loud is back for another series of hidden gems and forgotten derelict classic cars, as motor mastermind Richard Rawlings and mechanical prodigy Aaron Kaufmann search the far-flung corners of Texas and the surrounding states for classic beauties. In the new series, Richard and Aaron conjure up a plan to transform a vintage '71 Dodge Scat Pack Challenger bought at auction. Their grand scheme turns into a mechanical challenge that Aaron and his team have never seen the likes of before. Meanwhile, Richard invests in a new live venue space across from the Grill and is nervous he's going to have to spend every last dollar he has to do it. The mechanics also bring back to life a '57 Shorty School bus with hilarious results.

Season 9
3 votes

#6 - Season 9

First Aired 1/17/2017

The new season kicks off when Richard and Aaron come across a rare '55 Chevy. With the Barrett-Jackson Northeast auction on the horizon, the crew must work quickly to turn this beat up car into a hot classic. If they can finish in time, Richard will be able to bring the car to auction and secure a major payout. With the monkeys left back at the garage to work on the build, Aaron takes another run at the notoriously dangerous Pike's Peak road race and Richard opens a new Gas Monkey Bar and Grill in Key West, Florida. Then, Richard, Aaron and the monkeys head back in time, working on classic builds including an '80 El Camino and a '65 VW. Richard also returns to his high school roots when he finds and builds his very first high school car, a '74 Comet - a hot rod he WISHES he drove 20 years ago! Meanwhile, another dream comes to fruition when the Smokey and the Bandit fan club finds Richard the other car from his youth, a Red Trans Am. In the biggest undertaking of the season, the Gas Monkey Crew decides to build a race car, pulling out all the stops. Now all that's left to do is find a willing challenger.

Season 1
9 votes

#7 - Season 1

First Aired 6/7/2012

Season 7
8 votes

#8 - Season 7

First Aired 9/8/2015

This season begins with a new mantra for Richard: "Big Risk, Big Reward," and he will roll the dice on some of Gas Monkey Garage's most expensive builds ever, while Aaron and his team attempt to conquer new technologies to create one-of-a kind masterpieces. Richard starts his quest to build bigger and better cars by scoring a '78 Cutlass, so Aaron can build Gas Monkey's first ever lowrider - something he's never attempted before. Richard and Aaron also hit the road to pick up a classic red '68 Cadillac convertible, giving it the luxury treatment in a risky bid to attract a higher caliber of buyer - even as costs escalate. Later, Richard heads to Kentucky to look at a prime '70 Ferrari 365, as his team attempts to soup up a near-totaled 2005 Ford GT. Richard also lands in Camaro heaven when he discovers a barn full of 16 vintage specimens.

Season 5
7 votes

#9 - Season 5

First Aired 8/19/2014

This season, Richard and Aaron get back to their roots and build a chopped Model A. The duo also lands a huge muscle car for a SONIC restaurant drive-in, but the Camaro convertible SS turns out to be trickier than originally thought as the deadline inches closer and closer. Aaron also continues his dream of being a race car driver, and he enters one of the deadliest and most difficult road races in the world: Pike's Peak.

Season 11
2 votes

#10 - Season 11

First Aired 3/13/2018

Richard and the Monkeys are tuning into a whole new groove at Gas Monkey Garage with bigger builds and higher horsepower. Motor mastermind Richard Rawlings travels the back roads, searching barns, garages and open fields for that one rare ride to restore. Once the deal is sealed, it's back to Gas Monkey Garage where Richard and his team work to turn the cars into gold. The new season takes Richard and the Monkeys into unfamiliar territory as they attempt to break new ground in the build space, risking their reputation in the process. Also, throughout the season, guest builder Big Mike works with the Monkeys to build custom hot rods.

Season 12
2 votes

#11 - Season 12

First Aired 7/9/2019

Richard is putting everything on the line in hopes of taking Gas Monkey Garage to new heights and a new level of success in the hotrod world. The new season brings incredible builds, iconic stunts and record payouts along with a set of new challenges that will put Gas Monkey Garage to the ultimate test. With builds bigger than ever before, Richard's team wrestles with intricate projects, impossible deadlines and Richard's demanding standards.

Season 13
2 votes

#12 - Season 13

First Aired 3/31/2020

With builds bigger than ever before, Richard Rawlings' team wrestles with intricate projects, impossible deadlines and demanding standards while Gas Monkey Garage solidifies its elite status in the hotrod world. Throughout the season, Richard, Russell J. Holmes and the crew push the boundaries on some of the most complex builds the garage has ever taken on.

Season 6
7 votes

#13 - Season 6

First Aired 3/24/2015

The Gas Monkey crew is busier than ever. Richard and Aaron take on one of their most demanding projects yet: rebuilding a '71 Dodge Scat Pack Challenger using parts from the 2015 version of the Dodge Scat Pack Challenger. The guys also get to work on a '68 Impala and A '57 Shorty School Bus. Additionally, Richard is working on expanding his business empire and the Gas Monkey brand by creating a new tequila company as well as opening up a concert hall. Both of these new projects represent a huge monetary risk for Richard, making it even more important that Gas Monkey Garage continue to keep the money rolling.