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Devil Beside You, originally a Japanese manga turned Taiwanese drama, basically revolves around a typical love triangle. When Qi Yue's attempt to tell her crush, Yuan Yi, how she really feels falters, her world turns upside down as she becomes tormented by the school's Prince, Ah Meng, who ends up with the letter of her confession. Known for his devilish ways, Ah Meng always gets his way and he only desires Qi Yue. Qi Yue breaks through his hard exterior and falls in love with the devil. Unfortunately, fate doesn't agree on their union when they find out that they are soon to be step-siblings.

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Episode 11

#1 - Episode 11

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired Aug 14, 2005

Shen decided to pursue his own happiness. Meng admitted that Shen’s appearance made him lose his confidence, but the 2 men finally settled their differences. Shen solved the first clue that Yali gave him, which the key to a post box. Shen placed a love letter, letters of plea from the others, chocolates signifying sweetness, and even a ring, but all these did not move Yali at all. During the process, Shen realized that he knows so little about Yali’s likes and habits, because all this years, Yali is the one who yields to his habits. Shen finally unlocked Yali’s heart when he placed his wallet in the post box, and in the wallet, the photo of him and Qiyue has been replaced with a new photo of him and Yali. Xuewei and Youhui decided to make use of the long weekend holiday to pay a visit to Qiyue’s granny before their marriage to officially ask to be married. Qiyue and Meng hence have the chance to stay in the house alone but Granny Jiang felt that it’s not appropriate for 2 young kids to stay alone at home. Although Xuewei defended them, but Granny Jiang’s words caused her to feel unease. Qiyue decided to take this chance to visit her father’s tomb, and she felt especially warmhearted when Meng volunteered to accompany her. A thunderstorm suddenly broke out on their way back and the train, which is the only way out of the small town, has to stop its services. Qiyue and Meng were caught in the rain and the drenched Qiyue was shivering in the cold. Concerned that she would catch a cold, Meng had no choice but to bring her to a hotel. Just then, Qiyue received a call from home and it turns out that Xuewei has realized that they are not at home! Afraid that their relationship would be exposed, thus affecting her mother’s happiness, Qiyue wanted to leave Meng behind and rush home by herself. Meng was afraid that if they continue evading the problem, Qiyue might decide to give up their relationship. While running away, Qiyue realized that she c

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Episode 1

#2 - Episode 1

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Jun 5, 2005

Qiyue has a secret crush on the school’s basketball team leader Yuanyi, and with the encouragement of her good friends, picked up her courage to express her love for him. However, she was too nervous and accidentally gave her love letter to the new freshman, Jiang Meng. And thus her nightmare begins. In her haste to escape from the scene, she did not realize that she has dropped her letter, and Meng used the letter to blackmail her into becoming his ‘servant’. Qiyue has no choice but to listen to his orders, and help him copy his notes in school. Under Yuanyi’s gentle encouragement, Qiyue decided to escape from Meng’s clutches. However, her love letter was exposed on the school’s bulletin board at this time! The mortified Qiyue dashed to settle scores with Meng, and Meng expressed that there is nothing he cannot get. Looking at his expression, Qiyue felt a sense of unease. Just as things were looking bad for Qiyue, her mother Xuewei finally found a new love, and he is none other than Meng’s father, Jiang You, who is also the Director of the school board! The worse thing is, Meng ‘tricked’ his way into the basketball team, and Qiyue became the team manager…

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Episode 2

#3 - Episode 2

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Jun 12, 2005

Qiyue naively believed that as long as she is with Yuanyi in the basketball team, they would become a couple. However, with her brother Meng around, not only was she unable to spend time alone with Yuanyi, she ‘legally’ became Meng’s ‘personal servant’. Besides Qiyue, there is another person unhappy with this arrangement. She is Meng’s No.1 fan, Lixiang. Yuanyi started to realize that he is starting to get concerned about Qiyue. With Qingzi and Xiaocai’s encouragement, he decided to clear things up with Qiyue. However, he witnessed the ‘dangerous siblings’ kissing. Just as Qiyue thought her life could not be any worse, she received a pleasant surprise – Yuanyi invited her on a date to watch a concert! Qiyue told herself she must not spoil the date! On the day of the concert, Yuanyi saw Qiyue and Meng arguing. He knows that their argument is over a misunderstanding, and the soft hearted Yuanyi told Qiyue the truth, and at the same time confirmed his feelings. In this love triangle, Yuanyi will be the one who loses…

