The Best Episodes Directed by Susie Dietter

Yes, Mikey, Santa Does Shave

#1 - Yes, Mikey, Santa Does Shave

Recess Season 2 - Episode 19

Mikey is the only fourth grader who still believes in Santa Claus. He tries to convince the others Santa exists.

star 8.00
32 votes
The Voice

#2 - The Voice

Recess Season 1 - Episode 23

Principal Prickly needs Mikey to sing the National Anthem at the PTA Spring Fling, but Mikey only sings well in the bathroom. So he brings in a music teacher to bring the Robert Goulet out of Mikey.

star 7.92
24 votes
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A Star Is Burns

#3 - A Star Is Burns

The Simpsons Season 6 - Episode 18

Springfield plays host to a film festival. Among the contenders for best film: Barney presents "Pukahontas," a haunting meditation on his alcoholism; Mr. Burns commissions the fawning biography "A Burns for All Seasons"; and Hans Moleman exploits misfortune with "Man Getting Hit by Football."

star 7.89
1498 votes
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Radioactive Man

#4 - Radioactive Man

The Simpsons Season 7 - Episode 2

Bart longs to play "Fallout Boy" in the new Radioactive Man movie, but the Van Houtens thrust Milhouse into the spotlight. Meanwhile, the town of Springfield sees an opportunity for profit.

star 7.81
1925 votes
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Much Apu About Nothing

#5 - Much Apu About Nothing

The Simpsons Season 7 - Episode 23

When Mayor Quimby uses immigrants as a political scapegoat, the Simpsons discover that Apu is an illegal immigrant.

star 7.81
1337 votes
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Marathon Mensch

#6 - Marathon Mensch

The Critic Season 1 - Episode 8

When the studio catches fire during Jay's show, he collapses and must be rescued from the fire by Doris. When the news reports Jay's being rescued, he gets a reputation as being a wimp so he tries to prove his manliness by running in the New York marathon which tends to be more tiresome than it seems.

star 7.79
57 votes

#7 - Godfellas

Futurama Season 4 - Episode 8

Bender is accidentally shot out of the ship's torpedo tube and becomes lost in space. Floating through the ethereal darkness, Bender becomes inhabited with tiny alien life forms, but has trouble playing God to their unyielding prayers.

star 7.77
2554 votes
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Bart Gets Famous

#8 - Bart Gets Famous

The Simpsons Season 5 - Episode 12

Working as Krusty the Clown's assistant, Bart accidentally steals the limelight by blurting an instant catchphrase: "I didn't do it." But when he tries to capitalize on his fifteen minutes of fame, the fans are fickle.

star 7.77
1790 votes
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Bart's Girlfriend

#9 - Bart's Girlfriend

The Simpsons Season 6 - Episode 7

Smitten with Reverend Lovejoy's daughter Jessica, Bart tries to reform to win her heart -- but what she really wants is a bad boy. When she steals the church collection plate, Bart finds he's in over his head.

star 7.74
1689 votes
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Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield

#10 - Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield

The Simpsons Season 7 - Episode 14

A chance encounter with a former classmate yields an invitation to the Springfield Country Club, where Marge tries to parlay a bargain basement Chanel suit into elevated social status for her family.

star 7.66
1476 votes
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Lisa's Date With Density

#11 - Lisa's Date With Density

The Simpsons Season 8 - Episode 7

Lisa develops a crush on Nelson and tries to change him into a better person. Meanwhile, Homer finds an autodialer and starts a telemarketing scam.

star 7.63
1647 votes
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Grade School Confidential

#12 - Grade School Confidential

The Simpsons Season 8 - Episode 19

Bart discovers Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel kissing, and it's not long before the whole town knows of their secret affair.

star 7.62
1128 votes
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Home Sweet Homediddily-Dum-Doodily

#13 - Home Sweet Homediddily-Dum-Doodily

The Simpsons Season 7 - Episode 3

When Homer and Marge are found to be unfit parents, the kids are placed with the Flanders family. Reluctant participants in the Flanderses' wholesome family activities, Bart and Lisa become the targets of an emergency baptism.

star 7.60
1870 votes
The Honking

#14 - The Honking

Futurama Season 3 - Episode 1

At his late Uncle Vladimir's estate, Bender is run over by a vicious Werecar, inheriting the curse. The only way to stop Bender's fatal transformations is to seek out and destroy the original Werecar - the deadly Project Satan.

star 7.56
2246 votes
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A Big Piece of Garbage

#15 - A Big Piece of Garbage

Futurama Season 1 - Episode 8

A big piece of garbage that was released a thousand years ago is now on the way to Earth to destroy it. After Fry, Leela and Bender fail on placing a bomb on it, the city has to build another big piece of garbage, yet that may be a problem since trash doesn't exist in year 3000.

star 7.54
3573 votes
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Lisa the Simpson

#16 - Lisa the Simpson

The Simpsons Season 9 - Episode 17

Lisa struggles with solving a simple puzzle and fears that the "Simpson gene” is suddenly wiping out her intelligence. Homer stages a family reunion in hopes of introducing Lisa to some Simpsons she can respect.

star 7.54
1481 votes
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The Cyber House Rules

#17 - The Cyber House Rules

Futurama Season 3 - Episode 11

Leela meets up with her former orphanarium playmate Adlai Atkins, now a plastic surgeon, who offers to grant Leela surgery that will give her two eyes. Meanwhile, Bender adopts twelve orphans in order to collect $1200 in government stipends.

star 7.53
2358 votes
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A Bicyclops Built for Two

#18 - A Bicyclops Built for Two

Futurama Season 2 - Episode 13

Leela meets Alkazar, who claims to be the only other remaining cyclops in the universe. But when Alkazar invites Leela back to his home planet and treats her like a slave, Fry suspects that something is amiss.

star 7.31
2168 votes
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Yokel Chords

#19 - Yokel Chords

The Simpsons Season 18 - Episode 14

Principal Skinner decides to allow Lisa to tutor Cletus's kids instead of them enrolling into Springfield Elementary, but they end up on Krusty's show as a Musical Act; Bart sees a psychiatrist after pretending that he's possessed by a ghost in an an attempt get free food from the cafeteria.

star 7.31
1449 votes
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