The Best Episodes Directed by Swinton O. Scott Iii

Riva Ras Regas

#1 - Riva Ras Regas

What's New Scooby-Doo? Season 1 - Episode 6

The gang goes to Las Vegas to meet teen pop singer Lindsay Pagano, but they soon end up trying to uncover the mystery of a deceased magician who's haunting the theatre that Lindsay's performing at.

star 8.25
126 votes
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Jurassic Bark

#2 - Jurassic Bark

Futurama Season 5 - Episode 2

Fry discovers his dog Seymour is being exhibited in a museum as a fossil, and takes it to Professor Farnsworth's lab to be revived. However, Bender is displeased with the lack of attention he has been receiving and becomes increasingly jealous of Seymour's fossil.

star 8.06
2542 votes
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Three Hundred Big Boys

#3 - Three Hundred Big Boys

Futurama Season 5 - Episode 11

A $300 refund for all taxpayers results in a series of interconnected stories, following the Planet Express crew's endeavors to spend their money.

star 7.79
2253 votes
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And Maggie Makes Three

#4 - And Maggie Makes Three

The Simpsons Season 6 - Episode 13

The story of Maggie's birth is told in flashbacks: after Homer quits the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant to pursue his dream of working at a bowling alley, Marge reveals that she is pregnant.

star 7.75
1823 votes
Bart on the Road

#5 - Bart on the Road

The Simpsons Season 7 - Episode 20

Bart creates a fake driver's license for himself and uses it to go on a spring break road trip with Milhouse, Nelson, and Martin. Meanwhile, Homer and Lisa bond after spending some quality time together at work.

star 7.75
1694 votes
Andy Runs Away

#6 - Andy Runs Away

God, The Devil and Bob Season 1 - Episode 2

Andy is proud that his father can talk to God and he attempts to brag about it to his friends, but when they want to actually see it he asks his father if he can talk to God in front of his friends. Bob agrees, but when he fails to get God to show up, Andy decides to run away. Will Bob be able to find Andy before something bad happens to him, and what about God who ignored Bob's attempts to speak with him?

star 7.75
20 votes
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Bob Gets Greedy

#7 - Bob Gets Greedy

God, The Devil and Bob Season 1 - Episode 9

Bob finds the Devil's palm pilot after he misplaces it and he realizes that the next day's sports scores are on it. Bob decides to exploit what he found and use it for gambling and he considers it a blessing when it leads to a fortune. However, the Devil realizes what Bob is doing and he thinks he can use it to his advantage.

star 7.70
10 votes
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Mayored to the Mob

#8 - Mayored to the Mob

The Simpsons Season 10 - Episode 9

After a riot at a sci-fi convention, Mayor Quimby hires Homer as his bodyguard, and Homer witnesses the rampant corruption in town politics. When Homer takes a stand, he runs afoul of the Springfield mafia.

star 7.68
1470 votes
The PTA Disbands

#9 - The PTA Disbands

The Simpsons Season 6 - Episode 21

A teachers' strike forces the Board of Education to enlist PTA members as substitute teachers. Realizing he preferred the old regime, Bart locks Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel in a room together until they can agree on the contract.

star 7.65
1540 votes
Maximum Homerdrive

#10 - Maximum Homerdrive

The Simpsons Season 10 - Episode 17

After beating Homer in a steak-eating competition, a trucker dies; Homer and Bart take over his rig to complete his shipment.

star 7.64
1363 votes
Space Ape at the Cape

#11 - Space Ape at the Cape

What's New Scooby-Doo? Season 1 - Episode 3

The gang must stop a shape-shifting alien before NASA's shuttle mission is aborted.

star 7.63
241 votes
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The Trouble With Trillions

#12 - The Trouble With Trillions

The Simpsons Season 9 - Episode 20

Facing an IRS audit, Homer agrees to help the feds bust Mr. Burns for a missing trillion-dollar bill. When Burns makes an anti-government stand, Homer flees with him to Cuba.

star 7.59
1293 votes
Bob Gets Involved

#13 - Bob Gets Involved

God, The Devil and Bob Season 1 - Episode 13

After discovering a swear word scrolled on Andy's lunchbox, Bob decides that enough is enough and he decides to form a vigilante group that will help him fight against the evils of society, but will Bob still manage to perform the tasks God has in store for him, or will all the exposure get to Bob’s head?

star 7.57
7 votes
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Realty Bites

#14 - Realty Bites

The Simpsons Season 9 - Episode 9

When Marge gets her real estate license, she learns to put a positive spin on the flaws of the houses she’s selling. But when the Flanders buy the Murder House, she realizes she has to tell the truth.

star 7.51
1467 votes
Bendless Love

#15 - Bendless Love

Futurama Season 3 - Episode 6

Bender's urge to bend prompts Professor Farnsworth to send him on a rehabilitation visit to a steel factory, where he falls in love with a shapely fem-bot named Angleyne. But Bender's old rival Flexo and the intrusion of the Robot Mafia threaten to throw a wrench into the proceedings.

star 7.42
2036 votes
A Leela of Her Own

#16 - A Leela of Her Own

Futurama Season 4 - Episode 10

Leela endeavors to become the first female blernsball player, but her lack of depth perception hinders her skills. Nevertheless, she becomes the pitcher for the New New York Mets, purely for her novelty value.

star 7.32
2021 votes
If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin'

#17 - If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin'

Family Guy Season 2 - Episode 9

To get a favorite show back on the air, Peter convinces the “Make-a-Dream Come True” foundation that Chris is dying. The scam leads to Peter “magically healing” Chris and some people begin to worship him.

star 7.24
1776 votes