The Best Episodes Directed by Sudz Sutherland

Boo, Bitch

#1 - Boo, Bitch

Ginny & Georgia Season 1 - Episode 5

As Ginny's popularity grows, so do her questions about her own identity. After his night out with Georgia, Paul finds he has new political competition.

star 8.05
119 votes
Holy Matrimony, Murdoch!

#2 - Holy Matrimony, Murdoch!

Murdoch Mysteries Season 8 - Episode 4

Murdoch and Ogden intervene in the trial of a woman who has been accused of murdering her husband. The pair's nuptials approach.

star 7.99
247 votes
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 I’m Triggered

#3 - I’m Triggered

Ginny & Georgia Season 1 - Episode 6

Unplanned visitors cause headaches for Georgia and trust issues for Ginny, as more of Georgia's checkered past is brought to light.

star 7.89
115 votes
The Lamb and the Slaughter

#4 - The Lamb and the Slaughter

Reign (2013) Season 2 - Episode 4

Shadowy riders have attacked a shepherd, Lord Conde and Bash investigate. Mary reconsiders her relationship with Lola. Leith returns to court.

star 7.88
719 votes
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Broken Trust

#5 - Broken Trust

Superman & Lois Season 1 - Episode 6

Clark reconsiders his decision to let Jordan play football. Meanwhile, Lois’ continued investigation of Morgan Edge requires her to trust an unexpected ally.

star 7.84
884 votes
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Tempting Fate

#6 - Tempting Fate

Reign (2013) Season 2 - Episode 17

Catherine is suspicious that Mary and Condé are having an affair; Francis becomes ill; Bash's life is in peril; Leith is forced to guard Claude.

star 7.77
587 votes
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The Spy Who Came Up to the Cold

#7 - The Spy Who Came Up to the Cold

Murdoch Mysteries Season 7 - Episode 15

The assassination of U.S. President McKinley in Buffalo prompts a roundup of Canada’s anarchists, landing Murdoch in the middle of a web of international espionage and intrigue.

star 7.76
195 votes
Higher Ground

#8 - Higher Ground

Reign (2013) Season 1 - Episode 20

Mary enlists a mercenary to help her, which forces her to realize there are sacrifices and lives she is willing to risk to save her country. Francis embraces his role as Dauphin to lead France in a brutal battle against England, and finds a new ally in Leith. Meanwhile, as Lola grows closer to Lord Julien, she gets increasingly suspicious that he is going to betray her.

star 7.74
768 votes
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#9 - #scaredsh*tless

Designated Survivor Season 3 - Episode 8

Kirkman enacts a frantic hunt for the bioterrorist. Lorraine plays hardball and pushes the opioid epidemic into the campaign.

star 7.72
849 votes
Murdoch Takes Manhattan

#10 - Murdoch Takes Manhattan

Murdoch Mysteries Season 8 - Episode 5

During their honeymoon in New York, Murdoch and Ogden uncover a deadly conspiracy threatening U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt, while Brackenreid and Dr. Grace investigate a murder by motorcar back in Toronto.

star 7.72
219 votes
A Matter of Time

#11 - A Matter of Time

Haven Season 5 - Episode 22

While Duke tries to convince Hallie to reopen the thinny, Nathan tries to escape from the Void where he and William are trapped. Meanwhile, Dave must consider making the ultimate sacrifice to stop Croatoan.

star 7.70
782 votes
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#12 - Sacrifice

Kung Fu (2021) Season 1 - Episode 12

With time running out, Nicky and Henry work to translate a cryptic map that could lead them to the Forge. Meanwhile, Althea and the family prepare for Po Po's arrival.

star 7.67
209 votes
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#13 - Unbreakable

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Season 3 - Episode 11

In a surprising turn of events, Vincent agrees to help Liam on a mission to retrieve evidence that could expose them both. Meanwhile, a suspicious Cat discovers something about Liam's family history and must warn Vincent before it is too late.

star 7.66
387 votes
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#14 - #identity/crisis

Designated Survivor Season 3 - Episode 7

A stray Russian bomber threatens Seattle, Mars crusades against a drug company. An event from Aaron’s childhood brings trouble to Kirkman’s campaign.

star 7.62
891 votes
Held Hostage

#15 - Held Hostage

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Season 2 - Episode 11

A group of criminals looking to steal a rare necklace in Tori's possession takes Cat, Tori and Tess hostage at the precinct, leaving Vincent as their only hope for help. Vincent is forced to make a decision since helping could reveal his true identity to the entire force.

star 7.61
653 votes
Close to Home

#16 - Close to Home

Haven Season 5 - Episode 21

Nathan encounters an old adversary after entering the terrible Void; Audrey and Duke deal with the threat of a newly troubled person who wants revenge; at the same time, Dwight tries to help Vince free Dave from Croatoan's grip.

star 7.56
814 votes
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The P.I. Code

#17 - The P.I. Code

Private Eyes Season 2 - Episode 6

A lawyer hires Shade and Angie to investigate jury tampering.

star 7.54
370 votes
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Aye, Aye, Tonya

