The Best Episodes Directed by Will Mackenzie

Caroline and the Wayward Husband (3)

#1 - Caroline and the Wayward Husband (3)

Caroline in the City Season 2 - Episode 25

Conclusion. Julia arrives at ""Richard and Caroline's"" apartment in tears, announcing that her engagement is over and demanding to spend the night on the sofa - which means Richard and Caroline have to spend the night together in her bedroom. A nude Julia reveals that seeing the happy couple has revived her feelings for a non-plussed Richard; meanwhile, Caroline consults Del about the possibility of a relationship with Richard, and an uncharacteristically thoughtful Del advises her to follow her heart. Annie's first day on the set of the Shadoe Stevens series doesn't go well, as she is totally unable to master her complicated medical lines, until the director and writer agree to switch her to the part of the hard-bitten female cop (resulting in even more unspeakable jargon). Del is in despair over the impending loss of his company, until Charlie bails him out with the trust find his father has maintained for him all these years - on condition that he becomes Del's partner. Caroline phon

star 10.00
1 votes
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The Real Thing (2)

#2 - The Real Thing (2)

Family Ties Season 4 - Episode 2

Alex realizes he must make Ellen aware of his feelings, but she is on a train on her way to marry another man, so he takes drastic measures to stop the wedding. The usually cool Alex decides he must let down his defenses or lose the girl he loves.

star 9.20
5 votes
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“A”, My Name is Alex (1)

#3 - “A”, My Name is Alex (1)

Family Ties Season 5 - Episode 23

When Alex's friend Greg dies in a car accident, Alex is thrown into a state of shock and begins to seriously question the meaning and purpose of his own life. Having been asked to accompany his friend on the fatal trip and refusing because it wasn't convenient, he is overcome by guilt. He tries to fathom why he was spared in the face of such selfishness, and begins to have encounters with Greg's ghost. His family urges him to get help. Alex seeks the counsel of a monk, Father Timothy, about changing his life, but ultimately decides against joining the order because of the chastity vow, Still hallucinating and tortured, Alex agrees to see a psychiatrist. In trying to come to terms with Greg's death, he talks about his life-long love of money and experiences flashbacks which reveal periods of his "selfish" past. During these flashbacks, Alex asks the various members of his family how they feel about their lives and about death, and comes to a new appreciation of them as individuals.

star 8.75
7 votes
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In God We Strongly Suspect

#4 - In God We Strongly Suspect

Moonlighting Season 2 - Episode 13

Dave and Maddie agree to "corpse-sit" for an escape artist's widow, who believes her dead husband's threats to come back and get even with her.

star 8.64
102 votes
“A”, My Name is Alex (2)

#5 - “A”, My Name is Alex (2)

Family Ties Season 5 - Episode 24

When Alex's friend Greg dies in a car accident, Alex is thrown into a state of shock and begins to seriously question the meaning and purpose of his own life. Having been asked to accompany his friend on the fatal trip and refusing because it wasn't convenient, he is overcome by guilt. He tries to fathom why he was spared in the face of such selfishness, and begins to have encounters with Greg's ghost. His family urges him to get help. Alex seeks the counsel of a monk, Father Timothy, about changing his life, but ultimately decides against joining the order because of the chastity vow, Still hallucinating and tortured, Alex agrees to see a psychiatrist. In trying to come to terms with Greg's death, he talks about his life-long love of money and experiences flashbacks which reveal periods of his "selfish" past. During these flashbacks, Alex asks the various members of his family how they feel about their lives and about death, and comes to a new appreciation of them as individuals.

star 8.56
8 votes
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The Bride of Tupperman

#6 - The Bride of Tupperman

Moonlighting Season 2 - Episode 11

Dave and Maddie compete to fulfill their client's unusual request: find him a possible mate fitting his very specific requirements.

star 8.50
104 votes
The Lone Barone

#7 - The Lone Barone

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 9

When Robert and Amy break up Raymond is blamed by everyone because of some bad things he told Robert about marriage.

star 8.38
380 votes
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Moving Out

#8 - Moving Out

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 7

Feeling pathetic because he lives with his parents, Robert finally musters up the courage to move out on his own. Encouraged by Ray, and much to his parents' horror, Robert packs up his bags, takes his dog and moves into a garage apartment. But the move affects the family more than they anticipated. They feel the absence of their relationship "buffer." As Debra describes it, "He's like.the lead apron at the dentist." Meanwhile, Robert enjoys his newfound freedom, until Raymond comes to visit and points out that the older couple with whom he is living are really carbon copies of their own parents -- from whom he was trying to get away.

star 8.34
356 votes
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Kip Quits

#9 - Kip Quits

Bosom Buddies Season 1 - Episode 13

When Ruth insists that Kip indulge a new client, Kip walks out, expecting Henry to follow him.

star 8.33
12 votes
The Fugitive (1)

#10 - The Fugitive (1)

Family Ties Season 1 - Episode 14

Elyse's younger brother, Ned, a go-getting corporate executive who is Alex's idol, pays a surprise visit and puzzles everyone with his cloak-and-dagger behavior. Ned claims to be on vacation and insists that no one be told of his whereabouts. Several mysterious phone calls, replete with code words, arouse the family's suspicions. Finally, an FBI agent turns up at the Keaton's doorstep with astounding news after Ned's quick exit.

star 8.32
21 votes
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Say Uncle

#11 - Say Uncle

Family Ties Season 2 - Episode 14

Alex discovers that his idol, young Uncle Ned, has a serious drinking problem when the bright, but ill-fated corporate whiz kid returns for a visit after losing another job.

star 8.31
15 votes
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The Invasion

#12 - The Invasion

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 1

When Ray's house is tented for termites, he moves his entire family into his parent's house and gives Frank and Marie a taste of their own medicine. Marie's initial excitement that "Raymond has come home!" quickly fades when the world's greatest home intruders start to feel intruded upon. Sensing her in-laws' growing frustration with the disturbance of their daily routine, Debra decides to have a little fun at their expense and "help them" like they always claim to be "helping her" – until she and Ray realize that once again, they just can't win the game.

star 8.24
413 votes
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Anniversary (1)

#13 - Anniversary (1)

My Wife and Kids Season 2 - Episode 28

Michael and Janet's 15th anniversary is approaching. Jay's girlfriend Wanda brings her Brian McKnight's tickets (a concert Jay was really looking forward to see), but unfortunately she has to turn it down because it's on the same night as their anniversary. Wanda says Michael will forget about it, but Jay refuses to believe in that and even has the kids spy on him to find out if he's secretly planning something.

star 8.23
131 votes
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Driving Frank

#14 - Driving Frank

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 2

After Frank has one accident too many, Debra decides that the kids can't ride with him anymore, which makes Raymond realize that his dad is getting older. Not only did Frank back into Robert's patrol car, but further investigation reveals that his driver's license is expired! Uncomfortable with the fact the he's not a safe driver anymore, Debra decides she doesn't want the kids in his car. But the most uncomfortable part for Ray is thinking about the fact that his parents are really getting older and unsafe driving is only the beginning of the journey.

star 8.21
393 votes
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The Gift

#15 - The Gift

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 2 - Episode 9

Ray, feeling guilty about only getting his dad a card for his 65th birthday, makes up for it by buying him a fancy and expensive aquarium just like the one he always admired in the Chinese restaurant. At first Frank adores the gift, but after one of the fish dies, he starts to hate it. Ray thinks it must be because the fish's demise reminded his dad of his own mortality - until he finds out the real reason and learns an important lesson about father-son relationships.

star 8.20
424 votes
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Birth of a Keaton (2)

#16 - Birth of a Keaton (2)

Family Ties Season 3 - Episode 18

Still trapped at the television station, Elyse realizes she cannot make it thru the snowstorm to the hospital and prepares to gibe birth in Steven's office. Meanwhile, stuck at home by the same storm, Steven enlists the help of Bud the plumber and his truck, and heads for the hospital, thinking Elyse will be there. Elyse makes a plea on camera to Steven, wherever he is, to come to the station, so Steven, the doctor, the plumber and Skippy all frantically head for WKS, hoping they arrive in time for the birth.

star 8.14
6 votes
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Sex Talk

#17 - Sex Talk

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 4

Ray and Debra are discouraged when they realize that their sex life isn't what it used to be. Ray and Debra shrug it off by assuring each other that it's not an unusual occurrence for older couples to experience since the kids are always underfoot, they're sleep deprived, etc. Trying to make themselves feel better, they approach Frank and Marie about what constitutes a "normal" sex life for an older couple, but are left feeling more inadequate when they discover the bedroom secrets of the elder Barones.

star 8.11
506 votes
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Debra's Workout

#18 - Debra's Workout

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 8

Ray is bewildered, but not altogether displeased when Debra starts initiating sex on a more than regular basis. He can't believe his luck - and good fortune when as a result of Debra's new behavior it's as if he and she were newlyweds again. Ray is even willing to give up his golf game to satiate Debra's desires. But, never able to leave well enough alone, Ray looks for a reason behind her sudden burst of energy and gets a crushing blow to his ego.

star 8.08
365 votes
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Red Alert

#19 - Red Alert

Reba Season 5 - Episode 20

When Barbra Jean takes up selling insurance, she wants Reba to be her first client. After Reba's physical shows that she has high blood pressure, she finds out she's at risk to lose her old insurance policy. Meanwhile, Van seeks out Brock's advice in coming up with a unique anniversary present for Cheyenne.

star 8.08
64 votes
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Two Weddings and a Funeral

#20 - Two Weddings and a Funeral

Reba Season 5 - Episode 21

Cheyenne gets overwhelmed planning her second wedding to Van when Reba and Barbra Jean won't stop putting their two cents in. Later, Van and Cheyenne have an argument and decide to call off the ceremony, leaving Brock and Barbra Jean with the opportunity to renew their own vows.

star 8.07
30 votes
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Robert's Date

#21 - Robert's Date

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 15

Robert's entire demeanor changes when he starts clubbing with his patrol partner, Judy, and her friends. When he starts using expressions such as "This is so whack" and "I'm down with it" and showing up in mustard colored suits, Ray and the rest of the family find it hard to believe the extent to which Robert will go to fit in with his new friends.

star 8.05
400 votes
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Pants on Fire

#22 - Pants on Fire

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 14

Marie starts to favor Robert when Ray admits to having a party 20 years ago. The tables turn however when Robert tells her it was his party not Ray's.

