The Best Episodes Directed by Takeyuki Yanase

The Kamogawa Experiment

#1 - The Kamogawa Experiment

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 2 - Episode 3

As Kamogawa prepares for an intergalactic conference, Asteria calls Madoka, Lan and Muginami about a Vox Particle Control Experiment, the same that Dizelmine attempted on Lan. She explains about how she wants to try to use the power of the Voxes in a peaceful way to put Villagiulo and Dizelmine off their plans. Madoka agrees to undergo the experiment, and although the initial attempts show no reaction from her, Asteria manages to prompt a reaction from Madoka by embarrassing her. However, as they attempt to stop the experiment when Dizelmine and Villagiulo attempt to contact them, Madoka's levels continue to rise, causing a strange red phenomenom to appear in the sky, which starts forming strange creatures. Meanwhile, Madoka is haunted by visions of what appears to be Yurikano, warning her not to open the Rin-ne flower. When Madoka regains her sense, she finds all the creatures had been destroyed and more Rinne flowers have appeared.

star 9.84
61 votes
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Conspire Closely and Quietly

#2 - Conspire Closely and Quietly

Outbreak Company Season 1 - Episode 11

Shin'ichi's efforts to spread the Otaku culture bear fruit. However, when there is a shortage of products from Japan, leading to various conflicts amongst the people in Eldant, Shin'ichi learns the true intentions of the Japanese government and falls into despair upon it, until Myusel inspires him to come with a solution.

star 9.19
99 votes
The Role of a God

#3 - The Role of a God

Kamisama Dolls Season 1 - Episode 8

The episode starts off with the gang finally leaving the village. On their way out, Utao notices Kirio and jumps on Kukuri to go meet him. She tries to smile at him in the way she was advised in the earlier episode, but he responds by sticking his tongue out at her before she can do it. Upon returning to the city, Kyohei suggests that they all go to the beach, which excite Utao. However, her expectations are shattered when they reach the beach only to find a typhoon. They find that their rooms are leaking water, so they come down to ask the owner of the inn about it while Utao bathes. However, as they are asking about it, a giant crash of lightning strikes and part of the inn falls down on the owner. Hibino rushes off to get Utao, who brings Kukuri to lift the wreckage off of the owner. The power goes out, so Kukuri goes out to the shed to look for a generator. However, Utao can't see in the dark, so Kyohei goes out to check. A sheet flies over Kukuri, and Utao accidentally knocks Kyohei out. Hibino goes out to check on him and they bring the generator back. On the way, a sign flies towards Hibino, but Utao is able to save her with Kukuri. The next day, the storm clears, and Utao is finally allowed to go to the beach. Back in the city, Hibino goes to the city's library to return some books for her father. Utao, never having been to a legit library, gets curious and jumps at the chance to see it when she finds out that Hibino's father had forgotten to give her a book. While he's alone, Kyohei starts to think back about his quitting being a Seki, revealing that the true reason was that he feared he was like Aki and that he would do something similar if he snapped. At the library, Hibino runs into Aki, who notices that Kyohei has told her about Chihaya. Hibino asks Aki why he keeps going after Kyohei, to which Aki answers that he can see the darkness within Kyohei that no one else can. He muses about pulling out this darkness by harming Hibino, but Utao shows up to par

star 9.16
36 votes
Lady x Lady!!!

#4 - Lady x Lady!!!

Ladies Versus Butlers! Season 1 - Episode 11

Having another usual day of butler duties, Pina then gives Akiharu passport tickets to a special waterpark "Try Aqualand" as a gift. Tomomi and Selenia confront each other about their affections for Akiharu. Principal Kaede announces for the annual sports day, that the girls use as an opportunity to decide who goes with Akiharu since he only haves two tickets.

star 8.49
67 votes
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You're Too Cute, You Prick.

#5 - You're Too Cute, You Prick.

Himegoto Season 1 - Episode 3

The student council receives instructions from Shimoshina High School's chairman, 18-kin's father, to help out some clubs. First, they help out the cheerleading club, and Hime later cheers for their volleyball team at a match, leading to Shimoshina's victory. Next, they help out the photography club, which has Hime modeling various cosplay outfits. Hime later gets angry at the other student council members for keeping the photos.

star 7.57
14 votes
Black and Deep Desires

#6 - Black and Deep Desires

91 Days Season 1 - Episode 9

The identity of the traitor who leaked information to Fango and tried to kill Nero has been revealed. With Corteo taken into custody, the Vanetti family has been thrown into an uproar. But Corteo stubbornly refuses to confess anything, a fact which will likely lead to his death. Though he won't admit to it, Avilio is unusually shaken by this. And then Cerotto pays him a visit..,

star 7.56
98 votes
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What's With This Messed Up Setting?

#7 - What's With This Messed Up Setting?

Himegoto Season 1 - Episode 4

star 7.50
12 votes
In the End, Did It Spill Out?

#8 - In the End, Did It Spill Out?

Himegoto Season 1 - Episode 9

star 7.45
11 votes
Hard Times in the Forest

#9 - Hard Times in the Forest

Green Green Season 1 - Episode 3

Outraged over a prank pulled on her by the Baka Trio, Futaba decides to leave Kanenone for home. In her search for a short cut to the bus stop, she gets lost in the surrounding forest and injures her ankle. Yuusuke, Midori, and the Baka Trio attempt to find and bring her back to Kanenone.

star 7.43
68 votes
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Can I Get a Low-Angle Shot?

