The Best Episodes Directed by William Wiard

The Night Virginia City Died

#1 - The Night Virginia City Died

Bonanza Season 12 - Episode 1

In the 12th season premiere, a series of destructive fires strike Virginia City, and always late at night. Is it the work of a ruthless arsonist, or someone very close to Deputy Clem?

star 8.71
7 votes

#2 - Tuttle

M*A*S*H Season 1 - Episode 15

Hawkeye creates a fake doctor, Captain Jonathan S. Tuttle, to give supplies to the local orphans. Henry wants Tuttle to be officer of the day, so Hawkeye creates a fake personnel file, and all his back pay is given to the orphanage. When General Clayton wants to reward his generosity, Hawkeye is forced to invent a story about Tuttle jumping from a chopper without his parachute! Of course, Trapper's new friend, Captain Murdoch, obtained the fake dog tags and parachute...!

star 8.14
252 votes
The Jersey Bounce

#3 - The Jersey Bounce

The Rockford Files Season 5 - Episode 3

Jim stands accused of murdering one of Rocky's neighbours party guests when matters get out of hand, but Jim's counsel seems pre-occupied so puts his fate in the hands of legal researcher John Cooper...

star 8.11
18 votes
The Hawaiian Headache

#4 - The Hawaiian Headache

The Rockford Files Season 6 - Episode 8

Jim is lured to Hawaii and tricked into helping his former Army commander with a CIA related investigation...

star 8.07
14 votes
Sometimes You Hear the Bullet

#5 - Sometimes You Hear the Bullet

M*A*S*H Season 1 - Episode 17

Frank throws his back out whilst spending the evening with Margaret, and ends up in traction. He promptly applies for the Purple Heart, having been 'technically' wounded at a frontline unit. Tommy Gillis, an old friend of Hawkeye's, is writing a book about the war, and pays him a visit. Later, Tommy is brought into the camp, seriously wounded, and Hawkeye can't save him. A 15-year-old kid is in the hospital to have his appendix out. He joined up to be a hero back home, but Hawkeye has him sent home, giving him Frank's purple heart.

star 8.03
227 votes

#6 - Kim

M*A*S*H Season 2 - Episode 6

Hawkeye operates on a 5-year old Korean boy, and Radar can't find his family. Henry plans to send him to the orphanage, and the camp enjoys his company while they can. Trapper decides to adopt him after consulting his wife, and has to rescue him after he wanders into the minefield. Kim's mother turns up at the orphanage looking for him.

star 8.02
208 votes
Henry, Please Come Home

#7 - Henry, Please Come Home

M*A*S*H Season 1 - Episode 9

Henry receives a citation for the camp achieving the best efficiency rating, and then General Hammond reassigns him to Tokyo. Frank then changes the camp to be more military, and he confiscates Hawkeye's and Trapper's still. They use forged passes to go to Tokyo to convince Henry to come back and end up pretending Radar is sick.

star 7.99
270 votes
The Long-John Flap

#8 - The Long-John Flap

M*A*S*H Season 1 - Episode 19

The camp suffers from the severe cold, except for Hawkeye who has received some long john's from his father. They get passed around from person to person, as a gift, a gambling stake, a trade, a bribe, stolen, given up to Father Mulcahy, who gives them to Henry, who returns them to Hawkeye as thanks for taking out his appendix.

star 7.93
224 votes
Heartaches of a Fool

#9 - Heartaches of a Fool

The Rockford Files Season 5 - Episode 1

When Rocky is hi-jacked and injured while delivering sausages, Jim investigates the sausage company through their spokesperson; a country and western singer...

star 7.90
21 votes

#10 - Bronzefinger

Get Smart Season 2 - Episode 12

Max has to learn about art in order to try to capture an art thief.

star 7.88
26 votes
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The Fourth Man

#11 - The Fourth Man

The Rockford Files Season 3 - Episode 1

Airport security falls through the cracks when Rockford's flight attendant friend, Lori, is threatened by an assassin after an upsetting flight.

star 7.85
26 votes
Gearjammers (2)

#12 - Gearjammers (2)

The Rockford Files Season 2 - Episode 4

Part 2 - In this exciting conclusion to this two-part episode, the mob boss continues to hunt for Rocky, while Rockford teams up with the police to solve the trucking case, which is speeding towards disaster.

star 7.84
19 votes

#13 - L.I.P.

