The Best Episodes Directed by Peter Deluise

Divorce, Palm Beach Style

#1 - Divorce, Palm Beach Style

Silk Stalkings Season 6 - Episode 3

star 10.00
1 votes
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Talk Dirty To Me

#2 - Talk Dirty To Me

Silk Stalkings Season 6 - Episode 7

star 10.00
1 votes
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Because It's There

#3 - Because It's There

Higher Ground Season 1 - Episode 19

Scott tries to get Peter to get Shelby back to Horizon. Shelby finds out her stepfather abused her little sister Jess.

star 10.00
1 votes
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The Last Shot

#4 - The Last Shot

jPod Season 1 - Episode 8

Ethan passes out invitations to the Jarlewski Annual Chuckshot.

star 8.65
91 votes
My Heart Will Go On

#5 - My Heart Will Go On

When Calls the Heart Season 4 - Episode 6

After the death of a friend, Jack makes some difficult life choices that may affect Elizabeth as well.

star 8.31
335 votes
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Window of Opportunity

#6 - Window of Opportunity

Stargate SG-1 Season 4 - Episode 6

O'Neill and Teal'c are caught in a time loop in the SGC, and must relive the same 10 hours over and over again.

star 8.12
2819 votes
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Quantum Tractate Delirium

#7 - Quantum Tractate Delirium

Andromeda Season 5 - Episode 18

As Trance's sun closes on Seefra-9, Rommie is rebuilt by Doyle to help evacuate the planet.

star 8.09
413 votes
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#8 - Lifeboat

Stargate SG-1 Season 7 - Episode 6

When SG-1 finds a crashed alien space ship, Daniel's mind is taken over by its disembodied passengers.

star 8.07
1981 votes

#9 - Firewall

Jeremiah Season 1 - Episode 8

Kurdy and Jeremiah find a recon team in enviro suits and capture one prisoner...Quantrell, who commanded Thunder Mountain before the Big Death, when Markus and his father worked there as well. While Quantrell is enigmatic about where he came from, Markus flashes back to when his mother arrived at the quarantined military base and Quantrell left her outside. Markus' father insisted on going out to be his wife, exposing the base. Quantrell escaped to Valhalla Sector. Quantrell's people are tracking him by an implanted GPS tracker and Quantrell warns that now his people are going to emerge an take over. Meanwhile, Lee is apparently working for someone else and lets the enigmatic Ezekiel in to Thunder Mountain. Ezekiel first meets Jeremiah and claims they are brothers. He is also somehow connected to Quantrell but kills him. After arguing, Markus is prepared to kill Quantrell at Jeremiah's insistence but find him dead. With Quantrell's death, the Valhalla helicopters have no way to track him and leave, and Ezekiel departs the way he came with no one the wiser. Markus decides to become more active in response to the threat of Valhalla Sector.

star 8.06
53 votes
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The Powers That Be

#10 - The Powers That Be

Shadowhunters Season 3 - Episode 2

The Warlocks’ magic is becoming corrupted by a demonic presence while Izzy and Luke try to track down more information on the recent series of possessions.

star 8.04
741 votes
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Alien Shop

#11 - Alien Shop

The Outer Limits (1995) Season 7 - Episode 9

An alien shapeshifter who runs an unusual antique and bric-a-brac store has some interesting lessons to offer earthly residents.

star 8.02
44 votes
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#12 - Crossroads

Higher Ground Season 1 - Episode 6

Sophie gives the group a parenting assignment, and Katherine's behavior with her boyfriend threatens her impending graduation.

star 8.00
2 votes
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#13 - Seductions

Higher Ground Season 1 - Episode 8

As a thunderstorm causes the school to flood, Shelby's attempt to seduce Scott brings him unpleasant memories.

star 8.00
2 votes
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#14 - Innocence

Higher Ground Season 1 - Episode 16

As a winter storm moves in, the kids' solo treks are ruined, Shelby becomes lost, and Peter's visiting father has a heart attack.

star 8.00
2 votes
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Help Wanted

