The BEST episodes directed by Nancy Malone

1,001 Nights of Anne Matheson
3 votes

#1 - 1,001 Nights of Anne Matheson

Knots Landing - Season 13 - Episode 7

Anne's show is a success, and she tells Benny that she's getting her own apartment. He's upset because he has fallen in love with her. Joseph quits the University to work full time at Tidal Energy. Joseph and Kate declare their love for one another and sleep together. Debbie breaks up with Frank because she wants a serious relationship. Pierce has nightmares of sailing in a storm with Victoria. Victoria tells Paige that Pierce has a dark side and will turn on her, but Paige doesn't believe her. Victoria tells Pierce she still loves him, and asks if Paige knows about the data list. Pierce tells her to leave him alone. Brian follows Greg to Meg's birthday party. After the party, he pulls a gun on Karen and Meg in the backyard.

The Will
37 votes

#2 - The Will

Dynasty - Season 5 - Episode 14

Claudia rebuffs Steven's conciliatory attempts. Tension between Dex and Amanda continues to mount. Baby Kristina is allowed to leave the hospital. Jeff remains intent upon his mission to find Fallon with the help of Nikki, who has fallen in love with him. On his deathbed, Tom Carrington makes amends with Blake, and in a final dramatic gesture, has his will changed. His vast estate is to be divided among Blake, Alexis, and his acknowledged daughter, Dominique, whom he names as executor.

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Isn't It Romantic?
170 votes

#3 - Isn't It Romantic?

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 1 - Episode 10

Brenda and Dylan continue their flirtation, and she accidentally catches him in the shower. They go out alone when Brandon has to stay home sick. Dylan loses his cool after a confrontation with his father. Brenda consoles him, and they end up kissing. Jim objects to the relationship because Dylan's father is considered ruthless and crooked. Brenda is prepared to go all the way, and is crushed when Dylan stands her up. He later explains that he had to move because his father skipped the country to avoid an indictment. Steve tries to make a pass at the speaker for a sex education assembly. She reveals that she has AIDS. Her speech prompts Brenda to slow things down with Dylan. Music: 'Lily Was Here' by Candy Dulfer and Dave Stewart, 'Doing the Do' by Betty Boo; 'She's Like the Wind' by Patrick Swayze.

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Message in a Bottle
2275 votes

#4 - Message in a Bottle

Star Trek: Voyager - Season 4 - Episode 14

Stardate: Unknown - The crew discover an ancient communications relay that extents to the Alpha Quadrant. They are able to send the Doctor through to a Federation ship at the other end, the experimental U.S.S. Prometheus, only to discover that it has been taken over by Romulans.

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#5 - Reconciliation

Dynasty - Season 5 - Episode 25

Blake and Daniel survive the plane crash. Jeff charters a helicopter and braves hazardous conditions to finally locate the wreckage. Dominique warns Ashley not to jeopardize Blake's marriage. Krystle and Blake finally clear the air and renew their commitment to each other. Amanda reconciles with Prince Michael, and the wedding is back on. Krystle visits Daniel and tells him he is the father of her sister Iris' baby, Sammy Jo.

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Who Shot Dick?
7 votes

#6 - Who Shot Dick?

Judging Amy - Season 3 - Episode 12

After her brother Richard arrives in town looking for his son, Maxine initially refuses to put him in touch with Kyle, but later relents; in the process of helping Donna with her estate planning, Peter and Gillian agree to become Ariadne's guardian should something happen to Donna; as Maxine quarrels with Richard about the event that caused them not to speak for twelve years, it becomes apparent that Maxine blames her brother for Edward's early death; Bruce and Andrea hit it off during a play date for their daughters, and later go out on a date; Kyle refuses his father's offer to bail him out of his troubles; Maxine works to help a father regain visitation rights to his teenaged son; Kyle and Amy continue their discussion about the events that caused a rift in their relationship and find that they share responsibility and guilt for the events of that night; a young surrogate mother pregnant with twins who has no interest in keeping the babies comes before Amy in the middle of a custody

Strange Bedfellows
8 votes

#7 - Strange Bedfellows

Melrose Place - Season 2 - Episode 14

Alison learns that Steve is leaving for Europe in a few days. He gives her a new jeep and confesses his feelings. Alison joins him for a weekend on his ranch, but suddenly dumps him because she wants to reconcile with Billy. Billy's bitterness about Alison clouds his judgment on a writing assignment. Jake forces Palmer to confess to fraud on tape. Palmer convinces Amanda that Jake set him up, so she dumps Jake and plots to evict him. Michael falls out of bed, and Sydney refuses to help him until he apologizes for his past actions. Jo rejects Jake's thinly veiled advances, but Billy and Amanda sleep together.