star 8.03
382 votes
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The Real Thing (1)

#23 - The Real Thing (1)

Family Ties Season 4 - Episode 1

Alex implements a fail-proof, and extremely unromantic, method of meeting the girl of his dreams: He picks her from pictures in the freshman directory. His selection, Tricia, seems to fit his requirements perfectly, but his plan goes off-track when he is strongly attracted to her roommate, Ellen. Ellen and Alex dislike each other instantly, and though he can't figure out why, he finds himself thinking about her constantly.

star 8.00
8 votes
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The Disciple

#24 - The Disciple

Family Ties Season 4 - Episode 13

Alex offers to help Jennifer with a speech project and winds up creating a monster, the speech is such a success that she is asked to repeat the performance for an awards panel. Jennifer does her class project perfectly, but doesn't understand what she said because Alex coached her on most of the material. So when asked to present it to the panel of judges, her nerves get the best of her.

star 8.00
5 votes
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The Way We Were

#25 - The Way We Were

Family Ties Season 6 - Episode 9

The Keatons are surprised, but delighted, when Elyse's Aunt Rosemary shows up for a visit. Although Rosemary claims to have sent a letter and spoken with Mallory about her arrival, the mix-up is quickly forgotten as the family warmly welcomes their loving and favorite aunt. Rosemary charms the Keatons with her wit, humor and wonderful family stories. But soon, she begins to act strangely to simple questions, and Elyse starts to worry when Rosemary begins repeating things that have just been discussed. Finally, Rosemary admits that she has been having trouble with her memory and has no idea how she even got to the Keaton home. A trip to the doctor confirms beyond any doubt that Rosemary has Alzheimer's disease, which will get progressively worse and ultimately, render her helpless. Stunned by this tragic news, Rosemary nevertheless refuses to despair, determined to make the most of the time she has left. Both she and the Keatons rise to the challenge courageously, as she passes the f

star 8.00
4 votes
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Caroline and the Buyer

#26 - Caroline and the Buyer

Caroline in the City Season 2 - Episode 19

Del asks Caroline to help him woo one of his father's biggest clients, a greeting-card store magnate who misunderstands what the cartoonist has to offer. Meanwhile, Annie resents Richard's relationship with her mother, and a friendly game of bocci turns ugly.

star 8.00
3 votes
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Caroline and the Decanter

#27 - Caroline and the Decanter

Caroline in the City Season 3 - Episode 12

When Caroline's parents are stranded in Wisconsin by a snowstorm, Caroline reluctantly accompanies Del to his dysfunctional family Christmas - especially after he tells her that his mother still resents her never having brought a hostess gift the first time they met - leaving Charlie to house-sit Salty and attempt to spend some quality holiday time with his father. Meanwhile, while Richard tries to be enthusiastic about a delayed honeymoon trip to Hawaii, Annie tries to help Julia overcome her fear of flying with some tranquilizers that work all too well - and while defending herself to a furious Richard, lets slip the little fact that Caroline is ""still"" in love with him....

star 8.00
1 votes
The Children's Book

#28 - The Children's Book

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 2 - Episode 8

Sick of reading Ally the same stories night after night, Debra decides to try her hand at writing a children's book. Feeling great about doing something other than being a mom, she invites Raymond to write the story with her. But Debra sees the other side of her easy-going husband when he turns their little project into an all-out competition - with Ally as the judge.

star 8.00
407 votes
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Frank's Tribute

#29 - Frank's Tribute

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 16

When Frank wins "Man of the Year" at his lodge Ray and Robert are asked to make a video tribute about Frank. While making the video they realize none of his lodge buddies like him.

star 7.97
395 votes
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Ping Pong

#30 - Ping Pong

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 13

When Ray finds out that his father let him win a game of ping pong when he was twelve he challenges him to a game. When Ray loses he tells Frank that he let him win. Frank then tells Ray the truth. He didn't let him win, he really did win.

star 7.96
437 votes
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Birthday Boy

#31 - Birthday Boy

Family Ties Season 2 - Episode 11

On his 18th birthday, Alex defies his mother and goes off with some of his buddies to celebrate at an out-of-town niteclub, and to his dismay, the irate Elyse shows up and confronts him.

star 7.92
12 votes
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The Tenth Anniversary

#32 - The Tenth Anniversary

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 16

Ray and Debra renew their wedding vows after they find out that Ray accidentally taped over their wedding with the 1991 Super Bowl.

star 7.91
393 votes
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The Article

#33 - The Article

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 8

Ray is jealous of Andy who's article is published by "Sports Illustrated". He feels better however when he learns they had rewritten the article.

star 7.89
400 votes
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#34 - Hackidu

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 17

Ray screws up a "Hackidu" trade for his daughter, Ally, by giving away a "Scramisaur" card that ends up being worth a lot of money. Ray thinks he's being the perfect father by taking an interest in Ally's "Hackidu" hobby and advising her on a card swap. But when he inadvertently gives away her favorite card, he has to pay for his mistake – he just didn't realize how much.

star 7.86
267 votes
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No Thanks

#35 - No Thanks

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 9

Inspired by how well the Barones got along at Thanksgiving dinner, Debra is intent on finding a way to improve her relationship with Marie. When Debra spends the whole day cooking with Marie, it's the perfect opportunity to test out her new "shrug it off and let the criticisms roll off your back" attitude that she feels will win Marie over.or will it? Meanwhile, Ray gets roped into having Frank and Robert accompany him to a car show, where he has his own method of getting along with his family.

star 7.86
391 votes
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Rescue Mission

#36 - Rescue Mission

Major Dad Season 1 - Episode 3

Major Smiley, an old pal, tries to dissuade the Major from marriage.

star 7.86
7 votes
Anniversary (2)

#37 - Anniversary (2)

My Wife and Kids Season 2 - Episode 29

The anniversary day finally comes and Michael goes out to play golf, leaving Jay devastated at home. Later, she goes out for drinks with her girlfriend Wanda, who insists Jay should confront Michael. When she gets home, she starts to punch him with the Ali signed boxing gloves she bought for Michael, and he reveals he was just faking it all along with Wanda's help. He gets down on his knee and proposes to Jay. They have a vowel renewal ceremony with the presence of Brian McKnight and renew their vowels and reaffirm their love for each other.

star 7.84
95 votes
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Boob Job

#38 - Boob Job

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 1

Debra is upset when she sees Ray's giddy reaction to her friend's recently acquired "new and improved" breasts. Anxious to find out whether or not Ray is content with her body as it is or if he would prefer it if she, too, made some minor enhancements to the upper region, Debra decides to conduct a little experiment to determine just how truly satisfied Ray is with her current physique.

star 7.84
426 votes
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My Musical

#39 - My Musical

Scrubs Season 6 - Episode 6

A new patient at the hospital wakes up and sees everything happening around her as a musical. Carla can't decide whether or not to return to work and Elliot must find a way to tell J.D. he can't move into her new house with her.

star 7.84
1577 votes
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The Fugitive (2)

#40 - The Fugitive (2)

Family Ties Season 1 - Episode 15

With the FBI hot on Ned's heels for embezzling $4-1/2 million in corporate funds, Elyse's ethical brother and Alex's idol tells the family why and where he hid the money and flees with Alex, leaving Elyse and Steven in a quandry. Ned explains that to stop a merger that would result in firing of 1800 people, he hid a portfolio of corporate records and assets in a company computer. The top-level junior mogul confides that he couldn't deal with a company structure that puts profits above the public good. Alex is shattered by his idol's rejection of the exciting business world but agrees to drive Ned to the airport, where they're spotted by FBI agent Carlyle. After a wild and crazy charade, Ned flees again and winds up back at the Keatons' where Carlyle and Ned's boss awaits him.

star 7.83
18 votes
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The Can Opener

#41 - The Can Opener

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 2

The whole family chooses sides when Ray and Debra fight over a newly acquired can opener.

star 7.83
433 votes
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How Great Thou Art

#42 - How Great Thou Art

Bosom Buddies Season 1 - Episode 12

For Kip's birthday, Henry arranges to have some of his painting shown at The La Daux Gallery.

star 7.82
11 votes
The Sitter

#43 - The Sitter

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 3

Debra decides to hire a babysitter so she hires Lisa. Lisa is highly recommended and is very popular with the kids she baby-sits. When Marie finds out that she wasn't asked to baby-sit she feels insulted and Debra feels left out when the kids prefer Lisa to her. So Debra lets Lisa go and asks Marie to baby-sit. Marie however can't handle the energy the kids have and trips over a toy and hurts herself. So Ray tries to get Lisa to come back but she's already found another job at the Parkers.

star 7.80
409 votes
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Debra Makes Something Good

#44 - Debra Makes Something Good

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 18

Debra throws the Barone family into turmoil when she finally creates a dish that everyone likes. Ray can't believe it when he samples Debra's braciole. Even though her past attempts at cooking seemed to have ruined his taste buds, it's simply delicious. But, when Marie gets wind of Debra's cooking prowess, and sees the effect that the braciole has on Ray, Robert and Frank, it's war!

star 7.79
377 votes
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Terry Holliway

#45 - Terry Holliway

Reba Season 2 - Episode 15

Attending an out-of-town funeral for Reba's college boyfriend, Reba and Brock take a walk down memory lane but are overwhelmed by feelings of guilt over the fact that Reba broke up with her boyfriend to run away with Brock. Back at home, Barbra Jean worries about Reba and Brock being alone together; and Cheyenne and Van get power hungry when they're left in charge of Kyra and Jake. Reba sings in the episode's final moments.

star 7.79
95 votes
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Cousin Gerard

#46 - Cousin Gerard

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 7

When Ray hires his overwhelmingly annoying cousin Gerard to assist him, and Debra points out how alike the two men are, Ray is mortified. The whiny, nasal voice, the need to find something negative to say about everything, the stupid questions ... it's a toss up. You could be speaking about either Ray or Gerard. When Ray confronts his family to refute Debra's findings, he realizes that he's just made a bad situation worse.

star 7.79
304 votes
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House Rules

#47 - House Rules

Reba Season 2 - Episode 1

Reba suspects that Brock and Barbra Jean are more lenient with the kids than she is, so she pokes around to find out just what Jake and Kyra get away with while in their care. Back at the Hart residence, Cheyenne and Van bicker over the constant attention they need to give their newborn baby girl. But Reba comes to the rescue with a plan for the feuding pair to reconnect and have some time away from their crying infant.

