The Best Episodes Directed by S.j. Clarkson

Law And Corruption

#1 - Law And Corruption

Hustle Season 3 - Episode 6

The Hustle crew find themselves under the thumb of DCI York, an unconventional cop set on catching "The Ghost" - the legendary thief Adam Rice. DCI York blackmails the gang into helping him, so they make contact with Rice and talk their way into his latest scam. While stealing from a country-house, they try to arrange for Rice to get caught red-handed. Can the Hustle gang escape this dodgy copper, or will York nick them all?

star 8.59
632 votes
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Episode 8

#2 - Episode 8

Life on Mars Season 2 - Episode 8

Sam learns that an operation is to be conducted on him in 2006 to try and revive him from his coma. However, he believes that to return to the twenty-first century, he has to betray his colleagues in 1973 - but can he regard them as real or imagined?

star 8.51
493 votes
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Hello, Dexter Morgan

#3 - Hello, Dexter Morgan

Dexter Season 4 - Episode 11

Miami Metro is just one step away from discovering the identity of the Trinity Killer. And Dexter can't let that happen. Dexter must take drastic action to buy himself time to deal with Trinity in his own fashion. Arthur, who still can't understand why Dexter didn't simply turn him in, begins his own bloody investigation into Kyle Butler.

star 8.26
7904 votes
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The Hustlers News of the Day

#4 - The Hustlers News of the Day

Hustle Season 3 - Episode 5

After a completely false exposé in a newspaper, one of Stacie's friends attempts suicide out of shame the article caused. To help right this wrong, the Hustle crew decide to take down the men responsible - the editor Frances Owen and reporter Tim Millen. The con? To convince these two muck-rakers that they have the biggest Royal scoop ever and that they'll be making headlines. Of course if Mickey and the gang have their way, their headlines will be a little different than the way they intended.

star 8.06
689 votes
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Part 2

#5 - Part 2

Whitechapel Season 1 - Episode 2

New suspects only seem to lead to dead ends, and a frustrated DI Chandler pins his hopes on trapping their latest suspect.

star 7.99
748 votes
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Episode 7

#6 - Episode 7

Life on Mars Season 2 - Episode 7

A water-tight court case fails to put away a local gangster. Unable to cope with a guilty man walking free, DCI Hunt turns to alcohol but soon finds himself in a spot of bother. When it appears as though Hunt may have killed someone, it's up to Sam, torn between Gene and his replacement, a DCI who actually uses Sam's modern police techniques and vocabulary, to help him out.

star 7.98
495 votes
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Episode 7

#7 - Episode 7

Life on Mars Season 1 - Episode 7

A young man being held for a minor drugs offence dies in custody at the station while Gene and Sam are out. While Gene tries to protect his team, Sam struggles to conduct a proper investigation into the death. After alienating all his colleagues, he is able to determine that one of them forced him to take cocaine, causing a heart attack, and that the others had been covering.

star 7.95
558 votes
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Part 3

#8 - Part 3

Whitechapel Season 1 - Episode 3

The Ripper must kill one more victim to complete his re-enactment of the 1888 murders. DI Chandler is near to breakdown as he struggles to find an answer.

star 7.94
777 votes
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Episode 5

#9 - Episode 5

Life on Mars Season 1 - Episode 5

A football fan is killed, and Sam fears further violence in the run up to an important local derby. He and DCI Hunt mount an undercover operation in a pub to catch the suspects. Sam realises that the match is the last one he attended with his father.

star 7.92
525 votes
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Episode 1

#10 - Episode 1

Life on Mars Season 2 - Episode 1

Tyler has visions of someone disrupting his life support system in 2006, and encounters who he thinks is the same assailant in 1973, running a gambling syndicate and protection racket. Recognising the man as a killer he failed to stop in the future, Tyler is prepared to go to any lengths to make sure his life is not threatened and the man doesn't kill his original victim.

star 7.89
539 votes
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Once Upon a Time...

#11 - Once Upon a Time...

Dexter Season 6 - Episode 2

Brother Sam, a minister with a criminal history, is brought in by the homicide department to help solve a macabre murder, but Dexter sees him for what he really is, and it's definitely not a man of God. Elsewhere, Debra's sudden hero status elicits a pair of surprising proposals.

star 7.85
8716 votes
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The Angel of Death

#12 - The Angel of Death

Dexter Season 6 - Episode 5

With the help of his newfound friend Brother Sam, Dexter wonders if there is light within him to counter the darkness, while the search for the Doomsday Killers takes him in a new direction; Batista and Quinn pay a visit to the university where Professor Gellar taught; due to departmental regulations following the shooting, Debra is forced to begin therapy.

star 7.85
8585 votes
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40 Oz. of Furlough

#13 - 40 Oz. of Furlough

Orange Is the New Black Season 2 - Episode 9

Piper's relationship with Larry faces a real-world test; Red's effort to redeem herself is finally rewarded. A familiar figure returns to Litchfield.