#15 - Help Wanted

Cedar Cove Season 1 - Episode 7

Olivia and Jack finally have their Seattle getaway, but things don’t quite go as planned and later Olivia becomes distracted trying to help an ex-con she put away who claims to have turned his life around. Elsewhere, Rosie and Zach Cox are trying to follow the judge’s orders about their shared custody, but their continuing battles begin taking their toll on their daughter.

star 7.99
144 votes
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A Problem of Memory

#16 - A Problem of Memory

Shadowhunters Season 2 - Episode 15

Simon looks for a distraction with an evening out with some of his new vampire friends. What started out as a night to let loose quickly turns much darker when Simon wakes up the next morning with no memory of the night before and a dead body he now has to answer for. Meanwhile, Alec orders Valentine to be transferred to Idris to help repair relations with the Downworlders.

star 7.98
1039 votes
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Heart of Truth

#17 - Heart of Truth

When Calls the Heart Season 4 - Episode 2

Elizabeth must try to coax the truth from Robert after his lie about seeing a bear makes him the town hero.

star 7.98
362 votes
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Abridging the Devil's Divide

#18 - Abridging the Devil's Divide

Andromeda Season 4 - Episode 17

Half the crew is captured. Harper works on a time bridge for the Partriarch. The other half tracks down a smuggler.

star 7.96
380 votes
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The World Turns All Around Her (2)

#19 - The World Turns All Around Her (2)

Andromeda Season 4 - Episode 7

The collectors tell Tyr why they need the map for the Route of Ages. It's a map to the Abyss, and hopefully a way to contain it. Tyr has Beka and the crew has the map. Now it's a race to the Route of Ages. Tyr makes a deal with the Abyss, and a final confrontation will ensue.

star 7.93
395 votes
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Common Descent (1)

#20 - Common Descent (1)

Stargate Universe Season 2 - Episode 17

Destiny comes upon a colony where the people claim their civilization was founded two thousand years earlier ... by Destiny's crew.

star 7.93
4528 votes
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The Illusion of Majesty

#21 - The Illusion of Majesty

Andromeda Season 3 - Episode 19

The Andromeda end up in the Prolon System where they discover a hibernation capsule occupied by a woman impersonating a dead princess.

star 7.90
336 votes
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A Call from the Past

#22 - A Call from the Past

When Calls the Heart Season 6 - Episode 8

Lucas’ past comes back to haunt him and others in Hope Valley. Lee and Gowen compete for workers. An old friend arrives with a new orphan.

star 7.89
88 votes
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Tell-Tale Heart

#23 - Tell-Tale Heart

Kyle XY Season 3 - Episode 8

What Jessi and Kyle find in Cassidy's safe sends them searching for the truth about Sarah Emerson, but Jessi's unrelenting method may endanger her life. At home, Declan finally puts his foot down, and Josh already misses Andy.

star 7.88
706 votes
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The Others

#24 - The Others

Andromeda Season 4 - Episode 14

The Andromeda encounter 2 ships with depleted engines and weapons. They come from a planet, where the two sides have been fighting for as long as anyone can remember. One side is suffering from a disease, they claim the other side is using biological weapons, but the other side says they didn't do it. When Dylan becomes infected, the crew must figure out the source of the virus to save the captain.

star 7.88
410 votes
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Rite of Passage

#25 - Rite of Passage

Stargate SG-1 Season 5 - Episode 6

Cassandra mysteriously falls ill, sending SG-1 back to her home planet -- where they uncover a dark Goa'uld secret.

star 7.87
1903 votes
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#26 - Upgrades

Stargate SG-1 Season 4 - Episode 3

A Tok'ra archaeologist arrives at the SGC with newly discovered technology, giving the SG-1 team superhuman powers.

star 7.87
2370 votes
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The Fifth Man

#27 - The Fifth Man

Stargate SG-1 Season 5 - Episode 4

O'Neill and Lieutenant Tyler are ambushed by Goa'uld forces and trapped behind enemy lines -- while the rest of their team discover they don't know who Tyler is.

