The Best Episodes Directed by Yoshito Hata

United Sanctuary

#1 - United Sanctuary

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 5 - Episode 36

Team TRY3 participates in a tournament held at the United Sanctuary branch. The top three fighters will earn not only the right to be part of the branch's special selection but also the chance to fight against Team Demise. As the tournament progresses, TRY3 notices the peculiar behavior and "winning is everything" mentality of the United Sanctuary branch's fighters. In the final round, Chrono faces a familiar friend: Taiyou Asukawa, who has drastically changed from his former timid soft-spoken self. Unbeknownst to Chrono, Taiyou was subjected to a special strengthening program in which he fought against Chrono's Gear Chronicle deck in simulations, thus turning him into a cold calculating fighter. In spite of Taiyou predicting and countering Chrono's every move, Chrono turns the fight around in his favor and wins. After Taiyou is taken away by a security guard who suspiciously looks like Yuya Karasumori, TRY3 is appointed the winner of the tournament. However, the team feels that something is amiss...

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The Light from Before

#2 - The Light from Before

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 8 - Episode 30

The U20 continues into its second stage. Dubbed the Castle Royale, fighters will battle each other in a five-tiered castle area. The first four teams to reach the top of the castle and have the highest amount of points will then advance to the final stage. Furthermore, unlike the first stage, once a fighter loses a match, they will be eliminated with no chance of returning into battle. As the Castle Royale goes underway, Taiyou fights and loses to Team Diffrider's Verno Farenheart.

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30 votes
The Power to Transcend

#3 - The Power to Transcend

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 5 - Episode 46

Despite the overwhelming power of Kanzaki's Aurageyser Doomed, Chrono still has fun with the fight as he manages to completely protect himself from Kanzaki's assault. This leaves the audience in awe and Taiyou realizing the error of his ways. As he and the crowd start to liven up, Chrono makes one final attack with his Chronojet Dragon on Kanzaki. The force is so great that it destroys the GIRS system. Mysteriously, the attack makes it through and hits Kanzaki, which makes him come to a realization. In the end of the arduous fight, Chrono defeats Kanzaki, who suddenly declares that he will resign as manager of the United Sanctuary branch. Afterwards, Chrono and Taiyou reconcile, and Kouji pays a visit to Shin...

star 9.87
30 votes
The Masked Ghost

#4 - The Masked Ghost

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 5 - Episode 15

After attending a party and getting reacquainted with an old friend, Yuya Karasumori, Shion overhears rumors about the Masked Ghost, a mysterious fighter who has been challenging other players and taking their avatar cards. One day, after he and Yuya spar in a fencing match, Shion is told that he will get special training from a professional fencing representative in a few days. Later, Shion receives a tip from Ryota, the boy who he befriended at the Vanguard Quiz Competition, that the Masked Ghost has been spotted. Shion tries to confront the Ghost, but he escapes. Some time later, after hearing more info about the Ghost from Ryota, Shion awaits training from the fencing representative. Just as Shion realizes the true identity of the Ghost, he receives a message that tells him that Ryota is fighting the Ghost at a warehouse and rushes over there. He arrives soon after Ryota loses to the Ghost and has his avatar card taken. Shion challenges the Ghost, who enforces a unique condition to their cardfight; Shion must play with 12 triggers taken out of his deck, but if Shion wins, then the Ghost will return all of the stolen cards. Shortly into the battle, Shion exposes the Masked Ghost's real identity: Yuya, who reveals his true motives to why he has been doing this. Nonetheless, despite the large handicap, Shion defeats Yuya, who runs away after leaving all of the stolen cards. In the end, Shion loses his chance to receive professional fencing training, but he has no regrets and believes he will get another chance.

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31 votes
Still Unnamed

#5 - Still Unnamed

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 5 - Episode 20

For the upcoming regional Vanguard tournament, Kamui decides to have Chrono, Tokoha, and Shion form an unlikely team together. He tests their teamwork through a variety of exercises, but the trio exhibits no sign of team harmony whatsoever. Then, Kamui has the three play against Team Trinity Dragon in a special cardfight in which each team member will switch with another after each turn. Throughout the fight, Chrono, Tokoha, and Shion constantly argue with each other about their playing methods. With excellent synergy, Trinity Dragon wins, leaving Kamui to believe that there is no hope for Chrono's team. Desperate to prove Kamui wrong (although he was really faking it), Chrono, Tokoha, and Shion become determined to make their unnamed team successful.