#18 - Aye, Aye, Tonya

Private Eyes Season 3 - Episode 11

Shade and Angie think they're uncovering a simple case of infidelity when they're swept onto the high seas aboard a pirate-themed cruise ship where costumes, treasure, and eye patches are just a cover for a more insidious scheme.

star 7.53
197 votes
Modern Love

#19 - Modern Love

Degrassi Season 4 - Episode 18

Paige and Matt are trying to keep their relationship a secret but it seems that is impossible with Simpson spotting them at a park and Manny telling Hazel, will this relationship last or will they be forced to move their separate ways? Meanwhile Emma has a girls night after getting over her ravine experience and while the other girls see that Chester is Emma's new neighbor and along with Chester his brothers mess with the girls, giving Emma the power of revenge.

star 7.52
23 votes
Tex Therapy

#20 - Tex Therapy

Private Eyes Season 3 - Episode 10

Shade and Angie investigate Tex, a charming man with amnesia who may be linked to an expensive art heist.

star 7.50
208 votes
Bay of Squids

#21 - Bay of Squids

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 - Episode 4

The Legends are shocked when Rory takes command and manages to find the location of an important Alien, but he also lands them in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The team makes the decision to split up, leaving Nate and Zari to work together to stop a nuclear disaster alongside JFK while Behrad tries to leverage his newfound friendship to stop Castro from starting a war. Meanwhile, with Spooner's help, Rory makes an unlikely deal that could lead him on a solo mission to find Sara.

star 7.48
548 votes
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#22 - Ohana

Blindspot Season 4 - Episode 18

The team faces a pestiferous foe. Zapata goes rogue with and old friend as Jane and Weller continue their search for the hooded figure.

star 7.48
1190 votes
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99 Problems

#23 - 99 Problems

Utopia Falls Season 1 - Episode 3

While Phydra interrogates Bohdi about his hip-hop inspired performance, Aliyah leads her fellow Exemplar Candidates in a civil rights movement inspired protest against Bohdi's unjust imprisonment.

star 7.45
60 votes
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Through the Looking-Glass

#24 - Through the Looking-Glass

Batwoman Season 1 - Episode 16

Kate begins to question her instincts and Luke gets upsetting news. Alice seeks her sister’s help with a special task.

star 7.44
755 votes
Run This Town

#25 - Run This Town

Utopia Falls Season 1 - Episode 4

Aliyah and her friends look towards hip-hop for inspiration for the upcoming Exemplar group round, while in The Archive, Tempo uncovers humanity's forgotten dark history.

star 7.40
48 votes
There Will Be Blood

#26 - There Will Be Blood

Shoot the Messenger Season 1 - Episode 2

After recovering from the attack in Hassan's apartment, Daisy investigates the identities of the people in the now-missing photo. The Attorney General launches its investigation into police corruption, and retaliation for the death of Khaalid results in the death of a young girl.

star 7.32
148 votes
The People v. Killer Frost

#27 - The People v. Killer Frost

The Flash (2014) Season 7 - Episode 8

With Frost facing an unjust punishment for her past crimes, Caitlin goes to great lengths to save her sister. Meanwhile, Barry's efforts to protect Speed Force Nora lead to a shocking discovery.

star 7.29
803 votes
Phantom Menaces

#28 - Phantom Menaces

Supergirl Season 6 - Episode 3

Supergirl makes a new ally. Lena and Lex battle for control of Luthor Corp.

star 7.27
569 votes
Ghost Dance

#29 - Ghost Dance

Cracked (2013) Season 2 - Episode 6

On the eve of the first anniversary of the school bus shooting, Aidan is not coping very well, which affects both his personal and professional life. The next case he and the team work on is the death of a twenty year old First Nations waitress named Ellen Owens. She was tortured and stabbed to death. Homicide and Caligra are certain that the seemingly crazy John Doe aboriginal man who carried her out of the woods is her killer, Caligra who wants to tie him to all the other recent female aboriginal deaths of late. The suspect only mumbles gibberish, but first Clara, ...

star 7.24
258 votes
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Love Is A Battlefield

#30 - Love Is A Battlefield

The Flash (2014) Season 6 - Episode 11

Barry and Iris plan a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day but their evening is interrupted by an old foe—Amunet. Frost gets into the holiday spirit and attempts to help Allegra reconnect with an old love.

star 7.19
1326 votes
Beginner's Luck

#31 - Beginner's Luck

Shoot the Messenger Season 1 - Episode 1

When reporter Daisy Channing arrives to meet a source with “something big” to tell her, gunfire erupts, wounding her source and killing his friend. A parallel investigation into the murder begins, one spearheaded by homicide Detective Kevin Lutz and the other led by Daisy. As they dig deeper, it becomes clear that several well-connected people know much more than they’re saying.

star 7.17
209 votes
The Murdoch Sting

#32 - The Murdoch Sting

Murdoch Mysteries Season 7 - Episode 13

Murdoch orchestrates an elaborate sting when a past suspect returns with a deadly con.

star 6.99
272 votes