star 7.86
1835 votes
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Threshold (3)

#28 - Threshold (3)

Stargate SG-1 Season 5 - Episode 2

His mind altered by Apophis, Teal'c must undergo a ritual that takes him to the edge of death itself, in order for him to rediscover who he is.

star 7.85
2104 votes
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Fear Burns Down to Ashes

#29 - Fear Burns Down to Ashes

Andromeda Season 4 - Episode 15

Rev Bem contacts Andromeda, he knows of a weapon against the Abyss, he will only show Dylan, in person. Dylan is captured, and stranded on a warship, with no engines, and heading towards a black hole. The crew searches for him, and finds an unexpected ally in the form of a Collector.

star 7.85
382 votes
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#30 - Legacy

Stargate SG-1 Season 3 - Episode 4

When Daniel goes insane, SG-1 must deal with the legacy of Machello's anti-Goa'uld technology.

star 7.84
2125 votes
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Serpent's Song

#31 - Serpent's Song

Stargate SG-1 Season 2 - Episode 18

Apophis, SG-1's greatest enemy, seeks sanctuary from Sokar and ends up near death in the S.G.C. infirmiry.

star 7.84
1876 votes
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Twin Destinies

#32 - Twin Destinies

Stargate Universe Season 2 - Episode 12

Rush travels back in time to avert a disaster, meeting a past version of himself.

star 7.84
4583 votes
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#33 - Urgo

Stargate SG-1 Season 3 - Episode 16

SG-1 receives alien brain implants that manifest themselves as a bizarre man, who tells them that they would not survive the procedure to remove him.

star 7.83
1913 votes
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Absolute Power

#34 - Absolute Power

Stargate SG-1 Season 4 - Episode 17

Jackson's teammates notice a disturbing change in him when he is reunited with the Harcesis child and given the Goa'uld genetic memory.

star 7.80
2082 votes
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#35 - Orpheus

Stargate SG-1 Season 7 - Episode 4

After an injury, Teal'c must put aside his self-doubt when SG-1 launches a mission to rescue his son and his mentor from a Jaffa death camp.

star 7.80
2021 votes
Point of View

#36 - Point of View

Stargate SG-1 Season 3 - Episode 6

SG-1 must free an alternate reality Earth from a Goa'uld invasion after duplicates of Samantha Carter and Charles Kawalsky come through the quantum mirror.

star 7.80
2395 votes
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#37 - Allegiance

Stargate SG-1 Season 6 - Episode 9

Tensions rise between the Tok'ra and rebel Jaffa at the S.G.C.'s offworld base when they are attacked by an invisible enemy.

star 7.79
2132 votes
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#38 - Hello...

Kyle XY Season 2 - Episode 22

Sarah asks Kyle to intervene with Jessi, but his method may prove disastrous; Brian Taylor hits a wall in his quest for Latnok's approval, and the prom has a serious cash-flow problem.

star 7.79
701 votes
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Hope is With the Heart

#39 - Hope is With the Heart

When Calls the Heart Season 6 - Episode 7

Trying to stay on Elizabeth’s good side, Lucas sets up a library for the town. Abigail is reunited with an old flame. Allie tricks Harper, Robert and Opal into believing the town has a haunted house. Bill conducts his first trial as a judge. In part 2, Bill and Nathan apprehend an infamous outlaw, “Gentleman Johnny,” and Rosemary and Lee have an overdue talk.

star 7.76
88 votes
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Jane 113

#40 - Jane 113

Painkiller Jane Season 1 - Episode 18

Jane discovers the disturbing truth about her abilities while searching for a Neuro who escaped the team.

star 7.75
16 votes
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Going Out Fighting

#41 - Going Out Fighting

Dark Matter Season 2 - Episode 9

The crew takes a dangerous mission inside Dwarf Star Technologies in a desperate bid to save their ailing leader.

star 7.74
3545 votes
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Show and Tell

