The Best Episodes of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2019

In a race against time on a project that would ordinarily take four months to achieve, a team of designers, 100 workmen and even the neighbors, have just seven days to completely renovate an entire house ” every single room, plus the exterior and landscaping. Along with Ty Pennington, the other members of the design team that work their creative magic on the homes are Constance Ramos, Preston Sharp, Michael Moloney, Paul Dimeo, Tracy Hutson, Eduardo Xol, Ed Sanders, and Paige Hemmis To get the job done, they're going to have to cooperate with each other ” a hard thing to do when they don't always even like each other. Tensions flare as tastes are disputed and the deadline approaches ¦ can they get the job done?

Gomez Family

#1 - Gomez Family

Season 9 - Episode 2

The team builds a new home for a woman whose young son has a blood disorder.

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2 votes
The Johnson Family

#2 - The Johnson Family

Season 2 - Episode 22

Steve Johnson is a firefighter who helped to save a MAST firefighter from a terrible shooting in Kansas City, MO. The MAST firefighter is the one who nominated Steve to an Extreme Makeover.

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5 votes
The Leomiti-Higgins Family

#3 - The Leomiti-Higgins Family

Season 2 - Episode 18

In 2004 the mother of Charles, Michael, Sharis, Joshua og Jeremiah Higgins died of breast cancer. 2 months later their father died of heart complications. Then the Leomiti family, right next door, took them all in, but now they're eleven in total. Can the team give them more space?

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8 votes
The Leslie Family

#4 - The Leslie Family

Season 2 - Episode 19

After a car crash claims the life of her husband and oldest son, the team makes over the Louisiana home of a widow and her three surviving boys, including a backyard playground built with help from Mat ``the Condor'' Hoffman

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8 votes
The Vitale Family

#5 - The Vitale Family

Season 2 - Episode 23

The design team begins renovation work on a small, two-bedroom house in St. James, N.Y., for a widower and his three toddler boys.

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3 votes
Prewitt Brewer Family

#6 - Prewitt Brewer Family

Season 8 - Episode 21

The team helps build a new home for a volleyball coach and the three sisters she has taken in; beach volleyball player Misty May helps out.

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3 votes
Frisch Family

#7 - Frisch Family

Season 6 - Episode 8

Ty and his crew set to work on restoring a house that is home to 13 family members, but it can no longer cope with so many people.

star 8.67
6 votes
The Harper Family

#8 - The Harper Family

Season 2 - Episode 15

While design team leader Ty Pennington was preparing to film this episode in his hometown of Atlanta, he underwent emergency surgery for a perforated appendix. Although he was still recuperating, the energetic and dedicated Pennington did not want to let the family down. The episode incorporated his predicament into the show and captured how Ty was able to do his part from his hospital bed and later in the week, to participate in the reveal for the Harper Family from the Atlanta suburb of Lake City, Georgia. Patricia and Milton Harper worked hard and sacrificed for all the right reasons, but still could not achieve their dream of providing a real home for their children. After moving from the projects in Brooklyn, they wanted to give their sons Darius, 17, LaVaughn, 15, and seven-year-old Mister a safe haven to come home to every day. But the first-time homeowners didn't know they had just bought a big dump -- literally. Unaware of any problems when they purchased the home, the Harpers

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6 votes
The Ginyard Family

#9 - The Ginyard Family

Season 3 - Episode 6

Ty and the gang will help turn the hazardous home of Veronica Ginyard and her eight children in Capitol Heights, Maryland into ""home sweet home.""Veronica and her family have had a life of adversity and struggle. Having bought the first and only home she could afford, Veronica raises her eight children - including two sets of twins - in a home that would be cramped for a family of four, let alone nine. A strong woman, she is determined to raise her children in a safe and loving home, keeping them off the streets and away from violence for good. But the house isn't much of a safe haven.The extremely hazardous Ginyard home has exposed live wires sticking out of the drywall, mold from constant flooding in their basement and holes in the walls and ceilings. The kids have to sleep in makeshift bedrooms in the basement and the attic. Veronica works two jobs just to make ends meet and uses public transportation to travel to and from work, as her run down car sits in the driveway. The h

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The Barrett Family

#10 - The Barrett Family

Season 3 - Episode 3

Billy-Jack and Ann adopted 4 kids who were branded ""un-adoptable"" and gave them a second chance. Living in a 100 year old house with the 4 adopted kids, and there 2 biological kids, the family needed a much larger home. They want to adopt a few more kids, but the law says they can't because they don't have the room. Now Ty, and his team have built the Barrett family a 2 story ranch home, themed around there love for horses, and a seperate school house for home schooling.

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4 votes
Brown Family

#11 - Brown Family

Season 5 - Episode 3

Ty and the design team give a Connecticut family a new home after their house is flooded, ravaged by fire and robbed multiple times.

