The BEST seasons of Bizaardvark

Every season of Bizaardvark ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best seasons of Bizaardvark!

The series follows Paige and Frankie who write funny songs and create music comedy videos for their online channel, "Bizaardvark." Now with 10,000 subscribers, they are invited to produce their videos at the influential Vuuugle Studios. In this cool environment – and with the help of longtime friend and 12-year-old agent Bernie, plus fellow Vuuugle stars Dirk and Amelia – the best friends embark on comedic adventures in their quest to rule the blogosphere.

Last Updated: 1/3/2023Network:Disney Channel
Season 2
3 votes

#1 - Season 2

First Aired 6/23/2017

Season 1
7 votes

#2 - Season 1

First Aired 6/17/2016

Season 3
2 votes

#3 - Season 3

First Aired 7/24/2018

Paige and Frankie have been selected to stay at Vuuugle’s prestigious beach house in Malibu, California for the entire summer, along with several other top social media influencers. The comedy duo’s housemates include fellow v-logging star Amelia, their buddy Bernie and two new rambunctious tween bloggers – Zane (of “Zane’s Unboxed”) and Rodney (of “What’s in M’ Hair”) – who run their online channels with their moms. With the friends by their side, Paige and Frankie embark on an endless summer of creativity and fun.