The BEST episodes directed by Yasuhiro Geshi

―Waltz of Stars―
29 votes

#1 - ―Waltz of Stars―

The Severing Crime Edge - Season 1 - Episode 6

Will Iwai's voice reach Kiri before he is commanded to do the unthinkable? Will the outside observers use this chance to make a play for the Queen?

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―The Forbidden Game―
29 votes

#2 - ―The Forbidden Game―

The Severing Crime Edge - Season 1 - Episode 12

The story starts with information that people don't believe that Grayland exist because there is no way that he can kill 200 people. Kiri found Emily at her father's grave as that day is Emily's father death anniversary. Emily states that he would not kill Kiri but because she will kill Iwai, he wants to get her to be scared of him so that she might stop trying to kill Iwai. But when they fight Kiri lose and he end up rolling of the cliff. Just when Kiri thought he would die, he dreamt about the original, even though Kiri's frighten he knew that if this somehow can make him stronger than he would do anything. Kiri followed Grayland into a door, but he realize that he was Grayland, and he walks into the door. Once inside he found a lot of corpse and realize that Grayland was going to cut the corpse. Kiri tried to stop him but it failed. Without realizing Kiri stands up with his two hands and feet in the ground with holding his scissor in his mouth. Kiri catching Emily off guard, Kiri cuts Emily's hand. She noticed that Kiri have the ability of pain augmentation. At that time she felt her hand hurting so much. When Iwai come to the scene, she found Kiri's bag and immediately search for Kiri, but she didn't find Kiri but instead found Emily with blood everywhere. Emily then admit that Crime Edge is the most brutal killing good.

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Drifting Away
28 votes

#3 - Drifting Away

Tenchi in Tokyo - Season 1 - Episode 17

For Ryoko, things have never seemed bleaker. She placed her faith in Tenchi, only to end up losing him to Sakuya, and now, as she morosely wanders the streets, she finds herself pursued by an unseen foe! But just as Ryoko reaches her lowest ebb, she finds an unlikely ally in the form of Hotsuma, who proposes that the two of them leave the Earth and form a crime partnership together! Can Ryoko find a good reason to stay on the Earth, or will she accept Hotsuma's offer and break the bonds that tie her to Tenchi and the gang?

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Shaman's District
43 votes

#4 - Shaman's District

Ghost Hound - Season 1 - Episode 20

The Ogami religious group is allowed to have care of Miyako. Biotech research has been published ahead in other countries ahead of Masayuki's dad's research. Makoto talk with Suzuki and find links with the Ogami group with an underground group. Tarō goes to the Unseen World to find Miyako's dad. Reika's tech made mutants using Masayuki's dad's research and released them in the dam. People are coming down from the mountain to the Ogami house.

76 votes

#5 - Sanction

Freezing - Season 1 - Episode 7

After Kazuya is knocked unconscious, Satellizer starts fighting against Arnett while Lana, who seeks revenge for being used, goes against Cleo. Arnett manages to use her Double Accel technique to take advantage of Satellizer, allowing her to slit her neck while Lana is similarly overwhelmed by Cleo's Tempest Turn. As she tries to remain conscious while the third-years argue on what to do with her, Satellizer recalls when she and her mother were brought into the El Bridget household. Because her mother was her father's mistress, Satellizer was treated harshly by her younger half-brother, Louis, who even sexually abused her, and she was forced to bear it for her mother's sake until her older half-sister Violet learns about it and stops it. On her deathbed, Satellizer's mother apologizes to Satellizer for what she had gone through and encourages her to never lose to anyone. Remembering those words, Satellizer stands up and defeats Arnett with a Triple Accel technique while Lana uses Cleo's Tempest Turn together with her fighting style to defeat Cleo. However, all four girls refuse to give up but the fight is stopped when Chiffon and Ticy arrive and orders the third-years to stand down after Chiffon quickly subdues Arnett. As Satellizer and Lana bring Kazuya to the hospital, Chiffon meets Elizabeth at the swimming pool and tells her to stop targeting Satellizer as it is useless and their peaceful days are about to be over soon. 

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58 votes

#6 - Soul

Blade & Soul - Season 1 - Episode 12

Jin Varrel stands before Alka once again. Karen, Hazuki, Loana fight against Jin, as Alka is no longer to fight, but they stand no match against her. Alka decides to end this once and for all. The fight continues, with no end in sight, but then Jin attacks Alka with a full blast of her Impurity...