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4 votes
Gilliam Family

#12 - Gilliam Family

Season 4 - Episode 3

David Gilliam simultaneously worked several jobs to support his family in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a firefighter and EMT. He was one state test away from getting his instructor coordinator license when he suddenly died. As a result of her husband’s autopsy, Maryann learned that the basement of her family’s home was contaminated with dangerous levels of toxic spores. Her doctor advised the mother and her six children to vacate the house for health reasons. The community has rallied around the Gilliams; since David’s death, the family have lived with several family members, neighbors and friends. Currently they are living with Maryann’s sister.

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6 votes
Thomas Family

#13 - Thomas Family

Season 4 - Episode 15

Columbus, OH � The Thomas family are given an extreme makeover.

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4 votes
Wilson Family

#14 - Wilson Family

Season 4 - Episode 19

Longs, SC. A family who lost their house and their son within the span of three months will get a new dream home that they can fill with memories and love.

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4 votes
Jacobo Family

#15 - Jacobo Family

Season 4 - Episode 24

Kansas City, MO. The Jacobo family are given an extreme makeover. Michelle and Jesus Jacobo are hard-working parents that have sacrificed everything to keep their family together. In addition to having four children of their own, they took in their five nieces and nephews after Michelle's sister lost custody of the children. The Jacobos made room for them in their small home so that they wouldn't be lost to the foster care system. Michelle's father, Grandpa Ray, is also living in the house and helping raise the nine children, who range in age from 6 months to 18 years

star 8.50
4 votes
The Harris Family

#16 - The Harris Family

Season 2 - Episode 16

Six children live in a home that is falling apart. They need the EMHE's team to help them.

star 8.43
7 votes
Koepke Family

#17 - Koepke Family

Season 4 - Episode 9

Campbellsport, WI. The Koepke family are given an extreme makeover. Matt had dreams of renovating his home and finishing the renovations on the town Mill, but those plans were put on hold once he was diagnosed. He will be missed but never forgotten. Before Matt died, he had a chance to ask EMHE for one wish -- to take care of his family and give them the home they deserved. While the Ty and the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team, local builder Monarch Homes, contractors and hundreds of workers and volunteers remember Matt's dreams and work together to transform the Koepke house into a dream home in a remarkable seven days, the family will go on vacation to San Diego.

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Akers Family

#18 - Akers Family

Season 6 - Episode 2

A family in West Chester Ohio need the help of the EM:HE team this week. Four of the Five family members have potentially life threatening illnesses. Two members of the family have Crohn's Disease and two have Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The 8 year old wheelchair confined Brooke is a cheerleader and the hero of this episode.

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5 votes
The McCrory Family

#19 - The McCrory Family

Season 1 - Episode 5

The McCrory Family is very large. They were living in a very small house. With two sons already, they found out the were going to get triplets. Can EM:HE give them a bigger home for their children?

star 8.33
9 votes
The Tugwell Family

#20 - The Tugwell Family

Season 1 - Episode 9

An SUV crashes into a house. No one was hurt. John Tugwell, a former Vietnam veteran who presently works for the U.S. Postal Service, and his wife, Susan -- a fourth grade school teacher and avid reader who loves design and architecture from the grand style of the Italian Renaissance -- have been married for 28 years. Until the accident, their daughter, Abbey, 25, and infant granddaughter, Jamie, lived with them. Susan would love nothing more than to have her family all live together. The family was sent to Las Vegas for vacation.

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6 votes
The Imbriani Family

#21 - The Imbriani Family

Season 1 - Episode 13

Just months after a young, divorced mother of two got involved with a blood drive, she received a call that her marrow matched that of a baby girl with leukemia. At the time, Brook Imbriani had no idea how her selfless donation would impact her own family's life, as well as the life of a sick child. But Brook turned a tragic situation into triumph, and appreciation for her generosity was shown when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition literally knocked the Imbriani's neglected house to the ground and transformed it into a dream home.

star 8.33
6 votes
The Rodriguez Family

#22 - The Rodriguez Family

Season 3 - Episode 2

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition builds a handicap accessible home for a soldier who lost one of his legs while in Iraq.

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6 votes
The Teas Family

#23 - The Teas Family

Season 3 - Episode 5

Paul and Cyndy Teas purchased a 60 year old rundown camp so they should open their dream camp, a camp for kids with disabilities. They went 3 years without a paycheck, and emptied out their bank accounts and retirement funds all for Camp Barnabas. Also in addition to having no money, they have no house space either. The volunteers who help out at the camp live in the Teas house with them, and their son and daughter. Now Ty and his team rebuild the Teas home, giving them a beautiful living space just for them. Also with another big suprise after the house reveal, the Teas find a seperate quarters just for Volunteers, including dozens of beds and a living room. And then another building that is for the kids and staff to relax in with includes board games, a large flat screen TV, and hundreds of DVD's. This was EM:HE's biggest project yet.

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3 votes
Gaudet Family

#24 - Gaudet Family

Season 5 - Episode 21

Mobile, AL -- The Gaudet family's home is rebuilt.

star 8.33
3 votes
Hill Family

#25 - Hill Family

Season 6 - Episode 6

Ty and the gang travel to Geneva, NY to renovate the Hill family's 200 year-old farm house, enabling them to keep and improve their boxing gym for underprivileged teens.

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6 votes