The Best Episodes Directed by Paul Holahan

You Must be Trippin'

#1 - You Must be Trippin'

Life As We Know It Season 1 - Episode 11

The Sophomore Ski Trip is on everyone's minds this week. Ben and Sue scheme to spend time with each other without Mr. Miller finding out, but they get a taste of their own medicine when Mr. Miller makes a guest appearance. Dino tries to focus on Jackie while being bombarded with the temptation of other girls. Jonathan and Deb finally break apart, realizing that each should move on. However, Jonathan has trouble moving on.

star 9.33
3 votes
Fall Out (2)

#2 - Fall Out (2)

Without a Trace Season 1 - Episode 23

When the team tries to plot a strategy after they find out that Samantha has been shot and that she might be critically injured in the hostage crisis situation. Jack makes a deal with Barry so that Sam can get help and Jack goes in there and takes Sam's place.

star 8.95
92 votes

#3 - Bait

Without a Trace Season 2 - Episode 24

The team searches for a mother and her two children, who are last seen boarding a yacht which is later found adrift in New York's Harbor with only its dead captain aboard. Meanwhile, Malone gets ready to leave the team and move with his family to Chicago.

star 8.56
123 votes
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Little Big Man

#4 - Little Big Man

Without a Trace Season 1 - Episode 8

Jack and the team search for teenager William Hope, who goes missing in a very bad neighborhood after a confrontation with a local bully. Considered a good kid, William was living in a foster home after 18 months on the street and seemed destined for a better life when he disappeared. The squad discovers that his older brother Aaron, recently released from juvenile hall, visited William, despite the fact that his foster family forbade Aaron from being in their home. Jack and the others then learn that William was seen getting into a car with Aaron immediately prior to disappearing, and they fear that the good kid may have gone bad.

star 8.54
160 votes
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Hang On to Me

#5 - Hang On to Me

Without a Trace Season 1 - Episode 13

Chet Collins has been searching for his son since the boy was kidnapped four years earlier on a camping trip, and is the one case that Jack has never been able to forget. When Chet disappears, leaving behind only his wedding ring and the mountains of debt he had accumulated in his search, Jack will go to any lengths to find Collins and save him from himself.

star 8.39
207 votes
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The Line

#6 - The Line

Without a Trace Season 2 - Episode 14

When a female ex-cop-turned-bounty-hunter is shot then goes missing the team must investigate her where about's

star 8.26
120 votes
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No Mas

#7 - No Mas

Without a Trace Season 1 - Episode 20

The team find themselves up against the ropes as multiple mysteries arise in the case of a boxer. Dante Jones disappears moments before a bout with a $500,000 purse that which could have made him a title contender. Jack suspects it's stunt, but Vivian, a Jones fan, can't believe that the charity-loving, straight-arrow fighter would go doewn that low road. The search goes in a new direction when his younger brother who he is always bailing out of trouble, vanishes. Then it's learned he has made 2 million dollers in the past five years,but he only has $6000 in his bank account.

star 8.25
158 votes
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#8 - Wanted

White Collar Season 4 - Episode 1

On an exotic remote island, Peter must race to find Neal and Mozzie before a ruthless bounty hunter captures Neal and locks him away for good.

star 8.05
2837 votes
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Under Fire

#9 - Under Fire

Castle (2009) Season 6 - Episode 11

When Castle and Beckett discover that the victim of a building fire was actually shot to death, they get on the trail of a serial arsonist turned murderer. Meanwhile, Ryan's wife, Jenny, goes into labor, but disaster threatens to ruin the joyous moment.

star 8.04
3046 votes
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Like Father, Like Daughter

#10 - Like Father, Like Daughter

Castle (2009) Season 6 - Episode 7

Alexis enlists Castle’s help on an Innocence Review case to prove that a death row inmate, Frank Henson, was wrongly convicted. With only 72 hours left before his execution, Castle and Alexis (with help from Beckett) urgently investigate the original murder, only to uncover explosive secrets that may seal Frank’s fate.

star 8.03
3130 votes
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Most Wanted

