The Best Episodes Directed by Russ Mayberry


#1 - Freefall

Miami Vice Season 5 - Episode 17

Crockett & Tubbs embark on what they see as a suicide mission. They are recruited by a Special Drug Taskforce to escort the corrupt dictator of Costa Morada, a fictional Revolution ravaged Latin American country. Gen. Manuel Borbon has promised to reveal the members of the most powerful South American drug cartel. Crockett & Tubbs are faced with what might be their final showdown.

star 9.04
96 votes
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Over the Line

#2 - Over the Line

Miami Vice Season 5 - Episode 15

In the midst of working an undercover assignment, Crockett and Tubbs come across a clandestine vigilante group of frustrated law enforcement officers working within the department. Aware of Sonny and Rico's own frustration with how easily the bad guys seem to circumvent the law, the vigilante organization offers them an opportunity to join in. Lieutenant Castillo encourages them to accept the offer and work undercover in ferreting out the identities of everyone involved and to make sure that no one gets hurt. Unfortunately, that is too tall an order for his detectives to accomplish successfully.

star 9.01
99 votes
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Danny Boy

#3 - Danny Boy

Jake and the Fatman Season 3 - Episode 25

When a gang marks him for death, Daniel joins a group about to escape from the prison. To insure his cooperation the escapees frame him for murder.

star 9.00
3 votes
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Raise the Devil (2)

#4 - Raise the Devil (2)

Ironside Season 8 - Episode 2

The Chief links his case with a psychiatrist, who turns out to be a psychopath with a passion for brainwashing. Before he can get his evidence together, however, Fran is taken as the next victim of the doctor's peculiar brand of therapy, and is programmed to kill Ironside. Meanwhile Susan has to face past guilt over the death of her brother before she can be safe from herself.

star 9.00
1 votes
The Snow Must Go On (1)

#5 - The Snow Must Go On (1)

That Girl Season 4 - Episode 7

Despite being snowed in at the airport, Ann is determined to make it to a Broadway audition.

star 9.00
1 votes
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They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?

#6 - They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?

That Girl Season 4 - Episode 24

Donald's film catches a neighbor kissing a mysterious man.

star 9.00
1 votes
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Confessions, Confessions

#7 - Confessions, Confessions

The Brady Bunch Season 2 - Episode 12

Peter breaks Carol's favorite vase on the eve of a camping trip that he's looking forward to. So in order for him to go on the trip, the other Brady siblings unknowingly each confess.

star 8.75
27 votes
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#8 - A.A.P.I.

Magnum, P.I. Season 7 - Episode 5

At the 14th Annual Convention of Private Investigators, Magnum is to receive the 'Local P.I. of the Year' award, but the event is brought to a halt when Jean Claude Fornier, the famous French Detective, suddenly drops dead while giving a speech, after being poisoned. Magnum is helped - or rather, hindered - by several fellow crime-busting acquaintances as he seeks the murderer, and becomes entangled with a gang of drug smugglers, that the Inspector was hunting before he was killed...

star 8.68
116 votes
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Sweet Leilani

#9 - Sweet Leilani

Jake and the Fatman Season 3 - Episode 8

An unknown girl washes up on a beach murdered, and a friend of McCabe, the newspaper columnist Leilani Simons, takes an unusual interest in the case.

star 8.67
3 votes
Matlock's Bad, Bad, Bad Dream

#10 - Matlock's Bad, Bad, Bad Dream

Matlock Season 8 - Episode 11

Matlock dreams that he, Leanne, Billy and Cliff are in 1932 and are involved with the murder of a sax player.

star 8.55
6 votes
Deja Vu (2)

#11 - Deja Vu (2)

Magnum, P.I. Season 6 - Episode 2

Conclusion of this feature-length / two-part story. As Thomas and Penelope investigate the mystery surrounding Geoffrey's death, they become close to each other, and Thomas with this and with flashbacks to his haunting dream that seems to have predicted Geoffrey's death, he feels as though he's almost stepped into Geoffrey's life. The pair uncover that Geoffrey was once part of a powerful group of assassins, and seems to have been killed to stop him from having chance to expose the group. Meanwhile, Thomas learns that Higgins is reluctant to use the stay in England as an opportunity to visit his father, whom he has not seen in forty years after a falling out...

star 8.53
80 votes
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One More for the Road

#12 - One More for the Road

Jake and the Fatman Season 3 - Episode 14

Derek collides with a pedestrian on his way home from a beach party. When the man dies, Derek is charged with manslaughter.

star 8.50
4 votes
I Know That You Know

#13 - I Know That You Know

Jake and the Fatman Season 4 - Episode 11

A woman is found murdered in her home after she surprised a burglar and triggered the alarm. The burglar is found and convicted for the murder, but McCabe thinks something is wrong and gets Jake to snoop around.

star 8.50
2 votes
For Sale by Owner

#14 - For Sale by Owner

The Partridge Family Season 3 - Episode 13

The Partridge house just doesn't seem big enough – they need more bathrooms and just more room in general! Reuben takes Shirley to look at a new, larger house. The Partridge house is home to her, so Shirley doesn't really want to move, but all the kids are very anxious to. They put their house up for sale, with Reuben acting as real estate agent. After a week without even one """"looker,"""" Reuben and Danny cook up a scheme for """"open house"""" with the Partridge Family. The open house is like a carnival – hundreds of people show up. As the family overhears various disparaging remarks about their home from the visitors, they begin to realize just how much the house means to them. Just as the kids tell Shirley that they don't want to move either, Reuben arrives with the news that he's sold the house. When the buyers, Mr. and Mrs. Sharp come to look the house over, the kids sabotage the plumbing, the doors and the windows to make it seem like the house is falling apart. They confess that they

star 8.50
2 votes
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Unfinished Business