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Operation Smile
22 votes

#8 - Operation Smile

Touched by an Angel - Season 2 - Episode 8

Ginger is a single mother who tries to do everything for her child who has a cleft lip. Monica is the babysitter meant to help the mother and child.

Santa Claude
40 votes

#9 - Santa Claude

Diagnosis Murder - Season 7 - Episode 11

Hospital horticulturist Claude is revealed to be an escaped convict living under an assumed name for the past 10 years. Mark fights to shelter Claude from extradition while striving to prove his innocence.

40 votes

#10 - Sleight-of-Hand

Diagnosis Murder - Season 8 - Episode 3

A body found on the beach turns out to be Jim, the hospital janitor, but when his twin brother Jeff shows up to identify the body, Mark and Steve become suspicious.

Much Ado About Everything
12 votes

#11 - Much Ado About Everything

Melrose Place - Season 2 - Episode 1

Amanda throws herself a housewarming party, but forces Alison to work late so that she can hit on Billy. Alison continues to receive threatening letters and phone calls. Keith picks her up at work and takes her to the party. He slips something into her drink and tries to take advantage of her, but Billy interrupts. Keith purposely injures his head and claims that he was attacked. Billy doesn't seem to believe him. In order to dodge suspicion, Keith pays a homeless man to make an obscene phone call to Alison while Keith is present. Jane files for divorce. Michael moves in with Kimberly. Jake brings a bimbo to the housewarming party to make Jo jealous, and Jo agrees to live with him. They argue about everything. Matt loses his job when the halfway house shuts down.

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Adam's Son
8 votes

#12 - Adam's Son

Dynasty - Season 8 - Episode 18

After walking in on Adam and Jesse locked in a bitter fight, Karen falls to the floor with labor pains. Waiting pensively at the hospital, neither Adam nor Jesse can let go of their overwhelming resentment for each other. Jeff resigns as Blake's campaign manager after Blake voices his displeasure over Jeff's tactics in maneuvering into Denver- Carrington. Reconfirming his alliance to Blake, Jeff turns down Alexis' offer to come to work for her. Accompanying Sammy Jo to Los Angeles for a horse auction, Jeff stops by her hotel suite after spending the day together at the beach. Feeling herself falling in love with Jeff, she allows herself to surrender to his passionate kisses. Sean threatens to kill Leslie if she quits her job at Colbyco, fearing it would confirm Alexis' suspicions about their affair. Scared for her own safety, Leslie turns to Dex, telling him she knows Sean's true identity. Suspecting Sean is seeking vengeance for his father's suicide, Dex warns Alexis. Not wanting to b

Alexis in Blunderland
36 votes

#13 - Alexis in Blunderland

Dynasty - Season 9 - Episode 5

Returning from her trip to Natumbe, Alexis is greeted by Dex and his gloomy prognosis for Colbyco. Desperate to liquefy her assets, she makes plans to sell the Carlton Hotel and the Vitron tankers, as the realization she may lose everything finally hits her. Finding out about Fallon's one night stand with Jeff, Sammy Jo squares off with Fallon. Wrestling with each other, they fall into a water trough and then take a roll through the mud, before they finally realize they are fighting over a man neither wants anymore. Adam plots to double cross Jeff by reading Steven's confidential notes on the pipeline. Fallon questions Dex on what he knows about the man-made lake where the body was found. Uneasy about discussing the subject, Dex admits the lake was made after a project had gone bad between Blake, the Colbys, and Dexter's family. Sable is delighted to hear Hamilton Stone has succeeded in winning Alexis' trust. With Stone's inside knowledge of Colbyco's business dealings, Sable schemes t

A Family Way
93 votes

#14 - A Family Way

Dawson's Creek - Season 4 - Episode 5

Gail drops a bomb at Dawson saying that she might be pregnant. Joey seeks advice from Jen, now that she has the feeling sexual intimacy with Pacey is approaching. Jen tells her to go to the clinic as prevention. Jack is in an awkward situation when a girl is making moves on him, and he feels pressured to tell her he's gay.

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#15 - Coda

Star Trek: Voyager - Season 3 - Episode 15

Stardate: 50518.6 Captain Janeway repeatedly dies after she and Chakotay crash into a planet in what appears to be a time loop. Soon, her deceased father appears and tells her that she is dead and must accept her situation and move on.

33 votes

#16 - Upbringings

Picket Fences - Season 3 - Episode 21

A troubled relationship resurfaces when Jimmy's father wants him to take over the law practice.