#10 - Can I Get a Low-Angle Shot?

Himegoto Season 1 - Episode 6

star 7.42
12 votes
Your Breasts Are Completely Exposed, Is That Okay?

#11 - Your Breasts Are Completely Exposed, Is That Okay?

Himegoto Season 1 - Episode 7

star 7.38
13 votes
I Prefer the Edge of Just Barely Acceptable!

#12 - I Prefer the Edge of Just Barely Acceptable!

Himegoto Season 1 - Episode 5

star 7.36
11 votes
Please Be Gentle, It's My First Time

#13 - Please Be Gentle, It's My First Time

Himegoto Season 1 - Episode 8

star 7.33
12 votes
A Premises Search, As It Were.

#14 - A Premises Search, As It Were.

Himegoto Season 1 - Episode 11

star 7.33
12 votes
I Get the Feeling I've Lost as a Woman.

#15 - I Get the Feeling I've Lost as a Woman.

Himegoto Season 1 - Episode 1

Having forcibly been dressed in a maid uniform, Hime Arikawa is chased down by two men, but is saved by the three girls of the Shimoshina High School student council from his school: president Unko, vice president 18-kin, and secretary Albertina II. They immediately invite him to join the student council, but are shocked to discover Hime is actually male. Hime explains that his parents forced him to assume a large amount of debt and the two men were debt collectors. The girls offer to pay off his debt, but in exchange, Hime has to spend the rest of his high school life cross-dressing as the student council's dog. Hime agrees to their terms, and the girls introduce Hime at an assembly in front of the other students, in the process revealing he is cross-dressing.

star 7.25
16 votes
I'm Sorry, Hime-kun

#16 - I'm Sorry, Hime-kun

Himegoto Season 1 - Episode 13

star 7.18
11 votes
You're Right, but Keep It to Yourself!

#17 - You're Right, but Keep It to Yourself!

Himegoto Season 1 - Episode 10

star 7.17
12 votes
Help Me

#18 - Help Me

I'm Standing on a Million Lives Season 1 - Episode 3

After being told by the Game Master to hit on a certain girl, Yotsuya sneaks into the girls' restroom of an unfamiliar high school and saves Tokitate Yuka from being bullied by her classmates. Tokitate turns out to be the fourth party member. When she's summoned into the other world, Tokitate develops a deep admiration for Shindou, whom she sees as much stronger and prettier than herself.... but Shindou also has a past that she can't tell anyone about.

star 7.11
62 votes
Hime-nii Says He's Quitting the Student Council!

#19 - Hime-nii Says He's Quitting the Student Council!

Himegoto Season 1 - Episode 12

star 7.08
12 votes
Hightailing It out of the Test of Courage

#20 - Hightailing It out of the Test of Courage

Green Green Season 1 - Episode 9

Chigusa-sensei organizes a late-night "test of courage", with the boys and girls pairing off. To Midori's dismay, Yuusuke draws Futaba as his partner. Reika sees this as an opportunity to bring Yuusuke and Futaba closer. Meanwhile, the Baka Trio try to take advantage of the girls they were paired with.

star 7.08
39 votes
I'd Totally Hit That

#21 - I'd Totally Hit That

Himegoto Season 1 - Episode 2

When Hime arrives home, he is greeted by his younger, cross-dressing brother Kaguya who is overjoyed that Hime now cross-dresses, too. The next day, Hime's friend Tadokoro feels him up, which earns him a kick from Unko. Tadokoro tries to ask 18-kun out of tea, but she slaps him with a wad of cash and tells him to dress as a girl first if he wants to get her attention. Kaguya, along with his friend No. 1, are watching all of this from nearby, and Kaguya is angry that 18-kin is so clingy towards his brother. Mitsunaga Oda and Hiro from the public morals committee are also keeping on eye on the student council. Mitsunaga tells Kaguya that he wants to overthrow the current student council, and Kaguya agrees to help. Kaguya tells Hime that he will save him from the student council and runs off with Mitsunaga, Hiro and No. 1 in tow.

star 7.00
17 votes
Heart-Racing Logout

#22 - Heart-Racing Logout

I'm Standing on a Million Lives Season 1 - Episode 9

Yotsuya's plan to rescue the heretics is successful, as is his vengeance on Kamilto for killing Kahvel's subordinate. He and Tokitate head to Radodorbo with the heretics while Shindou and Hakozaki travel separately in hopes of finding cargo bound for Radodorbo. Along the way, Tokitate becomes invested in what she perceives as a budding relationship between Yotsuya and Kahvel and tries to initiate events to bring them together.

star 6.98
46 votes
The Cultural Festival

#23 - The Cultural Festival

Pan de Peace! Season 1 - Episode 9

Today is the school’s Cultural Festival. Yuu-chan is concerned how short her skirt is for the café’s costume. The four girls, wearing the same costume, are ready to open their café, “Cat’s Tail.” While the girls are busy with customers, Mai-chan shows up in their café...

star 6.40
5 votes