#42 - Show and Tell

Stargate SG-1 Season 2 - Episode 20

A young boy arrives through the Stargate, and warns of plot by invisible aliens to kill all of the human race in order to rob the Goa'uld of potential hosts.

star 7.74
1953 votes
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#43 - Inferno

Stargate Atlantis Season 2 - Episode 19

Sheppard's team meets a civilization about to be destroyed by a super-volcano, and is trapped there when the Stargate is destroyed during the evacuation.

star 7.73
2478 votes
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Fragile Balance

#44 - Fragile Balance

Stargate SG-1 Season 7 - Episode 3

A teenage boy shows up at the S.G.C. claiming to be Jack O'Neill, sending the team on a mission to uncover his true identity.

star 7.73
2370 votes
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Portraits of Lauren Gray

#45 - Portraits of Lauren Gray

Painkiller Jane Season 1 - Episode 10

A young woman suddenly ages overnight, Jane and Maureen go undercover to find the cause.

star 7.73
26 votes
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Saving Light from a Black Sun

#46 - Saving Light from a Black Sun

Andromeda Season 5 - Episode 16

When the blinking sun of the Seefra system goes dark for an extended period of time Dylan takes the opportunity to study the workings of the artifice in the hopes of finding a way of fixing the broken sun. Harper discovers a maintenance protocol built into the sun by the Vedrans that will allow a further extended period of time to study the sun.

star 7.72
402 votes
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#47 - Sabotage

Stargate Universe Season 1 - Episode 16

When one of the twelve FTL drive modules on the Destiny explodes due to an overload, the crew calls upon a brilliant scientist from Earth to help find a solution.

star 7.71
4884 votes
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Crappy Birthday to You

#48 - Crappy Birthday to You

jPod Season 1 - Episode 5

Es el cumpleaños de Bree. Steve quiere poner "The birthday song" dentro de BoardX. Jim intenta participar en un programa de televisión de HOng Kong que muestra videos de norteamericanos haciendo cosas estúpidas.

star 7.70
91 votes
Primary Colors

#49 - Primary Colors

Kyle XY Season 2 - Episode 20

Kyle begins having cognitive malfunctions and is drawing pictures in his sleep due to the attention demands from the other students during his midterm exams. Meanwhile, Kyle's condition has Jessi creating her own tutoring service.

star 7.69
705 votes
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Lost in a Space That Isn't There

#50 - Lost in a Space That Isn't There

Andromeda Season 4 - Episode 16

Beka's recent behavior is explained. The Abyss has infected her, they must find a way to cure Beka, and free her of the Abyss.

star 7.68
350 votes
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#51 - Descent

Stargate SG-1 Season 6 - Episode 3

SG-1 boards an abandoned Goa'uld mothership that has mysteriously arrived in Earth's orbit, and must escape the doomed vessel when it crashes into the ocean.

star 7.65
2581 votes
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Ripple Effect

#52 - Ripple Effect

Stargate SG-1 Season 9 - Episode 13

Multiple SG-1s show up at Stargate Command, leading the "real" team to conclude that they have each been inadvertantly displaced from different parallel realities.

star 7.65
2313 votes
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Evolution (2)

#53 - Evolution (2)

Stargate SG-1 Season 7 - Episode 12

O'Neill seeks help from a former comrade to rescue Daniel and Dr. Lee, who have been kidnapped in Central America. Carter, Teal'c and Jacob infiltrate Anubis' super-soldier facility.

star 7.65
2219 votes
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#54 - 2001

Stargate SG-1 Season 5 - Episode 10

SG-1 encounters a potential new, technologically advanced ally in the war against the Goa'uld -- though they do not know the Aschen's dark secret.

star 7.65
2060 votes
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Forever in a Day

#55 - Forever in a Day

Stargate SG-1 Season 3 - Episode 10

Jackson deals with the apparent death of his wife, Sha're, at the hands of Teal'c.

star 7.64
1881 votes
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Evolution (1)

#56 - Evolution (1)

Stargate SG-1 Season 7 - Episode 11

The team investigates an unstoppable new enemy soldier engineered by Anubis. Dr. Jackson leads a team in search of an alien device in Central America, but gets more than he bargained for.