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How Far Will God Test Us?
221 votes

#7 - How Far Will God Test Us?

Gurren Lagann - Season 1 - Episode 20

Simon now being branded as a war criminal has been sentenced and what awaits him in prison is none other than Viral, his new cellmate. There's only a little over a week until the moon will crush the Earth and the evacuation to the Arc-Gurren is progressing slowly. However Leeron's shocking simulation, to what will happen when the moon falls, only spells more bad news for humankind.

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160 votes

#8 - wisdom/kingdom

The God of High School - Season 1 - Episode 3

Mira faces off against WWD women's pro wrestler Mah Miseon, but her swordfighting can't keep up with Miseon's well-built body and overwhelming strength. Mori faces the risk of being disqualified from the tournament after interfering with the match between Gang Manseok and Go Gamdo. Park Mujin, a National Assembly member and God of High School's sponsor, tells Mori that if he can defeat Commissioner Q in a match, he will be allowed to return to the tournament. Meanwhile, as regional preliminaries continue across Korea, a secretive organization schemes behind the scenes. The "key" to fulfilling their desires turns out to be...

See You Tomorrow...
121 votes

#9 - See You Tomorrow...

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash - Season 1 - Episode 12

Haruhiro and his party are in the Cyrene Mine. Ranta got separated from the party and is fending off kobolds alone. Can they all get out alive?

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141 votes

#10 - lay/key

The God of High School - Season 1 - Episode 11

In his battle with Mori, Ilpyo unleashes the charyeok Nine-Tails and awakens as the Key. Mori uses his Blue Dragon Tempest, but Ilpyo stops it easily. The difference in strength between them seems clear, but then, energy suddenly surges forth from Mori's body...

Two Battlefields
26 votes

#11 - Two Battlefields

Kingdom (2012) - Season 3 - Episode 4

Lord Biao's army finds itself in a bad situation soon after fighting begins. The Wei army brings in equipment that has Zhang Tang rolling his eyes.

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Little Garden
120 votes

#12 - Little Garden

Hundred - Season 1 - Episode 1

Hayato joins the Little Garden, a school on a city-ship designed to house an entire population. It's his first day and he's still getting a lot of attention due to his high Hundred score, but then he ends up in a fight with the student council president...

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Deepest Gratitude
23 votes

#13 - Deepest Gratitude

Kingdom (2012) - Season 3 - Episode 24

An exhausted Xin draws on what remains of his strength to face Pang Nuan. The end of the war with the coalition army is in sight, but at what cost?

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33 votes

#14 - Performance

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace - Season 1 - Episode 7

After rendezvousing with Rin and coming up with an effective strategy, the Idaten invasion of Zoble is launched. Will they be able to hunt down the demons hiding beneath the imperial power's surface?

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Gymnastics Samurai
14 votes

#15 - Gymnastics Samurai

The Gymnastics Samurai - Season 1 - Episode 11

All eyes are on Jotaro on the day of the All-Japan finals, but Leo is already on his way to the airport to go back to London.

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The Diva's Love Song
72 votes

#16 - The Diva's Love Song

Hundred - Season 1 - Episode 6

Hayato and Sakura are attacked at the Zwei Grand Canyon. The two of them use their hundreds to try to fight back, and not soon after, their friends from the Little Garden come to help. But then there arrives three unknown slayers with unknown intentions...

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A Promotion in a Predicament
23 votes

#17 - A Promotion in a Predicament

Kingdom (2012) - Season 3 - Episode 10

Teng makes a bold decision when his army finds themselves in a bind. Cheng Hui's move pays off. Wei's Wu Fengming has another trick up his sleeve.

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Dragon Type
67 votes

#18 - Dragon Type

Hundred - Season 1 - Episode 9

Claire engages the hunters to retrieve the stolen hundreds, but she runs into trouble immediately. Reinforcements come right away, but not before an issue arises that both friend and foe will have to deal with. What will happen to the teams stranded across the mountain, and what will Claire and the others do?

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32 votes

#19 - Shadows

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace - Season 1 - Episode 9

The Zoble coup d'etat comes to an end with the demons on the run and the Idaten on the hunt. But with so few demons left alive, and the razor-sharp witted Miku among them, can the Idaten find their remaining enemies and finish the fight?