#11 - Most Wanted

White Collar Season 4 - Episode 2

Having found Neal and Mozzie, Peter must help devise a plan to return Neal to the U.S. and avoid being captured by a ruthless bounty hunter.

star 8.01
2591 votes
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It's Raining Men

#12 - It's Raining Men

Cold Case Season 2 - Episode 7

An HIV-positive gay man asks Rush and Valens to re-investigate the case of his dead partner who died of strangulation in 1983. Not only was the victim outspoken in his views about AIDS education within the 1980's secretive gay community, he was also the member of a very prominent family, disowned by his father for his sexual orientation.

star 7.99
464 votes
The Boy Must Live

#13 - The Boy Must Live

Fringe Season 5 - Episode 11

As time dramatically ticks down, Peter, Olivia and Walter stop at nothing to save the universe from Observer rule. Walter enters the infamous deprivation tank in an attempt to uncover a key piece of information about the mysterious figure, Donald. Meanwhile, Captain Windmark sets out on a revealing mission of his own as long-standing questions are answered.

star 7.96
6176 votes
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Gung Ho

#14 - Gung Ho

Without a Trace Season 2 - Episode 17

When a young soldier recently returned from Iraq disappears, Jack and Danny look into his disappearance only to learn that the soldier may have more secrets than they want to uncover.

star 7.93
118 votes
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Veiled Threat

#15 - Veiled Threat

White Collar Season 3 - Episode 5

When a black widow arrives in New York, Neal and Peter must go undercover as wealthy bachelors to find her next target.

star 7.93
2985 votes
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The Time of Our Lives

#16 - The Time of Our Lives

Castle (2009) Season 7 - Episode 6

A murder investigation launches Castle into what seems to be an alternate universe where he's never met Kate Beckett. Castle has to convince Beckett, Esposito and Ryan -- now complete strangers -- to let him participate in their investigation so he can find his way back to his own world. This inspires Castle & Beckett to finally take a trip to the altar.

star 7.92
2482 votes
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Family Business

#17 - Family Business

White Collar Season 4 - Episode 11

Peter and Neal attempt to find the truth behind Neal's father's crime. In doing so, Neal must go undercover into the world of counterfeit whiskey to take down a high-level member of the Irish Mob.

star 7.92
1901 votes
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Throwing Shade

#18 - Throwing Shade

Unforgettable Season 3 - Episode 7

When one of Eliot's oldest friends, the campaign manager for a mayoral candidate, is murdered, he is forced to face his past and current demons as Carrie and Al work to uncover the killer.

star 7.89
627 votes
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#19 - Legacy

The Last Ship Season 3 - Episode 11

Chandler faces his powerful enemy in a final showdown. Kara joins someone that can help with her mission.

star 7.89
4131 votes
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All for One

#20 - All for One

Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 - Episode 7

A popular high-school teacher is killed in a hit and run; Jane is preoccupied with Lt. Martinez's apparent favoritism toward his own drug unit.

star 7.89
1227 votes
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On the Fence

#21 - On the Fence

White Collar Season 3 - Episode 9

When Neal and Peter discover wanted fugitive Matthew Keller is smuggling priceless Egyptian antiquities into the city, Neal must go undercover with an exotic and beautiful Egyptologist to locate and capture his foe.

star 7.87
2781 votes
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#22 - Paradise

The Last Ship Season 3 - Episode 9

Chandler gets a lead that could help answer threatening questions. Kara does some digging in the White House.

star 7.86
4068 votes
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In the Dark

#23 - In the Dark

Without a Trace Season 3 - Episode 1

The team searches for a recently blinded girl and her companion who disappeared during a camping trip. Vivian takes over as the supervisor, while Jack struggles to say goodbye to his family.

star 7.84
182 votes
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The Friendly Skies

#24 - The Friendly Skies

Without a Trace Season 1 - Episode 14

The team investigate a disappearance of a flight attendant who may have been having a relationship with one of the pilot's.

star 7.84
199 votes
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#25 - Novation

Fringe Season 4 - Episode 5

Olivia and the others of Fringe division attempt to determine the origin of Peter Bishop, who purports himself as Walter's son who had died as a young boy in the original time line.