star 7.79
154 votes
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Left Back

#48 - Left Back

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 10

While discussing the possibility of having to hold Michael back for another year of pre-school, Ray is shocked to discover that he too was left back when he was that age. Once Ray learns of his scholastic past, he is convinced that of all the traits a parent could pass on to a child, his legacy is to pass his stupidity on to Michael. Meanwhile, Frank heads over to the school to sweet talk the kindergarten teacher into letting Michael advance with the other kids.

star 7.78
383 votes
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Death of a Grocer

#49 - Death of a Grocer

Family Ties Season 1 - Episode 9

Though Alex loves working at kindly Mr. Adler's "Mom and Pop" grocery store, to the old man's dismay, he quits to "climb the corporate ladder" at an ultramodern supermarket. Alex is indispensable to Sy Adler and they enjoy a close relationship. But when the budding teenage entrepreneur hears of a better opportunity he grabs it.

star 7.78
27 votes
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Robert's Rodeo

#50 - Robert's Rodeo

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 15

Ray feels tremendous guilt when he cancels plans with Robert, who then gets hurt in the line of duty, when he should have been hanging out with his brother. At first, it's all laughs and snide remarks from Ray when he finds out the cause of Robert's job-related injury. Ray's bedside manner definitely leaves a lot to be desired. But, after some prodding from Debra, Ray decides to show Robert just how much he really cares for him...not an easy task for a Barone.

star 7.78
396 votes
The Christmas Picture

#51 - The Christmas Picture

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 11

Ray decides to get his parents a family portrait for Christmas and they love the idea, until Debra's parents show up to be in it too.

star 7.76
439 votes
The Sister

#52 - The Sister

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 6

Debra is upset when her hippie, free spirit sister decides to become ... a sister. It's a good indication that something is up when Debra's sister, Jennifer, shows up for a visit with rosary beads and prayer cards as gifts for the kids. Unable to share the real reason why she is so upset with Jennifer's decision to become a nun, Debra reacts by accusing her sister of going through yet another phase and not being truly worthy of the calling to the religious life.

star 7.76
369 votes
Everybody Must Get Stones

#53 - Everybody Must Get Stones

Dharma & Greg Season 2 - Episode 19

Dharma and Greg join their parents, and even Pete and Jane, on a couples' retreat. But when they repeatedly fail tests designed to demonstrate the strength of their relationship (while Pete and Jane score tops), they resort to covert measures. Meanwhile, Kitty and Edward find a weekend in the wild to be just that.

star 7.76
145 votes
My Fair David

#54 - My Fair David

Moonlighting Season 2 - Episode 5

Maddie bets David that he can't act like a mature responsible professional for one full week while they deliver ransom money for the mother of a kidnapped concert pianist.

star 7.75
141 votes
The Show Must Go On

#55 - The Show Must Go On

The Nanny Season 1 - Episode 12

Maxwell volunteers Fran to produce Gracie's school play.

star 7.74
353 votes
Prodigal Son

#56 - Prodigal Son

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 14

Everyone gets on Ray's case because he's doesn't go to Sunday Mass. When Ray starts feeling guilty about the good example Frank is setting by attending church, he commits to becoming a regular parishioner. After all, if Frank can do it, so can he. But, when Ray shows up at the church, he quickly realizes what it is that draws Frank to this house of worship week after week “€“ and it isn't the sermon.

star 7.73
347 votes
Where There's Smoke

#57 - Where There's Smoke

Reba Season 5 - Episode 1

Struggling to remain sober, Cheyenne starts taking pills that will make her violently ill if she drinks alcohol. When Reba throws a party for her real estate clients, Van and Cheyenne go to great lengths to try and stop Reba from drinking after she accidentally takes one of Cheyenne's pills, thinking it's a vitamin. Meanwhile, ex-smokers Brock and Barbra Jean lecture Kyra and Jake on the dangers of smoking, but that doesn't stop Brock from secretly lighting up.

star 7.73
51 votes
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You Bet

#58 - You Bet

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 3

Ray discovers that Frank's newfound interest in him is because he's been betting with the inside information Ray's giving him.

star 7.72
447 votes
The Will

#59 - The Will

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 5

Upon drafting their wills, Ray and Debra must decide who would make the best guardians for their children. After pondering long and hard over their decision, Ray and Debra choose the two people who they feel would be the best candidates to raise their children – should anything happen to them. But their choice doesn't meet with everyone's approval.

star 7.71
403 votes
Move Over

#60 - Move Over

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 20

When Ray confides to Debra that her constant need to cuddle and "be on top of him" when they are sleeping is causing him too many sleepless nights, Debra is more than happy to comply with his request to give him his space in bed. Now, Ray is learning the hard way that you have to be careful what you wish for!

star 7.67
435 votes
Skating Away

#61 - Skating Away

Reba Season 2 - Episode 2

With Cheyenne, Van, and the baby living in student housing, things are finally back to normal and Reba plans to focus more attention on Kyra, who has become distant. However, her plans suddenly fall short when Van injures himself, suspending his scholarship and losing his off-campus housing, forcing the Montgomery family back into Reba's home.

star 7.67
147 votes
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Valentine's Day

#62 - Valentine's Day

Reba Season 2 - Episode 16

Reba is so freaked out about spending Valentine's Day with Brian that she pretends to be sick to get out of the date, but her plan backfires when he shows up with chicken soup and tells her he loves her. Meanwhile, in a battle of male egos, Brock and Van compete to see who can be the most romantic with their wives.

star 7.67
125 votes
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Caroline and the Singer

#63 - Caroline and the Singer

Caroline in the City Season 2 - Episode 13

Annie's sister Donna, who has come to town in hopes of reviving her singing career, discovers Richard's secret love letter to Caroline (inside Annie's diary) and uses it as inspiration for a new song, to Richard's horror and Annie's fury, since she has been using the letter to blackmail Richard into taking her mother to electrolysis appointments. Caroline is preoccupied with her perfect plain black pumps, which she left in Joe's apartment; after a fruitless quest to replace them, she sneaks in to retrieve them, and is found by a repentant Joe. Meanwhile, Del and Charlie get snowed in - inside Del's Porsche, with the keys and his cell phone locked in the trunk by Charlie.

star 7.67
3 votes
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Gotta Dance

#64 - Gotta Dance

Bosom Buddies Season 1 - Episode 10

Kip uses the public library commercial he's directing as an excuse to hire Sonny as a dancer, hoping to kick-start her career.

star 7.67
12 votes
Best Li'l Haunted House in Texas

#65 - Best Li'l Haunted House in Texas

Reba Season 5 - Episode 6

Reba is beyond disappointed when her plans for a fright-filled Halloween fall through because everyone in the family has other plans. Meanwhile, Van's green-eyed monster comes out when Cheyenne starts spending an inordinate amount of time with her handsome sponsor, Frank

star 7.66
77 votes
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Maggie the Model

#66 - Maggie the Model

The Nanny Season 1 - Episode 13

Famous model Chloe Simpson gets Maggie interested in becoming a model, to Fran and Maxwell's dislike.

star 7.66
313 votes
Working Late Again

#67 - Working Late Again

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 2 - Episode 7

After Debra reads a newspaper article about people who enjoy being at work more than being at home, she convinces Ray to set up an office in their house.

star 7.65
446 votes
Fabric Smarts

#68 - Fabric Smarts

Family Ties Season 3 - Episode 6

Mallory's enthusiasm for her part-time job at a boutique causes her school grades to slip even lower than usual and Steven and Elyse agree that she must quit work, but Alex comes up with a proposal that could resolve the situation. Alex has his own reasons for wanting Mallory to keep her job, it keeps her away from the house, so he initiates a plan that will allow her to work and improve her grades at the same time.

star 7.63
8 votes
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My Interpretation

#69 - My Interpretation

Scrubs Season 2 - Episode 20

Jamie's (T.C.W.) husband died, and J.D. struggles with the ethical issues involved in starting a relationship with her. Dr. Cox babysits his son, whom Jordan still hasn't chosen a name for, and is disturbed that he feels nothing for the baby. Turk is haunted by erotic dreams about Elliot, which gets him into hot water with Carla.

star 7.61
1766 votes
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What's with Robert?

#70 - What's with Robert?

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 12

When Amy raises the notion that Robert's reluctance to commit to Amy may be a result of his being gay, Ray doesn't believe it. But, after further thought and closer observation of Robert's keen sense of style and panache for interior design, Ray is not so sure anymore.

star 7.61
501 votes
The Wall

#71 - The Wall

Reba Season 2 - Episode 19

When Van and Cheyenne reconcile with Van's parents, Reba feels threatened by the extravagant gifts they shower on baby Elizabeth and the situation soon escalates into a competition over who are the better grandparents. Meanwhile, Cheyenne has difficulty adjusting to life now that Van has returned to the football team and has little time to spend with her.

star 7.61
153 votes
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And Then There's the Wedding

#72 - And Then There's the Wedding

Dharma & Greg Season 1 - Episode 4

There's love amid the ruins when Dharma and Greg hold a ""do-over"" wedding to appease their families, particularly the hostile Kitty, who turns the young couple's plans for a simple party into a big country-club affair, including a formal renewal of the wedding vows. (Says Greg to Dharma: ""You know, some day our parents will be gone and we'll look back on this day and not miss them so much."") Meanwhile, Pete and Jane have a surprising encounter of their own in the cloakroom.

star 7.60
315 votes
My Number One Doctor

#73 - My Number One Doctor

Scrubs Season 7 - Episode 6

Though Elliot boasts that through private practice she gets to get to know her patients, nobody seems to care. Carla is amazed at how the Janitor was able to score such an attractive girlfriend. The doctors are improving their services to get a higher ranking on a website and although J.D. appears nonchalant initially, he is elated when he is ranked #1.

star 7.60
1752 votes
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The Feud

#74 - The Feud

Reba Season 2 - Episode 17

Reba doesn't like it one bit when she is pressured to take sides as the key witness in a silly legal battle between two bullheaded and immature dentists, her boss Eugene and Brock. Meanwhile, the gloves come off when Cheyenne and Van argue over which one of them is a bigger liar and cheat.

star 7.60
151 votes
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Bully on the Bus

#75 - Bully on the Bus

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 13

Ray and Debra have differing points of view on how best to handle the situation when they learn that Ally has been bullying another child on the school bus. Ray thinks Ally's pushiness and "don't take any crap from anyone" attitude comes from Debra. Meanwhile, Debra thinks if she doesn't instill that independence in Ally, she'll end up being a wuss - just like her dad. But, when push comes to shove and they confront Ally about how to better her behavior, they find themselves questioning their own parenting abilities.