#15 - Unfinished Business

Magnum, P.I. Season 8 - Episode 8

Magnum prepares for the trial of Quang Ki, who attempted to kill both him and his family. But when the case is suddenly, unexpectedly acquitted, angered Thomas suspects some other hand is behind Ki's release. It becomes evident that his arch-nemesis will stop at nothing to destroy Thomas and his family, when he receives a video-tape containing terrible information about the fate of his former wife and young daughter. As Thomas plans his revenge against Ki, he is thrust into a quagmire of intrigue endangering a sensitive P.O.W. prisoner exchange programme...

star 8.48
115 votes
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The Aunt Who Came to Dinner

#16 - The Aunt Who Came to Dinner

Magnum, P.I. Season 7 - Episode 20

Magnum's Private Investigator license has expired, and he is in the awkward, red-tape laden task of trying to renew it. But he has a welcome surprise when his Aunt, best-selling, Pulitzer prize-winning playwright Phoebe Sullivan, pays an unexpected visit to Hawaii from New York. The rather eccentric authoress has just finished writing a new play, but now is convinced that someone is trying to kill her for it, and that they have trailed her to the Islands. Is someone really after Phoebe, or is her mind getting the better of her?...

star 8.42
117 votes
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Her Sister's Shadow

#17 - Her Sister's Shadow

The Brady Bunch Season 3 - Episode 10

Tired of being in Marcia's shadow, Jan is determined to do something that Marcia never did. But Jan becomes more depressed when she fails to make the cheer squad. Then she wins first prize in an essay contest only to discover that her teacher had made a mistake in scoring.

star 8.42
14 votes
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Tran Quoc Jones

#18 - Tran Quoc Jones

Magnum, P.I. Season 5 - Episode 9

At request of Robin Masters, Thomas begrudgingly is to provide protection for a political candidate whom he has reason to dislike. He is also waiting for a female client, but in her place arrives a young Vietnamese boy, Tran Quoc Jones, who wants to hire Magnum to find his long lost father, a pilot in the Vietnam war. Tran cannot go to the authorities for help as he is an illegal immigrant and would face deportation, and as Thomas does his best to trace the boy's father, he and his friends, especially T.C., become attached to the boy. But Magnum learns that the woman who was originally to have hired him was found murdered - and the politician, the dead woman and the young Vietnamese boy all tie in to the same case...

star 8.39
124 votes
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Chain of Custody

#19 - Chain of Custody

Kojak Season 5 - Episode 15

Kojak is suspended after reacting to an incompetent district attorney who failed to convict a known killer.

star 8.33
3 votes
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Steve Austin, Fugitive

#20 - Steve Austin, Fugitive

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 2 - Episode 22

Steve is arrested when an assassin he helped send to prison seeks revenge by framing him for murder. Steve escapes from the police and must find the assassin before the police find him.

star 8.27
17 votes
I Can Get it for You Retail

#21 - I Can Get it for You Retail

The Partridge Family Season 2 - Episode 11

When Shirley favorably comments on a mink coat, Danny decides to buy it for her birthday. Discovering that the girls in school are anxious for Keith Partridge souvenirs, Danny enlists Chris' aid and they start collecting a variety of Keith's belongings to sell. These are to help pay for Shirley's mink coat. After a week of constantly losing things, Keith thinks he is going crazy. The final blow comes when Danny and Chris wait until Keith is asleep and cut off a large patch of hair. Shirley puts two and two together and she and the family interrupt Danny and Chris as they are auctioning off their """"wares."""" Shirley makes them give back all the money and return the balance of Keith's possessions. This partly results in Shirley receiving a mink rabbit's foot for her birthday instead of a mink coat.

star 8.20
5 votes
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The Fall Guy

#22 - The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy Season 1 - Episode 1

Big Jack sends Colt, with Howie, to find a driver who was responsible for a hit-and-run that hospitalized a young child, and who has since jumped bail. Arriving in a small backwater town, Colt discovers that the man is actually a crooked sheriff, and finds himself up against the entire town's police force.

star 8.18
277 votes
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The Mole

#23 - The Mole

Scarecrow and Mrs. King Season 1 - Episode 15

Someone in the Agency is passing government secrets to Moscow. Lee and Amanda are assigned to plug the leak, or ""The Mole.""

star 8.15
33 votes
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Slay Ride

#24 - Slay Ride

Kojak Season 2 - Episode 6

When several men fall to their deaths at the same convention, Kojak doubts that mass suicide is the explanation.

star 8.13
8 votes
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A Girl Named Sue

#25 - A Girl Named Sue

Magnum, P.I. Season 8 - Episode 7

Magnum is hired by an attractive woman to find the missing will of her late father, who was recently killed in a suspicious boating accident – which she suspects her brother of being behind, in order to steal the will. Working on the case, Thomas finds that former client Susan Johnson – whom he was once locked in a bank vault with – is now a fellow Private Investigator, and is working on the same case – for the brother, who suspects his sister as responsible for their father’s death. The two P.I.s are soon locked in a battle of wills as they both race to solve the investigation first, but the pair are forced to put their rather love-hate relationship to one side and team up to solve the case of sibling rivalry...

star 8.11
119 votes
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Sweeter Than Life

#26 - Sweeter Than Life

Kojak Season 3 - Episode 4

While responding to a homicide call, Kojak discovers his camera that had disappeared earlier at a party in which he, his nephew and friend attended. His nephew's friend steals the camera and uses it to buy drugs from the murdered man. They witness the murder and are reluctant to involve the police. Kojak's nephew must go 'cold turkey' before he ends up like his friend who overdosed.

star 8.09
11 votes
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Deja Vu (1)

#27 - Deja Vu (1)