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Episode 4

#4 - Episode 4

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Jun 26, 2005

Qiyue found out about Lixiang’s ‘act’ and reprimanded her for not hurting herself. Meng and Yangping witnessed their exchange and Lixiang thought that Meng would stand on her side, but little did she expect to find out that Meng has really fallen for Qiyue. Unable to take the fact that Meng really likes Qiyue, Lixiang made use of Yangping’s feelings for her to make him hurt Qiyue. As long as Qiyue is gone, Meng will belong to her. In the rain, Yangping was holding a baseball bat. He shouted at Qiyue “If you disappear, Lixiang will find happiness!” However, Qiyue believed in Yangping and did not budge. On the other hand, Lixiang was fighting with her conscience and finally told Meng that Yangping could be planning to harm Qiyue… At the critical moment, Meng rushed forward and saved Qiyue. However, he was shocked at himself for almost hurting his friend. To encourage the depressed Meng, Qiyue finally admitted her feelings for him. At the same time, Lixiang finally let go of her feelings, and expressed that she admires Qiyue’s forthrightness, and gradually started to accept Yangping. Qiyue and Qingzi decided to bake a cake to express their love for their better halves. When a shy Qiyue gave Meng her cake, Meng appeared nonchalant. She also discovered Qingzi’s cake in Yuanyi’s hand, and realized they have started going out with each other. While making fun of Yuanyi, a basketball landed right on Yuanyi’s cake. It turned out that a jealous Meng purposely threw the ball at the cake, and Qiyue realized that he is actually takes notice about her. For her date with Yuanyi, Qingzi bought a very pretty pair of heels, although it was too small as it’s the last pair. During the date, she silently endured the pain in her feet but accidentally sprained her ankle. Yuanyi left a bewildered Qingzi standing there while he ran off. It turned out that he has gone to buy a new pair of shoes for her, and their relationship went another step forward.

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Episode 5

#5 - Episode 5

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Jul 3, 2005

A mysterious boy, Rang, who claims to be a first year student in Psychology suddenly appeared in school, and boldly declared to a bewildered Qiyue in class that “I want Qiyue!” On the way home, Rang insisted on sending Qiyue home despite her repeated refusal. Rang instead drove his car straight into a fire hydrant, so that the soft hearted Qiyue could not leave him alone. Rang admitted that he is very jealous of Meng, and reminded Qiyue that their relationship would cause a huge scandal as they are siblings, and neither will obtain happiness. Qiyue decided to keep her relationship with Meng a secret. Christmas is coming, and the lecturer gave the Arts students a final year project – to design a commercial Christmas Tree for Departmental stores. The winner’s Christmas tree will be displayed prominently in the departmental store. The ‘Devil’s Army’ all did their creative best to come up with a winning design. On the day of selection, all 5 were chosen to go into the finals. Meng can’t help but feel suspicious… During the dinner where Xuewei was formally introduced to Granny (Meng’s Granny), Qiyue found out that Meng carries on his shoulders the pressure of taking over the family’s business empire in future, but all she was concerned about was how others would view their relationship. The helpless Qiyue and Meng hugged on the streets, but unknown to them, Rang was at the side secretly filming everything… Qiyue was furious when Rang threatened to expose Qiyue and Meng’s relationship, so that the Jiang family would be shamed, and he even played the video clip of the couple hugging. Qiyue felt a shiver down her spine, because Rang is really a dangerous character! After his failed attempt to threaten Qiyue, Rand decided to switch his target to Meng. At the exhibition, the Christmas trees designed by Yangping and the rest were all destroyed, leaving only Meng’s tree. All the fingers were pointed at Meng, claiming that he must be the