star 7.63
2453 votes
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#57 - Condemned

Stargate Atlantis Season 2 - Episode 5

The Atlantis team finds a culture that lives in relative safety from the Wraith, because they hand over their criminals to the Wraith -- and crash-land in the volatile penal colony.

star 7.63
2251 votes
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Death Knell

#58 - Death Knell

Stargate SG-1 Season 7 - Episode 16

Earth's secret offworld base is attacked by Anubis' forces, and Major Carter finds herself being hunted by the enemy. General Hammond and Jacob Carter make an unnerving discovery about the Earth-Tok'ra alliance.

star 7.62
2156 votes
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Jolinar's Memories (1)

#59 - Jolinar's Memories (1)

Stargate SG-1 Season 3 - Episode 12

When Major Carter's father Jacob is kidnapped by Sokar, the SG-1 team must infiltrate a prison moon designed to look like hell to rescue him.

star 7.60
2094 votes
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The Devil You Know (2)

#60 - The Devil You Know (2)

Stargate SG-1 Season 3 - Episode 13

SG-1 must escape a hellish prison moon, and one of their worst enemies.

star 7.60
2296 votes
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#61 - Tangent

Stargate SG-1 Season 4 - Episode 12

A test gone wrong leaves Jack and Teal'c marooned in space aboard a damaged prototype attack ship

star 7.59
2262 votes
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#62 - Memento

Stargate SG-1 Season 6 - Episode 20

Prometheus is forced to land on an alien world, where the local Stargate is the team's only chance of returning home -- though the local population believe the gate to be a myth.

star 7.57
2525 votes
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#63 - Light

Stargate Universe Season 1 - Episode 5

With the ship on a collision course, the crew must decide who will stay and who will flee on the shuttle to try and find a habitable planet.

star 7.55
3643 votes
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#64 - Duet

Stargate Atlantis Season 2 - Episode 4

A run-in with a Wraith Dart leaves the consciousness of a precocious Atlantis security officer trapped in Dr. McKay's mind.

star 7.55
2423 votes
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Deliverance (2)

#65 - Deliverance (2)

Stargate Universe Season 2 - Episode 11

Locked in a battle with a Drone Command Ship, the Destiny is surprised by the arrival of the Aliens that abducted Rush and Chloe.

star 7.55
4546 votes
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The Other Side

#66 - The Other Side

Stargate SG-1 Season 4 - Episode 2

A warring alien race offers to exchange their advanced technology for Earth's help in defeating their enemy.

star 7.55
2023 votes
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#67 - Haunted

Sanctuary Season 2 - Episode 11

The team rescues the occupants of a sinking ship off the coast of South Africa and teleport them to the Sanctuary. However, Magnus suspects Druitt of murdering one of the passengers during the rescue.

star 7.53
1895 votes
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Enemy Mine

#68 - Enemy Mine

Stargate SG-1 Season 7 - Episode 7

When Earth's attempts to exploit a newly-discovered naquadah mine are thwarted by a tribe of indigenous Unas, SG-1 must turn to an old friend for help.

star 7.52
1934 votes

#69 - Metamorphosis

Stargate SG-1 Season 6 - Episode 16

SG-1 attempts to save a planet's inhabitants from Nirrti's genetic experimentation, but find themselves to be her next victims.

star 7.51
2046 votes
Smoke & Mirrors

#70 - Smoke & Mirrors

Stargate SG-1 Season 6 - Episode 14

Colonel O'Neill is charged with the murder of Senator Kinsey, and the rest of the team must uncover a conspiracy in order to clear his name.

star 7.51
2133 votes
Beneath the Surface

#71 - Beneath the Surface

Stargate SG-1 Season 4 - Episode 10

The members of SG-1 are used as forced labor in an underground alien facility after their memories are erased by the ruling elite.

star 7.50
2075 votes
The Intruder

#72 - The Intruder

Stargate Atlantis Season 2 - Episode 2

The Daedalus is infected by a Wraith computer virus, while members of the expedition hope to return to Earth.