Magnum, P.I. Season 6 - Episode 1

Magnum and Higgins travel to London, England to oversee the establishment of Robin Master's new castle, Robin's Keep, in time for a large banquet. While Higgins is busy training Ian MacKerras for the running of the castle, Thomas takes the opportunity to visit Geoffrey St. Clare, an old friend from Vietnam, but upon arrival, Geoffrey's wife Penelope informs him that Geoffrey has been killed, after being run down in a hit-and-run incident with a black Jaguar. But there is mystery surrounding the death - Geoffrey was supposed to be in France, and the circumstances suggest that, far from being an accident, the death was deliberate murder.The events of Geoffrey's killing seem to be echoing a disturbing, bizarre dream that Magnum had on the journey to England...

star 8.01
120 votes
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The Last Laugh

#28 - The Last Laugh

Matlock Season 8 - Episode 6

A comedian becomes accused of murdering another comic who had insulted him on stage.

star 8.00
7 votes
My Brother, My Enemy

#29 - My Brother, My Enemy

Kojak Season 3 - Episode 3

Kojak must overcome outside influences in order to protect a detective (Sylvester Stallone)who accidentally shot a boy.

star 8.00
8 votes
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Be Careful What You Pray For

#30 - Be Careful What You Pray For

Kojak Season 3 - Episode 5

Crocker lectures female students on rape at a local catholic school, while two Puerto Rican brothers kill a priest during a truck heist.

star 8.00
7 votes
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The Godson

#31 - The Godson

Kojak Season 4 - Episode 15

Kojak's godson becomes mixed up with a gang involved in an armed robbery. Can Kojak get through to his godson before it's too late?

star 8.00
2 votes
Encounter with Aries

#32 - Encounter with Aries

McCloud Season 2 - Episode 1

The wife of an astrologer and widely-syndicated newspaper columnist is kidnapped in broad daylight.

star 8.00
1 votes
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The Earrings

#33 - The Earrings

That Girl Season 3 - Episode 17

On Valentine's Day, Ann and Donald exchange permanent gifts. She gives him a tie clasp and he gives her a pair of genuine diamond earrings they saw together at Tiffany's. Ann is scared to wear them. When Don puts his foot down and insists she wear them on their evening of dinner and dancing, one of them indeed disappears. Don buys her a replacement earring and puts it in her apartment. Ann, not wanting to disappoint Dan, buys a replacement earring herself.

star 8.00
1 votes
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There Was a Time Ann Met a Pie Man

#34 - There Was a Time Ann Met a Pie Man

That Girl Season 3 - Episode 20

Ann gets a job in a TV show. She is a pretty lady that gets hit by a pie. After the spot airs, she is embarrassed to death.

star 8.00
1 votes
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It's So Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House

#35 - It's So Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House

That Girl Season 3 - Episode 24

Ann calls Donald late one night because of a mouse in her apartment. Donald goes over to stay in her apartment to protect her. Of course, Lou comes by and finds Donald in Ann's apartment and decides that Ann and Donald should be married right away!

star 8.00
1 votes
Sue Me, Sue Me, What Can You Do Me?

#36 - Sue Me, Sue Me, What Can You Do Me?

That Girl Season 3 - Episode 26

At the Newsview office, Lou slips on some water. Donald is told that Lou has to sign a waiver of responsibility. Donald goes to Mr. Prentice's office and quits, only to be talked back into his job by his managing editor.

star 8.00
1 votes
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At the Drop of a Budget

#37 - At the Drop of a Budget

That Girl Season 4 - Episode 5

Ann gets the wrong message when she visits a dentist who uses hypnosis.

star 8.00
1 votes
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Opening Night

#38 - Opening Night

That Girl Season 4 - Episode 16

Anxious about reviews of her opening night on Broadway, Ann gets her finger stuck in a kitchen faucet.

star 8.00
1 votes
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#39 - Gone-a-Courtin'

That Girl Season 4 - Episode 23

Ann goes to court to help a producer win a lawsuit.

star 8.00
1 votes
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Flying Misfits - Pilot

#40 - Flying Misfits - Pilot

Black Sheep Squadron Season 1 - Episode 1

Major Greg Boyington, upset with his new desk job, goes against regulations and forms a fighter squadron using pilots thrown out of other squadrons for disciplinary reasons.

star 7.97
231 votes
The Big Sprain

#41 - The Big Sprain

The Brady Bunch Season 1 - Episode 19

Carol is out of town visiting her sick Aunt Mary and Alice is all prepared to take care of the Brady home. However, she sprains her ankle, after tripping on Chinese checkers, putting Mike and the kids in charge of the household duties. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Sam finds himself in a dilemma over whether or not to take someone else to the upcoming Meatcutters Ball.

star 7.94
28 votes
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Blind Justice

#42 - Blind Justice

Magnum, P.I. Season 5 - Episode 7

Carol persuades Magnum to do some work for her, gathering additional evidence for the big murder case of a man accused of killing his wife that is due to come up in court in a couple of days. The only witness of the woman's death is her young daughter, but Thomas faces a crisis of conscience over just what to and what not to present as evidence in the court-room that could ensure the conviction of the violent accused killer... Meanwhile, Higgins, tired of Magnum's slackness around the Estate, has taken use of the Ferrari away from him, so Thomas must find a new vehicle to get around in...

star 7.94
131 votes
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Two-Four-Six for Two Hundred

#43 - Two-Four-Six for Two Hundred

Kojak Season 2 - Episode 23

While an accused thief sits in jail waiting for his lawyer to arrange bail, Kojak tries to decipher a phrase heard during an unsuccessful attempt to steal a paint company truck.

star 7.88
8 votes
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Murder by Night

#44 - Murder by Night

Magnum, P.I. Season 7 - Episode 14

1940s San Francisco: Private Investigator Thomas S. Magnum investigates the murder of newspaper tycoon William Maxfield. The case involves characters that strangely bear a strong resemblance to (modern day) Magnum, T.C., Higgins and Rick...

