The BEST episodes directed by Robert Gist

The System
60 votes

#1 - The System

Mission: Impossible - Season 3 - Episode 15

A gangster, Constantine Victor (aka "Mr. V") has had the last witness against him on a murder indictment killed. Johnny Costa, Victor's associates and a casino owner, is the only one with enough evidence to get Victor convicted. The IMF must con Costa into talking. Phelps as a syndicate killer warns Costa that someone has put a contract on him. Cinnamon charms Costa and has him endorse minor credit slips which the IMF then forges for bigger ones. Rollin is a bookkeeper who supposedly works for Costa, finds an unlisted $25,000 planted by Barney, and the fake credit slips. Thanks to a prerecorded call from "Victor" mimicked by Rollin, Costa is relieved of duties. Costa confronts Cinnamon and gets her to admit she is working for Victor. Fleeing from Willy as another hit man, Costa locks himself in the casino vault to protect himself until he can testify against Victor.

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The White Knight
5 votes

#2 - The White Knight

The Fugitive - Season 3 - Episode 26

After witnessing a small plane crash, Kimble rescues the pilot and two passengers, senatorial candidate Glenn Madison, and his assistant/secret lover, Pat Haynes. Glenn's PR man, Russ Haynes (Pat's husband) arranges for a sketch artist to draw a portrait of Glenn's rescuer whom had left the scene. Russ locates the fugitive and brings him to the Madison estate for Glenn to congratulate him for saving his life. But the sketch artist recognizes Kimble and calls the police whom arrives at the mansion. But Russ and Glenn hold them off. Meanwhile, Glenn's wife, Claire, recognizes Kimble, and threatens to turn him in unless he tells her of the person that Glenn has seeing, aware of her husband's long history of infidelity. But Kimble claims not to know anything. When Kimble confronts Pat, she admits to her affair with Glenn. Claire overhears the conversation and decides to destroy her husband's image. But Glenn murders her and then calls the police again to put the blame of the fugitive.

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The Galileo Seven
1077 votes

#3 - The Galileo Seven

Star Trek - Season 1 - Episode 16

Spock commands a stranded away team when their shuttlecraft is stranded on a planet with hostile natives.

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I Dream of Genie
121 votes

#4 - I Dream of Genie

The Twilight Zone - Season 4 - Episode 12

A man considers several possibilities when offered one wish by a genie.

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The Singapore File
8 votes

#5 - The Singapore File

Hawaii Five-O - Season 2 - Episode 9

McGarrett gets a phone call from Singapore and goes to rescue Nicole Wylie, a witness who has changed her mind and wants to testify. However, the pair must face many dangers on their return trip back to Hawaii.

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Come and Kill Me
1 votes

#6 - Come and Kill Me

The Untouchables - Season 4 - Episode 9

July 4, 1930.  40,000 horse racing fans fill Arlington Park.  Ness and his men have Arnold ""Spats"" Vincent under surveillance; they will close in on him as soon as he gets a piece of paper: a list with the names of officials in high places who are ready to do business with the crime cartel.  2 hoods (one tall, one short), apparently associates of Spats, approach him.  The tall hood sits next to him and whispers something to him; then he stabs Spats.  The hoods take off running; Ness and his men and some cops chase them. They arrest the tall hood, but the short one gets shot by a cop. Ness figures that top gangster Nate Stryker had put a contract on Spats; Ness and his men grill the tall hood, but he's not talking, he won't even give his name.  Ness has Stryker hauled in, but the tall hood won't squeal on him.  Later, Stryker meets with Dexter Lloyd Bayless-- he runs a school where he trains assassins; Bayless had provided the 2 hoods for this hit.  Stryker is worried the hood might si

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The Hair Hunter
1 votes

#7 - The Hair Hunter

The High Chaparral - Season 1 - Episode 26

A bounty on Apache scalps disrupts peace between the Cannons and the Indians. When Apache raids close Judah Austin's mine, he offers Stoner a bounty for Indian scalps despite John Cannon's objections. Stoner's son Chad is wounded in an attack on the Apaches and turns against his father while recuperating at the High Chaparral ranch.

1 votes

#8 - Nightmare

The Virginian - Season 8 - Episode 16

When the wife of a prominent Medicine Bow business man arrives, smoldering jealousies quickly rise to the top.

An Eye for an Eye
0 votes

#9 - An Eye for an Eye

The Untouchables - Season 4 - Episode 19

Chicago, Spring 1931.  That night, Ness and his men are in their car; it's an 80 mph chase to catch a guy running whiskey for Solly Girsch.  The 19-year-old driver has a high-speed accident; his car overturns and explodes in flames.  Solly Girsch is the king of bootleg whiskey; he has 500 ""mom & pop"" stores pushing his hooch-- all together, they form the biggest single outlet of whiskey in Chicago.  Next night, top boss Harry Mastrogeorge-- along with Solly's crooked lawyer Billy Baron and about half a dozen of Mastrogeorge's lieutenants-- are throwing a party for Solly, celebrating his getting his 500th outlet.  They bring in a 2-foot-high cake.  Solly quips he wishes a blonde would jump out of the cake. (she'd be pretty short.) But Solly has an announcement; he's buying 1,000 gallons of whiskey a day from them, and he wants to cut the price he pays from $8 a gallon to $4.  They all balk, and Pete Topchinski  is vocal about it.  Big bucks are involved-- it's a $2-million a year busine