star 7.84
8211 votes
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47 Seconds

#26 - 47 Seconds

Castle (2009) Season 4 - Episode 19

When a bomb explodes at a protest rally killing five people, Castle and Beckett realize the key to solving the case is to reconstruct the 47 seconds prior to the explosion. Using video and witness accounts, they uncover the shocking truth about who planted the bomb.

star 7.83
4038 votes
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Moving On

#27 - Moving On

Unforgettable Season 3 - Episode 12

Carrie and Al delve into the disturbing - and dangerous - world of celebrity obsession when a television star is found murdered in his dressing room.

star 7.82
521 votes
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#28 - Reunion

Unforgettable Season 2 - Episode 13

Carrie's high school reunion is suddenly cut short when an alum shows up dead. Carrie has to remember back 22 years to understand the events that led to this crime.

star 7.81
841 votes
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#29 - Honor

The Last Ship Season 5 - Episode 8

Chandler must devise a plan to avoid losing everything, while a devastating hostage situation occurs back home.

star 7.81
1385 votes
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The Two Richards

#30 - The Two Richards

Fairly Legal Season 1 - Episode 5

Kate mediates the settlement between an insurance company and a man who was hit by a truck, only to find the real conflict is between the man and his wife, who claims the husband she knew never came back from the accident.

star 7.80
895 votes
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Secret Santa

#31 - Secret Santa

Castle (2009) Season 5 - Episode 9

When a bearded, rotund man in a red Santa suit with an ID reading Kris Kringle falls from the sky in Central Park, Castle and Beckett are on the hunt to find the person who killed Santa. But everything isn't holiday cheer, as they discover St. Nick may have been more naughty than nice. Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett prepare for their first Christmas together.

star 7.79
3570 votes
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Copycat Caffrey

#32 - Copycat Caffrey

White Collar Season 2 - Episode 3

A talented criminal has copycatted a Neal Caffrey crime, and evidence points to a suspect on a college campus. Meanwhile, Alex returns with some bad news and Diana discovers the music box is hiding something.

star 7.78
3681 votes
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Leaving Las Vegas

#33 - Leaving Las Vegas

Shark Season 2 - Episode 14

Although reluctantly, Sebastian accepts a seven-figure retainer to defend a crooked casino owner who allegedly murdered the head of operations at his casino.

star 7.78
104 votes
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#34 - Affairs

The Protector Season 1 - Episode 9

Gloria, Michelle and Valdez investigate one of their own when a woman known for dating cops is murdered; Davey grows popular with the women of the neighborhood.

star 7.77
184 votes
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Mother's Little Burden

#35 - Mother's Little Burden

Conviction (2016) Season 1 - Episode 4

Hayes’ recent transgressions spark a media firestorm. Meanwhile, she and the team tackle the highly sensitive case of a mother, Penny, convicted for the death of her autistic son. The state’s most compelling evidence originated from Penny’s own video blog, expressing her frustrations and fears about her violent son. While the CIU team tracks multiple leads, Hayes must do damage control in an attempt to save her job, which results in a primetime interview. The outcome of both the interview and the case have shocking endings with lasting repercussions.

star 7.77
1154 votes
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The Dead Pool

#36 - The Dead Pool

Castle (2009) Season 3 - Episode 21

When a champion swimmer and Olympic hopeful is found dead in a training pool, Castle and Beckett dive in to investigate his murder, and uncover myriad secrets that might have led to his death.

star 7.77
4419 votes
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Hollander's Woods

#37 - Hollander's Woods

Castle (2009) Season 7 - Episode 23

A death in the woods draws Castle back to a terrifying and defining event in his childhood. Investigation leads to obsession, as he attempts to unearth answers that have eluded him for decades, all while Beckett faces a crossroads of her own.

star 7.76
1751 votes

#38 - Contact

Revenge Season 4 - Episode 8

Victoria's future hangs in the balance as the FBI closes in and a mysterious new enemy strikes.

star 7.76
1323 votes
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The Hawaladar