star 7.84
93 votes

#45 - Forty

Magnum, P.I. Season 7 - Episode 17

Thomas is in Chinatown with Rick and T.C. celebrating his upcoming fortieth birthday, but he has little to celebrate when he loses his lucky $2 bill that his Grandpa gave him as a boy. While looking for it, he by chance briefly meets a beautiful woman. He also winds up helping an old friend who is one of a number of shopkeepers being terrorized by an organized gang... But the case takes a back-seat as he becomes preoccupied with the woman, a news reporter, only for it to seem that she is tied up with the gang he is supposed to be investigating, in a situation that sees him losing more than just his lucky bill – almost losing his heart, and his life...

star 7.84
86 votes
High Performance

#46 - High Performance

The Equalizer Season 2 - Episode 12

A construction worker becomes both witness and target when she sees a murder and is spotted by the killer.

star 7.83
11 votes
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The Monkees at the Movies

#47 - The Monkees at the Movies

The Monkees Season 1 - Episode 31

Watching The Monkees hop on the hot beach in their bare feet, Luther Kramm, Hollywood producer-director, decides they are typical teenagers and hires them as extras for his new beach movie, I Married A Creature From Out Of Town, which, as Kramm explains, is "a message picture, and the message is: if we don't finish it in 10 days we're in trouble!" Squelching his fawning assistant Philo, Kramm goes to work on the film starring a bevy of beauties and teen idol Frankie Catalina, a hapless, hopeless, narcissistic deadbeat who couldn't sing, feared the ocean, was allergic to girls, and resorted to reading lines from cuecards. Spoiled punk rotten by success and bright lights, Frankie takes an immediate dislike to The Monkees during a shoot of a volleyball game sequence. Outraged when he belittles them, The Monkees strike back and slyly spoil every one of Frankie's scenes by applying monster makeup to his face, switching his cuecards and speeding up and slowing down a record to which he lip-s

star 7.83
6 votes
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The Tattle-Tale

#48 - The Tattle-Tale

The Brady Bunch Season 2 - Episode 10

Cindy has become somewhat of a tattletale leading Alice to get in a fight with Sam and the other siblings leaving her out of their activities. In the end, Cindy learns there are times when she has to tell what's going on when it's "important" ... such as when Tiger doggie-swipes a claim voucher for a prize Alice won in a jingle-writing contest.

star 7.82
23 votes
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License to Kill (1)

#49 - License to Kill (1)

The Fall Guy Season 1 - Episode 9

Colt and company go to Hawaii to catch a man who turns out to be trying to stop an assassination. Things get mixed up and Colt becomes a target.

star 7.82
60 votes
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#50 - Paniolo

Magnum, P.I. Season 6 - Episode 8

A supposed wealthy teenage ranch owner hires Magnum for $100,000 to stop a dangerous group of cattle rustlers on Hawaii's big island, that will soon force his ranch into bankruptcy if many more cattle are taken. But Magnum finds that his employer isn't quite all he makes out to be and will go to any extent to protect his cattle, and the neighbouring ranch owner implicated of being behind the cattle theft is a business partner of Robin Masters'...

star 7.80
124 votes
Hotel of Fear

#51 - Hotel of Fear

The Rockford Files Season 4 - Episode 10

Angel's living the high life in return for his testimony against a hit man. But does living in the lap of luxury mean he'll pay the ultimate price?

star 7.78
48 votes
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Baker's Dozen

#52 - Baker's Dozen

The Fall Guy Season 3 - Episode 4

Colt is sent to a dude ranch in Arizona after a bail jumper, but he finds it is a paramilitary encampment.

star 7.78
9 votes
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The No-Harm Charm

#53 - The No-Harm Charm

Bewitched Season 4 - Episode 31

Uncle Arthur does it again. This time he gives Darrin an amulet that is proved to be magical. He really needs help when he tries to help a bank receive some credibility. Samantha discovers that the amulet is fake, and ends up saving Darrin from his mishaps. Darrin lands the bank account when he stops a bank robber.

star 7.78
62 votes

#54 - Rapture

Magnum, P.I. Season 6 - Episode 11

As he and T.C. deep sea scuba-dive, Thomas sees a young boy who appears out of nowhere with no breathing apparatus and signals him to follow. Low on air, Thomas is unable to follow him, and later faces the skepticism of T.C., Higgins and Rick about his vision. An adamant Thomas, determined to prove that he's right, learns that his vision matches the description of a young boy, Keli'i Parker, killed five years earlier in an explosion at sea. The boy's mother has always blamed herself for his death, and as Thomas learns more about Keli'i, he begins to believe that his vision of the boy was destiny reaching out to lead him to the cause of the fatal accident.

star 7.77
123 votes
Camera... Action... Murder!

#55 - Camera... Action... Murder!

Ironside Season 6 - Episode 6

The Chief receives a series of films showing the murders of young women, and his investigation is assisted by a filmmaker currently wooing Fran Belding. This man becomes the Chief's prime suspect, much to Fran's distress; but trouble looms larger when Fran herself is marked as the next victim.

star 7.75
4 votes
The Oracle Wore a Cashmere Suit

#56 - The Oracle Wore a Cashmere Suit

The Rockford Files Season 3 - Episode 2

Rockford is double-crossed by the supernatural when a psychic points to him as the potential killer of a suddenly wealthy dope pusher.

star 7.75
89 votes
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#57 - Prisoners

In the Heat of the Night Season 2 - Episode 5

Sweet risks his life to prove that the Sheriff of a neighboring county is guilty of the racially motivated murder of a young man that Sweet was friends with in high school.

star 7.70
27 votes
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Long Ago and Far Away

#58 - Long Ago and Far Away

Jake and the Fatman Season 3 - Episode 10

Judge Smithwood starts receiving death threats after sentencing a young man to 20 years for rape. And a mysterious man in an army captain uniform steals a high precision sniper rifle from a local military base.

star 7.67
3 votes
The Liberation of Marcia Brady

#59 - The Liberation of Marcia Brady

The Brady Bunch Season 2 - Episode 19

A reporter interviews Marcia and asks her about her views on Women's Lib. This leads to her joining Greg's Frontier Scouts to try to prove a woman can do anything a man can do.