The Ball
34 votes

#17 - The Ball

Dynasty - Season 7 - Episode 11

Armed with Emily Fallmont's incriminating letter, Blake and Steven search for the witnesses who testified against him at his murder trial. Blake anticipates crashing Alexis' opulent bash and finally revealing the truth of Alexis and Ben's perjury against him. Sammy Jo's doctor informs her she is not pregnant. Disputing the diagnosis and fearing the outcome, she keeps the news secret from Clay. Unable to buy back The Crater stocks from Michael Culhane, Blake shuts down operation on the project, fearing Alexis' determination to possess the stocks for her own vindictive schemes. At Denver's grand ball, Blake presents Alexis and Ben with signed affidavits from Dan Franklin and Cora Van Husen, key witnesses in his murder trial. Savoring his moment of triumph, Blake challenges them to relinquish his holdings or face legal humiliation when he makes the facts public.

Grimes and Punishment
36 votes

#18 - Grimes and Punishment

Dynasty - Season 9 - Episode 16

Joanna agrees to tell Adam everything she knows about Sable, in exchange for his protection. Upon Alexis' return to Denver, Blake confronts her about the ad asking for information on Roger Grimes. She reasserts her vow to see him pay for Grimes' murder. Fearing Alexis may get a warrant to search the lake, Blake asks Dex to dive into the lake and make sure everything that needs to be hidden stays that way. Zorelli promises his commanding officer, Capt. Handler, that he will drop the Grimes case and is given his old job back. Sable is pleased when Monica moves in with her. But Sable's joy is short-lived when Alexis and Adam tell her the tankers have been destroyed. Sammy Jo offers Tanner a check for his home for runaways. She grows increasingly fond of him, unaware that he is married. Blake goes to Delta Rho to make amends with Fallon, and finds the picture Zorelli left behind. With all his faith in Fallon destroyed, Blake storms out. Dex goes to Alexis' penthouse to talk about her vende

The Spoiler
34 votes

#19 - The Spoiler

Dynasty - Season 8 - Episode 12

Following Josh Harris' drug overdose death, Sammy Jo carries a burden of guilt. Realizing her obsession to be with Steven is depriving her of an intimate relationship, Sammy Jo asks Steven to move out of her Delta Rho ranch. Steven is pressured by the press and Jeff to administer drug testing on his team. Troubled by crisis in his personal and professional life, Steven welcomes the surprise visit of his old friend, Chris Deegan. Steven is shocked by the team's decision to volunteer for the tests in order to alleviate the stress it has placed on Steven and on Blake's campaign. After Dex returns from Natumbe, Steven reprimands him and Fallon for going against his orders. Sean's amorous moves are shot down by a brooding Alexis. Alexis' indifference sends Sean looking for affection in Leslie's hotel suite. Jeff asks Sammy Jo to accompany Danny, L.B., and him on a weekend skiing trip. Before leaving, Jeff is presented with Fallon's divorce papers. Discovering a new angle for destroying Blak

She's Back
38 votes

#20 - She's Back

Dynasty - Season 9 - Episode 3

Finding Krystle and her sister, Virginia, talking, Blake is pleased to see Krystle well, but remains distressed when she has no recollection of how she got to Dayton. Fearing she will react badly to the news that she may be involved with a murder, Blake keeps the truth from her when they return to Denver. Adam persuades Steven's secretary, Claire Tennyson, to work for him, hoping she will reveal some of Steven's secrets. Claire eagerly accepts, having her own devious reasons for doing so. With Alexis in Natumbe with Hamilton Stone, Sable pours her seductive charms on Dex, who is only amused by her passes. Krystle is overcome by a painful migraine, as the reason for her attacks continues to frustrate her. Finding out from Sgt. Zorelli that she is a suspect in a murder, Kryslte accuses Blake of lying to her. Needing to know what happened at the lake, Krystle goes to Sammy Jo, demanding to be told the truth. Finding out about the body in the lake, she convinces Blake to take her to the mo

34 votes

#21 - Valez

Dynasty - Season 7 - Episode 24

Steven questions his love for Sammy Jo and his homosexuality. Alexis disregards Dex's warning of Dirk Maurier's unscrupulous business practices, agreeing to a partnership in his plans for a subversive takeover of Trouville Industries. Leslie and Clay's bond turns to passionate love. Dominique discovers Sarah's photo album, revealing the bereaved mother's attempts to make Krystina resemble her own deceased little girl. Convinced Adam is in serious trouble, Blake promises to find what is causing his son's suddenly volatile behavior. Venting his frustration by riding Danny's horse at a dangerously fast pace, Steven is thrown, resulting in serious injuries to the horse. Reeling from his inner conflict, Steven moves out of the ranch, claiming to be leaving those he is hurting the most. Krystle, aware of Sarah's psychologically unbalanced attachment to Krystina, asks her to leave the mansion. Unable to part from the little girl, Sarah kidnaps Krystina, disappearing without a trace.

