The Best Episodes Directed by Philip Leacock

Finders and Losers

#1 - Finders and Losers

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 19

Sofia's attempt to reason with Phillippe about her father and Lance's imprisonment places her in the same predicament. However, a shootout at the chalet frees them all. After Lance fails to report to her at Falcon Crest, Angela flies to Europe with Reardon to find him, but they arrive too late to do any good. In the meantime, Emma and Dwayne find Ursula in Mexico and rescue her with the help of a flirtatious police captain. In order to even the score with Angela, Chase devises a ruse for one of the valley's vineyard owners. Jordan worries about her memory lapses, but begins to find rather unnerving clues to her behavior. Chase approves of Maggie's tour to promote her book. Joseph violently reacts to Melissa and Cole's continual disputes.

star 10.00
1 votes
The Dinner

#2 - The Dinner

Dynasty Season 3 - Episode 22

Blake confronts Alexis with evidence of fraudulent figures involved in the recent merger; Alexis learns Blake's lucrative oil extraction process does not extend to Colbyco. Newlyweds Jeff and Kirby have their first fight; Steven visits Claudia at the High Meadow Sanitarium. Alexis offers Mark money to leave Fallon; he refuses. Later. Fallon finds her mother in Mark's bed, undressed. Krystle arranges a dinner to improve relations between Steven and Blake; Alexis interferes and sees that Steven is out of town, unable to attend. Blake insists his absence is due to hostility and Krystle, incensed at her husband's insensitivity, storms off.

star 9.42
38 votes
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The Vigil

#3 - The Vigil

Dynasty Season 4 - Episode 18

With the family at the hospital waiting for Fallon to regain consciousness, Blake races to the airport to intercept Peter. Passing through security, DeYilbis sets off an alarm and the guards find a cache of drugs in his briefcase. Blake blocks his escape, and Peter is taken to jail. Blake is offered an important political post. McYane informs Alexis of the appointment. He is sure she will try to topple him and wants to be there when she does to blackmail her. Kirby accepts Adam's marriage proposal. Fallon regains consciousness and finds she is paralyzed.

star 9.36
36 votes
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#4 - Acapulco

Dynasty Season 3 - Episode 9

Jeff starts being dizzy and affected by the painting in his office. Joseph tells Kirby to stay away from Jeff. Krystle goes to Acapulco to find out what really happened when they had they so-called divorce. Blake comes after her to be with her and support her. They finish the case, the divorce will be legal, and Blake and Krystle's marriage will be valid. The oil rig Steven works on explodes.

star 9.30
37 votes
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Tender Commrades

#5 - Tender Commrades

Dynasty Season 4 - Episode 6

Following through on the plan to retain custody of Danny, Steven and Claudia fly to Reno and are married. When the judge receives the assurance they will jointly rear the child, the suit is dismissed. Attempting to win Krystle back, Blake offers her a public relations job at Denver-Carrington. Adam asks Alexis to sign three routine documents, but the second and third pages are positioned so only the signature line is exposed. When alone, Adam crumples the first page and carefully places the other two in his pocket. Fallon and Jeff investigate the poisoning incident in Montana. They are stunned to learn the name of the prosecuting attorney was Michael Torrance--the name Adam used before arriving in Denver.

star 9.19
36 votes
Trial Marriage

#6 - Trial Marriage

Eight is Enough Season 2 - Episode 2

This episode introduces Betty Buckley in the contract role of Sue " Abby" Abbott. At first, she was a special guest star. Tommy breaks his ankles at a touch football game and will miss school for five weeks. Mary moves in with her boyfriend, a young psychiatry students [Doug]. Sandra Sue Abbott is sent to tutor Tommy while he is absent from school.

star 9.00
2 votes
Bad Cats and Sudden Death

#7 - Bad Cats and Sudden Death

Cannon Season 2 - Episode 1

That's about as unlucky as you can get. An assistant DA investigating a car theft ring is framed for his wife's murder.

star 8.60
5 votes
The Empty Nest

#8 - The Empty Nest

The Waltons Season 7 - Episode 1

Everybody mourns the death of Grandpa Zeb and Flossie Brimmer. John struggles hard to fill a huge lumber contract and Mary Ellen & Erin move to Charlottesville and they get an apartment.

star 8.58
19 votes
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The Downstairs Bride