star 7.59
354 votes
Go Tigers

#76 - Go Tigers

Family Ties Season 2 - Episode 12

Alex is both amazed and furious when a critical admissions interview at Princeton University is shattered by his hysterical sister Mallory, who feels her anger over discovering her boyfriend kissing another girl is more important than his college education. Alex is overjoyed at going to Princeton for the interview, but not too keen about taking his sister along so she can visit her boyfriend Jeff at the university. He drops Mallory off at Jeff's and heads for his important interview, only to be humiliated when he has to leave the meeting to comfort his weepy sister.

star 7.58
12 votes
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Mike Fright

#77 - Mike Fright

WKRP in Cincinnati Season 2 - Episode 7

During a citywide garbage strike, Johnny jokingly suggests that his listeners dump their garbage on the steps of City Hall. The joke is on him, and the station, when hundreds of listeners take him seriously. Johnny becomes aware of his power and develops a serious case of mike fright.

star 7.58
101 votes
The Kids are Alright

#78 - The Kids are Alright

Reba Season 6 - Episode 13

When Van's poor home improvements skills causes a small fire in their home, Reba allows them to stay at her house until they get everything back in order. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean turns down an out of state job promotion to make it work with Brock. With everyone at a happy state in their life; they all realize they had a crazy six years but they made it through because "They're Survivors". This Series Finale of Reba concludes 125 episodes and 6 years of crazy commotion and love.

star 7.58
71 votes
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#79 - Ring-a-Ding

Reba Season 2 - Episode 9

Reba begins to feel more comfortable in her relationship with Brian so she bravely invites him home to meet her family. Meanwhile, Brock and the kids are less than enthusiastic after they learn they have to attend Barbra Jean's family reunion in Fisheye Bottom. At the reunion, Brock runs scared of Barbra Jean's gun-toting father, Big Daddy, and Barbra Jean finds herself the butt of the joke when it comes to her older sister and brother-in-law.

star 7.57
159 votes
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Shower the People You Love With Love

#80 - Shower the People You Love With Love

Dharma & Greg Season 1 - Episode 3

Dharma tries to sprinkle a little TLC in Greg's life by installing a new, deluxe ""Spring Mist 3000"" shower, while Greg finds himself on a testosterone-ridden golfing afternoon with Edward and Larry. Meanwhile, Kitty, misunderstanding the word ""shower,"" readies for a social event with hors d'oeuvres and formal invitations.

star 7.57
296 votes
Gimme a C

#81 - Gimme a C

Andy Richter Controls the Universe Season 1 - Episode 5

Andy and his friends tangle with a cost-cutting executive named Praeger.

star 7.57
67 votes
Jennifer Falls in Love

#82 - Jennifer Falls in Love

WKRP in Cincinnati Season 2 - Episode 5

For the first time in her life, Jennifer is in love, with a penniless but handsome repairman who turns out to be even more of a gold digger than she is. Meanwhile, Les tries to get a raise, and Johnny becomes convinced that he's the man Jennifer is in love with.

star 7.57
68 votes
My Chopped Liver

#83 - My Chopped Liver

Scrubs Season 5 - Episode 17

When J.D. rearranges his schedule to allow himself more time to spend with Turk, Turk secretly resents hanging out with J.D. in that time because it interferes with his own "Turk Time." Meanwhile, Dr. Cox and Jordan go on a double date with Elliot and Keith, and Carla covers for Kelso at work, as he grieves for his dead dog. Later, a patient almost dies, after giving up part of his liver for his brother, and the hospital staff learns about making sacrifices for the people they really care about.

star 7.56
1759 votes
Just Business

#84 - Just Business

Reba Season 6 - Episode 2

The biggest real estate company in town has called and Reba convinces Van to place his loyalty aside and come with her to see what their intentions are only to find out they just want Van and not her. Meanwhile, Brock is worried that Barbra Jean's new look is going to make her look elsewhere so he goes through some interesting changes to impress her.

star 7.55
76 votes
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Steele Spawning

#85 - Steele Spawning

Remington Steele Season 4 - Episode 12

Laura and Steele are hired by the spoiled son of a caviar importer to find a missing shipment before daddy returns home.

star 7.54
71 votes
My Drive-By

#86 - My Drive-By

Scrubs Season 4 - Episode 24

Elliot is torn between moving too quickly and ruining her new relationship with Jake. Dr. Cox teaches Turk about having a healthy ego and Dr. Kelso and the Janitor fight over who gets to use the motorized cart.

star 7.54
1701 votes
Have Your Cake

#87 - Have Your Cake

Reba Season 5 - Episode 7

Realizing that his wife, Barbra Jean (who was pregnant in real life at the time this episode was taped), has taken up eating as a hobby and gained quite a bit of weight as a result, Brock consults Reba on how best to handle the delicate situation. Ultimately, Cheyenne is the one who confronts Barbra Jean about her food addiction, suggesting that she and Reba go on a diet with her.

star 7.53
75 votes
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The Blonde Leading the Blind

#88 - The Blonde Leading the Blind

Reba Season 5 - Episode 18

After the family makes fun of Reba's poor eyesight, she secretly gets laser eye surgery, which leaves her temporarily blind. Barbra Jean insists on helping Reba post-surgery while the rest of the family is away. Later, thinking she is talking to Cheynne, Reba badmouths Barbra Jean, only to find out she's been talking to Barbra Jean the whole time. Overwhelmed with guilt for the hurtful things she said, and with Brock's help, Reba finally tells Barbra Jean how thankful she is for their friendship.

star 7.51
57 votes
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As Is

#89 - As Is

Reba Season 5 - Episode 3

After watching her fiercest competitor make a killing in the real estate market, Reba decides it's time to start investing. However, she can't do it alone with her bad credit, so Cheyenne suggests that Reba and Van team up. Later, when Reba finds out that Van went behind her back and purchased a home "as is," without any inspections, she wants out of the partnership. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean is feeling neglected by Brock and finds companionship from an unlikely source - the operator from her car's navigation system.

star 7.51
65 votes
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Grannies Gone Wild

#90 - Grannies Gone Wild

Reba Season 5 - Episode 8

When Cheyenne declines Brock's offer to intern at his dental office, the family finds out she no longer wants to become a dentist. Instead she plans to devote her life to helping people. Reba, Van and Brock are upset by this and visit the senior center where Cheynne has been volunteering and discover that she's been "helping" by giving the women makeovers. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean's attempt to get picked for jury duty backfires after she annoys the judge.

star 7.51
71 votes
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My Sex Buddy

#91 - My Sex Buddy

Scrubs Season 2 - Episode 11

Renewed sex with J.D. calms Elliot, who's facing personal and professional dilemmas: She's broke, and patients are bailing out on her.

star 7.50
1840 votes
Let's Get Physical

#92 - Let's Get Physical

Reba Season 6 - Episode 1

After Barbra Jean's successful weight loss, Reba becomes worried that she'll soon become the chubby friend and starts to eat healthy. Meanwhile, Brock is becoming suspicious that Barbra Jean maybe having an affair with her trainer, Jordan, leading him to ask Reba to check out what is really happening at the gym.

star 7.50
94 votes
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Birth of a Keaton (1)

#93 - Birth of a Keaton (1)

Family Ties Season 3 - Episode 17

To help Steven during pledge week at his TV station, the Keatons reluctantly agree to be a part of the entertainment, but the audience gets an unexpected show when Elyse goes into labor right on camera while in the middle of a song. Elyse realizes that the baby is on the way. she and the kids begin to panic when they realize that Steven had to rush home to fix a plumbing problem and is now trapped there by a snowstorm. His TV set shows him what's happening at the station.

star 7.50
4 votes
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My Heavy Meddle

#94 - My Heavy Meddle

Scrubs Season 1 - Episode 16

When a rampaging Dr. Cox suddenly shows up at his door in a strange funk, J.D. sees a possibility of a breakthrough in their relationship - until he learns that Cox loses control in almost an annual rite. Meanwhile, Turk elects to partner with Elliot on a research project so that he can maneuver her back with his buddy J.D., and Carla struggles to fulfill a comatose patient's final request - playing heavy metal music in his room.

star 7.49
2142 votes
Reba's Heart

#95 - Reba's Heart

Reba Season 5 - Episode 22

After collapsing at Van and Cheyenne's non-wedding, Reba is rushed to the hospital. The family is panicked about her health, but she only wants to focus on helping Van and Cheyenne resolve their relationship troubles. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean tries to help Reba feel better, but only makes Reba's blood pressure continue to climb.

star 7.48
62 votes
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Happy Pills

#96 - Happy Pills

Reba Season 3 - Episode 20

Reba has problems with Kyra going out on a date alone with her 17 year old boyfriend, so she asks Cheyenne and Van to double date with them. Later, Kyra gets dump because she would not ""take the next step"" in the relationship. Meanwhile, Barbara Jean believes Brock is cheating on her and asks Reba to interrogate him. Reba finds out that Brock has been seeing a therapist and taking ""Happy Pills"". Barbara Jean is upset that Brock is doing this but comes to the conclusion that it's alright cause Reba did the same thing when Brock and her split up.

star 7.48
61 votes
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Give Uncle Arthur a Kiss

#97 - Give Uncle Arthur a Kiss

Family Ties Season 1 - Episode 6

Mallory is horrified and confused when a close family friend and older business associate of her father, Steven, makes a pass at her. Arthur Cantrell has been a good friend of the Keaton's since the kids were toddlers. Steven has even written an on-air tribute to his admired colleague, who is about to change jobs. However, Cantrell's mid-life transitional period goes beyond his career, and there's no mistaking his moves toward Mallory at the station's fund-raiser. When the embarrassed teenager reveals the situation, her parents must confront their friend and urge him to seek professional help.

star 7.47
32 votes
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To Tell You the Truth

#98 - To Tell You the Truth

Reba Season 3 - Episode 13

Cheyenne sees Van getting a ride home from the team's attractive female publicist, and suspects he's cheating on her. An upset Cheyenne kicks Van out of the house, and admits to Reba that she's afraid her marriage will fail just like her parents.