star 7.67
19 votes
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The Monkees in Manhattan

#60 - The Monkees in Manhattan

The Monkees Season 1 - Episode 30

In hi-jinks reminiscent of an old Marx Bros. routine (Room Service [RKO, 1938]), The Monkees arrive in The Big Apple via The Blimline ("It's Such a Pleasure to Take Blim and Leave the Driving to Them") for a new rock ˜n' roll musical. The boys book in at The Compton Plaza Hotel and, in room 304, find their producer, Mackinley Baker, being evicted by Weatherwax, the hotel manager, for non-payment of rent. Weatherwax informs Buntz, his desk clerk, which, in an hour, a big shot from a rabbit breeder's convention will be given Baker's room. The conventioneer, inebriated and holding two rabbits, waits in the hotel bar, drinking and chatting with barmaids. Trying to hold the room until noon, when Baker returns with money from his backer, Micky, Mike and Peter stall the manager and the house doctor by claiming that Peter has the plague. Weatherwax tries to starve them out, but the boys get the staff on their side by promising them parts in their show. Weatherwax and Buntz summon the house det

star 7.60
5 votes
In the Forests of the Night

#61 - In the Forests of the Night

Ironside Season 7 - Episode 3

The Chief meets Alexandra, an old girlfriend with whom he is still very much in love. When he finds that the feeling is mutual he hopes to be able to settle down with her, even though he knows that she is an incorrigible thief, and that she is after the ancient Chinese statue he has been detailed to protect.

star 7.60
5 votes
Coulter City Wildcat

#62 - Coulter City Wildcat

The Rockford Files Season 3 - Episode 6

Rocky thinks his luck has finally changed when he wins a piece of land in an oil-rights lottery, but he's soon hounded by some sore losers who want his winnings for themselves.

star 7.59
77 votes
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Dirty Laundry

#63 - Dirty Laundry

The Fall Guy Season 3 - Episode 7

Flo hits an amorous man, is jailed, and then jumps bail. She flees to Reno, where she is involved with a money laundering scheme.

star 7.54
13 votes
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A Need to Know

#64 - A Need to Know

Kojak Season 4 - Episode 5

Kojak and the detectives try to stop a child molester who has diplomatic immunity before he strikes again.

star 7.50
4 votes
I Could Kill My Wife's Lawyer

#65 - I Could Kill My Wife's Lawyer

Kojak Season 5 - Episode 12

A detective (Joey Aresco) believes that his wife's divorce lawyer (David Ladd) hired an arsonist to destroy his boat.

star 7.50
4 votes
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The Blind Man's Bluff Mystery

#66 - The Blind Man's Bluff Mystery

Father Dowling Mysteries Season 2 - Episode 7

Sister Steve has always been a trusting soul. It's part of her job, of course. So it is no surprise when she opens her heart to a blind man who seems to be in need of assistance. But she soon discovers that she has become an unwitting accomplice in a scheme to blackmail a prominent parishioner.

star 7.50
2 votes
Resurrection in Black & White

#67 - Resurrection in Black & White

The Rockford Files Season 2 - Episode 8

Following her "gut feelings," a magazine writer hires Rockford to help her prove the innocence of a man who's been convicted of homicide. Although skeptical at first, Rockford follows the trail that eventually makes him a believer...and leads him to a shootout at sea.

star 7.49
111 votes
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The Teeter-Totter Caper

#68 - The Teeter-Totter Caper

The Brady Bunch Season 3 - Episode 14

When Bobby and Cindy are not invited to a wedding because they're too young, they set out to do something important: break a teeter-totter record.

star 7.48
16 votes

#69 - Heartstrings

The Equalizer Season 2 - Episode 11

A woman asks McCall for help recovering her kidnapped newborn son.

star 7.42
12 votes
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The Cats Whiskers

#70 - The Cats Whiskers

Black Sheep Squadron Season 1 - Episode 11

Pappy decides to make an unauthorized attack against a semingly impregnable Japanese radar station in order to generate good PR, which can be used to avoid his impending court martial.

star 7.41
117 votes
The Line

#71 - The Line

The Equalizer Season 2 - Episode 8

The mother of a youth killed while being harassed by an overzealous citizen's patrol appeals to McCall for help.

star 7.37
45 votes
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The D.A.

#72 - The D.A.

Matlock Season 4 - Episode 22

Julie becomes the target of a witness with psychological problems, leaving Matlock and Conrad to learn who is threatening her, and why.

star 7.34
49 votes
No Greater Love

#73 - No Greater Love

Dallas Season 12 - Episode 2

Clayton wants to sell his refineries to Bobby. John Ross questions his mother about why she shot J.R. J.R. fires Harry McSween and moves back to Southfork to gain an advantage in his fight for permanent custody over John Ross. Tammy Miller reappears in Bobby's life. Sue Ellen buys a new house and moves in with John Ross. Miss Ellie and Clayton socialize with Carter McKay. Cliff decides to get out of the oil business. John Ross gets beaten up by kids at school because of his mother shooting J.R. Mitch comes to Southfork and asks Lucy to come back home. April tells Bobby that Cliff lied about seeing Pam. A drunk Bobby appears at Tammy's place. Mitch's job puts a strain on his marriage to Lucy. Sue Ellen decides to let John Ross live at Southfork but she vows to eventually even the score with J.R.

star 7.31
13 votes
Charlie Harris at Large

#74 - Charlie Harris at Large

The Rockford Files Season 1 - Episode 20

Jim's old cellmate Charlie is accused of murdering his wife, but Jim must find Charlie's alibi - a mystery woman who he met on the beach....

star 7.29
85 votes
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The Lock Box

#75 - The Lock Box

The Equalizer Season 1 - Episode 4

McCall helps a man whose daughter has been abducted by a pimp who services covert government operations.