star 7.83
3619 votes

#14 - LB

Hunted Season 1 - Episode 2

After a colleague is kidnapped by the criminal multimillionaire she is spying on, Sam is ordered to kill him to keep him from being tortured and compromising the team. But her colleague delivers a stunning revelation - he has information on who tried to assassinate her in Tangier. If Sam carries out the order to kill him, she will never find out.

star 7.82
1386 votes
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Part 1

#15 - Part 1

Whitechapel Season 1 - Episode 1

Fast-tracker, DI Joseph Chandler, is posted to Whitechapel by Commander Anderson to lead the investigation into the murder of a young woman, the final step before promotion. However the case does not turn out as straightforward as Chandler had hoped.

star 7.81
870 votes
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Episode 2

#16 - Episode 2

Life on Mars Season 2 - Episode 2

On an assignment to return a career safe breaker from prison for further questioning, Tyler, Ray and Chris are attacked by robbers and the man who they were taken in for questioning is broken out. Is a local gangster to blame, or is there more going on than meets the eye... specifically, was the crime actually arranged by Gene's old mentor? Meanwhile, Sam tries to break in the first black detective in the department, a man who will later become Sam's mentor when he first joins the police force.

star 7.79
589 votes
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The Racket

#17 - The Racket

Vinyl Season 1 - Episode 4

Richie's counseling session with Devon brings out his uglier side, which she uses as ammunition during a meeting with an attorney, but he turns on the charm to woo a funk superstar. Meanwhile, Zak and Scott ponder their futures in the wake of the Polygram catastrophe; the Nasty Bits look for a new manager; and Skip strikes out trying to get rid of bootlegs.

star 7.79
1061 votes
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AKA Crush Syndrome

#18 - AKA Crush Syndrome

Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 1 - Episode 2

Jessica vows to prove Hope's innocence, even though it means tracking down a terrifying figure from her own past.

star 7.76
6026 votes
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The Kindred

#19 - The Kindred

Banshee Season 1 - Episode 5

A band of marauding bikers crashes the annual Banshee Spirit Festival, with deadly consequences, sparking Lucas and Siobhan to meter out vigilante justice. Burned after losing his key witness against Proctor, Lucas is further dismayed when an FBI agent arrives to monitor the situation. Rebecca Bowman, torn between passion and her Amish roots, finds a kindred spirit in the sheriff.

star 7.69
4047 votes
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#20 - Prague

Succession Season 1 - Episode 8

Tom has a bachelor party to remember. Kendall eyes a new business opportunity with a pair of idealistic entrepreneurs. Roman looks to land a deal for local TV stations with his father’s longtime nemesis. Logan tasks Greg with acting as Kendall’s babysitter during Tom’s party. Shiv and Gil get ambushed during a TV interview on a Waystar network.

star 7.66
1088 votes
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The Man in Number 9

#21 - The Man in Number 9

Bates Motel Season 1 - Episode 7

The Bates Motel welcomes its first guest; Norman learns that popular girls come with many complications and Norma hires Emma to work at the motel.

star 7.66
2100 votes
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Recession Proof

#22 - Recession Proof

House Season 7 - Episode 14

A patient is admitted after breaking out in a severe rash triggered by caustic chemical exposure at his blue-collar job. As the team treats him, they discover that he has led his wife to believe that he is still maintaining his once-lucrative real estate career. Meanwhile, Cuddy is honored with an award and needs House to be at the charity event for support, but his attendance is threatened when his patient’s battle to survive forces him to question his practice and his own happiness, and Chase and Masters teach each other a lesson in forging meaningful personal and professional relationships.

star 7.62
7270 votes
AKA Ladies Night

#23 - AKA Ladies Night

Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 1 - Episode 1

Jessica Jones is hired to find a pretty NYU student who's vanished, but it turns out to be more than a simple missing persons case.

star 7.61
6940 votes
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The Rave

#24 - The Rave

Banshee Season 1 - Episode 2

Hanson decides to hold a rave in an Amish barn, selling homemade E pills stolen from Proctor to Banshee youth including Deva, Carrie’s rebellious daughter. Catching wind of the plan, Lucas and his team orchestrate a raid, but the effects of a tainted batch of pills send many revelers into convulsions, with one notable fatality.

star 7.61
4443 votes
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The Surprise Party

#25 - The Surprise Party

Smash (2012) Season 2 - Episode 10

Tom plans a surprise for Ivy in an attempt to find a balance between their work life and their friendship. Relations between Karen, Jimmy, and Derek explode just as "Hit List's" rehearsal process nears its close. While Richard asks Eileen to spend less time at work and more time with him, Julia finds herself also pulled away from "Bombshell" by an unlikely source.

star 7.60
332 votes
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Of Cabbages and Kings

#26 - Of Cabbages and Kings

TURN: Washington's Spies Season 1 - Episode 3

On the run from the British, Ben is betrayed by his own militia. Abe travels with Richard to New York to spy. Mary confronts Anna.