star 7.47
64 votes
Parenting with Puppets

#99 - Parenting with Puppets

Reba Season 5 - Episode 12

Reba doesn't approve of Barbra Jean's method of disciplining Henry. However, when Jake lies and blames Henry for breaking Reba's lamp, Reba is forced to apologize for criticizing Barbra Jean's parenting skills. Meanwhile, Brock and Van are mistaken for a gay couple when they spend their "guy time" at a day spa.

star 7.47
62 votes
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A Christmas Story

#100 - A Christmas Story

Family Ties Season 1 - Episode 11

When a blizzard forces the Keatons to spend Christmas at home, Elyse's gift to Steven, an album filled with fascinating old photos, sparks flashbacks to the birth of their three children.

star 7.46
26 votes
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Don't Kiss Me, I'm Only the Messenger

#101 - Don't Kiss Me, I'm Only the Messenger

Family Ties Season 3 - Episode 11

Alex plays Cupid to help his shy pal Skippy get together with Jane, the girl of his dreams, but his good intentions goes awry when the girl falls for him instead. When Skippy and Mallory find Alex locked in a passionate embrace with Jane, Skippy accuses him of stealing his girl.

star 7.45
11 votes
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Beauty and the Beasts

#102 - Beauty and the Beasts

Bosom Buddies Season 1 - Episode 7

Buffy and Hildy are invited by Sonny and Isabelle to a singles bar. The pair are ignored by the men, causing Henry to question society's favoritism for attractive people. Feeling like a hypocrite for spurning Amy's advances, he asks her out on a date.

star 7.45
11 votes
The Gambler

#103 - The Gambler

Family Ties Season 3 - Episode 1

Elyse is stricken with gambling fever on a business trip to Atlantic City, and while on a roll with Alex's "foolproof" blackjack system, she's oblivious to her family and job. Excited at the prospect of having his system put to the test, Alex urges his folks to "go for the gold", but Elyse insists her trip is strictly business. Finally, she's persuaded to try her hand at blackjack. Swept away on a seemingly endless winning streak, Elyse doesn't show up at the architects' convention, ignores her family's needs and casts all financial caution to the wind.

star 7.44
9 votes
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Love is the Blindest

#104 - Love is the Blindest

The Bob Newhart Show Season 5 - Episode 14

Bob watches in amazement as one of his patients supports a blossoming romance with a tissue of lies.

star 7.44
9 votes
Driving Miss Kyra

#105 - Driving Miss Kyra

Reba Season 4 - Episode 19

Kyra, growing up so fast, gets her drivers license. This new level of life for Kyra leads to a discussion of how freeing that is by Cheyenne, who now feels like a caged bird. Reba gives Kyra a cell phone, but the phone also serves as a tracking device so Reba can see where she's at. Wise Kyra is on to Reba, so she trades phones with Cheyenne, leading to Reba and BJ catching Cheyenne on a secret trip to a Karaoke bar. Reba convinces Cheyenne that she should share her feelings with Van. All is well as they go to leave the bar but not without a special duet between Reba and BJ.

star 7.44
61 votes
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The Hospital

#106 - The Hospital

Bosom Buddies Season 1 - Episode 17

Sonny recruits Buffy and Hildy to volunteer as "candy stripers" when the hospital where she works becomes short on staff. Kip discovers he has competition for Sonny affections in the form of Jim, a blind patient who knows Buffy and Hildy are men. Amy finds herself in over her head when she substitutes for a sick Lilly as the hotel's manager.

star 7.43
7 votes
Don't Mess with Taxes

#107 - Don't Mess with Taxes

Reba Season 5 - Episode 13

After Brock and Barbra Jean get audited, Brock informs Reba that the IRS is going to audit the last five years of their marriage. Later, Brock makes Reba nervous when she discovers that he has a few secrets he doesn't want the IRS to find out about. Meanwhile, Cheyenne makes Van take part in her sociology project about a man's perspective on marriage, but she certainly wasn't anticipating all the attention he would receive from the women in her class.

star 7.43
61 votes
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Mrs. Newton's Body Lies A'Mould'ring in the Grave

#108 - Mrs. Newton's Body Lies A'Mould'ring in the Grave

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 2

Dick and Joanna learn that there's a body buried in the basement. The Loudons try to get the body moved to the church cemetery, only to find that she was a witch.

star 7.42
147 votes
She's with the Band

#109 - She's with the Band

Reba Season 6 - Episode 11

Reba and Brock are shocked when Kyra tells them that she is postponing college to go on tour with her band. Unfortunately, when Reba puts her foot down and tells Kyra that she won't allow her to make this huge mistake, Kyra decides to move out. Meanwhile, Cheyenne and Van can't agree on how to decorate their new house.

star 7.42
64 votes
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Couples' Therapy

#110 - Couples' Therapy

Reba Season 4 - Episode 6

Brock is becoming lonely in the condo all by himself so he begins to hang around Reba's house more often sometimes with Reba not even knowing. Cheyenne is also becoming lonely with Van being gone almost a week up in Denver. Reba and Brock try to tell her that Van is probably just as upset in Denver without her there only to find out when Van comes home that he is having a blast and has made tons of friends. Brock and BJ begin going to therapy with Dr. Baker(Patrick Duffy) where they realize that Reba is one of the main problems in their relationship. Dr. Baker asks to speak with Reba where he confronts Reba and Brock and asks if they still have feelings for each other. They both contemplate the question before BJ walks in and interupts before they can answer.

star 7.40
95 votes
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Where's Poppa?

#111 - Where's Poppa?

Family Ties Season 4 - Episode 14

Alex secretly invites Ellen's dad to Parent's Day Weekend at Leland College, thinking that she will be pleasantly surprised to see him, but what he doesn't know is that Ellen has no desire to see her father. Ellen can't forgive her father for not spending time with her when she was growing up, and although he wants to make amends she refuses to forgive and forget.

star 7.40
5 votes
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Brock's Mulligan

#112 - Brock's Mulligan

Reba Season 3 - Episode 14

Van tells his football team that Reba is his and Cheyenne's maid because he's embarassed to admit he lives with his mother-in-law. Meanwhile, Brock tells Reba and Barabra Jean he wants to quit the dentistry business and play professional golf on the senior tour.

star 7.40
63 votes
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Cheyenne's Rival

#113 - Cheyenne's Rival

Reba Season 6 - Episode 10

Reba finds Van & Cheyenne their perfect house and when trying to make the deal with the owner realizes it is Cheyenne's enemy from high school. Meanwhile, Brock and Barbra Jean get all dolled up to have a divorce date.

star 7.38
65 votes
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Reba And The Nanny

#114 - Reba And The Nanny

Reba Season 4 - Episode 12

Van is bored by not working and decides to make up for lost time by playing every other sport. He doesn't want to care for Elizabeth while Cheyenne is in school so he hires a nanny. Cheyenne is streching herself to the limit with school because she thinks she has to be the breadwinner now. BJ is lonely and has a talk with Reba asking her to ask Brock to move back in. Reba laughs and suggests getting a dog. Brock in the meantime comes to Reba also and asks to see if BJ is ready for him to come back. BJ has a surprise for Reba and Brock which was not the surprise either of them were expecting...a little ""Brock"". The nanny is working out just fine for Van by cleaning everything and teaching him and Jake spanish, but it's not sitting well for Reba. The nanny doesn't believe she is ""working for Reba.""

star 7.37
94 votes
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#115 - Tornado

WKRP in Cincinnati Season 1 - Episode 12

While Japanese radio executives are touring the station, the city experiences a series of tornadoes.

star 7.37
110 votes
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My New Role

#116 - My New Role

Scrubs Season 8 - Episode 7

As his increasing workload from being Chief of Medicine begins to take a toll, the unimaginable happens when Dr. Cox reaches out to Dr. Kelso for friendship.

star 7.37
2329 votes
All Fore One

#117 - All Fore One

Reba Season 4 - Episode 7

Reba encourages Brock to follow his heart if that means pursuing his dream of playing professional golf, but Barbra Jean is less-than-thrilled with Reba's advice, worrying that it will mean the end of her marriage. Meanwhile, Cheyenne tries to assuage Van's hysteria that playing arena football in Denver is costing him precious time with his daughter, who, unbeknownst to her father, recently started pre-school.

star 7.36
92 votes
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Kirk Ties One On

#118 - Kirk Ties One On

Newhart Season 2 - Episode 17

Kirk's can't wait for his wedding to Cindy, until the wedding actually starts and Kirk faints during the ceremony. .

star 7.35
54 votes
The Housewarming

#119 - The Housewarming

Reba Season 6 - Episode 12

While Van and Cheyenne settle into their new home, they realize they have their own "Barbra Jean" who constantly comes over unannounced and uninvited - Reba. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean uses her divorce process with Brock to dramatize at her new news-weatherwoman job as Stormy Clearweather on the newscasts to bring in new fans.

star 7.35
69 votes
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Carnival Knowledge

#120 - Carnival Knowledge

Coach Season 2 - Episode 13

Coach Watkins gets revenge on Hayden when he mans a booth at the college carnival.

star 7.33
17 votes
Core Focus

#121 - Core Focus

Reba Season 3 - Episode 22

Van & Cheyenne decide it's time to become more independant, so they go apartment shopping. They find the perfect place but they don't have enough money. They ask Reba to co-sign and she refuses. They forge her signature on the lease only to be turned down due to Reba's poor credit. Brock breaks down to Reba about all the stuff he's done and the people he has hurt and they embrace in a tearful hug only to be seen by Barbara Jean. Reba confronts Barbara Jean after BJ tells Kyra that she caught the two of them in bed. She tells BJ that Brock loves her and she has no reason to worry. Brock comes home to talk to BJ, but first asks BJ if he could first talk to Reba for a minute. BJ tells Brock that this better be an important mintute and that he better figure everything out as she stomps out of the room. Reba trys to convince Brock to run after her and tell her that it wasn't a mistake that he left Reba for BJ. Brock then tells Reba that he believes it was a mistake...

star 7.33
66 votes
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No Boys Upstairs

#122 - No Boys Upstairs

Reba Season 4 - Episode 10

Against Barbra Jean's atypical ""better"" judgment, Reba allows Kyra to spend time with her boyfriend, Chip, without adult supervision, but she is forced to question her decision after Jake confesses that Kyra and Chip broke house rules, spending time upstairs in Kyra's room. Meanwhile, Cheyenne accompanies Van to Denver for the first time expecting to find his new apartment in complete disarray. However, much to her disappointment, Van's apartment is in immaculate condition and he is clearly relishing in his newfound independence.