star 9.84
31 votes
Birth of a Team

#6 - Birth of a Team

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 5 - Episode 25

The special quest that Chrono, Tokoha, Shion, and many other fighters are participating in is a survival game/scavenger hunt on a mountain. Teams must find star coins scattered across the mountain, pass obstacles, and bet the coins in cardfights against other teams. Upon reaching the goal line, the coins will then be converted into points towards a fighter's grade. As Chrono, Tokoha, and Shion fight and gain coins, they come across many of their friends and have a fun time together. Near the finish line, Chrono defeats Tsuneto and acquires all of his coins, thus giving Chrono enough points to reach grade 3. Now eligible to enter the regional tournament with Tokoha and Shion, Chrono officially names their team "TRY3".

star 9.84
31 votes
Rin Hashima

#7 - Rin Hashima

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 5 - Episode 30

While Kamui fights Kouji to determine his intentions, Tokoha battles against Team Demise's Rin Hashima, a girl with a sadistic personality and a grudge against Mamoru. Throughout the cardfight, Rin taunts Tokoha by bringing up Mamoru into the conversation before finally defeating her. As Shion prepares himself for his next fight, Tokoha is left feeling depressed.

star 9.84
31 votes

#8 - Nextage

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 5 - Episode 40

TRY3 finally receives the invitation to the promised match against Team Demise. At the same time, the Dragon Empire branch chief, Ryutarou Oyama, plans to hold an assembly to discuss with all the other chiefs about the United Sanctuary's harsh training programs. Believing the special match is a chance to show the fun of Vanguard to the fighters of the United Sanctuary branch, Team TRY3 attempts to convince Ryutarou to hold off on the assembly until afterwards. This leads to a cardfight between Chrono and Ryutarou, with Chrono successfully conveying his honest feelings of wanting to display how fun Vanguard can be. After the fight, Ryutarou explains that the assembly will still be held but after the special match. Until then, TRY3 individually train themselves for the upcoming match, with Shion and Tokoha gaining new cards for their efforts. Finally, the day of the special match arrives...

star 9.81
30 votes
Jaime Alcaraz

#9 - Jaime Alcaraz

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 5 - Episode 10

Chrono takes on a quest from a foreigner who wants him to show how Vanguard is played in Japan. At the rendezvous point, Chrono meets the client, a young Spanish man named Jaime Alcaraz. Despite what the quest said, the overly-positive Jaime is more interested in sightseeing and learning about Japanese culture than playing Vanguard. After much shopping, sidetracks, and run-ins with Shion and Tokoha, Chrono and Jaime overhear two children arguing; one little boy wants to have a cardfight with the other older boy, who refuses him. Jaime persuades that boy into fighting by offering him the delicacies he bought throughout the day. So, the two boys fight, and the younger boy manages to win. Afterwards, the two kids become friends, and Jaime decides to give all of his food with both of them. Just when Jaime finally wants to play Vanguard with Chrono, Mamoru appears and reveals Jaime's real identity; he is actually a rising star fighter from the European League and has been invited to Japan to compete as part of the Euro team in an interleague match against the Tokyo team (which Mamoru is a member of). In the end, Jaime recommends for Chrono to watch the match and then takes his leave with Mamoru.

star 9.74
30 votes
Tokoha Anjou

#10 - Tokoha Anjou

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 5 - Episode 5

Tokoha Anjou is a female classmate of Chrono's and is skilled in Vanguard. One day, she is asked by her older brother Mamoru, a famous pro fighter, to tell him about any information she finds about the new Gear Chronicle clan. The next day, Tokoha takes her friend Kumi Okazaki to Card Capital 2 and gets her registered as an official Vanguard fighter. They then see Chrono playing Vanguard, with Tokoha surprised to see Chrono being happy when compared to his delinquent-like nature at school. Chrono accidentally drops his deck due to suffering from a toothache, which allows Tokoha to see that he has the Gear Chronicle clan that Mamoru told her about. Later, afraid to go to the dentist, Chrono tries to take his mind off his toothache by taking on an easy quest at the card shop. He accepts a quest from a beginner who wants to fight; the person who made the request turns out to be Tokoha's friend Kumi. Chrono and Kumi engage in their cardfight, but his toothache causes him to make mistakes and puts himself at a disadvantage against Kumi's Oracle Think Tank deck. When Tokoha reminds Chrono that Vanguard fights should be fun, he makes a recovery and wins the fight. Before Chrono could leave, Tokoha tells him that she will eventually fight him. In the end, Tokoha informs Mamoru about Chrono, who finally goes to the dentist to treat his toothache.