star 7.58
782 votes
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Mean Right Hook

#27 - Mean Right Hook

Marvel's The Defenders Season 1 - Episode 2

As a new conspiracy takes shape, Matt finds old habits are hard to break, Jessica gets in over her head, Luke tracks a lead, and Danny meets his match.

star 7.56
3929 votes
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Hysterical Blindness

#28 - Hysterical Blindness

Heroes Season 4 - Episode 5

Samuel prepares for new additions to his family, while Lydia warns him of the consequences. Claire discovers that her roommate Gretchen may have a hidden agenda. Meanwhile, Peter finds an unexpected way to connect with Emma, who would prefer to stay distant. Elsewhere, a different side of Sylar emerges as he desperately tries to remember the person he used to be.

star 7.52
3174 votes
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Episode 1

#29 - Episode 1

Collateral Season 1 - Episode 1

In South London a young man, Abdullah Asif, is shot dead delivering a pizza. The detective in charge, DI Kip Glaspie, quickly discovers that the pizza manager Laurie Stone, inexplicably sent Syrian refugee Abdullah instead of regular driver Mikey Gowans. At the crime scene, Kip dismisses pushy reporter Robert Walsh, and is briefed by her partner DS Nathan Bilk.

star 7.49
785 votes
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Episode 2

#30 - Episode 2

Collateral Season 1 - Episode 2

Bereaved sisters Mona and Fatima are processed at Harsfleet detention centre. Sandrine returns to her army desk job, under the threatening gaze of Major Dyson, and works through her troubled past in Afghanistan with therapist Xan.

star 7.48
673 votes
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Episode 3

#31 - Episode 3

Collateral Season 1 - Episode 3

Sandrine is increasingly fraught. Peter Westbourne tracks her down, but fails to calm her. Sandrine returns to the army base, retrieves her gun and disappears. Faced with a second murder, Kip and Nathan struggle to figure out how the two killings are connected. Kip is convinced that MI5 is leaking information to the media.

star 7.44
628 votes
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All About Eva

#32 - All About Eva

The Bridge (2013) Season 1 - Episode 12

Sonya uses Linder's latest problem to repair her relationship with Marco. Charlotte forms an unlikely alliance.

star 7.43
1039 votes
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#33 - Mort

Hunted Season 1 - Episode 1

Sam Hunter is concluding a mission in Tangier when an attempt on her life leaves her badly injured. She then disappears to a remote location to recover, regroup and retrain. She returns to work unannounced nearly a year later and manages to surprise her co-workers, who are suspicious about her disappearance. The team comes up with a plan to have Sam infiltrate a family headed by powerful millionaire Jack Turner.

star 7.41
1699 votes
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Episode 4

#34 - Episode 4

Collateral Season 1 - Episode 4

As the net draws in, DI Kip Glaspie enters a dangerous power play with MI5. But is it too late to save everyone involved?

star 7.38
553 votes
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The Good Reason

#35 - The Good Reason

Hostages (2013) Season 1 - Episode 8

Ellen must decide whether to save Duncan’s life, and later decides to confront his wife. Meanwhile, Creasy meets with Vanessa and Colonel Blair after the President informs them that he wants to expose the details of Operation Total Information, a government surveillance program that allowed intelligence agencies to spy on U.S. citizens.

star 7.32
1100 votes
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The H Word

#36 - The H Word

Marvel's The Defenders Season 1 - Episode 1

Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand investigate criminals and fight injustice, unaware their paths are about to cross.

star 7.31
4701 votes
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The Art of Deception

#37 - The Art of Deception

Heroes Season 4 - Episode 17

H.R.G. enacts his plan to take down the Carnival with the help of Lauren and Suresh. Sylar visits Matt looking to understand his desire to make a human connection, but Matt has a plan of his own. Meanwhile, Peter warns Emma of Samuel's intentions after his grim vision of the future.

star 7.26
3208 votes
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#38 - Pilot

Dig Season 1 - Episode 1

In the premiere, FBI agent Peter Donnelly unearths an international mystery while investigating the murder of a young American in Jerusalem.

star 7.26
1001 votes
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The Passion of the Betty

#39 - The Passion of the Betty

Ugly Betty Season 4 - Episode 10

When Betty becomes concerned that she and Matt are spending too much time together, she tries to give him something else to be passionate about -- a surprise gallery showing of his art work -- with unintended results. Meanwhile, Marc is horrified that his one-night stand, Troy, is falling for him, since Marc was Troy's "first", Hilda grapples with whether or not to tell Bobby that he's the father of her unborn child, and Cal officially replaces Wilhelmina with Denise. Jesse Tyler Ferguson returns as Betty's orthodontist, Dr. Farkas, for a cameo, and Christine Ebersole guest stars as Frances, the gallery owner.

star 7.00
167 votes
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