#39 - The Hawaladar

The Blacklist Season 7 - Episode 8

Desperate for information about the whereabouts of a longtime friend, Red directs the Task Force to find a Blacklister who specializes in untraceable money transfers. Liz receives some disturbing news from her daughter.

star 7.75
1785 votes
Trial By Fire

#40 - Trial By Fire

Shark Season 1 - Episode 18

While Stark and Raina are prosecuting a cold-blooded killer, a convicted armed robber from another case enters the courtroom and takes everyone hostage and hopes to reverse his conviction.

star 7.75
24 votes
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In the Crosshairs

#41 - In the Crosshairs

Shark Season 2 - Episode 8

The mayor places undue pressure on Sebastian and his team to identify, locate, and convict a serial freeway sniper who is causing city-wide panic in Los Angeles.

star 7.75
109 votes
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Hunting Party

#42 - Hunting Party

Body of Proof Season 2 - Episode 2

Many suspects emerge after a rich tycoon's new, young wife is shot during a deer hunt; Kate (Dr. Kate Murphy) and Megan's relationship takes a turn for the worse.

star 7.74
1030 votes
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Smoke Alarm

#43 - Smoke Alarm

Graceland Season 1 - Episode 9

Bello's last strike initiates a war that Graceland must stop; Charlie meets an unusual ally; Briggs faces the past.

star 7.74
627 votes
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#44 - Over/Under

Rizzoli & Isles Season 3 - Episode 14

When a former college football player is stabbed inside a carwash during a fundraiser for his alma mater, Jane, Maura and the team must piece together clues to track down the killer. Meanwhile, Frost's mother visits Boston with some unexpected news. And Lt. Col. Casey Jones bumps into Jane and is forced to reveal some startling news of his own.

star 7.73
1242 votes
The Informant

#45 - The Informant

The Blacklist Season 5 - Episode 10

When Red directs the Task Force to find a Blacklister who uses his position of power to sell sensitive information, Ressler finds himself at risk of exposure. Liz plans her next move.

star 7.72
3359 votes
The Bus

#46 - The Bus

Without a Trace Season 2 - Episode 1

A school bus is abducted by kidnappers who demand more and more for ransom.

star 7.72
186 votes
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Golden Bird

#47 - Golden Bird

Unforgettable Season 1 - Episode 9

Al and Carrie investigate the murder of a teen who seemed to have no enemies. Meanwhile, Carrie looks to her estranged aunt for help with the investigation into her sister's murder.

star 7.72
1537 votes
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The Past Presents the Future

#48 - The Past Presents the Future

Ugly Betty Season 4 - Episode 19

As Hilda’s wedding day approaches, Betty asks Daniel to be her plus-one, Ignacio invites Elena, and Amanda is set on fixing up Marc with her new client, soap opera star Spencer Cannon. Meanwhile, Justin weighs whether his own plus-one could be Austin, Betty considers unexpected offers in her personal and professional life, and Wilhelmina finds a way to fight the Meade empire by using Tyler as her pawn.

star 7.70
643 votes
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All's Fair

#49 - All's Fair

White Collar Season 6 - Episode 4

Neal hasn’t heard from the Panthers in days and he’s worried that either Keller turned on him or Woodford simply decided to cut him out of the deal. Using the algorithm Neal stole for the Panthers, the team is able to determine that the Panthers are targeting something arriving at the San Francisco airport. But without enough time to make it to the West Coast, Peter is forced to pass on the task to the local FBI office. Meanwhile, Mozzie comes face to face with his wife, who he met on a con, married on a whim, and hasn’t seen in five years. She insists that she’s reformed and wants to start a new life (with someone new), but Mozzie isn’t convinced, and asks Neal and Peter for help.

star 7.69
1461 votes
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Strange Bedfellows

#50 - Strange Bedfellows

Shark Season 1 - Episode 21

With the discovery of an 11-year-old boy who went missing four years ago comes one of the most confusing case for Stark. During those four years, the young boy was living with his kidnapper and was identifying himself as his son. Sebastian must disprove the kidnapper's claim that he was in fact protecting the boy from abusive parents.