#9 - The Downstairs Bride

Dynasty Season 3 - Episode 20

Upon hearing that Kirby has married Jeff, Joseph tells his daughter she has ruined her life. Blake suggests to Alexis they call a truce to their battle over Steven; Alexis offers Steven a share in Colbyco. Adam informs Fallon he doesn't consider Steven emotionally capable of handling the family business. After discussing the possibility of a reconciliation with Sammy Jo, Steven returns from New York alone. Blake disapproves of his son's plans to move out of the mansion with little Danny, but Krystle insists he let him go to prevent further alienation.

star 8.51
63 votes
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Hidden Meanings

#10 - Hidden Meanings

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 22

Reasoning that Angela would never give control of Falcon Crest to an outsider, Lance is convinced that Peter is hiding something from the rest of the family. At the winery, Emma reconciles with Dwayne. After Maggie rejects Jeff's advances, he continues to fantasize about her. After Jordan provides Terry information about Richard and Chase's secret business plans, Richard hires a detective to check on Jordan. Eric begins to enjoy the campaign to secure Melissa's grapes for Falcon Crest when he takes her dancing. Reardon is fired after he refuses to obey Peter's order to withdraw $30 million of Falcon Crest funds for him.

star 8.50
2 votes
The Shakedown

#11 - The Shakedown

Dynasty Season 2 - Episode 20

Claudia keeps accusing Krystle about her relationship with Matthew during his marriage. Steven is on his way home from Hollywood when he picks up a guy who wants a ride to Denver. When they get there, the guy tries to blackmail Steven. Steven beats him up, and is arrested for assault. Cecil has chest pains and seems to be getting heart problems. Blake accuses Alexis of shooting at Krystle's horse and threatens her.

star 8.48
63 votes
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#12 - Mark

Dynasty Season 3 - Episode 6

Blake tries to be friends with Adam, but Adam is rejecting. Alexis tells Mark that he's still married to Krystle. Mark seeks to get a job as a tennis pro at Fallon's hotel. Fallon is attracted to him, but she takes distance from him when she finds out he's Krystle's ex-husband. Jeff quits his job at ColbyCo and starts working for Alexis, and Adam does not like it. Joseph wants to quit his job at the mansion and go to his daughter, Kirby Alicia Aynders, in France, but Blake talks him into staying.

star 8.26
68 votes
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The Car

#13 - The Car

The Waltons Season 2 - Episode 24

When John-Boy starts college and needs a car to travel to and from college, he makes a deal with Hyder Rudge. John-Boy works at the Rudge home for the car. Hyder hides the auto and refuses to sell to John-Boy because the car belonged to Hyder's dead son.

star 8.10
20 votes
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The Literary Man

#14 - The Literary Man

The Waltons Season 1 - Episode 11

John-Boy's truck breaks down and he meets the author, A.J. Covington. John-Boy jeopardizes a timber contract badly needed by the family.

star 8.00
31 votes
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The Prize

#15 - The Prize

The Waltons Season 2 - Episode 7

The Country Fair has come to Walton's Mountain. Grandma has entered a quilt in the competition. Ben sells a pig for the greased pig contest and Olivia's old suitor, now politician, visits the fair.

star 8.00
26 votes
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The Ring

#16 - The Ring

The Waltons Season 3 - Episode 6

Mary Ellen buys a purse. At home she finds there's a pretty amethyst ring inside which she decides to wear at the dance, but she and Erin keep the finding of the ring a secret.

star 8.00
24 votes
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Show Me a Hero / Slam Dunk

#17 - Show Me a Hero / Slam Dunk

Fantasy Island Season 5 - Episode 1

In "Show Me a Hero" Helen Ross a romantic woman must confront the love of her past, John Day before she can experience real love in her present, Ted Kingman. And in "Slam Dunk" a successful sports writer Matt Kane wishes to become a super-star basketball player in hopes in winning over Ginger Donovan the girl he loves.

star 8.00
8 votes
The Perfect Husband / Volcano

#18 - The Perfect Husband / Volcano

Fantasy Island Season 5 - Episode 7

In "The Perfect Husband" a wealthy young woman learns that looking for perfection can mean looking for a lot of unpredictable trouble. And in "Volcano" a successful young seismologist, more concerned with science than with humanity, finds his life and the lives of others threatened by a volcano.