star 7.50
2464 votes
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#73 - Crossroads

Stargate SG-1 Season 4 - Episode 4

Teal'c is reunited with his lost love -- a woman who claims to have found a way to communicate with her symbiote and defeat the Goa'uld.

star 7.49
2027 votes
The Sentinel

#74 - The Sentinel

Stargate SG-1 Season 5 - Episode 20

SG-1 must turn to a pair of convicted criminals to save a world from annihilation by the Goa'uld.

star 7.49
1963 votes
Shadow Play

#75 - Shadow Play

Stargate SG-1 Season 6 - Episode 7

Jonas' people ask Earth for military aide in an impending war with their rival nations, but his former mentor offers another solution: a resistance movement ready for a coup.

star 7.48
2083 votes
Wormhole X-Treme!

#76 - Wormhole X-Treme!

Stargate SG-1 Season 5 - Episode 12

An alien ship approaches Earth, sending SG-1 to an old friend for some answers -- where they discover that Martin Lloyd has created a TV show about the Stargate program.

star 7.47
2002 votes

#77 - Nightwalkers

Stargate SG-1 Season 6 - Episode 5

Carter, Teal'c and Jonas investigate the death of a scientist with connections to the Goa'uld, and find a small town whose citizens harbor a dark secret.

star 7.47
2215 votes
The Defiant One

#78 - The Defiant One

Stargate Atlantis Season 1 - Episode 12

Sheppard's team investigates a downed Wraith ship, and find themselves stuck on a planet with a lone Wraith survivor.

star 7.46
2232 votes
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Bringing Down the House

#79 - Bringing Down the House

Kyle XY Season 3 - Episode 10

After discovering Latnok's true purpose, Kyle enlists everyone to stop it at all costs, but keeping all his cover lies intact and protecting Jessi may endanger the operation.

star 7.45
650 votes
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Bank Job

#80 - Bank Job

Sanctuary Season 3 - Episode 3

The team goes on a routine mission to retrieve an Abnormal and take it to safety. But the mission becomes anything but routine when they are forced to stage a bank heist in order to protect the public from harm.

star 7.44
2426 votes
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#81 - Alliances

Stargate Universe Season 2 - Episode 13

Camille and Sgt. Greer are trapped when Homeworld Command comes under attack.

star 7.44
4529 votes
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The First Ones

#82 - The First Ones

Stargate SG-1 Season 4 - Episode 8

Dr. Jackson is taken captive by an Unas while on an archaeological dig. The SGC mounts a rescue operation, but discovers a danger of their own.

star 7.44
1932 votes
The Tomb

#83 - The Tomb

Stargate SG-1 Season 5 - Episode 8

SG-1 teams with a Russian unit when one of their Stargate teams goes missing in a mysterious alien ziggurat.

star 7.43
2001 votes
Number One with A Bullet

#84 - Number One with A Bullet

21 Jump Street Season 5 - Episode 10

Doug is seriously wounded while on a case and while the doctors try to save his life he enters limbo where the people he meets there cause him to reconsider his choice of career.

star 7.40
5 votes
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The Warrior

#85 - The Warrior

Stargate SG-1 Season 5 - Episode 18

A charismatic Jaffa leader seeks to forge an alliance between Earth and his rebel followers, winning the allegiance of Teal'c and Bra'tac.

star 7.40
2003 votes

#86 - Demons

Stargate SG-1 Season 3 - Episode 8

SG-1 finds a medieval Christian society terrorized by Sokar and the Unas, and is accused of being possessed by demons.

star 7.39
1959 votes

#87 - Prodigy

Stargate SG-1 Season 4 - Episode 19

Carter must help keep a promising young cadet from throwing away a future at the SGC. O'Neill and Teal'c encounter a dangerous life form at an offworld research base.

star 7.39
1931 votes
The Gift

#88 - The Gift

Stargate Atlantis Season 1 - Episode 18

Plagued by terrifying nightmares, Teyla begins to recall a time when she and her father were captured by the Wraith and subjected to disturbing experiments.