star 7.69
16 votes
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#51 - Knockout

Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 - Episode 6

While Maura is away at a convention, Jane needs Susie's help to solve a murder; Korsak is forced to deal with painful unfinished business.

star 7.68
939 votes
Casus Belli

#52 - Casus Belli

The Last Ship Season 5 - Episode 1

Three years after overcoming the global famine, the United States Navy is ready to unveil its first fully functional fleet since the Red Flu pandemic, but a new type of threat may mean the next world war.

star 7.66
1658 votes
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Devil May Care

#53 - Devil May Care

The Last Ship Season 3 - Episode 4

Chandler must confront his suspected new foe. Slattery learns more about the supposed virus mutation. Pressure mounts on President Michener as the situation worsens.

star 7.66
4250 votes
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#54 - Taken

Take Two Season 1 - Episode 3

When a popular nightclub owner and one of Eddie's old nemeses hires Eddie and Sam to track down his club's missing DJ, Eddie balks. Meanwhile, Sam remembers her party days at the club and clashes with Eddie over the case. As they dig deeper, Sam and Eddie learn that the missing young man was kidnapped and soon realize his abduction may be part of a plan to ignite a mob war that only they can stop.

star 7.65
563 votes
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Last Action Hero

#55 - Last Action Hero

Castle (2009) Season 7 - Episode 9

When the star of Castle’s favorite ‘80’s action movie is mysteriously murdered, Castle and Beckett delve into the victim’s secret past and pursue his killer with help from a team of aging action heroes.

star 7.65
2114 votes
Long Day's Journey

#56 - Long Day's Journey

The Last Ship Season 2 - Episode 6

Chandler tracks a new threat to Northern Florida. Meanwhile, Rachel comes across a secret formula that her mentor, Dr. Hunter, had been perfecting.

star 7.63
3579 votes
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Dead Reckoning

#57 - Dead Reckoning

Manifest Season 1 - Episode 9

When Ben and Michaela put everything on the line to save the other missing passengers, the mission goes horribly awry and not everyone makes it out alive. The devastating result pushes Ben and Grace to a traumatic brink, while pulling Michaela and Jared dangerously close together.

star 7.60
1940 votes
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For Whom The Skel Rolls

#58 - For Whom The Skel Rolls

Shark Season 2 - Episode 2

Isaac's life is under scrutiny when the closed case of his fiance's murder his re-opened and that Sebastian's team will be conducting the investigation for the DA office. The relation between Raina and Isaac is also getting more complicated since Raina cannot reveal that she is working on this case.

star 7.60
131 votes
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Plus None

#59 - Plus None

Ugly Betty Season 4 - Episode 5

At Wilhelmina's fund-raiser for Tibetan orphans Matt asks someone to be his partner. Daniel hires Natalie as his assistant, making Betty feel unneeded. Daniel finds out that Claire has a secret.

star 7.60
251 votes
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In Medias Res

#60 - In Medias Res

The Last Ship Season 4 - Episode 1

When the fourth season opens, it's sixteen months after thwarting the coup in America and the Nathan James must face yet another global disaster. The question remains, where in the world is Tom Chandler?

star 7.58
3785 votes
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Dark City

#61 - Dark City

Body of Proof Season 3 - Episode 11

When a plane crashes in Philadelphia due to a gunman opening fire while aloft, the entire team of Megan, Kate, Tommy, Adam, Curtis, Ethan, Riley and Stafford must go into disaster mode. Since the crash hits the city's main power grid, Megan must conduct autopsies on the victims during frequent blackouts, but then one of the bodies goes missing. Meanwhile, Tommy and Riley are in a serious car accident while trying to investigate.

star 7.58
758 votes
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Day of the Jackie

#62 - Day of the Jackie

Unforgettable Season 2 - Episode 3

Carrie and Al are unable to discern why a businessman was murdered in his hotel room until it’s discovered that his death was collateral damage in a larger plot to assassinate a diplomat.

star 7.58
1036 votes
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Air Drop