star 7.33
88 votes
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She's Leaving Home, Bye Bye

#123 - She's Leaving Home, Bye Bye

Reba Season 3 - Episode 1

Kyra's decision to move in with Brock and Barbra Jean leaves Reba reeling while the rest of the family tries to sort out their feelings of hurt, anger, and guilt. A series of flashbacks revisits the turbulent milestones in the family history that led them to this point including when Barbara Jean first meets the Hart family, where we find out Brock used to find her really annoying and Reba thought she was nice.

star 7.32
68 votes
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Bad Risk

#124 - Bad Risk

WKRP in Cincinnati Season 2 - Episode 4

Herb starts selling insurance as a sideline, and sells a comprehensive policy to Les, who promptly has an accident.

star 7.32
76 votes
Major Dad

#125 - Major Dad

Major Dad Season 1 - Episode 1

Polly writes a distressing article on the Marines. The Major sets out to prove her wrong, and they fall in love.

star 7.32
25 votes
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Diamond Jim Brady

#126 - Diamond Jim Brady

Reba Season 4 - Episode 11

Van comes home from Denver with an butt injury. After much joking by the family, Van retreats to his room with his donut ring. Reba and Cheyenne go to the doctor with Van to take X-rays. The doctor tells Van that his injury is fine but he has a rare spine disease that most sports players develop but it also permantly restricts them from playing. Van freaks out because football is all he has ever known. He is relieved though when Denver gives him the buy out check for a hundred grand. Not knowing what to do career wise he starts spending the money recklessly by buying everyone in the family nice presents. Reba confronts him about why the sudden change of heart. Van tells her that he misses feeling like the hero he was playing pro football. Reba wants to put a stop to it but Van buys her the best present of all and suddenly Reba forgets what she why she came to counsel Van.

star 7.31
94 votes
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Curious George at the Firehouse

#127 - Curious George at the Firehouse

Newhart Season 2 - Episode 13

George becomes a volunteer fireman, determined to shed his image as the town boob. George loses the keys to the fire truck just as the town's first fire in five years erupts.

star 7.30
56 votes
This Probably is Condemned

#128 - This Probably is Condemned

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 5

Dick and the gang pitch in to help Kirk get the Minuteman up to code after its shut down.

star 7.30
70 votes
I Enjoy Being a Guy

#129 - I Enjoy Being a Guy

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 22

Dick loves being 'just one of the guys' when Chester and Jim invite him to join their golf foursome. Dick is distressed to find that their gambling habit and lousy golfing abilities make him the big winner. Dick tries to figure out a way to give the money back without breaking 'the guy code'.

star 7.30
47 votes
Hello, My Name is Cheyenne

#130 - Hello, My Name is Cheyenne

Reba Season 4 - Episode 22

Reba, not only being a mother-in-law but also a boss suggests that Van stops his drinking and go to an AA meeting. Van is furious and demands that Cheyenne tell her parents the truth. Cheyenne decides she will get help and goes to a AA meeting where she comes back excited that she is a alcoholic, blurting out her news to the rest of the family. Reba as the supportive mother decides no one will drink to help Cheyenne. Meanwhile, Kyra and her band are invited to perform at a USO event for soldiers leaving for Iraq. As the family secretly sneaks wine and beer around, Cheyenne is promoting her growth as a non-alcoholic and frowns upon her "using days". Reba later catches Cheyenne having a glass of wine and questions her on it. Cheyenne reveals that her life has been hell for the past year and alcohol is the only thing that has been helping her and she is scared and doesn't know what to do. Reba tells her that she is not alone and we end with a tearful hug.

star 7.29
59 votes
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Atomic Shakespeare

#131 - Atomic Shakespeare

Moonlighting Season 3 - Episode 7

A boy hoping to watch Moonlighting but forced to study Shakespeare instead daydreams about the cast performing their own version of The Taming of the Shrew complete with Petruchio Dave and Kate Maddie.

star 7.27
107 votes
Talkin' About My Regeneration

#132 - Talkin' About My Regeneration

Dharma & Greg Season 3 - Episode 20

Dharma's ritual of unburdening her sins every seven years reveals things that would be better off remaining a burden. Meanwhile, Larry convinces the Montgomerys' maid, Celia, to go on strike, leading everyone to discover how much control Celia has over Kitty's personality.

star 7.27
108 votes
Van's Agent

#133 - Van's Agent

Reba Season 4 - Episode 4

Van reaching the next season's negotiations realizes he won't get the amount he wants nor deserves if he doesn't hire a agent. He ends up finding the best but she would like to do an evaluation of his family before she decides to take him on. At her arrival the Hart clan unravels and makes a fool out of Van in front of the agent. Reba missing her friendship with Lori Ann decides to ask the agent to hang out with her as a friend not knowing that Van had lied and told this lesbian agent that Reba is gay. Reba not wanting to hurt Van's chance of a getting this great agent goes along with the lie but later confesses, but all ends in a great new friendship.

star 7.26
99 votes
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Reba's Rules of Real Estate

#134 - Reba's Rules of Real Estate

Reba Season 4 - Episode 18

Reba persuing her career in real estate, scores an interview with the biggest real estate agent in Houston- Dolly Majors. As Barbara Jean helps her prepare, Dolly makes a surprise apperance at Reba's house to test her abilities. Reba's selling ability gets her the job only to found out she might not be the shark-like seller that Dolly is looking for.

star 7.26
88 votes
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The Two Girl Theory

#135 - The Two Girl Theory

Reba Season 4 - Episode 3

Reba notices that BJ has been spending too much time moping around the house so she talks her into going out to the bars again and living it up. Barbara Jean not wanting to go alone talks Reba into joining her. She insists that they must follow ""The Two Girl Theory"" and go as a pair cause one woman going alone looks desperate but two women look like they're going out for the fun. Van talks to Jake about the birds and the bees.

star 7.25
95 votes
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Ladies' Man

#136 - Ladies' Man

Family Ties Season 2 - Episode 15

Alex pretends to support the Equal Rights Amendment to impress a pretty feminist and winds up behind bars after championing the cause at a debate that turns into a riot. To get a date with Deena Marx, the conservative Alex starts spouting feminist rhetoric. While it's all a sham, he gets in over his head when he accompanies Deena to a debate, stands up for a feminist being heckled and is carted off to jail following a near riot. He's a hero to the women in his cell, but when he's asked to be the keynote speaker at an ERA rally, he realizes the charade has gone too far.

star 7.25
12 votes
Help Wanted

#137 - Help Wanted

Family Ties Season 3 - Episode 12

Because of Elyse's pregnancy, the family decides to get a housekeeper, so Alex hires the lovely Karen Nicholson, a totally incompetent young lady whom the family immediately adores but Steven insists she must be fired. Despite the fact that Karen has no domestic skills and is rapidly destroying every appliance in the house, the kids love her and Steven has a difficult time trying to fire her.

star 7.25
12 votes
Zen and the Art of Cab Driving

#138 - Zen and the Art of Cab Driving

Taxi Season 3 - Episode 13

Jim picks up two men in his cab and overhear them talking about the secret to success: dynamic perfectionism. Jim takes it to heart and decides to use the technique to reach his goal, which he won't reveal to the cabbies. Soon, Jim becomes the perfect cab driver, setting company records on every shift. After a few weeks, Jim gives up, announcing that he's reached his goal and can no longer stand to work so hard. He invites the gang over to his apartment to reveal what he's been working so hard for. Upon arrival, they see that his goal was a room full of televisions, with satellites, cable, VCRs, and video games - his ticket to the global village. The gang is unimpressed at first, until each of them gets sucked into watching exciting things on the various televisions.

star 7.25
32 votes
You're Homebody 'til Somebody Loves You

#139 - You're Homebody 'til Somebody Loves You

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 20

Dick inadvertently insults Joanna, calling her a homebody. Joanna takes a job with a travel agency in an attempt to assert herself.

star 7.24
50 votes
Grandma, What a Big Mouth You Have

#140 - Grandma, What a Big Mouth You Have

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 21

Kirk's grandmother visits on the same night he finally gets a date with Leslie.

star 7.24
50 votes
No Tigers at the Circus

#141 - No Tigers at the Circus

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 6

Dick spirals into a profound depression after the Stratford is denied in its bid to be classified an historic landmark.

star 7.23
66 votes
Carlson for President

#142 - Carlson for President

WKRP in Cincinnati Season 2 - Episode 6

Mr. Carlson runs for Cincinnati City Council. When Bailey discovers a potentially damaging piece of information about the front-runner in the election, Mr. Carlson considers using that information in a televised debate.

star 7.22
99 votes
Ricky Nelson, Up Your Nose

#143 - Ricky Nelson, Up Your Nose

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 16

Kirk goes into the hospital for surgery to remove a foreign object from his nose, leaving Larry, Darryl and a very svelte Darryl in charge of the cafe. Dick and Joanna, about to go to New York for a writer's conference have to bail out the boys when an unexpected crowd turns up at the cafe.

star 7.22
51 votes
For Love or Money (2)

#144 - For Love or Money (2)

WKRP in Cincinnati Season 2 - Episode 2

Johnny calls his friends over to Jennifer's apartment to help him deal with Buffy and her threat of a lawsuit. Buffy arrives and, after having a drink with Johnny, tells him that she put poison in his drink.

star 7.21
69 votes
Oh Donna

#145 - Oh Donna

Family Ties Season 3 - Episode 14

Alex becomes involved with Donna, a young, unwed expectant mother from Elyse's natural-childbirth class but his interest in her becomes an obsession when he starts planning for her child's future and acting as if they were a real family. Donna is flattered by Alex's concern for her and her unborn baby, but soon begins to realize that he is becoming a little bit too helpful.

star 7.20
5 votes

#146 - Fire

WKRP in Cincinnati Season 4 - Episode 17

Herb and Jennifer are trapped in an elevator when a fire breaks out in the Flimm Building.

star 7.19
52 votes
Patter of Little Feet

#147 - Patter of Little Feet

WKRP in Cincinnati Season 2 - Episode 8

Mr. Carlson's wife Carmen announces that she is pregnant. Mr. Carlson is overjoyed, and certain that Carmen feels the same way. However, Mama Carlson points out the potential dangers of middle-aged pregnancy and recommends an abortion.

