The Best Episodes Directed by Sturla Gunnarsson

Singles Week

#1 - Singles Week

Schitt's Creek Season 4 - Episode 12

As Singles Week gets underway, Jocelyn has her baby. Patrick takes his relationship with David to the next level.

star 8.24
665 votes
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Bad Blonde

#2 - Bad Blonde

Motive Season 2 - Episode 6

When the Homicide team investigates a blood-soaked crime scene, the pressure is on to find a missing and badly injured bartender. Sergeant Cross joins Detective Flynn on the case, which gives her a twinge of guilt for leaving her trusted partner Vega out of the action.

star 8.07
259 votes
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#3 - Kiss

Defying Gravity Season 1 - Episode 13

After landing on the burning surface of Venus, Zoe walks toward a sound only she can hear, drawn by her destiny into almost certain destruction.

star 7.99
1363 votes
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Pressure Drop

#4 - Pressure Drop

Intelligence Season 1 - Episode 6

The bikers try to squeeze Reardon out of the ATM business, giving him an ultimatum. Mary wants Reardon to move another gun shipment for Bingham, but he refuses unless Mary gives him info on the bikers. The mole, Lee, reveals that the Triad group he works for (The Red Eagles) wants to kill an incoming Chinese dissident. The bikers begin taking over Reardon's growers on the Island, and Reardon needs a new supply source or he'll go out of business. Ted tells the DEA the best way into the Reardon organization is through Ronnie or Michael. Karl, an old prison buddy of Michael's, shows up, offering to supply marijuana. Ronnie wants to hit the bikers back or they'll never let up. Reardon's lawyer advises Reardon to move his money offshore. The bikers rip Michael on his next cash run and almost kill him. Mary witnesses Donny, Lee's contact in the Red Eagles, execute Lee.

star 7.90
240 votes
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A Little Faith

#5 - A Little Faith

Rookie Blue Season 2 - Episode 11

When Traci and Andy are sent out on an undercover training exercise, they stumble upon a young woman who is about to die of an overdose. Meanwhile, Dov finds himself on a “ride-along” with a drug dealer and old friend of his deceased brother. Back at the station, Chris and Gail deal with a teenage boy they found tied up at a graveyard; sifting through the wreckage of their relationship, to try to get to the bottom of a bullying situation.

star 7.88
940 votes
Kiss of Death

#6 - Kiss of Death

Motive Season 2 - Episode 12

A murder mystery author is poisoned; Lucas' personal life takes a hit; Angie gets a nice surprise.

star 7.87
300 votes
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The Rollout

#7 - The Rollout

Schitt's Creek Season 4 - Episode 11

Moira tries to avoid jury duty and David issues a recall on a Rose Apothecary product that causes rashes.

star 7.86
659 votes
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Pregnancy Test

#8 - Pregnancy Test

Schitt's Creek Season 4 - Episode 2

Johnny prepares himself after finding a positive pregnancy test; David and Patrick search for privacy.

star 7.81
834 votes
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The Jazzaguy

#9 - The Jazzaguy

Schitt's Creek Season 4 - Episode 8

After the barbecue fiasco, Stevie takes David to a spa for some consoling, but she bought a honeymoon package making things worse. Johnny impresses the Jazzagals with his talents, but Moira doesn't like his joining the group. Alexis tries out a dating app and dates a cute local.

star 7.79
710 votes
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#10 - Undertow

Motive Season 1 - Episode 8

Flynn and Vega investigate the murder of a young man who was found beaten and suffocated. Clues indicate that the victim was involved with an engaged woman, and suspicion initially falls on the woman's father.

star 7.77
336 votes
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Public Enemy

#11 - Public Enemy

Motive Season 1 - Episode 5

Flynn and Vega investigate the murder of a health food guru, while Manny tries to get better grades.

star 7.77
388 votes
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Radio Silence

#12 - Radio Silence

Ransom Season 2 - Episode 10

While on board a plane with his daughter, Evie, Eric must negotiate with a suicidal co-pilot and find out what triggered him after he locks the captain out of the cockpit and threatens to crash the plane,

star 7.77
349 votes
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Chapter Five