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Li Mu's Whereabouts
21 votes

#20 - Li Mu's Whereabouts

Kingdom (2012) - Season 3 - Episode 16

The royal capital of Xianyang is feeling the heat as outpost after outpost falls in the south of Qin. The most ominous question: Where has Li Mu gone?

Hachiken Adopts Vice Prez
62 votes

#21 - Hachiken Adopts Vice Prez

Silver Spoon - Season 2 - Episode 2

Hachiken finds an abandoned puppy during cleaning and decides to adopt it. However, taking care of his new dog is not an easy task, as not only he needs money for vaccines and registration, but have to train it.

Night Flight
29 votes

#22 - Night Flight

Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut - Season 1 - Episode 3

As the voices opposing Irina's existence become louder and louder, Lev comes up with a special plan to help overcome her fear of heights.

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15 votes

#23 - Promise

Isuca - Season 1 - Episode 6

Shinichirou tries to cheer Sakuya up after he finds out that she might lose her right to become next head of the family. The secret behind Sakuya's birth, and why she's so hung up on taking over the family becomes evident. But then a monster shows up which will test her allegiances to the past, to the present, and to herself.

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The Punitive Force Moves Out
20 votes

#24 - The Punitive Force Moves Out

Kingdom (2012) - Season 4 - Episode 3

Cheng Jiao manages to push back Zhao's army, but a little too easily for his taste. He discovers that Tonryuu, the city of his wife Liu Yi, is now administered by Pu He.

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56 votes

#25 - Encounter

A.I.C.O. -Incarnation- - Season 1 - Episode 4

The group clears the Gate just as the government orders an evacuation. Their first target is the Guillotine Shutter at K1, but the Matter is active.

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Training Camp Samurai
16 votes

#26 - Training Camp Samurai

The Gymnastics Samurai - Season 1 - Episode 7

At the joint training camp with China, Jotaro and the other Japanese gymnasts see the powerful gymnastics of the Chinese team firsthand.

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Sunrise -Rooster-
46 votes

#27 - Sunrise -Rooster-

Takt op.Destiny - Season 1 - Episode 6

Takt and crew stop by a certain town. All of the young people had fled the town, leaving only the elderly. The residents happen to ask Anna and Destiny for help. Meanwhile, Takt wandered around town on his own and happens to hear a melody quietly resonating from an old bar. It was definitely the sound of music.

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Preparing for Battle -Orpheus-
43 votes

#28 - Preparing for Battle -Orpheus-

Takt op.Destiny - Season 1 - Episode 11

A giant Black Night Siderite starts to stir as Sagan hums a certain melody. The Black Night Siderite that grows as big as a tree starts to swallow up the New York Symphonica. Sagan has finally made his move to make his ambitions come true. As Takt and Destiny witness this eerie spectacle, they find out that Anna and Charlotte are still inside the Symphonica.

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Raising Money
74 votes

#29 - Raising Money

Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World - Season 1 - Episode 2

Michio must raise the required funds within five days in order to purchase Roxanne from Alan's mansion. Like everyone else, Michio hunts monsters in the labyrinth and gathers items. However, even with Michio's skills, he won't make enough money in time. An anxious Michio recalls Alan telling him about a way to earn a large amount of money in a short period of time.

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39 votes

#30 - Gina

Garo -Vanishing Line- - Season 1 - Episode 3

The beautiful Gina tries to infiltrate her way to the top floor of a building owned by a big-time gang boss, but finds out it's a bit more than she can handle. She meets up and asks Sword for help, sweetening the deal with a little bait of El Dorado.

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5 votes

#31 - Reversal

Big Windup! - Season 1 - Episode 20

(Nishiura-2 vs. Tosei-3[Yamanoi]: bottom of the 6th – bottom of the 7th inning) Though Nishiura is playing a good defense, the lucky breaks that Tosei keep on having make the members of Nishiura seem clumsy. The mound becomes slipper as the rain pours down harder, causing Mihashi to lose his footing and throw a wild pitch, giving Tosei the opportunity to steal another run. To make maters worse, Mihashi’s fever is rising, but after Ruri tells him that Kanou and Mihoshi won their game, “Ren-Ren” has renewed strength and will to pitch the rest of the game.

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