star 8.00
5 votes
House of Dolls / Wuthering Heights

#19 - House of Dolls / Wuthering Heights

Fantasy Island Season 5 - Episode 11

In "House of Dolls" window dresser Francis Elkins becomes infatuated with a mannequin and has her brought to life with some surprising results. And in "Wuthering Heights" social worker Clarissa Bevis in love with the character from the classic Emily Bronte novel, risks her life to actually meet her literary lover in person.

star 8.00
1 votes
King Arthur in Mr. Roarke's Court / Shadow Games

#20 - King Arthur in Mr. Roarke's Court / Shadow Games

Fantasy Island Season 5 - Episode 13

In "King Arthur in Mr. Roarke's Court" an English history buff meets up with his hero, the legendary King Arthur, he is in for a major disappointment. And in "Shadow Games" a singing star Sara Jean wishes to bring her lover back from the dead.

star 8.00
1 votes

#21 - Remember...When?

Fantasy Island Season 6 - Episode 21

Tattoo has an auto accident and suffers a serious head injury. Mr. Roarke helps him through the surgery and to overcome his depression by reminiscing about their favorite fantasies. In flashback scenes there are appearances by: Anne Jeffreys, Richard Lineback, James Steward, Mabel King, Raymond St. Jacques, Cleavon Little, Berlinda Tolbert, Kedren Jones, Samantha Eggar, Joseph Cotton, John Brandon, Linda Thompson Jenner, Don Ho, Laraine Day, Dick Fair, Sam Melville, Tom Wopat, Robert Mandan, John Fiedler, Lynda Day George, Victor Buono, Michael Hadlow, Angela Slater, Philece Sampler, Rosemary Lord, Paul John Balson, Tom Bailey.

star 8.00
3 votes
Roots of Fear

#22 - Roots of Fear

Gunsmoke Season 15 - Episode 13

Amos Sadler, a dirt farmer faces the loss of his home when a panic closes down the Dodge City bank. To save it he and his wife plan to break into it and steal some money.

star 8.00
12 votes
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#23 - Nepotism

Falcon Crest Season 6 - Episode 8

After Angela, who is annoyed at Lance's defection to Richard's New Globe, continues her patronage of Dan Fixx, Emma seeks guidance from a storefront psychic. Kit appeals to Richard for help from Fixx, giving Richard a weapon to use against Angela. Cole is disenchanted with his father's partnership with Tony as Maggie is unable to help her troubled son or herself mend their relationships with Chase. Angela provides Miss Jones' sister with the nanny job in Richard's house. Richard dumps waste near Chase and Tony's vineyard.

star 8.00
3 votes
False Point

#24 - False Point

Falcon Crest Season 6 - Episode 12

Due to his past manipulations of Melissa's life, Lance's attempt to win control of The New Globe backfires. Richard overcomes Lance's ploy to control The New Globe by producing the man who framed Melissa, who demands that Lance move out. Emma brings Karlotti home to trace Wayne's spirit and begins to transfer her affections to the medium. Angela begins to believe that Lance framed her. Kit is reluctant to leave Tony for Guy and his plans of a fake suicide. Dan is able to break through Vicky's defenses. Maggie observes Chase's victory kiss from Gwen and has complications with her pregnancy.

star 8.00
2 votes

#25 - Carousel

Dynasty Season 4 - Episode 11

Kirby proposes that she and Jeff divorce. Adam tells her he wants to be a father to their child. Dex and Alexis make love. Jeff is jealous to see Fallon with Peter DeVilbis. Peter's champion racehorse, Allegre, is up for sale, and Blake decides to buy the mare. At the Carousel Ball, the high point of Denver's social season, Blake and Krystle announce their intentions to remarry. Steven warmly wishes his father the best. Blake is touched by the gesture and welcomes his son back into the family.

star 7.90
10 votes
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The Sinner

#26 - The Sinner

The Waltons Season 1 - Episode 7

The Reverend Matthew Fordwick comes to Walton's Mountain and upsets the family with his strict and forceful preaching. He innocently samples "the recipe," and John helps him to be accepted within the community

star 7.87
45 votes
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The Perfect Gentleman / Legend

#27 - The Perfect Gentleman / Legend

Fantasy Island Season 6 - Episode 3

In "The Perfect Gentleman" a famous rock singer who witnessed a murder in Las Vegas and faked his own death comes to the Island to assume a new identity. And in "Legend" an actress wishes to start an illustrious career in musicals.