star 7.18
64 votes
The Best Laid Plans

#148 - The Best Laid Plans

Dharma & Greg Season 3 - Episode 19

For the first time in her life, Dharma gets depressed about her sex life when she discovers that Greg can't make a move in the bedroom without checking his day planner first. Meanwhile, a depressed Greg confides in Pete, who convinces him the only logical explanation for the downturn in his sex life is that Dharma is seeing someone else.

star 7.17
105 votes
The Way We Thought We Were

#149 - The Way We Thought We Were

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 12

George's old flame visits the inn. Both are disappointed when the other isn't as they remember.

star 7.17
60 votes
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Hail to the Councilman

#150 - Hail to the Councilman

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 3

Dick gets his hopes up after two city officials suggest he run for town council.

star 7.17
103 votes

#151 - Changes

WKRP in Cincinnati Season 4 - Episode 13

When Venus learns that he's going to be interviewed by a militant black magazine, he adopts a new wardrobe and manner in order to seem more in touch with black culture. Meanwhile, Jennifer offers to change Herb's image, starting with picking out new, tasteful clothes for him.

star 7.15
52 votes
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Kirk Goes for the Juggler

#152 - Kirk Goes for the Juggler

Newhart Season 2 - Episode 10

Kirk thinks he's met the girl of his dreams, but isn't sure how he feels when he discovers she's a clown.

star 7.15
53 votes
Book Beat

#153 - Book Beat

Newhart Season 2 - Episode 14

After guesting on a literary discussion television program, Dick is tabbed to be its new host. Dick's first program gets off to a bad start when he's scheduled guest doesn't show up, and the fill-in, Col. Lloyd Mennenger, is a little off-kilter.

star 7.15
53 votes
Baby Boy Doe

#154 - Baby Boy Doe

Family Ties Season 2 - Episode 19

When Alex's pal Skippy discovers he's adopted, Alex helps him cope with the shocking news and accompanies the nervous teenager on a memorable meeting with his real mother.

star 7.14
7 votes
Heaven Knows Mr. Utley

#155 - Heaven Knows Mr. Utley

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 19

George is the town laughingstock when he claims to have spied an UFO.

star 7.14
50 votes
A View from the Bench

#156 - A View from the Bench

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 17

Dick, Kirk, and George go to Boston to use their bench passes for a Celtics game. Dick loses his pass. Meanwhile, Leslie and Joanna wait at the inn for incoming guest, Daniel J. Travanti.

star 7.14
51 votes
The Boy Who Cried Goat

#157 - The Boy Who Cried Goat

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 18

When Kirk's cafe is robbed, his history of deception comes back to haunt him as the insurance investigator refuses to believe his story.

star 7.14
51 votes

#158 - Surprise

Reba Season 4 - Episode 5

Van comes home late after having a few drinks with his buddies and is feeling a little frisky, but climbs into the wrong bed. Reba wakes and says she has a headache. The next morning he says that his friends are happy for what he has accomplished on their football team and that's why they took him out to celebrate. Reba, Cheyenne and BJ all decide to give him a surprise party to show him that they are proud of him too. Reba gets satellite hooked up, BJ makes a cake, and Cheyenne prepares a speech. After the speech Van blurts out that he has been traded to Denver and Cheyenne freaks out. Brock chases after Van and Reba goes after Cheyenne. Kyra tries to talk sense into Brock and BJ. She says they can't keep arguing. So they start to talk civilly to each other. Reba says the same thing that Kyra says to Van about moving away and leaving his family for football. Van and Cheyenne try to talk things out but Van walks away saying that he has to do this...

star 7.13
98 votes

#159 - Wedding

Major Dad Season 1 - Episode 4

An alert on the base interrupts the Major and Polly's wedding day.

star 7.13
8 votes
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Life of the Party

#160 - Life of the Party

Scarecrow and Mrs. King Season 2 - Episode 16

Amanda and Francine go under cover as maids to catch the kingpin of a crime syndicate.

star 7.12
33 votes
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Jennifer and Johnny's Charity

#161 - Jennifer and Johnny's Charity

WKRP in Cincinnati Season 4 - Episode 14

When a fire destroys the kitchen at the Vine Street Mission, Johnny recruits Jennifer to help raise the $40,000 dollars to rebuild it. Jennifer throws a party for her rich friends and asks them to contribute, and everything is going fine until the contributors meet the people involved.

star 7.10
49 votes
For Love or Money (1)

#162 - For Love or Money (1)

WKRP in Cincinnati Season 2 - Episode 1

Johnny forgets about his date with Bailey when he gets a call from Buffy, his old girlfriend from California. He borrows Jennifer's apartment to impress Buffy; however, that plan ends when she tells him she's suing him for palimony.

star 7.09
74 votes
Shall We Gather at the River?

#163 - Shall We Gather at the River?

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 4

Joanna falls through the ice at the annual River Day festival. Dick is on the outs when Joanna blames him for everything bad that happens in her life.

star 7.07
91 votes
Leave It to the Beavers

#164 - Leave It to the Beavers

Newhart Season 2 - Episode 19

Dick is dumbfounded when George's club, the Beavers, reject him for membership. Kirk and Cindy have their first fight. A man with an imaginary wife stays at the inn.

star 7.06
48 votes
The United Front

#165 - The United Front

Reba Season 3 - Episode 12

Over Brock and Barbra Jean's objections, Reba gives Kyra permission to go on her first date, then discovers the boy is 17 years old. As the three adults panic, they decide to spy on Kyra's date and end up ruining it. Meanwhile, Van believes that Jake is the victim of a classroom injustice and confronts the boy's teacher.

star 7.04
124 votes
Breakfast Theater

#166 - Breakfast Theater

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 15

Washed-up comic Manny Silver visits the Stratford, reminding Dick of the 'debt' he owes Manny for starting his writing career. Manny shames Dick into letting him perform in the inn, over Joanna's strenuous objections.

star 7.04
52 votes

#167 - Encounters

Reba Season 3 - Episode 6

Reba finally decides to clean up Kyra's room and send the stuff to her new house. Kyra sees this and suddenly becomes very secretive to Reba. Barbara Jean invites a counselor (Martin Mull) to help Brock and her communicate better. The rest of the family, excluding Jake, joins in on the session at Reba's house. Van feels that Cheyenne thinks he is incapable as a good father.

star 7.04
137 votes
Sprained Dreams

#168 - Sprained Dreams

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 11

Dick jeopardizes Leslie's lifelong dream of becoming a world-class skier when he accidentally falls on her.

star 7.03
61 votes
What is This Thing Called Lust?

#169 - What is This Thing Called Lust?

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 14

Leslie's attractive cousin Stephanie visits Vermont to settle her emotions as she nears her wedding day. Stephanie soon finds herself lusting after Kirk.

star 7.02
47 votes
Best Friends

#170 - Best Friends

Newhart Season 2 - Episode 16

Kirk is up in arms when a fast food franchise announces plans to build a restaurant in the town.

star 7.02
48 votes
The Best and the Blondest

#171 - The Best and the Blondest

Reba Season 3 - Episode 3

Cheyenne announces that she will pursue a career in ""dentisting"", so she can be like her Dad. Reba tries to point her in a less ambitious direction.

star 7.01
127 votes
Keaton N' Son

#172 - Keaton N' Son

Family Ties Season 3 - Episode 5

Alex reluctantly accepts a part-time job with his father at the non-profit station, and his dad is bursting with pride to have him following in his footsteps, but Alex feels his talents are being wasted. Steven is excited to have Alex working with him and begins planning their future together, but Alex tries to convince his dad that he has other goals.

star 7.00
7 votes
Philadelphia Story

#173 - Philadelphia Story

Family Ties Season 3 - Episode 16

The Keaton family is transported back in time when Alex dreams he is at the Constitutional Convention at 1776, but history is off track. Steven Keaton is Thomas Jefferson and has just turned down John Adams' request to write the Declaration of Independence, so it's up to Alex to convince him to do it. Alex falls asleep while working on a college term paper on Thomas Jefferson and dreams that his family and friends are living 200 years ago.

star 7.00
8 votes
Caroline and the Long Shot

#174 - Caroline and the Long Shot

Caroline in the City Season 2 - Episode 15

Richard wins a chance to make his dreams come true by sinking a $100,000 three-pointer during a Knicks game.

star 7.00
3 votes
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Caroline and Richard & Julia (2)

#175 - Caroline and Richard & Julia (2)

Caroline in the City Season 2 - Episode 24

Richard's long-lost love arrives with bad news: she's getting married in two days, to arrogant and insanely jealous fashion designer Marcello. Not to be outdone, Richard concocts a coupling of his own - to Caroline, much to her astonishment. Meanwhile, Del's business is going bankrupt, so he reluctantly arranges a midnight meeting at Remo's with his arrogant father, who refuses to help him but does buy Del's Porsche at an instant profit to teach him a lesson. Annie is offered a part in a pilot for a new series starring Shadoe Stevens, and instantly calls New York to resign from Cats.

star 7.00
3 votes
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Some are Born Writers...Others Have Writers Thrust Upon Them

#176 - Some are Born Writers...Others Have Writers Thrust Upon Them

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 8

Dick praises an aspiring writer's work to avoid hurting her feelings. The writer's enthusiastic husband quits his job to allow his wife to write full time. It's up to Dick to secure her an agent and teach her to write, all before their savings runs out in a month and a half.

star 6.98
54 votes
See Dharma Run Amok

#177 - See Dharma Run Amok

Dharma & Greg Season 2 - Episode 18

Election day is here, and Dharma has finally mastered the art of politics. But it's her own body that teaches her that lying can lead to flu, rashes, eye sties, oozing sores and even a bout of the gout.

star 6.97
136 votes
Love Thy Neighbor

#178 - Love Thy Neighbor

Family Ties Season 3 - Episode 4

Little Jennifer is thrilled about a visit from Scott, a former neighborhood pal she hasn't seen in five years, but her happiness at the reunion is shattered when he ignores her in favor of her older sister, Mallory. To win Scott's attention, Jennifer dresses up in a flirtatious outfit and goes to the restaurant where he is having dinner with Mallory.

star 6.91
11 votes
Fight or Flight

#179 - Fight or Flight

Reba Season 3 - Episode 17

The entire Hart clan goes into panic mode when Kyra disappears from Brock and Barbra Jean's house in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, an exuberant Van can't understand why Cheyenne is petrified at the thought of appearing with him on a cable sports show, but the tables quickly turn once the cameras start rolling.