Two Birds With One Sloan
38 votes

#22 - Two Birds With One Sloan

Diagnosis Murder - Season 7 - Episode 21

Mark appears on a quiz show to uncover the killer of a game show contestant.

The Test
34 votes

#23 - The Test

Dynasty - Season 7 - Episode 18

Alexis is reluctant to pursue a billion dollar venture put forth by a confident Michael Culhane. Suffering from congestive heart failure, Krystina lapses into unconsciousness, until doctors are able to regain her vital signs. Krystle and Blake helplessly stand by. Dana fears something may come between her and Adam, preventing their plans of marriage. Upon hearing the news of Krystina, Alexis rushes to the hospital to see Blake. Krystle reacts bitterly to her presence, requesting Alexis to leave and stay away from her family. Despite a brave front, Alexis is badly hurt. For Danny's sake, Steven and Sammy Jo agree to assume the appearance of a normal marriage, sharing the same roof, but not the same bed. Following the incident with Krystle, Alexis flies to Los Angeles to be with Jeff and Fallon, and their new baby. Coming as a complete surprise to Alexis, Michael Culhane follows her, professing concern for her. The result of Krystina's heart biopsy reveals a serious heart ailment. Krystl

34 votes

#24 - Romance

Dynasty - Season 7 - Episode 6

Blake and Krystle fly to Caracas in an attempt to free Caress. Their efforts are wasted as a prison official, bribed by Ben, denies that she's there. Alexis' refound romance with Dex drives Ben mad with envy. Dex shocks Alexis with a proposal of marriage, only to have her reject his amorous bid. Blake catches Michael Culhane and Amanda in a passionate embrace. In a fit of rage, he fires his playboy chauffeur, further distancing Amanda from her over-protective father. Dominique's singing talents are pursued by Gary Tilden, a dubious character who works for a recording studio. Having had enough of Ben's conniving, Alexis kicks him out of the mansion and out of Colbyco, but not before he promises revenge. Ben threatens to expose his and Alexis' conspiracy against Blake if he isn't put back in her good favor. Nick Kimball romantically pursues Dominique, who shows little outward affection in return. Fallon returns to Denver to warn Amanda of Michael Culhane's deceptiveness. Dex jumps after

You Bet Your Life
11 votes

#25 - You Bet Your Life

Diagnosis Murder - Season 8 - Episode 14

Dr. Mark Sloan investigates the apparent suicide of a gifted heart surgeon who was also a compulsive gambler.

Peanut Butter and Jealousy
7 votes

#26 - Peanut Butter and Jealousy

Melrose Place - Season 1 - Episode 20

Sydney continues to get on Jane's nerves. Jane tells Michael that she is going to kick Sydney out of the apartment, but Michael has already asked Syd to take Jane out and get her to a surprise birthday party. He convinces Jane to go out with Sydney and think things over. This proves to be a disaster, as they get into an argument. Jane accuses Syd of trying to steal her life, and Sydney lets her storm out instead of taking her to the party. Michael has to spoil the surprise to get Jane to the event. Jane orders Sydney to move out, and the two talk about their long-standing differences. Jake reluctantly tells Jo about his meeting with her husband, Charles. Jo decides to contact Charles. Jake feels helpless when Jo begins seeing Charles, who seems to be a changed man. Jake later admits his strong feelings for Jo and shares his frustation about standing on the sidelines. Charles shows his ugly side after drinking, and grants Jo a divorce. Jo thanks Jake for his patience, and he

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House of God
12 votes

#27 - House of God

Melrose Place - Season 1 - Episode 15

A mysterious aspiring photographer named Jo Reynolds moves into the building. She responds coldly to the other residents' attempts to make nice, although she develops an instant attraction to Jake. She strikes up a friendship with Alison when they take out their romantic frustration on a washing machine. Jo explains that she left New York to escape from her marriage. The women continue to bond, and hustle some guys in a pool game at Shooters. Jo flirts shamelessly with Jake after he comes up to her apartment in a towel to remind her about the hot water shortage. Michael and Jane begin spending time with a respected pediatrician and his wife. Jane suspects that the woman is being abused, but Michael doesn't believe it because her husband is so good with his patients. Jane is certain that something is wrong, and pleads with Liz to seek help. Liz goes to the Mancinis after being beaten, and decides to leave Scott. Michael plans to report Scott to their boss, but convinces him to do