star 7.34
2359 votes
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#89 - Nubbins

Sanctuary Season 1 - Episode 6

When a mating pair of cute, furry and seemingly harmless abnormals is brought in for scientific study, the Sanctuary team begins to exhibit some hidden animal attractions for one another.

star 7.33
2011 votes
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Arthur's Mantle

#90 - Arthur's Mantle

Stargate SG-1 Season 9 - Episode 18

Mitchell and Carter are shifted to another dimension, making them invisible to everyone at the S.G.C. Meanwhile, Teal'c and SG-9 discover that the Sodan have been brutally attacked.

star 7.30
2180 votes
Reckoning (1)

#91 - Reckoning (1)

Stargate SG-1 Season 8 - Episode 16

The Replicators begin a systematic attack of the Goa'uld, forcing Baal to come to Earth for help. The Jaffa Resistance risk their entire movement in an attempt to retake a holy city in Baal's domain.

star 7.29
2324 votes
Reckoning (2)

#92 - Reckoning (2)

Stargate SG-1 Season 8 - Episode 17

The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance as Sam and Jacob search for the only weapon capable of stopping the Replicator onslaught. O'Neill leads a defense of the S.G.C., while Daniel squares off against Replicator Carter.

star 7.29
2323 votes
Off the Grid

#93 - Off the Grid

Stargate SG-1 Season 9 - Episode 16

SG-1 is captured after a deal with the Lucian Alliance goes bad ... and the planet's Stargate goes missing. Meanwhile, a former System Lord attempts to rebuild his empire.

star 7.28
2176 votes
It's Good To Be King

#94 - It's Good To Be King

Stargate SG-1 Season 8 - Episode 13

SG-1 comes to the aid of a world about to be invaded by the Goa'uld, only to discover that the local king is Earth's Harry Maybourne.

star 7.26
2162 votes

#95 - Endgame

Stargate SG-1 Season 8 - Episode 10

The Stargate is stolen, leading SG-1 to discover that the Trust has taken control of an advanced ship in orbit. Teal'c investigates a series of wide-spread Jaffa deaths.

star 7.21
2234 votes
Moebius (1)

#96 - Moebius (1)

Stargate SG-1 Season 8 - Episode 19

SG-1 travels back in time in a daring plan to steal a piece of Ancient technology from Ra, the powerful Goa'uld who ruled in ancient Egypt.

star 7.19
2409 votes
Moebius (2)

#97 - Moebius (2)

Stargate SG-1 Season 8 - Episode 20

With the timeline changed by SG-1's actions in the distant past, an alternate version of SG-1 must use the newly-discovered time ship to set things right.

star 7.19
2269 votes

#98 - Darkness

Stargate Universe Season 1 - Episode 4

The Destiny suffers a power crisis, putting the lives of the stranded crew in jeopardy and forcing them to consider abandoning the ship.

star 7.19
3747 votes
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Film at Eleven

#99 - Film at Eleven

21 Jump Street Season 5 - Episode 14

After finding the missing daughter of a famous reporter, Mac tries to solve the mistery behind the missing.

star 7.17
6 votes
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#100 - Stronghold

Stargate SG-1 Season 9 - Episode 14

Baal kidnaps Teal'c as part of a plot to brainwash those Jaffa advocating a move toward democracy. Cameron Mitchell learns that an old friend is about to die.

star 7.16
1963 votes

#101 - Affinity

Stargate SG-1 Season 8 - Episode 7

Teal'c becomes the chief suspect in a murder investigation after he moves into an apartment off-base. Carter considers her future with Pete.

star 7.16
1963 votes
Bad Guys

#102 - Bad Guys

Stargate SG-1 Season 10 - Episode 16

SG-1 realizes they have stepped through the gate into another planet's museum -- but are mistaken for a band of zealous rebels who have taken hostages.