star 7.67
3 votes
Revenge of the Forgotten / Charo

#28 - Revenge of the Forgotten / Charo

Fantasy Island Season 6 - Episode 14

In "Revenge of the Forgotten" a man who spent eight years in a prison comes to Fantasy Island to find a fabulous lost treasure and start a new life. And in "Charo" Charles Woodruff has spent his life without love and realizes his dignity and success never gave him happiness. The void in his life is filled when Maria's fantasy comes true and she is reunited with her father.

star 7.67
3 votes
The Bordello

#29 - The Bordello

Dynasty Season 1 - Episode 8

Walter takes Steven to a bordello to try to ""straighten him out"". Something goes wrong at Matthew and Walter's rig, Steven is blamed for sabotaging, and though he's innocent, he looses his job. Blake's plan now is to take Walter and Matthew's rig when they're in trouble. Krystle doesn't like Blake's methods in his work. She pawns an emerald necklace and loans Matthew the money to help him. She makes a false copy so Blake won't understand it's gone. In the end, Matthew and Krystle kiss, but Krystle breaks it off and leaves.

star 7.53
17 votes
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El Hombre Bravo

#30 - El Hombre Bravo

Rawhide Season 7 - Episode 29

Favor and Mushy are driving six prize bulls toward the American border in Mexico. A band of Mexicans tell Favor they are looking for El Hombre Bravo. General Velasquez's men rope a drive steer and search the wagons for El Hombre Bravo. Favor and Mushy meet Pajarito, a school teacher and eight orphans heading to a mission north of the border. Pajarito wrote pamphlets for the revolutionaries and signed them El Hombre Bravo.

star 7.50
2 votes
The Last Of The Great Paperhangers

#31 - The Last Of The Great Paperhangers

Hawaii Five-O Season 9 - Episode 7

A masterful forger plans a massive robbery of Navy funds, and McGarrett is made to look rather inept...

star 7.50
2 votes
The Volunteer

#32 - The Volunteer

The Waltons Season 6 - Episode 6

After Erin says no to the marriage proposal of G.W. Haines, he joins the Army. Erin visits G.W. at Camp Lee Army Base despite her father's reluctance.

star 7.50
12 votes
Three's a Crowd / Second Time Around

#33 - Three's a Crowd / Second Time Around

Fantasy Island Season 7 - Episode 6

In "Second Time Around" a woman comes to the Island to save her marriage. And in "Three's A Crowd" a son separated becomes angry when he sees his widowed mother enjoying the company of a man.

star 7.50
2 votes
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#34 - Maggie

Falcon Crest Season 6 - Episode 10

Maggie's determination to keep her baby, regardless of the consequences, further alienates her from her family. Cole is adamant about leading his life away from the family, and Maggie has no choice but to give him her blessing. Vicki goes to see Dan Fixx, whom her parents disapprove. Chase accepts his wife's views on her upcoming motherhood. Angela attends Karlotti's seance, which is instrumental in giving Lance control of Emma's holdings. Chase and Tony discover vineyards contaminated from the dumping at Tuscany Downs, with evidence pointing to Angela's conspiracy to ruin her rivals. Fixx confides in Vicky. Lance moves to take over The Globe.

star 7.50
2 votes
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Murder Digs Deep

#35 - Murder Digs Deep

Murder, She Wrote Season 2 - Episode 11

An archaeological dig at the site of Coronado's City of Gold does not please everyone and a new corpse is dug up.

star 7.48
159 votes
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Bed of Roses

#36 - Bed of Roses

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Season 2 - Episode 29

George Maxwell is a former playboy who has just married his boss's daughter Mavis. George, however, must meet an ex-girlfriend to give her money. He arrives in a cab only to find his ex-girlfriend dead. He heads back home, but the next day the cabbie who drove him to the murder scene threatens him with blackmail. George tells his Mavis and she kills the cab driver and buries his body in the rose garden. Mavis then tells George that she killed his ex-girlfriend because she was alos blackmailing him. George is impressed and, later, when George's secretary threatens blackmail because she he knows about the cab driver, George calls Mavis and tells her that more rose bushes are on the way.

star 7.44
9 votes
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The Outrage (1)

#37 - The Outrage (1)

The Waltons Season 9 - Episode 1

Harley Foster and John have a delivery out of town. They have to deal with prejudice first hand when Harley gets arrested for an old crime. John goes and sees President Roosevelt for a pardon.