star 7.29
138 votes
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Summer School

#76 - Summer School

Magnum, P.I. Season 6 - Episode 13

After being expelled from a number of expensive schools, R.J., Robin's rich, careless, teenage nephew, arrives at the estate to be reformed and educated by Higgins. R.J., however, has other ideas and decides to impersonate Thomas after being impressed by his adventures. Hired by a woman to find the only witness to her husband's murder, R.J. manages to get Thomas and everyone else involved in the case targeted for death by the men who killed the woman's husband.

star 7.29
123 votes
The Countess

#77 - The Countess

The Rockford Files Season 1 - Episode 3

Jim is helping a countess avoid a blackmailer but is then charged for the blackmailer's murder.

star 7.26
119 votes
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Feeding Frenzy

#78 - Feeding Frenzy

The Rockford Files Season 3 - Episode 4

Love is put to the test when Sandy, Rockford's fiancée, asks him to help her father return the half-million dollars he stole three years earlier from an oil company.

star 7.23
77 votes
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Past Imperfect

#79 - Past Imperfect

The Equalizer Season 4 - Episode 10

An international crime cartel tries to use a man's estranged son against him when the man refuses to honor their wishes.

star 7.22
8 votes
Suspicion of Innocence

#80 - Suspicion of Innocence

The Equalizer Season 3 - Episode 3

McCall regrets persuading a young retarded friend of his into going to the police after he witnesses a murder; he's arrested for the crime.

star 7.20
9 votes
Shadow Play

#81 - Shadow Play

The Equalizer Season 3 - Episode 8

McCall helps a fellow Intelligence officer stay alive despite someone's efforts to keep him from talking to a Congressional committee.

star 7.20
14 votes
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#82 - Torn

The Equalizer Season 1 - Episode 17

McCall tries to divide his time between defending a woman from her abusive husband and settling with an old enemy.

star 7.18
51 votes
Uncles A-Go-Go

#83 - Uncles A-Go-Go

I Dream of Jeannie Season 5 - Episode 10

It is figured out that in order for Jeannie to be married, one of her uncles must approve of the husband to be. Two uncles end up showing; Vasmir and Azmir; and causing a whole heap of trouble for Tony.

star 7.17
102 votes
Lady Cop

#84 - Lady Cop

The Equalizer Season 1 - Episode 5

A crooked cop is willing to murder to ensure that his new partner won't blow the whistle on his operations.

star 7.15
135 votes
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#85 - Breakpoint

The Equalizer Season 1 - Episode 19

McCall is among those taken hostage by terrorists seeking a Middle Eastern philanthropist.

star 7.14
49 votes
Mrs. Djinn Djinn

#86 - Mrs. Djinn Djinn

I Dream of Jeannie Season 5 - Episode 18

Roger spreads the word to everyone that Jeannie is expecting but all the while its a misunderstanding and the only one that is expecting is Mrs. Djinn Djinn (the dog).

star 7.14
73 votes

#87 - Joyride

The Equalizer Season 2 - Episode 4

Two boys drive off in a hearse; not knowing it contains a coffin full of crack.

star 7.13
47 votes
The Coach

#88 - The Coach

Matlock Season 9 - Episode 6

It's no slam dunk for Matlock when a basketball coach is the prime suspect in the murder of a booster.

star 7.13
7 votes
Hard Choices

#89 - Hard Choices

In the Heat of the Night Season 7 - Episode 19

Eugene tries to protect a friend who was an unwilling accomplice to a robbery and in doing so endangers his probation -- and his life.

star 7.13
8 votes
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Ruda's Awakening

#90 - Ruda's Awakening

In the Heat of the Night Season 5 - Episode 5

Virgil's Aunt Ruda is the only witness to a struggle between Bubba and a young robbery suspect that ends in the young mans death.But her prejudice against the police -- and Virgil clouds her memory of the incident.

star 7.10
10 votes
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Night of the Red Dog

#91 - Night of the Red Dog

Alias Smith and Jones Season 2 - Episode 8

A group of men, among them Heyes and the Kid, witness an old man lose consciousness, because of all the gold he was carrying. A doctor says to the man that he is dying. The man then produces a map showing his mining concession, which he testaments to the group. The group travels to the place, and starts to dig. Soon conflict arises, however, when Heyes and the Kid's gold is stolen. Twice. Things get worse when the cabin is covered with snow, and they realize that they will have to stay there for the winter. Now a game of poker starts, with very high stakes. And neither Heyes nor the Kid can be sure of who to trust...

star 7.09
33 votes
The Armageddon Gang

#92 - The Armageddon Gang

Ironside Season 7 - Episode 5

A scientist disappears, sparking fears at the research centre where he works that he might have defected. Suspicious at the nature of the evidence and concerned for a wife clearly devoted to her missing husband, the Chief investigates further, and finds that another of the scientists at the centre is developing some very dangerous technology indeed.

star 7.00
4 votes
Raise the Devil (1)

#93 - Raise the Devil (1)

Ironside Season 8 - Episode 1

A woman is killed in a locked room, and her daughter Susan confesses to the murder after apparently becoming possessed by the spirit of her long-dead younger brother. The Chief enlists a psychic to help him in his investigations, but the clues that she offers him seem to confuse more than they assist.

star 7.00
2 votes
Set Up: Danger!

#94 - Set Up: Danger!