#63 - Air Drop

The Last Ship Season 5 - Episode 6

Nathan James must get help from a prominent rebel leader to create a staging area before mounting an invasion of their own.

star 7.58
1432 votes
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#64 - Lazaretto

The Last Ship Season 4 - Episode 8

An undercover mission in the land of the dead leads to disturbing revelations about Dr. Vellek's sinister plans.

star 7.58
3014 votes
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Scarlett Fever

#65 - Scarlett Fever

The Mentalist Season 1 - Episode 15

As Jane and the team investigate the poisoning death of the "queen bee" in a country club, they discover that the community is full of secrets, including love affairs and drug abuse

star 7.57
3017 votes

#66 - Turbulence

Manifest Season 1 - Episode 3

Ben and Michaela investigate a shocking murder in fear that it's connected to Flight 828. Meanwhile, Ben struggles to accept the life Grace led in his absence, while Olive and Cal realize that being twins after five and a half years apart is harder than they thought.

star 7.57
2555 votes
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#67 - Shanzhai

The Last Ship Season 3 - Episode 3

Chandler and the crew race to find answers in an Asian Dodge City; Slattery begins to unravel the truth about his predicament.

star 7.56
4311 votes
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El Toro

#68 - El Toro

The Last Ship Season 1 - Episode 5

With Rachel close to a breakthrough on her vaccine, she, Chandler and XO Slattery lead a small team into the jungles of Nicaragua on a mission to find monkeys for her vaccine trials. While there, they find much more than they bargained for when they run across a former drug kingpin who will stop at nothing to maintain his stranglehold on his oppressed society. Chandler and his men find themselves in a huge moral dilemma over whether to eliminate this menace or take what they need and continue on with their mission.

star 7.54
4763 votes
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Electric Avenue

#69 - Electric Avenue

Witches of East End Season 1 - Episode 5

Ingrid finds a unique way to mourn for Adam. Joanna and Harrison take their friendship to the next level. Freya meets Dash's ex fiancée Elyse when she returns to deal with some unfinished business.

star 7.53
815 votes
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#70 - Prodigy

Without a Trace Season 2 - Episode 4

When a 14-year-old violinist disappears on the night of a concert, the team follows her and her valuable violin's trail and Samantha bravely tries to recover from the gunshot wound.

star 7.52
153 votes
The Wrong Stuff

#71 - The Wrong Stuff

Castle (2009) Season 7 - Episode 16

When an astronaut, training for a trip to Mars, is mysteriously killed inside a Mars simulation, Castle and Beckett don spacesuits to investigate. But when they discover no one inside the sealed simulation could have committed the murder and no one from the outside could get in, the case takes a shocking turn

star 7.51
1677 votes

#72 - Kintsugi

The Man in the High Castle Season 2 - Episode 6

Nicole introduces Joe to an unexpected side of Berlin, that leads him down a new path. On her new mission, Juliana inserts herself into the Smith's inner circle. Tagomi is finally reunited with his family, only to be faced with the prospect of losing them again.

star 7.50
2891 votes
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XX (2)

#73 - XX (2)

Castle (2009) Season 8 - Episode 2

In part 2 of the premiere, Beckett's side of her abrupt disappearance is revealed. After receiving a mysterious tip from her past, Beckett is launched into a fight for her life, with a team of mercenaries hot on her trail. While Castle investigates why his wife is on the run, Beckett must figure out who wants her dead, before they can finish the job.

star 7.50
1977 votes
Million Dollar Smile

#74 - Million Dollar Smile

Ugly Betty Season 4 - Episode 17

Betty is thrilled to get her braces off, courtesy of her chatty new orthodontist, Dr. Frankel. But before this can happen, she gets knocked unconscious at a photo shoot of the "Million Dollar Bra" at the Guggenheim, spinning her into a dream sequence. An angelic Dr. Frankel shows her how different her life would have been had she never worn braces. She's the "pretty sister," while Hilda is homely, Ignacio is a compulsive gambler, Marc is a doting dad and Amanda is married to Daniel. But glam Betty is also mean - she's in cahoots with Wilhemina to terrify and overpower everyone at Mode.