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Episode 8

#6 - Episode 8

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Jul 24, 2005

Yuanyi was the seeker in the game and right from the beginning, Meng grabbed Qiyue and started running. It turned out that the game was a ploy by Meng to create a chance for them to be alone together, for the last hour before Christmas to belong to them. A touched Qiyue was about to take the initiative to kiss Meng when Yuanyi appeared and spoiled the moment! Yangping became the ultimate winner in the game and he gathered his courage to profess his liking for Lixiang. Lixiang was unwilling but had no choice but to kiss him since he had won. Although this Christmas night was spent with so many other people, Qiyue’s heart was warm and happy, because Meng had happily accepted the mitten she tried to discard. The two of them were strolling under the Christmas lightings when they were captured by the filming crew who were there reporting on the Christmas celebrations. The live images were seen by Granny, who happened to be watching television, and a storm began brewing… Another surprising Christmas gift is that Meng’s Father, Youhui, decided to bring Qiyue and her mother Xuewei home to stay with them. The two of them therefore officially ‘cohabitated’. On one hand, Qiyue is happy that she can be with Meng everyday but on the other hand, she is worried that their relationship will be exposed. There’s a new handsome teacher in campus – Shen, who turned out to be Qiyue’s first crush, her tutor in high school. With his appearance, all the sweet memories came back. Will it affect the relationship between Qiyue and Meng? Granny asked to meet with Qiyue and for a moment, she thought that their secret had been exposed. It turned out that Granny wanted to match make Meng! This news shocked Qiyue, because the other girl, Liu Meidi, is not only sweet and gentle, but comes from a good family. Qiyue felt threatened but luckily, Meidi always has someone she admires. It happened that once when she dropped and spoiled her glasses, that man not only kindly hel

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Episode 7

#7 - Episode 7

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Jul 17, 2005

On the way to the basketball match, Meng was attacked by the students who bullied Rang. The injured Meng carried on with the match despite his pain because just as the match was about to begin, Yuanyi decided to give up the match to look for Qingzi. As Qingzi was unhappy about their relationship, she willfully refused to attend the match that day and instead, went to meet up with someone she met over the internet. She was almost taken advantage of but luckily, Yuanyi appeared in the nick of time. Qingzi realized at that moment, that to Yuanyi, she is more important than basketball. Yuanyi was upset that Qingzi placed herself in such danger that he stormed off. At the match, Meng was playing with all his might, and finally waited until Yuanyi returned before collapsing. With Qingzi’s encouragement, Yuanyi threw the winning ball at the crucial moment and the team won! Qingzi and Yuanyi’s relationship also strengthened after this incident. Meng told Qiyue he wants to spend Christmas with her. Qiyue decided to hand make a present for Meng. Qiyue, who is never good in her home economics, finally managed to knit her gift of love after numerous failed attempts and rushed to meet Meng. At the meeting point, she realized that it’s not a date with just the two of them, but a celebratory party for the basketball team! At the party, everyone were discussing what could be the worst present to receive on Christmas day, and it turned out that the guys thought the most awful gift were hand made presents like knitted scarves or mittens. Qiyue was afraid that she would be made fun of and dare not give Meng the mittens she knitted. An hour before Christmas countdown, Meng suggested playing a game of hide and seek. The winner will be able to kiss anyone in the group that he/she wants. Qiyue was feeling secretly peeved that Meng does not realize that she wanted the night to belong only to the two of them.

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Episode 3

#8 - Episode 3

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Jun 19, 2005

Yuanyi suffered a huge blow after being rejected by Qiyue and finding out that she is now going out with Meng. Unable to see Yuanyi in such dejection, Qingzi summoned up her courage to profess her liking to him, and they agreed to go on a date. On the other hand, Qiyue finally accepted the fact that she is starting to like Meng. Just at this point in time, Lixiang announced online that Meng and Qiyue are going to be siblings, so that they cannot together. Meng was fuming over what Lixiang did and she became even angrier after seeing how protective Meng is over Qiyue. She bribed a few girls to beat herself up so that Qiyue will pity her and Meng will notice her again. However, her plan was later revealed. Qiyue found out from Yangping about Meng’s dark past in high school, and realized that Yangping has been secretly in love with Lixiang since high school…

