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Mathias, Andrea, Gabriel and Arlette are the four pillars of a prestigious talent agency. They are a talented professional family, under the paternal authority of the founder of ASK, the Samuel Kerr Agency. The sudden death of Samuel falter this fragile balance. Will they succeed in saving the agency and to the challenge of pleasing their "stars"?

Last Updated: 6/6/2022Network: France 2
Season 2
52 votes

#1 - Season 2

First Aired 4/19/2017

Season 1
63 votes

#2 - Season 1

First Aired 10/14/2015

Season 3
47 votes

#3 - Season 3

First Aired 11/14/2018

Season 4
38 votes

#4 - Season 4

First Aired 10/21/2020

Four months have passed since Andréa assumed the role of Director General of ASK. The power pleases her, but absorbs her completely because ASK is again in a perilous situation with the potential departure of all of Mathias' clients. Mathias and Noémie have a surprise in store after ASK and all the agents are trying to ambush them. Of the younger staff, Camille, now Sofia's agent, will have to distinguish between work and friendship. And Hervé’s certainties will burst when he is offered a chance to go in front of the camera.