The BEST seasons of Expedition Unknown

Every season of Expedition Unknown ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best seasons of Expedition Unknown!

Expedition Unknown chronicles the adventures of Josh Gates as he investigates iconic mysteries across the globe. Gates begins by interviewing key eyewitnesses and uncovering recent developments in the story, then springboards into a fully immersive exploration. This authentic, roughshod adventure leads Gates closer to the truth behind these unanswered global enigmas, such as the disappearance of Amelia Earhart’s plane. Josh Gates is an adventurer and avid explorer with a unique brand of humor and passion for off-the-map excursions.

Last Updated: 9/22/2023Network: DiscoveryStatus: Continuing
Season 12
2 votes

#1 - Season 12

First Aired 5/25/2023

Season 5
3 votes

#2 - Season 5

First Aired 5/30/2018

From a long-lost city hidden in the vast jungles of Guatemala to the hunt for a stolen pair of the iconic (and priceless) ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz, avid explorer Josh Gates sets out across the globe to investigate the greatest mysteries of all time. The series kicks off its Discovery debut with a two-part quest to the lost-city of El Mirador deep in the Guatemalan rainforest.

Season 8
4 votes

#3 - Season 8

First Aired 8/9/2019

Season 1
17 votes

#4 - Season 1

First Aired 1/9/2015

Armed with a degree in archaeology, a quick wit and a hunger for adventure, Josh Gates investigates the latest developments in each unsolved legend before embarking on a fully immersive exploration. To separate fact from fiction, Gates inserts himself in different cultures to understand the world as they do. Whether he's trekking through Fiji in search of Amelia Earhart's remains or diving the deep seas of Panama to locate Captain Morgan's pirate ship, Gates' authentic roughshod adventures lead him one step closer to finding the truth.

Season 2
8 votes

#5 - Season 2

First Aired 10/8/2015

Leaving no stone unturned, Josh Gates' adventures take him around the globe as he immerses himself in the core locales linked to each tale. From excavating ruins in search of the real Robin Hood to sailing the high seas investigating Christopher Columbus and exploring Nepal's "sky caves" for Shangri La, Gates' archaeological background and ubiquitous sense of humor generate a new take on age-old stories.

Season 3
7 votes

#6 - Season 3

First Aired 11/3/2016

The third season takes on such lingering questions as: Who was D.B. Cooper and what became of him? Is Captain Kidd's lost treasure still out there waiting to be found? Where is Attila the Hun's tomb? From excavating ruins and jumping out of planes to diving for treasure in the deep seas, Josh Gates goes on sixteen thrilling expeditions and they are some of his biggest adventures yet.

Season 6
3 votes

#7 - Season 6

First Aired 10/8/2018

Josh Gates journeys across the globe to investigate into the spirit world and answer mankind's greatest unsolved mystery: Where do we go when we die? From a ghost hunt at one of the most haunted places on earth to getting a firsthand glimpse of the afterlife with ancient medicine, Josh will put it all on the line for a glance of what's beyond this life.

Season 7
3 votes

#8 - Season 7

First Aired 4/8/2019

Ardent explorer and adventurer, Josh Gates has traveled to the ends of the earth investigating the greatest legends in history. Now, he's back with his most daring adventures yet. From following in the footsteps of the real Indiana Jones to learn the truth behind the fabled Crystal Skull of Doom, to diving the Great Lakes in search of the Holy Grail of lost American shipwrecks, The Griffon, Josh takes viewers on exhilarating expeditions around the world. An epic 2-hour event live from Egypt kicks off the new season.

Season 9
2 votes

#9 - Season 9

First Aired 2/6/2020

Season 4
4 votes

#10 - Season 4

First Aired 12/28/2017

This time, Josh Gates' insatiable curiosity and appetite for adventure leads him to destinations around the world, uncovering the truth behind more illustrious legends and fascinating lore. With access to the latest research and scientific technology, Gates tackles twelve all-new expeditions, including: the history of the mighty Vikings; the mystery of Stonehenge; the lost tombs of the Mayan Snake Kings; the search for a ship trapped in the dunes of Australia; a quest for the true identity of Nefertiti; and the hunt for twelve buried treasure boxes hidden right here in America.