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Episode 6

#9 - Episode 6

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Jul 10, 2005

Qiyue confirmed that Rang is the culprit responsible for destroying the designs, and even more shockingly, Rang is in fact Meng’s brother! But why did Meng not mention anything? It turns out Rang is Meng’s taboo, a past he never wanted to mention. Rang stayed with their mother after their parent’s divorce and the reason why he stirred up all these trouble is to gain the attention of the brother he idolized. However, Meng does not want to face Rang, as he thought that the reason his mother abandoned him and left with Rang instead is because he had accidentally hurt Rang when they were small boys. He also thought that this was the reason for his parent’s divorce, so Meng chose to cause hurt himself, to find an outlet for his anger by engaging in fights in school. After knowing their feelings, how would Qiyue help to solve their antagonism? During a clash one day where Rang threatened to expose their relationship, the frail Rang suddenly fainted. Meng was more anxious than anyone, and they could see that in his heart, Rang is important to him. The two of them finally settled their differences and started afresh. The designs by Meng, Yangping and the rest were not chosen by the organizers in the end. However, Christmas is a romantic occasion for couples, and Meng secretly surprised Qiyue with the Christmas tree she designed, and promised her happiness. The inter-school basketball competition is approaching, but Meng and Yangping were absent from training. Qiyue found out from Lixiang that Meng took his ‘Devil’s Army’ to Rang’s school. Meng’s appearance gave Rang the courage to face up to the school bullies.

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Episode 9

#10 - Episode 9

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Jul 31, 2005

Lixiang was extremely unhappy with Meidi’s appearance at the training camp, because she felt that Qiyue has no sense of vigilance towards Meidi, who could possibly come between her and Meng. Meidi accidentally fell into the stream and her contact lens dropped into the waters. Meng saved her and Meidi finally recognized him as the man who had helped her before! Meidi happily threw herself into Meng’s arms, and this scene was unfortunately witnessed by Qiyue… Shen noticed Qiyue’s every move, and consoled her. He reminisced about their past and finally made her smile. Meng was extremely peeved when he saw this scene. Although he is assured of Qiyue’s feelings towards him, but faced with her first crush Shen, Meng can’t help but feel jealous. Moreover, Shen seems to have other feelings for Qiyue… Qiyue’s birthday is approaching. As Shen used to be the student of Qiyue’s late father, he invited her to return to her old home to reminisce. Meng on the other hand, acceded to Meidi’s request to tour Dai Shui. Although Meng has never really liked Meidi from the beginning, but after spending the day with her at Dan Shui, he gradually realized that she is kind and sweet. On the way home from school, Meidi picked up a moonstone ring that Meng had dropped in his haste. She seems to realize that in Meng’s heart, there is already a very important girl… Qiyue and Shen were enjoying their memories, when Shen hugged her and expressed his feelings for her. Unfortunally, Meng saw this. The hurt Meng dashed across the road, not realizing that a car was coming towards him. Meidi dashed out to push him aside but was hurt instead. Shen realized that in Qiyue’s eyes, she can only see Meng, and Meng is the only one who can affect her moods. Their wonderful past is now just a memory, and the little girl who needed protection in the past has grown up. Shen finally understood Qiyue’s feelings, and wished her all the best. Yali, who has always quietly suppo