Ironside Season 8 - Episode 6

When Ed returns from a holiday he finds the Chief missing, and a series of obscure clues pointing to the suggestion that he has been kidnapped. In truth Ironside has been waylaid by an old enemy, a mobster seeking his help to solve a murder, but a gang war is brewing and the Chief needs his team to find him in time to stop it erupting unchecked.

star 7.00
2 votes
Heart of Gold

#95 - Heart of Gold

In the Heat of the Night Season 4 - Episode 6

Bubba is reunited with his high school sweetheart, but his happiness is short lived after she resorts to murder to silence an attorney who was threatening to stop her from inheriting her late husband's estate.

star 7.00
8 votes
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The More Things Change

#96 - The More Things Change

In the Heat of the Night Season 5 - Episode 7

A man murders his business partner and frames the man's illegitimate daughter for the crime in an attempt to gain the man's business and his wife.

star 7.00
5 votes
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By Means Most Foul

#97 - By Means Most Foul

In the Heat of the Night Season 5 - Episode 17

A restaurateur and her mechanic boyfriend plot to eliminate her husband, but their scheme backfires.Gillespie takes heat over a string of mailbox bashings.And Virgil soon regrets ignoring Parker's theory regarding where the vandals would strike next.

star 7.00
9 votes
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The Stage is All the World

#98 - The Stage is All the World

McCloud Season 1 - Episode 5

(NOTE: For televised repeats, this episode was known as "Manhattan Manhunt, Part 2"). McCloud, whose new-found celebrity (thanks to an article by Chris Coughlin in the Chronicle) vexes the Department, is assigned to protect a British theatrical maven who has received letters assailing his ""filthy, obscene"" productions and threatening his life.

star 7.00
1 votes
I Am a Curious Lemon

#99 - I Am a Curious Lemon

That Girl Season 4 - Episode 14

Ann's attempts to impress Donald's ex-girlfriend at a dinner party go awry.

star 7.00
1 votes
War and Love and the Whole Damned Thing

#100 - War and Love and the Whole Damned Thing

Dallas Season 12 - Episode 6

Cally's brothers get J.R. out of prison and then want to kill him but Cally saves his life. Ray comes from Europe to visit Southfork. Clayton tries to find a legal way to make McKay release the water flow but Miss Ellie decides to blow up the dam. Wendell tells Sue Ellen that he knows about J.R.'s conditional acceptance into Ewing Oil. Wendell wants to team up with Sue Ellen against J.R. Lucy tells Casey she's not ready to get intimate. J.R. works the farm in Haleyville. Cally tells her brothers that she'll turn them in to police for murder if they kill J.R. McKay comes to Southfork with the sheriff but Miss Ellie denies having blown up the dam. Tension escalates between McKay and Southfork as he hires a team of mercenaries. Cliff offically becomes a parnter in Ewing Oil. Bobby dates Tracey Lawton but she's afraid of a commitment. Cally saves J.R.'s life again and they get married. The Ewings wonder about McKay's intentions. Sue Ellen gets divorced from J.R.

star 6.95
17 votes

#101 - Obsession

In the Heat of the Night Season 5 - Episode 3

A flirtatious schoolteacher is stalked by a madman.

star 6.89
9 votes
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#102 - Manimal

Manimal Season 1 - Episode 1

When a group of thieves devise a plan to hijack a shipment of nerve gas, Detective Brooke Mackenzie must stop them. She teams up with Dr. Jonathan Chase, a man that knows the secrets that divide man and animal and who is trained in an African technique that allows him to change into different animal forms. TRANSFORMATIONS - a hawk and a black panther.

star 6.85
13 votes
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Code of Honor

#103 - Code of Honor

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 - Episode 4

Stardate: 41235.25 Tasha Yar must fight for her life, and a vaccine, to save a race of people when she is kidnapped and forced to battle with her abductor's wife.

star 6.82
2484 votes
Out of the Frying Pan

#104 - Out of the Frying Pan

Dallas Season 12 - Episode 4

Cally's brothers want revenge on J.R. but the sheriff intervenes and saves his life. Cliff sells Barnes/ Wentworth to Jeremy Wendell. Clayton pressures Bobby to purchase his refineries. Casey Denault is excited about his success. Sue Ellen tells John Ross about the divorce. Back in Haleyville, J.R is in jail awaiting trial for rape. J.R. promises Cally to marry her if she gets him out of jail. Miss Ellie disapproves of Cliff's deal with Wendell. Bobby wants to start fresh with April but she rebuffs him. Casey proposes to Lucy. Miss Ellie wants Bobby to take Cliff into Ewing Oil. Cally lets J.R. out of jail but the sheriff catches up with them. J.R. is found guilty and is sent to prison for 10 years.

star 6.69
13 votes
The Ghost of the Dancing Doll

#105 - The Ghost of the Dancing Doll

Ironside Season 6 - Episode 20

An old friend of Ed's goes missing after promising to take him on a fishing trip, and it soon becomes clear that he has become involved in a Mob killing. Ed is determined to prove his friend's innocence, but the evidence soon mounts up; and Ed finds himself having to argue against even the Chief in order to show that his friend is not a killer.

star 6.67
3 votes
Trial by Terror

#106 - Trial by Terror

Ironside Season 8 - Episode 4

A woman reluctantly turns to Ironside for protection after she witnesses the murder of her father, a man who was set to testify in the trial of a drug kingpin.

star 6.67
3 votes
Silent Fury

#107 - Silent Fury

The Equalizer Season 4 - Episode 12

McCall tries to help a young woman who is one of the victims of a series of robberies directed against the deaf community.

star 6.56
8 votes
The Best Man

#108 - The Best Man

The Virginian Season 9 - Episode 2

Trampas and his friend Pick Lexington visit some old friends in Mexico. But Trampas is caught between Pick and one of his Mexican friends as both men fall for the same girl, and he hopes to stop them from dueling each other while the girl chooses between them.

star 6.50
2 votes
Lady at the Bar

#109 - Lady at the Bar

The Virginian Season 9 - Episode 8

Trampas is arrested for the murder of a man he argued with over ownership of a mine. The judge and marshal seem primarily interested in wrapping up the trial as quickly as possible so they can go fishing. Trampas's hope lies with his attorney, Frances B. Finch.