star 7.15
1838 votes

#103 - Bounty

Stargate SG-1 Season 10 - Episode 15

When the Lucian Alliance puts a bounty on SG-1's heads, Cameron Mitchell finds himself a target while attending his high school reunion.

star 7.14
1892 votes

#104 - Babylon

Stargate SG-1 Season 9 - Episode 8

Colonel Mitchell is injured in a skirmish with a warrior from a mythic tribe of rebel Jaffa, and is trained in their fighting techniques only so that he may engage in a ritual battle to the death.

star 7.14
2024 votes
Family Ties

#105 - Family Ties

Stargate SG-1 Season 10 - Episode 18

Earth provides sanctuary for Vala's estranged, con artist father after he provides intel about a Jaffa plot to attack the planet.

star 7.14
1802 votes
Back from the Future

#106 - Back from the Future

21 Jump Street Season 4 - Episode 15

In the 21st century a young cop hoping to revive the Jump Street program interviews the retired officers who were there when it all started.

star 7.11
9 votes
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Line in the Sand

#107 - Line in the Sand

Stargate SG-1 Season 10 - Episode 12

SG-1 tries to defend a planet from the Ori by hiding its people in another dimension. Vala attempts to convince her husband Tomin of the Ori's true motives.

star 7.11
1936 votes

#108 - Norman

Blood Ties Season 1 - Episode 12

Norman is back from hell and is ready, yet again to bring back his demonic master.

star 7.05
171 votes
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#109 - Wingman

Sanctuary Season 3 - Episode 15

Will and Henry's double date goes awry when Magnus tasks them with an Abnormal delivery.

star 7.04
1790 votes
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Lights, Camera, Val

#110 - Lights, Camera, Val

V.I.P. Season 2 - Episode 21

V.I.P. must protect a director from investors when they send an assassin to kill him for not paying them the 3 million dollars he owes them.

star 7.00
1 votes
Memento Mori

#111 - Memento Mori

Stargate SG-1 Season 10 - Episode 8

Striken with amnesia and on the run, Vala takes a job as a waitress as she tries to piece together who she is and what happened to her.

star 7.00
2036 votes
Ride of the Valkyries

#112 - Ride of the Valkyries

V.I.P. Season 2 - Episode 22

Val's father returns and he's being targeted by a group of high tech terrorists. Val discovers that he's her father and she brings him to her penthouse where they discover that the terrorists are outside so they leave posing as decoys. Two of the terrorists enter the penthouse thinking that Val and her dad are still in there but are treated to a bomb; the bomb blows up destroying the penthouse. Tasha discovers that Val's dad is and ex-CIA operative who was involved in a top-secret project called OMEGA. Val's father is then busted and kept in an extremely well secured building. Tasha has to go through a set of lasers, like Catherine Zeta-Jones in the movie Entrapment, but before she can Val accidentally shoots her with a goo that has a similar effect as Novocain so Val has to take her place. She makes it through all right but gets excited and her breasts accidentally touch the last laser and set off the alarm. They escape with Val's dad and the CIA kills the remaining terrorist.

star 6.67
3 votes
...And the Ground, Sown with Salt

#113 - ...And the Ground, Sown with Salt

Jeremiah Season 1 - Episode 4

Jeremiah and Kurdy are captured by Michael and his men, who operate out of a local military base. Michael has concluded that God is dead, and it's about time someone took his place... by any means...

star 6.63
92 votes
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#114 - Harvest

The Net Season 1 - Episode 10

Angela meets Sorcerer! A bizarre cult calling itself Harvest Sun has the interest of the Praetorians. While Angela tries to get through to the cult members, she finally meets Sorcerer and is quite surprised!

star 6.24
34 votes
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Last Man Standing

#115 - Last Man Standing

The Net Season 1 - Episode 20

New CIC agent Angela must put a stop to cybercast wrestling matches fought to the death.

star 6.18
33 votes
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Amazon Val

#116 - Amazon Val

V.I.P. Season 3 - Episode 17

V.I.P. must protect a man whose blood can cure anything due to the fact that he's lived the last 23 years of his life in the rain forests.

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0 votes