star 7.33
15 votes
Fallon's Wedding

#38 - Fallon's Wedding

Dynasty Season 1 - Episode 6

Cecil helps Blake with his money problems. Jeff and Fallon get married. Blake's driver, Michael Culhane, who's been sleeping with Fallon, is a bit jealous, because she won't take him anymore. Blake hires him to do undercover work for Denver-Carrington, and he starts flirting with Cecil's secretary. Blake warns him about being unloyal. Steven gets a visit from his gay friend, Ted Dinard, from New York.

star 7.29
48 votes
The Songwriter / Queen of the Soaps

#39 - The Songwriter / Queen of the Soaps

Fantasy Island Season 6 - Episode 11

In "The Songwriter" a man travels back in time to find the unpublished songs of his famous "songwriter" grandfather. And in "Queen of the Soaps" a soap opera star hopes Mr. Roarke can help her from becoming possessed by Andrea, her evil character she plays on TV.

star 7.25
4 votes
The Desperado

#40 - The Desperado

Bonanza Season 12 - Episode 19

Hoss is held prisoner by a fugitive black couple who they admit hate white people and have nothing to lose by killing them.

star 7.25
6 votes
Return of the Fighting 69th

#41 - Return of the Fighting 69th

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Season 1 - Episode 8

Some time before Buck Roger's arrival, Col. Wilma Deering had set out to capture two interstellar gun runners. A fire in their spacecraft left them disfigured and they now set out to take their revenge on Wilma and Earth. Capturing a freighter with 20th Century chemical weapons, they plan to poison the planet's atmosphere. With the aid of retired members of the Earth Defense Directorate's 69th Squadron, Buck and Wilma attack the gun runners' base to destroy them and the chemical weapons.

star 7.24
179 votes
Planet of the Amazon Women

#42 - Planet of the Amazon Women

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Season 1 - Episode 10

Kidnapped to the planet Zantia, Buck finds himself auctioned off to Ariela, the daughter of the planet's Prime Minister. Through her, Buck learns that the planet's male population are being held as prisoners of war of a people called the Ruathans. Buck agrees to help the women free their men in return for his own freedom.

star 7.20
196 votes
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The Necklace

#43 - The Necklace

Dynasty Season 1 - Episode 10

Blake apologizes to Krystle about his behavior, and she forgives him. Michael has found out about Krystle's pawning and tells it to Fallon. Matthew and Walter finally strike oil. Claudia goes out with a guy she meets and almost has an affair with him. She manages to pull out, but later she has an affair with Steven. Lindsay starts finding out about it.

star 7.15
73 votes
Justice For All

#44 - Justice For All

Falcon Crest Season 4 - Episode 24

Cole battles with Connie, resenting her interference in his champagne operation. However, Chase convinces her to stay on, not realizing she is thrilled to be working near him. In court, after the foreman announces that the jury cannot reach a verdict in Lance's case, Judge Holder orders the jury to deliberate again. After Maggie observes Richard and Holder meeting in the parking lot, she becomes determined to discover if they are conspiring against Lance. While Melissa fears the outcome if anyone discovers that she was responsible for Lance's arrest, her cousin Robin sees Melissa's search for a surrogate mother as the perfect opportunity to move closer to Cole. Cassandra and Damon use Richard and Cole to further establish themselves at Falcon Crest. After the foreman reads the verdict, Lance and his family hear Judge Holder sentence him to seven years in state prison.

star 7.07
28 votes
Storm Warning

#45 - Storm Warning

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 8

When Angela discovers that Lance has shifted from publisher to rock radio impresario, she expels him from the mansion. After an all-night tryst in Dwayne's truck, Emma returns home to Angela. Peter's attentions finally make an impression on Angela, and she begins to take his marriage proposal seriously. Although Richard Channing and Cassandra Wilder mistrust one another, they plan a new beginning. Melissa tries to tell Father Christopher about her feelings for him. In a plan to save their land, Chase and Maggie enlist the help of Sheriff Gilmore, Terry and Wicker.

star 7.07
28 votes
Love Island / The Sisters

#46 - Love Island / The Sisters

Fantasy Island Season 6 - Episode 22

In "Love Island" two phony playboy wannabe's fanatisize about being on an Island surrounded by beautiful wild women, are in for a huge surprise when their island paradise turns out to be something very prehistoric. And in "The Sisters" Stephanie Wilson is in search of her sister Linda. She is having visions of her sister and her abusive captor Richard Winston, she wants to help her sister escape.