M*A*S*H Season 2 - Episode 7

Corporal Walker is being sent home, and he wants to marry his Korean girl so she and their baby can return with him. CID sends Lt Willis to investigate, but when he refuses Hawkeye and Trapper frame him. Hawkeye is upset that a nurse he was pursuing does not approve of the marriage between "a gook" and "one of us".

star 7.84
223 votes
The Decoy

#14 - The Decoy

Get Smart Season 2 - Episode 7

CONTROL makes KAOS believe that Max is carrying a secret code.

star 7.83
35 votes
Rosendahl and Gilda Stern Are Dead

#15 - Rosendahl and Gilda Stern Are Dead

The Rockford Files Season 5 - Episode 2

Jim helps Rita prove her innocence when she is accused of murdered a prominant doctor when in fact she witnessed the parties who committed the crime...

star 7.83
23 votes
Just Another Polish Wedding

#16 - Just Another Polish Wedding

The Rockford Files Season 3 - Episode 17

Ex-con Gandy Fitch returns, reminding Rockford of their time together in prison and announcing that he would like to get into the business of detective work.

star 7.82
17 votes
The Family Hour

#17 - The Family Hour

The Rockford Files Season 3 - Episode 3

Rockford and his father become the unlikely babysitters of a wandering nine-year-old girl when her father goes missing.

star 7.82
22 votes
A Matter of Faith

#18 - A Matter of Faith

Bonanza Season 12 - Episode 2

Dusty takes in orphaned Jamie Hunter, the son of a recently-deceased rainmaker. Jamie is determined to carry on his father's tradition by using drought-stricken Virginia City to prove his talents.

star 7.80
5 votes
The Deep Blue Sleep

#19 - The Deep Blue Sleep

The Rockford Files Season 2 - Episode 5

Beth hires Jim to investigate the death of her friend, a fashion model and the connection between the fashion house and organized crime...

star 7.79
24 votes
Love and War

#20 - Love and War

Black Sheep Squadron Season 1 - Episode 12

The squadron is granted a few days of rest and relaxation at Espritos Marcos. There Jerry Bragg runs into Annie, an old acquaintance from his home town. She is a nurse that has just been stationed in the South Pacific. He introduces her to the rest of the guys and she seems to have the eye for Larry. An air raid alarm goes of and while trying to find shelter, Jerry and Annie find themselves drenched by sprinklers. Annie takes Jerry back to her quarters so that they can get dried off. They kiss and Jerry asks to see her again the next night. Annie only agrees to the date if he can find a date for her friend and she suggests Larry. Bragg reluctantly agrees and manages to convince Larry to join him in this double date.

star 7.77
31 votes
Gearjammers (1)

#21 - Gearjammers (1)

The Rockford Files Season 2 - Episode 3

Part 1 - After witnessing a mob payoff that is part of a big-rig hijacking scheme, Rockford's father becomes the target of assassins. Working to protect his dad, Rockford learns that the man's life contains secrets that he never imagined.

star 7.75
24 votes
The Whole Tooth and...

#22 - The Whole Tooth and...

Get Smart Season 2 - Episode 14

While carrying plans for a nuclear reactor, Max runs into KAOS Agents, so he must hide the plans. Max later has to pretend to be a convict and go to jail to get them back.

star 7.74
27 votes
To Protect and Serve (1)

#23 - To Protect and Serve (1)

The Rockford Files Season 3 - Episode 19

Part 1. Rockford's search for a gangster lawyer's missing fiancée is complicated by a civilian with an unfortunate passion for police work.

star 7.71
14 votes
Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs (1)

#24 - Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs (1)

The Rockford Files Season 6 - Episode 2

Jim is hired by a Princess to protect her friend and investigate who wants her killed...

star 7.62
13 votes
The Girls from KAOS

#25 - The Girls from KAOS

Get Smart Season 2 - Episode 21

Max is assigned to protect Miss USA, but KAOS has other plans.

star 7.62
26 votes
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A Good Clean Bust with Sequel Rights

#26 - A Good Clean Bust with Sequel Rights

The Rockford Files Season 5 - Episode 8

Jim is hired by a toy manufacturer asks babysit a a cop turned tv writer who keeps falling into trouble and is desperate to solve one last big case involving a mob hit...

star 7.61
18 votes
Winter Kill

#27 - Winter Kill

Bonanza Season 12 - Episode 26

The foreman of a neighboring ranch shoots a special steer belonging to the Cartwrights, and his scheming boss plots to take unfair advantage of the mistake.