star 7.50
419 votes
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Second Chances

#75 - Second Chances

Body of Proof Season 2 - Episode 6

A woman who is a champion equestrian is killed. During the investigation potential drug use is suspected. When Megan's daughter, who also rides horses, overhears details of the case, she leads the team to a clue and possibly the murderer.

star 7.49
959 votes
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Love Lasts Forever

#76 - Love Lasts Forever

Moonlight Season 1 - Episode 11

Josh is working on the biggest case of his career, a conviction against a member of the MS-13 gang, possibly the most dangerous gang in the world. In an attempt to force Josh to drop the case, the gang threatens Beth, but Josh refuses to fold and enlists Mick’s help in protecting her. Unfortunately, Josh is left unguarded and is kidnapped with devastating results. Beth discovers an unwanted blood connection.

star 7.42
362 votes
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#77 - iWitness

CSI: Cyber Season 2 - Episode 9

The cyber team investigates the murder of a hacker who was hired to erase an assault victim’s comments from a confessional website.

star 7.40
870 votes
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Little Girl

#78 - Little Girl

Medical Investigation Season 1 - Episode 9

After the victims of a car accident are diagnosed with a deadly disease, which caused the accident, a small Maryland town requests the assistance of the NIH team. The only problem is there is only one living victim, as the other nine victims had perished, and in order to save her life, and find the cure, she requires a bone marrow transplant. This little girls runs out of luck as her father has died from the same disease and her mother died from a drug overdose. However, Natalie does some DNA tests to see if the bone marrow can still be used, and discovers the girl was adopted. Eva then then goes and searches for the girl's birth mother, who wants no part in the girl's life. After some tough convincing, Eva gets the mother to donate, and saves the girls life. Now, in order to find the cause for the epidemic, the team must look to some tainted seafood for the answer.

star 7.40
86 votes
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#79 - Sleeper

Castle (2009) Season 7 - Episode 20

A mysterious recurring dream drives Castle and Beckett to seek answers about the two-month period when he went missing. But their search for the truth has deadly consequences.

star 7.39
1906 votes
Cool Boys

#80 - Cool Boys

Castle (2009) Season 8 - Episode 6

Detective Slaughter returns to enlist Castle’s help in solving a high-stakes robbery case. But when a body is found linked to the crime, Slaughter becomes the number one suspect in the heist turned murder, while Castle has to determine whether he’s guilty or help to prove he’s innocent.

star 7.39
1685 votes

#81 - Snakehead

Fringe Season 2 - Episode 9

After a cargo ship runs aground, the shoreline becomes littered with bodies hosting a giant squid-like creature. The Fringe team descends upon the scene to examine the bodies and discovers that the mysterious organisms are actually giant parasites. As the investigation unfolds, Walter heads back to the lab while Olivia, Peter and Broyles race against time when they realize the case has ties to a threatening organization.

star 7.38
7493 votes
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Breaking and Entering

#82 - Breaking and Entering

Burn Notice Season 2 - Episode 1

Having been recruited by the people who burned him, Michael's new handler, Carla, tasks him with helping a computer tech, whose wife and daughter were kidnapped, liberate some information that is guarded by mercenaries.

star 7.35
1898 votes
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Unpaid Debts

#83 - Unpaid Debts

Burn Notice Season 1 - Episode 6

Michael discovers a surprise aboard a boat he has retrieved from Jamaican gangsters. Meanwhile, a CSS agent urges Michael to stop his investigation into who burned him.

star 7.34
1947 votes
Trust Me

#84 - Trust Me

Burn Notice Season 2 - Episode 3

Andy, a cell-phone salesman, was conned into investing in a fake Cuban nightclub. Michael helps Andy when the people he borrowed the money from come knocking.

star 7.33
1865 votes

#85 - B.C.