star 6.50
2 votes
The Legacy of Spencer Flats

#110 - The Legacy of Spencer Flats

The Virginian Season 9 - Episode 17

Stopping in nearly abandoned Spencer Flats, Trampas is held by sisters Della and Annie Spencer, who accuse him of being outlaw Deke Slaughter, though their handyman is not so convinced. Then the real Slaughter rides into the town, claiming to be a sheriff.

star 6.50
2 votes
All About Andrea

#111 - All About Andrea

Ironside Season 6 - Episode 21

A celebrated feminist writer is shot at in the street, and Fran is assigned to protect her. The Chief does what he can to help from behind the scenes, whilst Ed does what he can too; by promptly falling in love with the victim's granddaughter. There are many possible culprits - but which is the right one?

star 6.50
2 votes
All Honorable Men

#112 - All Honorable Men

Ironside Season 6 - Episode 23

An apparently impossible robbery occurs in the safety deposit vault at a bank, and Ironside begins to unravel the details of the crime. There is only one apparent suspect, and the Chief is certain that he is not guilty; but as he investigates further, his own life may well be in danger.

star 6.50
2 votes
Walk in the Dark

#113 - Walk in the Dark

McCloud Season 1 - Episode 6

(NOTE: For televised repeats, this episode was known as "Murder Arena, Part 2"). McCloud complains about his assignment to rodeo detail, so Chief Clifford sends him to Special Auxiliary Force VI under the command of Sgt. Dameron, where he works to catch a murderer in Central Park.

star 6.50
2 votes
Bounty Hunter

#114 - Bounty Hunter

In the Heat of the Night Season 4 - Episode 12

Gillespie receives word that a former Spartan is wanted for the murder of a socialite in Houston.But a ruthless bounty hunter, sent by the victim's jealous husband is already in Sparta and sees the man's sister as a means to locate his quarry.

star 6.43
7 votes
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When the Music Stopped

#115 - When the Music Stopped

In the Heat of the Night Season 6 - Episode 9

Singer Eddie Larran returns to Sparta for a concert,but not everyone is a fan.An angry man insists that Eddie owes him money.And their dispute soon ends in violence.

star 6.33
6 votes
Give Me Your Life (2)

#116 - Give Me Your Life (2)

In the Heat of the Night Season 7 - Episode 24

Bill and Harriet return home. The cult kidnaps the girl from her foster home. Forbes and his men arrest a man who has been supplying drugs used to keep the cult members under control.Soon a standoff develops and the officers realize that they have no intention of surrendering. Sarah is taken hostage.As they attempt to rescue the women and children Lonnie and Parker find themselves defusing a bomb and Bubba risks his life to rescue a small child from the building.

star 6.33
3 votes
Flowers from a Lady

#117 - Flowers from a Lady

In the Heat of the Night Season 6 - Episode 10

A city councilwoman becomes dangerously obsessed with Bubba.

star 6.29
7 votes
Incident at Brewer's Pond

#118 - Incident at Brewer's Pond

In the Heat of the Night Season 7 - Episode 5

A night of revelry at a local pond turns deadly.

star 6.17
6 votes
A Death in Academe

#119 - A Death in Academe

Ironside Season 7 - Episode 20

A philosophy student commits suicide, and her death leads to strong criticism of her college professor. When it seems that the life of the professor himself may now be in danger, Ed brings in the team to try to protect his old friend.

star 6.00
1 votes
The Law on Trial

#120 - The Law on Trial

In the Heat of the Night Season 5 - Episode 22

Gillespie,Tibbs and Father DiMarco must stand trial for harbouring a fugitive and obstructing justice.

star 6.00
4 votes
Maybelle Returns

#121 - Maybelle Returns

In the Heat of the Night Season 7 - Episode 14

Maybelle's new phone sex business is a great success - until one her girls decides to moonlight as a prostitute.

star 6.00
4 votes
Give Me Your Life (1)

#122 - Give Me Your Life (1)

In the Heat of the Night Season 7 - Episode 23

Bill and Harriet travel to New Orleans for their honeymoon.Forbes learns that a cult which has rented an old school building may be involved in child abuse and other illegal activities.While inspecting the premises Bubba and Dee rescue a frightened young girl.Bubba finds a foster home for the girl but the girl's mother tries to regain custody in court - with Sarah Hallisey as their attorney.

star 6.00
3 votes
Night of the Beast

#123 - Night of the Beast

Manimal Season 1 - Episode 8

While on a well deserved vacation, Jonathan, Ty and Brooke get involved to thwart an attempt by a syndicate boss to illegally take over the town of Birch Hollow in order legalize gambling and build a large casino. TRANSFORMATIONS: a horse, black panther, bear (twice) and hawk.

star 5.50
2 votes
Private Sessions

#124 - Private Sessions

In the Heat of the Night Season 6 - Episode 11

One of Virgil's classmates from law school is arrested following the death of his former girlfriend, but the man insists that her death was the result of her relationship with her psychiatrist.

star 5.33
6 votes
Our Man in Paris

#125 - Our Man in Paris

McCloud Season 1 - Episode 7

(NOTE: For televised repeats, this episode was known as "Man from Taos, Part 2"). In Paris, McCloud and a stewardess try to locate a mysterious arms smuggler with ties to an American mogul and a New York gubernatorial candidate.

star 0.00
0 votes
Fifth Man in a String Quartet

#126 - Fifth Man in a String Quartet

McCloud Season 2 - Episode 6

A musician is framed for the killing of his teacher, a violinist whose long-lost brother was in the mob.

star 0.00
0 votes
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The New Mexican Connection

#127 - The New Mexican Connection

McCloud Season 3 - Episode 1

A TV commentator's critique of police shootings tarnishes the department's stakeout squad, and Chris Coughlin is threatened to force the release of a murder suspect extradited to Taos by McCloud.

star 0.00
0 votes
Lady on the Run

#128 - Lady on the Run

McCloud Season 5 - Episode 7

A woman pursues the hit man who killed her sister, and in Mexico City is pursued herself.

star 0.00
0 votes
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