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Episode 20

#11 - Episode 20

Season 1 - Episode 20 - Aired Oct 16, 2005

star 7.03
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Episode 13

#12 - Episode 13

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired Aug 28, 2005

While cracking her brains to think of what to buy for Meng for his birthday, Qiyue bumped into Rang. She found out from Rang that he will soon be leaving with his mother to Italy, and because of this, his mother would like to spend Meng’s birthday with him, hoping to see him before she leaves. However, Meng did not mention anything about this. When he was young his mother used to cry and tell him, ‘If only I did not give birth to you.’ Hence Meng had this idea that he was the reason why his mother entered into a sad marriage, and thus his mother chose to leave with Rang and left him behind. Now that he has a complete family filled with love, Meng decided to face the old hurt with his love. However, never did Qiyue expect his mother would want Meng to go to Italy with them! Although Meng rejected her on the spot, but the fact that his mother had always loved him shocked Meng, and he cried for the first time in front of Qiyue. Qiyue understood that Meng was suppressing his yearning for a mother’s love, and felt unease, but did not want to be a burden to Meng. She chose to wait quietly for his decision, and gradually did not know how to face him, especially after he decided to go to Italy. Although Qiyue had an hunch that Meng is going to Italy, but on hearing the news from her mother, can’t help feeling sad. Mend told her that he will not ask her to wait for him, and Qiyue is unsure if she should continue to believe that they will be together forever. Qingzi was unhappy at how Meng handled the issue and slapped him, calling him a selfish person. Yuanyi also could not understand how Meng could barge into Qiyue’s life, force her to fall for him and now chose to leave. Meng could only laugh and say ‘I am a ‘Devil’ after all!’ However, Qiyue was unexpectedly bubbly, concentrating on her studies and ECA. She even requested to work part time together with Qingzi, as if she wants to keep herself bust so that she can escape the pain of the imp

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Episode 16

#13 - Episode 16

Season 1 - Episode 16 - Aired Sep 18, 2005

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Episode 17

#14 - Episode 17

Season 1 - Episode 17 - Aired Sep 25, 2005

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Episode 18

#15 - Episode 18

Season 1 - Episode 18 - Aired Oct 2, 2005

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Episode 19

#16 - Episode 19

Season 1 - Episode 19 - Aired Oct 9, 2005

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Episode 12

#17 - Episode 12

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired Aug 21, 2005

Xuewei was naturally shocked at finding out the relationship between the siblings and in order for her daughter to find happiness, she decided to give up her own marriage. Unexpectedly, she realized she is pregnant! Youhui decided that everyone deserves their own happiness, so the wedding will go on as planned, and Meng and Qiyue can continue with their relationship. As Qingzi’s father has just been transferred overseas, he decided to migrate with the whole family. As she was afraid that she and Yuanyi cannot be together in future, she fought hard to stay in Taiwan alone but her father refused. Qingzi was envious on seeing Meng and Qiyue’s relationship finally being accepted by everyone. She does not know how to tell Yuanyi about her departure, so decided to make the most of the remaining time she has with him so that she can have sweet memories. Yuanyi was suspicious about Qingzi’s strange behaviour… Xuewei and Youhui, who was worried that Granny Jiang would try to separate Meng and Qiyue, were surprised when Meng managed to convince her. Qingzi spent the night with Yuanyi and her furious father went to her school early the next morning to bring her home as well as to make arrangements for quitting school. He was even more upset on learning that Qingzi spent the night at Yuanyi’s house, and Yuanyi finally found out that Qingzi will soon be migrating and he may never see her again. Yuanyi mustered up his courage to challenge Qingzi’s father, who is a martial arts expert. If he wins, Qingzi will get to stay behind, so he will face up to the battle, even if it means death!

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32 votes
Episode 15

#18 - Episode 15

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Aired Sep 11, 2005

star 6.97
32 votes
Episode 14

#19 - Episode 14

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Aired Sep 4, 2005

star 6.97
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Episode 10

#20 - Episode 10

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired Aug 7, 2005

With hints from Yangping and the rest, Meidi finally realized that the girl in Meng’s heart is Qiyue. She cancelled the marriage agreement and wished them the best. Her kindness made Qiyue felt all the more sorry towards Meidi. Qiyue felt guilty about her relationship with Meng, as she thought that they had hurt many people by being together, and were too selfish in thinking only about their own happiness. She was so troubled by all these thoughts that she skipped school. Shen understood Qiyue’s feelings and hoping that Meng can be more caring towards her, told Meng about Qiyue skipping classes. Meng finally found Qiyue and reaffirmed their feelings towards each other. Meng also put on Qiyue’s birthday present for her – the ring. Shen finally realized that the most important person in his heart is Yali, the girl who has waited for him all these years even when she knew that he likes Qiyue. However, it is too late. Yali chose to leave, and left a package for Shen. It’s an album that she found with much difficulty, and the same album that Shen spent hours searching for, intending to give to Qiyue for her birthday as it’s something full of memories for them. When everyone realized, they decided to launch a campaign to “Save Yali’s Love”. As Qiyue’s birthday approaches by the minute, there is still no sign of Yali…

star 6.53
60 votes