star 7.00
3 votes
The Mermaid and the Matchmaker / The Obsolete Man

#47 - The Mermaid and the Matchmaker / The Obsolete Man

Fantasy Island Season 7 - Episode 18

In "Mermaid and the Matchmaker" the mermaid, Nyah asks Mr. Roarke to end her immortality, but upon Mr. Roarke's refusal to do so she threatens to seek revenge on him and Fantasy Island. And in "The Obsolete Man" young man who may be replaced at his job by a computer, wants to feel like his life has a purpose once again.

star 7.00
2 votes
Don Juan's Last Affair / The Final Adieu

#48 - Don Juan's Last Affair / The Final Adieu

Fantasy Island Season 7 - Episode 20

In "Don Juan's Last Affair" Two good friends who share a platonic relationship come to the Island in search of true love - with other partners. And in "The Final Adieu" a high-powered career woman wishes to end a long relationship she has had with a married man.

star 7.00
1 votes
Cold Comfort

#49 - Cold Comfort

Falcon Crest Season 4 - Episode 28

Lance ardently resists Angela's orders to board the ship until he gets an answer to why Lorraine is not there. Telephoning Falcon Crest, Lance learns that Lorraine is in the hospital, where she lies in a coma. Risking everything, he speeds off in Angela's car to see her. Lance is recognized at the hospital, but gets a chance to see Lorraine and encourages her to keep fighting before two policemen take him away. Awakening from her coma the next day, Lorraine begs Richard to get Lance out of jail. On a tip from a Turf Club bartender, Greg digs up the proof needed to convict Melissa. He confronts her, insisting she turn herself in within 48 hours. Cole is once again kept in the dark as to his wife's dealings. He receives shocking news about his own past actions, however, when Melissa's cousin, Robin, arrives again at their doorstep.

star 7.00
31 votes
Inconceivable Affairs

#50 - Inconceivable Affairs

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 10

Although Angela is reluctant to change her name to Stavros and relinquish running her wine empire to marry Peter, they finally set the date. Refusing to lose Dwayne, Emma asks him to marry her. Richard proposes to Cassandra, believing he can only trust her if they are married. Cole and Melissa agree to a church wedding, but the bride becomes distraught when Father Christopher must perform the ceremony. Greg's persistence pays off when Jordan agrees to a date with him. Maggie receives an advance check for a novel she doesn't remember writing. A man from Apollonia's past re-enters her life and his actions disturb Lance. Angela loses her court battle to override Lance's exchange with Richard for the radio station.

star 7.00
28 votes
False Hope

#51 - False Hope

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 12

Chase ignores his new grandchild until the baby needs an operation, then rallies to support Cole and Melissa. When Maggie's novel, ""Sudden Friends,"" debuts in The New Globe, Angela prepares to sue. After Chase loses the distributor for his wine, he makes an offer to Dwayne. Apollonia stars in a video and is offered a long tour, but Lance refuses to accompany her. Reardon stands by while J.J. Roberts announces his candidacy for election, much to Jordan's distress. Confused about his feelings for Melissa, Father Christopher wants to resign from the priesthood. Terry questions Richard Channing about her share of the profits from Tuscany Downs. After she orders a secret audit, she discovers Richard's skimming scheme and confronts him with her findings.

star 7.00
28 votes

#52 - Piney

Rawhide Season 7 - Episode 3

Favor hears Piney Kinney wants to join the herd thinking it will solve his need for drovers. However, Piney who lost his herd and most of his ranch, is working with a gang to rob the bank and use Favor's herd as cover for their escape.

star 6.75
4 votes
Oldest Profession -- Latest Price

#53 - Oldest Profession -- Latest Price

Hawaii Five-O Season 9 - Episode 4

The murder of island prostitutes seems to be linked to an extortion racketeer who is determined to make a return...

star 6.75
4 votes
The Legend

#54 - The Legend

Gunsmoke Season 17 - Episode 6

Ma Colter tries to dissuade her youngest son from following his older brothers into a life of crime.

star 6.73
45 votes

#55 - MacGraw

Gunsmoke Season 15 - Episode 12

Ex-guman Jake MacGraw arrives in Dodge after spending 20 years in prison. The townspeople think he has come for revenge.

star 6.64
47 votes
The Devil's Outpost

#56 - The Devil's Outpost

Gunsmoke Season 15 - Episode 1

Outlaw Yancy Tyce and his outlaw gang try to free Tyce's younger brother now under arrest and being taken to Dodge by Matt.