star 7.60
5 votes
Trouble in Chapter 17

#28 - Trouble in Chapter 17

The Rockford Files Season 4 - Episode 2

Rockford must read between the lines when he investigates mysterious death threats against a best-selling author.

star 7.59
22 votes
South by Southeast

#29 - South by Southeast

The Rockford Files Season 4 - Episode 18

There's trouble south of the border when Rockford is mistakenly abducted by federal agents and then asked to help them protect an international playgirl. .

star 7.57
14 votes
To Protect and Serve (2)

#30 - To Protect and Serve (2)

The Rockford Files Season 3 - Episode 20

Part 2. The action resumes when Rockford hides the missing woman on a boat, but her location is compromised when the police groupie reveals information to mobster thugs.

star 7.57
14 votes
Requiem for a Funny Box

#31 - Requiem for a Funny Box

The Rockford Files Season 4 - Episode 6

The joke falls flat when a second-rate comedian frames Rockford for the murder of his former partner.

star 7.50
16 votes
Sleight of Hand

#32 - Sleight of Hand

The Rockford Files Season 1 - Episode 16

Jim is confused when his girlfriend diappears after they return from a trip and her young daughter is convinced her mother never came home with them...

star 7.48
31 votes
A Deadly Maze

#33 - A Deadly Maze

The Rockford Files Season 4 - Episode 13

The pressure is on when a bizarre scientist asks Rockford to look into the disappearance of his wife in order to study Rockford's reaction to frustration.

star 7.47
19 votes
The Return of the Black Shadow

#34 - The Return of the Black Shadow

The Rockford Files Season 5 - Episode 18

John Cooper goes after the biker gang which attacked Jim and his date Gail - Coop's sister...

star 7.40
15 votes
A Material Difference

#35 - A Material Difference

The Rockford Files Season 5 - Episode 19

Angel poses a high priced hitman but Jim must help when he collects his fee without making his hit, but the victim is apparently still killed, whilst Naval Intellegence and the Russians take an interest in the case and blue jeans...

star 7.40
15 votes

#36 - Guilt

The Rockford Files Season 5 - Episode 15

Jim aids his former fiance whose life has been threatened by a mystery figure...

star 7.39
18 votes

#37 - Claire

The Rockford Files Season 1 - Episode 18

Jim has some trouble with a gangsters and an ill-tempered Police Captain. when he helps his old girlfriend Claire....

star 7.29
28 votes
A Single Pilgrim

#38 - A Single Pilgrim

Bonanza Season 12 - Episode 15

Settlers from Virginia argue over Hoss' fate after one of them accidentally shoots him.

star 7.25
4 votes

#39 - Bushwhacked

Bonanza Season 13 - Episode 3

Joe is shot and wounded while he is on a cattle drive in the Nevada desert. Two ranchers find him, delirious from thirst and the heat, and take him to their home to recover. While the ranchers summon a doctor, Joe struggles for life, mumbling incoherently and having surrealistic nightmares about a teepee and a wagon wheel. Ben and Hoss try to dechipher Joe's ramblings to piece together what happened.

star 7.25
8 votes
Anatomy of a Lynching

#40 - Anatomy of a Lynching

Bonanza Season 11 - Episode 5

Will Griner is acquitted of murder which upsets the folks of Virginia City. They feel Griner silenced witnesses and are ready to lynch him. Ben works to reopen the case by finding out the truth about the case before it is too late.

star 7.00
5 votes
The Rattlesnake Brigade

#41 - The Rattlesnake Brigade

Bonanza Season 13 - Episode 11

Jamie and three teen-agers - a girl and two boys - are kidnapped by Doyle, a hardened criminal with nothing to lose, and his gang of outlaws. The desperate outlaws use the youths as bargaining tools to make their escape from a trip to prison.

star 7.00
4 votes
A Visit to Upright

#42 - A Visit to Upright

Bonanza Season 13 - Episode 25

Ben's ability to close a lucrative livestock contract with a conspicuous widow hinges on the sale of a dilapidated saloon in Upright that Hoss and Joe had impulsively purchased. However, the boys put off the sale when the town drunk (who acts as "saloon keeper") insist the crumbling Trails End Saloon may house a fortune. Things get even more complicated when a woman, claiming to be the daughter of the deceased former owner, envisions turning the Trails End into a booming saloon, hotel and restaurant.

star 6.67
3 votes