#13 - Chapter Five

The Firm Season 1 - Episode 5

Mitch is given the difficult task of defending Judd Grafton, a gambler wrongly accused of murder. With Judd continuing to claim his innocence and willing to take the risk of a guilty verdict, Mitch puts Ray to work to find any helpful clues.

star 7.76
690 votes
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They Made Me a Criminal

#14 - They Made Me a Criminal

Motive Season 2 - Episode 2

Detectives Angie Flynn and Oscar Vega discover that what initially looks like a case of self-defense during a home invasion is actually something much more calculated. A surprising connection between the victim and the killer demonstrates just how far a mother will go to protect her family. While they work to determine the motive, Sergeant Cross asserts his position, much to the disdain of Angie, and the tension doesn't go unnoticed by Vega. Rookie Officer Wendy Sung joins the team and is warmly welcomed by Detective Lucas.

star 7.74
324 votes
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Girls' Night

#15 - Girls' Night

Schitt's Creek Season 4 - Episode 4

Alexis and Twyla go out for a girls' night; David gets a lesson on compromise.

star 7.72
767 votes
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The Barbecue

#16 - The Barbecue

Schitt's Creek Season 4 - Episode 7

David and Moira hold a party for Patrick, but David worries about how his family would adversely affect Patrick. Alexis investigates with help a mysterious text from Ted.

star 7.71
718 votes
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#17 - Venus

Defying Gravity Season 1 - Episode 12

The day of the landing on Venus has come. The day that will change their lives eventually.

star 7.70
1474 votes
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#18 - Hardline

Ransom Season 2 - Episode 9

Eric is given the impossible task of negotiating the release of the daughter of the prime minister of the Netherlands – a woman who takes a public hardline on never paying kidnappers’ ransoms.

star 7.64
362 votes
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#19 - Swimming

19-2 (2014) Season 4 - Episode 1

Nick and Ben decide to take down Elise to avenge the brutal murder of Nick's sister. Also, Nick is first on the site of a horrific event with numerous casualties, plus Ben and Audrey get swept up in a tragic accident.

star 7.51
153 votes
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Labour Day

#20 - Labour Day

19-2 (2014) Season 4 - Episode 4

The squad escapes to a cottage for the weekend, where alcohol and the intimate setting lead to conflict.

star 7.47
144 votes

#21 - Bacon

Defying Gravity Season 1 - Episode 6

While getting closer to Venus, some crew members are confronted with memories of past actions and struggle with guilt. When one of them gets into a life-threatening situation, the team unites to save her.

star 7.42
1341 votes
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#22 - Driveby

19-2 (2014) Season 4 - Episode 2

With the investigation of Elise Roberge over, Ben volunteers for surveillance duty; Ben and Audrey face the consequences of their accident; the squad ends up in the middle of a growing gang war.

star 7.34
146 votes
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#23 - Fishbowl

19-2 (2014) Season 4 - Episode 3

Ben's actions bring repercussions; in pursuit of justice, Ben and Nick encounter a person they thought they'd never see again; a new officer joins 19; the squad finds out something disturbing about one of their own.

star 7.21
133 votes
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Another Brick in the Wall

#24 - Another Brick in the Wall

Degrassi Season 7 - Episode 18

Darcy and Emma try to help Snake go back to school. He accepts, but after the "welcome" he receives, he prefers to give up and stay home, which makes Spike consider a break between them. After Holly J. asks Toby to tutor her, she starts liking him.

star 7.15
13 votes
Stranger in Possum Meadows

#25 - Stranger in Possum Meadows

The Twilight Zone (1985) Season 3 - Episode 17

A young boy playing in a field meets an old man who is really an alien collecting specimens to bring back to his planet.

star 7.09
53 votes
Tragedy Tonight!

#26 - Tragedy Tonight!

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) Season 2 - Episode 11

An up and coming young actress tries out her homework from acting school without telling her older sister.

star 7.03
31 votes
Animal Lovers

#27 - Animal Lovers

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) Season 3 - Episode 2

A young woman discovers the illegal activities of a veterinarian.

star 7.00
31 votes
Talking In Your Sleep

#28 - Talking In Your Sleep

Degrassi Season 7 - Episode 17

Paige and Griffin's relationship isn't easy--especially with some disturbing secrets.

star 6.82
17 votes