star 6.91
87 votes
Double Date

#180 - Double Date

Family Ties Season 2 - Episode 17

Alex courts disaster when he invites two dates to the senior prom and devises an elaborate scheme for escorting each of the unknowing girls on a night to remember. Prom chairman Alex is all set to attend the big evening with an ecstatic Rachel Miller, when he finds that his heartthrob, Jocelyn Clark, has just broken up with her boyfriend. While consoling her, Alex invites her to be his date and finds himself in a major jam. With Skippy's help he tries to juggle both dates, until the truth comes crashing down.

star 6.89
9 votes
M is for the Many Things

#181 - M is for the Many Things

Family Ties Season 2 - Episode 13

Elyse is chocked by her soon-to-be-divorced mother's quick and free-spirited plunge into the singles world, and sparks fly between the two women when Elyse can't help but interfere.

star 6.88
8 votes
A Keaton Christmas Carol

#182 - A Keaton Christmas Carol

Family Ties Season 2 - Episode 9

A cynical Alex finds the spirit of Christmas in a dream, when he's shown shocking visions of the past and future by ghosts of Mallory and Jennifer. While the family enjoys trimming the tree, singing carols and taking pictures, Alex would rather listen to stock reports and finds Christmas "a silly sentimental farce" except for the commercialism. That evening, when he drifts off to sleep, Jennifer, The Ghost of Christmas Past, takes him back ten years to a scene in the Keaton living room and a time when young Alex loved Christmas. Next, the Ghost of Christmas Future, Mallory, appears and transports Alex 15 years ahead in time. The impoverished Keaton household is a sorry sight, visited by a rich fat cat on his way to Las Vegas - the future Alex.

star 6.85
13 votes
Suzanne Takes You Down

#183 - Suzanne Takes You Down

Family Ties Season 1 - Episode 19

Soon after free lance architect Elyse Keaton hires her friend Suzanne Davis to handle clerical chores, she wants to fire the under-qualified, overly aggressive secretary, but Suzanne's marriage breaks up, making the new job her only salvation. After 20 years as a housewife, Suzanne feels she lacks an identity outside the home. Swamped with paperwork, Elyse decides to solve that problem while easing her friend's mid-life crisis. Unfortunately Suzanne's take-charge approach to business throws a wrench into Elyse's client dealings and threatens to ruin the women's friendship. On the brink of firing Suzanne, the frustrated Elyse faces a terrible dilemma when Ron Davis decides he "needs space" and leaves his wife.

star 6.78
18 votes
I Do, I Do... For Now

#184 - I Do, I Do... For Now

WKRP in Cincinnati Season 1 - Episode 19

To fend off a childhood sweetheart, Jennifer pretends to be married to Johnny.

star 6.77
103 votes
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The Big Fix-Up

#185 - The Big Fix-Up

Reba Season 3 - Episode 18

Reba is ready to ring Barbra Jean's neck after she finds out that the crazy blonde has secretly planned a blind date (guest star Leslie Jordan) for her favorite redhead. To make things even worse, Barbra Jean announces that she and Brock will be coming along on a double date. Meanwhile, Van gets carried away with his bonus money and buys a sports car without including Cheyenne in the big decision.

star 6.76
84 votes
The Graduate

#186 - The Graduate

Family Ties Season 2 - Episode 20

Alex is so sure that he will be named valedictorian of his class that he can't cope with the thought of being defeated by a girl especially his girl so his budding romance with Rachel is threatened when she wins the honor. The dismayed and shattered Alex, who even memorized his valedictory speech, feels cheated out of an honor he felt was his destiny all thru high school and he precedes to sabotage his relationship with Rachel.

star 6.71
7 votes
Nothing but a Man

#187 - Nothing but a Man

Family Ties Season 4 - Episode 12

Steven gets the promotion he has been waiting years for, but as the new regional manager of the station, he is required to put in long hours at the office, and soon realizes he has no time for his family. Although Elyse and the kids are happy about Steven's new position, they begin to miss the days where he would come home for dinner every nite and have time to take part in day-to-day activities.

star 6.67
3 votes
Don't Rain on My Parade

#188 - Don't Rain on My Parade

Newhart Season 2 - Episode 6

Joanna is swamped when Dick volunteers her to serve Thanksgiving dinner for over 100 people, including her parents. George is upset when his Thanksgiving parade is ruined by rain.

star 6.65
48 votes
Young Master Carlson

#189 - Young Master Carlson

WKRP in Cincinnati Season 1 - Episode 20

Mr. Carlson's troubled young son escapes from his military school and visits WKRP, where he manages to offend most of the staff.

star 6.63
94 votes
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The Show Must Go On

#190 - The Show Must Go On

Bosom Buddies Season 1 - Episode 16

After Isabelle steals the show from Bob The Comic by singing "New York, New York" during his stand-up act, Kip and Henry arrange for her to sing at a night club.

star 6.63
8 votes
Caroline and the Quiz Show

#191 - Caroline and the Quiz Show

Caroline in the City Season 3 - Episode 14

Annie's been dating Seth Rudetski for six weeks now, and he's decided it's time for her to meet his parents, an intellectual couple who run ""Nothing Trivial,"" a quiz show broadcast to colleges on public radio. They turn out to be big fans of Caroline's strip, and persuade her to appear as a celebrity contestant - a decision that revives her childhood trauma (seen in a flashback) of freezing under the pressure of a state spelling bee. While Del and Charlie try to coach her through her anxiety, she appeals to Richard - and Julia steps in with a solution of her own. Meanwhile, Annie's feeling pressure of a different sort: from the excessively close relationship between Seth and his doting parents. (.)

star 6.50
2 votes
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Caroline and the Nice Jewish Boy

#192 - Caroline and the Nice Jewish Boy

Caroline in the City Season 2 - Episode 6

Joe refuses to accompany Caroline to an award ceremony because one of the sponsors makes mink coats. Meanwhile, Del lies about his background to date an attractive woman whose parents will only allow her to date Jewish men.

star 5.43
35 votes
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Caroline and the Critics

#193 - Caroline and the Critics

Caroline in the City Season 2 - Episode 21

When Caroline learns that an obscure upstate newspaper has dropped her syndicated strip, she drives up with a reluctant Richard to find out why. Naturally Richard's car breaks down, and the two wind up playing marriage counselor to the only local mechanic and his on-the-point-of-leaving wife. Meanwhile, Annie recognizes an obnoxious diner at Remo's as the theater critic who gave her the worst review of her career, and hatches an elaborate revenge plot that involves Del, Charlie, and a cab driver/actor with his own ax to grind.

star 0.00
0 votes
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Caroline and the Ombudsman

#194 - Caroline and the Ombudsman

Caroline in the City Season 2 - Episode 22

Caroline's having a really bad hair week because her shower's been out of commission for several days and she can't get the super in her building to repair it. A deliveryman at Remo's suggests she hire his brother-in-law who specializes in persuasion; then an aghast Del and Richard explain to her that she has inadvertently hired a hit man. Trying to protect Mr. Tedescu, Caroline shadows him to head off the hit, which involves getting Richard glued to the pipes in the Elevator Lady's apartment. Meanwhile, Annie's agent wants to make her famous by publicizing her saving an audience member's life with CPR. The catch is that the man was with his mistress and doesn't want any publicity - especially when his wife assumes that Annie is the other woman.

star 0.00
0 votes
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Caroline and the Outer Limits

#195 - Caroline and the Outer Limits

Caroline in the City Season 3 - Episode 16

In a surreal take-off on both The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone, Caroline insists that Richard work late once too often for Julia, who accuses Caroline of being an inconsiderate employer and says that she should ""walk a mile in my shoes."" Caroline instantly finds herself doing just that, since everyone now sees her as Julia and Julia as Caroline, while (in the best touch) Charlie narrates a la Rod Serling. Caroline discovers the advantages of being the gorgeous Julia - the customers at Remo's don't care that she's an incompetent bartender so long as they get to ogle her behind her back - but is frustrated in her attempts to take advantage of the ""special thing"" Richard wants Julia to do with him as soon as they get home.

star 0.00
0 votes
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Caroline and the Toothbrush

#196 - Caroline and the Toothbrush

Caroline in the City Season 3 - Episode 17

An ecstatic Annie bursts in on Caroline and Trevor to announce that her mother is finally moving out to live with an aunt in the suburbs. When Caroline discovers that Trevor has left his toothbrush behind, she begins worrying about whether their relationship is moving too fast, then decides to get a key cut for Trevor, then takes Annie's advice not to give it to him yet - only to discover that a distracted Richard has already done so. Both Richard and Caroline pursue Trevor to his gym, where they have to fend off the attempts of an over-motivated employee to sign them up as members and where Caroline and a flustered Trevor finally reach an understanding of sorts in the steam room. Meanwhile, Del and Charlie pursue their daftest promotional scheme yet: kidnapping the Central Park groundhog so that when he emerges he will be wearing a little Caroline in the City cape. Naturally, this scheme backfires, along the way ensuring that Annie's mother doesn't move out after all. (So now that she

star 0.00
0 votes
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Caroline and the Cabbie

#197 - Caroline and the Cabbie

Caroline in the City Season 3 - Episode 18

Richard gets a chance to have a painting exhibited at the New York Public Library, but falls victim to on-line addiction at a cyber cafe. An outraged Caroline files a complaint against a rude cabbie, but Richard is her only witness (""A rude cab driver in New York? What's next, tall buildings?"") and fails to show up at the hearing. Meanwhile, after literal years on the waiting list, Annie finally gets an appointment with famous hair stylist Olaf, only to have Del and Charlie invade her session with a ridiculous scheme to market the hair sweepings of the famous - which Olaf loves.

star 0.00
0 votes
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Caroline and the Killer Dad

#198 - Caroline and the Killer Dad

Caroline in the City Season 3 - Episode 21

Annie goes on a blind date with a former priest, and to her own surprise hits it off with him - particularly when she learns he has never been with a woman but would really, really like to be. Richard attempts to reconcile with Julia's multi-millionaire dad, who is still convinced that Richard is only after Julia for the money, and Caroline becomes convinced by a serious of strange accidents that he is actually trying to kill Richard: a theory Richard poo-poos until he finds himself at the controls of a plummeting plane while Mazzone prepares to parachute to safety. Meanwhile, Del thinks he can improve on the punch line of Caroline's latest cartoon, then he and Charlie desperately try to retrieve it from the syndication editors before it goes to press, using measures that give new meaning to the phrase ""cartoon strip.""

star 0.00
0 votes