Fafner in the Azure

The BEST seasons of Fafner in the Azure

Every season of Fafner in the Azure ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best seasons of Fafner in the Azure!

At the beginning of the story, much of the world has been destroyed by the Festum and the remote Japanese island of Tatsumiyajima (竜宮島?, lit. Dragon Palace Island) has only remained unscathed by virtue of an advanced cloaking shield. The island's young people continue with their daily lives unaware of these events, but after many years of peace a lone Festum discovers Tatsumiyajima and attacks. The adults activate Tatsumiyajima's hidden defense systems and attempt to repel the attacker but to no avail. In desperation they order the deployment of the Fafner Mark Elf but its pilot is killed en route to the hangar. Left with no further options, they send a young boy named Kazuki Makabe as the replacement pilot assisted by Soushi Minashiro from within the Siegfried System.

Last Updated: 8/1/2022Network: TV Tokyo
6 votes

#1 - Exodus

First Aired 1/9/2015

Season 1
11 votes

#2 - Season 1

First Aired 7/4/2004

The Beyond
2 votes

#3 - The Beyond

First Aired 5/16/2019