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The Bitch Is Back
36 votes

#28 - The Bitch Is Back

Melrose Place - Season 2 - Episode 28

Michael is astonished when Kimberly pays him a late-night visit. She reveals that she was in a coma for months, and that her mother claimed that she had died to keep Michael away from her. Michael dumps Sydney without explanation. When she brings a police officer to the hospital to have Michael arrested for manslaughter, Kimberly enters the room, prompting Syd to faint. Kimberly is plagued by headaches, and removes a wig in the bathroom to reveal a nasty scar on the side of her head. Amanda fires a model after learning that she is from the agency Models Inc., and is reprimanded by her boss. She reveals that her estranged mother, Hillary Michaels, is the head of the agency. Amanda rejects Hillary's overtures, but Jake later convinces her to give her mother a chance. Alison takes back her decree about not sleeping with Billy until their wedding night. Alison's parents hire an obnoxious wedding planner, but Billy and Alison fire her and decide to marry in the courtyard of the apartment bu

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Irreconcilable Similarites
36 votes

#29 - Irreconcilable Similarites

Melrose Place - Season 1 - Episode 25

Billy and Amanda bicker constantly after he moves in with her. Alison quits her job and decides to move to Seattle with Keith. Billy confronts Amanda after she insults Alison at her farewell party. Amanda sarcastically wonders if Billy would rather be with Alison. Billy breaks up with Amanda and moves out. He drives Alison and Keith to the airport, but then pleads with Alison to stay in Los Angeles. She tells him that it is too late to change her mind, and leaves. Michael's college friend Sam makes a pass at Jane after they have dinner together. Michael is livid when Sam--not Jane--is the one to tell him about the incident. Kimberly offers to ""comfort"" him.

Swept Away
34 votes

#30 - Swept Away

Melrose Place - Season 2 - Episode 21

Reed plans to start over in Mexico after one last major drug deal. Jo knocks him overboard with a harpoon, but the boat runs out of gas. When Reed climbs on board and holds her at gunpoint, Jo is forced to shoot and kill him. She is arrested when the Coast Guard raids the boat. Alison accepts Billy's explanation about his date, but breaks up with him again when he wrongly assumes that she is moving to New York. He follows her back to Los Angeles and surprises her with a marriage proposal. Sydney presents her blackmail demands and moves in with Michael.

No Bed of Roses
36 votes

#31 - No Bed of Roses

Melrose Place - Season 2 - Episode 8

Amanda's father offers Jake a high-paying job at his car restoration business. He refuses, but changes his mind after sleeping with Amanda. Jo is devastated by the news, but cheers up when Steve asks her on a date. Sydney prevents Michael from breaking up with her by threatening to expose their affair. Jane decides to take things slowly with Robert.

Picture Imperfect
36 votes

#32 - Picture Imperfect

Melrose Place - Season 1 - Episode 21

Alison is promoted to junior account executive and works with art director Amanda Woodward on an underwear account. Alison flirts with the handsome tennis star who is modeling for the account. She decides not to pursue him because she fears it could affect her career. Jo is hired as photographer, but jeopardizes the account with her ""alternative"" photos. Alison gets into hot water when she takes a risk and shows the client Jo's photos, even though they had already expressed approval about the more traditional shots. Jo upsets Jake and Alison by going to dinner with Rex. She later apologizes to Jake and admits that she has strong feelings for him. Billy doesn't hit it off with a blind date arranged by Michael, but is attracted to Amanda. An overwhelmed Rhonda breaks her engagement after Terrence tries to buy them a house in the suburbs.

A Promise Broken
40 votes

#33 - A Promise Broken

Melrose Place - Season 1 - Episode 11

During a routine appointment, Jane learns that her baby has died. Michael is reluctant to express his emotions about the loss, and quarrels with colleague Kimberly Shaw when she tries to convince him to show his feelings. He later apologizes, and the two flirt rather obviously. The Mancinis' friends give them a dog to help take their mind off of losing the baby, but Jane loses the dog at the beach. Michael lashes out at her and admits that he fears she may have lost the baby because she initially considered an abortion. He later apologizes for not being more supportive throughout the pregnancy. They find the dog, but let a lonely old woman keep it. Meanwhile, Alison is enraged after finding Billy fooling around with one of her bras while doing the laundry. She claims their friendship is over, but later explains the reason for her anger.