star 9.72
32 votes
Broken Bonds

#11 - Broken Bonds

11eyes Season 1 - Episode 9

Superbia intends to break the bonds of friendship between our heroes. Will she succeed in doing so and what will be the cost?

star 8.77
61 votes
Smiling Behind a Mask

#12 - Smiling Behind a Mask

11eyes Season 1 - Episode 4

Kakeru is determined to find his power, but he cannot seem to awaken it. They are taken once more to the Red Night and are attacked by two of the Black Knights. Is this the end for our heroes and what happens to Yukiko when she takes her glasses off?

star 8.60
64 votes
Round Table Conference

#13 - Round Table Conference

Log Horizon Season 1 - Episode 9

To make the city of Akihabara safe, Shiroe calls all the major guild masters to the guild building. His goal is to create a Round Table Conference, which will rule the city. But everyone there wants something different, and his plan is about to go bad. What amazing trick does Shiroe have? Meanwhile, behind the scenes of the conference, the plan to free the younger players from the evil guild Hamelin continues. The strategist SHiroe's quiet battle in Akihabara continues!

star 8.27
249 votes
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The Philosopher's Stone

#14 - The Philosopher's Stone

Fullmetal Alchemist Season 1 - Episode 8

Angered over the events at the Tuckers, Edward resigns his position as a State Alchemist. Meanwhile, Winry arrives in the city for a visit and to congratulate Ed on his commission. With a serial killer still on the loose, and Hughes still at a lost for viable leads, will Winry become his next victim?

star 8.17
368 votes
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Expeditionary Force

#15 - Expeditionary Force

Log Horizon Season 1 - Episode 18

Princess Laynessia Cowen vows to go to the city of Akihabara herself and beg the adventurers for help against the goblins. The members of the Crescent Moon Alliance can't conceal their excitement at meeting a real princess.

star 8.16
180 votes
A Plum on the Back

#16 - A Plum on the Back

Fruits Basket Season 1 - Episode 7

It's the cultural festival, and Tohru's class is doing a hit or miss rice ball stand. Yuki is given a special outfit to wear during the festival, which brings in lots of customers. We get to meet Momiji and Hatori, two more Sohma family members! Could they be members of the zodiac as well?

star 8.01
74 votes
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Let the Shipping Wars Begin!

#17 - Let the Shipping Wars Begin!

Kiss Him, Not Me Season 1 - Episode 6

A new anime, Katchu Ranbu, or Kachu Rabu for short, has started, and it's hugely popular. Bot Kae and Nishina are elated about the show, until they find out that they each ship Lord x Akane and Akane x Lord respectively and get into a huge fight. Their friendship appears to be heading to a halt, so Igarashi, Nanashima, Shinomiya and Mutsumi try to help the pair out. Unfortunately, it looks like their reverse ship war is just heating up.

star 7.64
22 votes
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The Power Given

#18 - The Power Given

Date A Live Season 3 - Episode 7

As Fraxinus defends against a fierce opponent, Origami stops at nothing to fulfill her wish and makes the ultimate sacrifice. Will she regret the cost to gain what she wanted?

star 7.58
24 votes
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All Shapes and Sizes

#19 - All Shapes and Sizes

Fruits Basket Season 1 - Episode 3

At school, Tohru walks in on Kyo and Yuki fighting. When she tries to stop them she runs into Kyo and he transforms. Kyo gets angry and calls her a stupid girl which makes Tohru think he hates her. Feeling guilty, he decides to pick Tohru up from her job and apologizes in his own way. The next day, on her way home from work, Tohru meets up with Yuki, and they walk home together. After accidentally transforming, Yuki tells Tohru about how he wants to live a normal life.

star 7.45
80 votes
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Forward!! Guard the Castle!

#20 - Forward!! Guard the Castle!