Moonlight Season 1 - Episode 6

Mick finds himself working with Beth again to hunt a vampire linked to Josef's past and to the drug overdose Beth is investigating.

star 7.32
468 votes
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#86 - Revelation

GCB Season 1 - Episode 10

When Carlene takes the GCBs down to unincorporated Juarez for the groundbreaking ceremony for the Condos for Christian Living, the GCBs find themselves in danger. Meanwhile Amanda's suspicions regarding Luke lead to a surprising discovery about Ripp.

star 7.30
225 votes
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#87 - Sacrifice

Numb3rs Season 1 - Episode 11

A senior computer-science researcher working on a classified government project is found murdered in his Hollywood Hills home and data has been stolen from his computer. The investigation reveals the victim was going through a bitter divorce and was trying to keep his wife from getting his money. Charlie also learns the project on which the man was working might have involved baseball.

star 7.29
812 votes
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Our Sons and Daughters

#88 - Our Sons and Daughters

Without a Trace Season 2 - Episode 6

When a high school sex-scandal leads to murder it is the team's job to figure out who did it and why.

star 7.27
146 votes
In the Stars

#89 - In the Stars

Ugly Betty Season 3 - Episode 22

Betty, Matt and Marc come together in order to succeded in their final YETI project, a photo session with singer, Adele. Love is in the air for one lucky couple as proposals are made. Claire and Wilhelmina continue to argue.

star 7.20
139 votes
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Mission La Roca (2)

#90 - Mission La Roca (2)

Medical Investigation Season 1 - Episode 20

The team figures out that they are dealing with bacterial meningitis, and the only thing that makes their day worse is a corrupt politician who steals the medicine and holds it at ransom. Elsewhere, the people at Mission La Roca (Miles, Connor, Powell, Nestor, Juan, Kris, and Baracas) make it out before the church collapses, and take the sick ones off to the hospital for treatment.

star 7.10
30 votes
Lone Star

#91 - Lone Star

Without a Trace Season 3 - Episode 17

Lance Hamilton is a successful real estate agent in his early thirties who disappears one day after showing a house. When the team gets involved, they soon realise that Lance had more than one dealing with a local hood, Jimmy 'The Tooth' Fusco, and begin to suspect that Lance may not have been the good guy everyone thought he was. After tracking down the woman Lance had recently been spotted kissing in his office, the team needs to revise their opinion, knowing now that Lance is one of the good guys, but wondering if he's died for his beliefs.

star 7.03
177 votes
A New Legacy

#92 - A New Legacy

Cane Season 1 - Episode 6

Business starts to get rough when Henry is beaten up by his club's investors and Alex has to take over to defend him. Meanwhile, Pancho goes out on the quest for a new master blender for Duque rum.

star 7.00
1 votes
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#93 - Agape

Witchblade Season 2 - Episode 3

As Sara and Danny investigate a series of bizarre drug-related murders, rookie detective Jake is pulled into a sting with a questionable cop. Now Sara must learn to use the Witchblade to solve the crime and save Jake before it's too late.

star 6.88
150 votes
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#94 - Palindrome

Witchblade Season 2 - Episode 11

Jake and Danny go undercover posing as hot-headed fighters to investigate the murder of a young man who was in an underground fight club. But the deadly game becomes complicated when Sara's long-lost love, Conchobar (Kim De Lury), steps into the ring. In a bizarre twist of fate, Sara finds herself risking everything - including the Witchblade - to save her lover and bring the killer to justice.

star 6.79
93 votes
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#95 - Hierophant

Witchblade Season 2 - Episode 8

A killer known only as V tries to take over New York's organized crime syndicates, causing mayhem. But when the evidence gathered at the crime scenes includes the fingerprints of Sara's long-dead father, Sara must trust the Witchblade's powers to overcome her emotions and wage war with the greatest evil she has ever faced.

star 6.59
91 votes
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Golden Boy

#96 - Golden Boy

In Justice Season 1 - Episode 3

A high school athlete was convicted of murdering a college girl eight years earlier. His sister contacts the National Justice Project for help because she believes her brother is innocent and this is her last hope.

star 5.00
1 votes
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Momma's Boy

#97 - Momma's Boy

The Ex List Season 1 - Episode 5

When Bella runs into Josh, she is wary of rekindling their relationship until she learns that his mother is out of the picture.

star 5.00
1 votes