star 6.61
56 votes
The Witness

#57 - The Witness

Gunsmoke Season 16 - Episode 11

A family is held hostage so they can't testify at the trial of a killer.

star 6.51
39 votes
New Doctor in Town

#58 - New Doctor in Town

Gunsmoke Season 17 - Episode 5

Dr. Chapman is arrested by Festus when he tries to sleep in Doc's office even though he has explained that Doc went to Baltimore to hone his medical skills. A letter explains that Doc felt so badly about a little girl's death that he could have prevented if he had been more in tune with modern medicine, that he had to leave. Not many in town are very cordial to Dr. Chapman and when Newly's shop blows up with Newly and Festus in it, they dislike him even more. Festus is all right, but Newly has a bone splinter in his brain and needs an operation. Chapman wins the town by performing the operation and saving Newly's life.

star 6.51
45 votes
The Reluctant American

#59 - The Reluctant American

Bonanza Season 12 - Episode 20

An English couple comes to Nevada to learn why a ranch owned by the British investment firm is the only company holding not showing a profit.

star 6.50
5 votes
With Love, Bullets, and Valentines

#60 - With Love, Bullets, and Valentines

The Virginian Season 9 - Episode 4

Trampas wins a riverboat from an old man named Skeet in a poker game. He also wins a substantial amount of money, which two railroad detectives confiscate as it was previously stolen. He finds his new boat very dilapidated, and works to fix it with the help of Skeet and his granddaughter. But two aging outlaw brothers and their gang also want to use the riverboat to stage one last big crime.

star 6.50
2 votes
The Judgement

#61 - The Judgement

Gunsmoke Season 18 - Episode 4

A guy comes to Dodge for revenge on a guy who might just deserve it.

star 6.47
45 votes
The Thieves

#62 - The Thieves

Gunsmoke Season 15 - Episode 24

Sam takes a special interest in Eric Tabray, who is running around in a gang committing crimes in Dodge.

star 6.42
38 votes
The Noonday Devil

#63 - The Noonday Devil

Gunsmoke Season 16 - Episode 13

A bandit who is wanted by Matt hides from him.

star 6.42
36 votes
The Sisters

#64 - The Sisters

Gunsmoke Season 15 - Episode 14

Trapper Pack Landers returns and finds his cabin occupied by three nuns and two children he has never seen. The sisters are bringing the children to Landers, who is their father.

star 6.39
38 votes

#65 - Celia

Gunsmoke Season 15 - Episode 22

A friend of Newly's is about the victim of a con game.

star 6.38
37 votes
Wooden Model Of A Rat

#66 - Wooden Model Of A Rat

Hawaii Five-O Season 8 - Episode 15

Whilst trying to stop the smuggling of small Oriental animal statues, McGarrett is caught illegally in possession of one of them as part of his personal collection.

star 6.33
3 votes
The Pack Rat

#67 - The Pack Rat

Gunsmoke Season 15 - Episode 16

An orphan steals from Matt but could risk his own life when he tries to help out in an ambush.

star 6.32
37 votes
The Outrage (2)

#68 - The Outrage (2)

The Waltons Season 9 - Episode 2

Cont for part 1

star 6.25
7 votes
A Killer Grows Wings

#69 - A Killer Grows Wings

Hawaii Five-O Season 8 - Episode 21

Criminals threaten to use a special type of moth to wipe out the sugar cane on Hawaii and destroy the industry.

star 6.00
2 votes
Heir Presumptuous

#70 - Heir Presumptuous

Tales of the Unexpected Season 6 - Episode 5

Rancher George Devon is found murdered. Devon was a rich man, and his nephews Donald and David (who are identical twins) stand to inherit his fortune. They become the prime suspects, as one of them was seen at the scene of the crime just before Devon's body was found. But Sheriff Milt Singleton faces the problem that no-one can tell the twins apart, and both of them seem to have water-tight alibis.

star 5.88
8 votes
A Time to Die

#71 - A Time to Die

Bonanza Season 12 - Episode 25

While visiting the Ponderosa, Ben's friend, April Christopher, is bitten by a rabid wolf. Ben and April and her daughter must come to terms with her illness as they all realize the terrible fate that awaits April.

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Nurses Night Out

#72 - Nurses Night Out

Fantasy Island Season 7 - Episode 3

Three nurses are brought to the Island as guests of a mysterious benefactor who appreciated the care he received during his stay at their hospital.

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