Kiss Him, Not Me Season 1 - Episode 11

star 7.28
25 votes
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The Arrogant Captive

#21 - The Arrogant Captive

Kuromukuro Season 1 - Episode 10

The captured demon pilot, named Fusnarnie, and Kennosuke are both questioned about their origins. Kennosuke tells the tale of him and the Princess fighting their last battle together in the Black Relic. However Kennosuke can't seem too recall or admit if he knows Fusnarnie from the past. Meanwhile Fusnarnie disables his guards and remotely activates the longarm "callsign Lion" Geoframe to come and get him. But on his way out he stumbles upon Yukina whom he recognizes as a wielder.....

star 7.20
65 votes
Frontier King

#22 - Frontier King

Guin Saga Season 1 - Episode 10

The Mongaul army discover the hiding place of the Sem, surrounding them at night while they sleep. The Sems are surprised by this attack, and after a short fight attempt to flee; with the Mongaul army pursuing the Sems, all seems lost. Guin arrives with the Lagon and counters the Mongaul army, forcing the them to retreat.

star 7.17
30 votes
Unite!! Q4 (Quadrifoglio)

#23 - Unite!! Q4 (Quadrifoglio)

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 10 - Episode 7

Kenji Mitsusada joins and forms a team at "Voyage" with the other members of Asia Circuit's top 3, and is set to participate in the shop battle. One day, Mitsusada visits Card Capital without notice.

star 7.00
1 votes
Their Respective Feelings

#24 - Their Respective Feelings

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 10 - Episode 16

Misaki and Asaka battle. Ren Suzugamori, the leader of the Asteroids, appears during their fight. Meanwhile, Kyou suggests to Aichi and Kamui that thay should go "Asteroid Hunting".

star 7.00
1 votes
The Vanguard

#25 - The Vanguard

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 10 - Episode 25

During the fight with Aichi, Kai begins to understand his feelings towards the fight. Aichi pushes forward with his PSYqualia during the fight.

star 4.00
0 votes
Another Vanguard

#26 - Another Vanguard

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 10 - Episode 34

Aichi and friends encounter the mysterious fighter, Kouji Ibuki. What is the power of "Delete" of the malicious "Deletor" units that belong to the person who taught Kai and Miwa Vanguard!?

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Called Walker - Those Ruled by Fate

#27 - Called Walker - Those Ruled by Fate

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 10 - Episode 43

Entrusting Naoki and Aichi to Shingo, Misaki heads for the Tatsunagi mansion, where she encounters Kourin. The curtain rises for the fight to release her beloved friend from her fate.

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The Beginning of the End

#28 - The Beginning of the End

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 11 - Episode 6

Mamoru Anjou was waiting for Toshiki Kai at Voyage. In Mamoru's possession was a new Overlord card. Mamoru asked Kai to a fight, which lead to Kai reminiscing about his first encounter with Overlord.

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Last Ditch No Guard

#29 - Last Ditch No Guard

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 12 - Episode 6

Shinemon arrives at Esuka's main shop and faces off against Nanami. The secret of Nanami's cold attitude towards the fight is hidden within her encounters with both Vanguard and Esuka.

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Examinees' Merry Christmas

#30 - Examinees' Merry Christmas

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 12 - Episode 18

Shinemon studies for his entrance examination despite the Christmas season. However, the business of Card Capital is booming thanks to the presence of a super popular idol, Hitomi Kouzouji!? What will happen to his studies!?

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Manifest the Units!!

#31 - Manifest the Units!!

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 12 - Episode 27

Tatsuya rides on the wings of Malkuth-melekh with his insane desires. To save the hostage Chrono, and to return with Rive to battle alongisde Mark, Shinemon challenges Tatsuya to a final battle.

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Battles in -if- use Magic!?

#32 - Battles in -if- use Magic!?

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 13 - Episode 2

Jammer, the one responsible for distorting the past, transforms into a unit! And it refuses to cardfight! With barely a glance for the pinch Ibuki is in, Emi transforms into a magical girl and summons a unit from a card!

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Not Handsome?! Call Forth the Passion!!

#33 - Not Handsome?! Call Forth the Passion!!

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 13 - Episode 9

The hearty fighter Gouki from Voyage now has the personality of a pure maiden. Ibuki offers to coach Gouki for his goal to defeat Kamui.

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Encounter with Overlord

#34 - Encounter with Overlord

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 13 - Episode 16

Kai wanders to confirm the truth of the original history, encounters Kamui, and arrives at Card Capital after having fixed the distortion. Kai takes on his first cardfight using a Kagero deck which he borrowed.

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The Card of Miracle

#35 - The Card of Miracle

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 13 - Episode 24

Vanguard disappears from the world. Emi and friends lose their power to fight. Can they overcome their dire predicament with the imagination of hope?

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