The Best Episodes Directed by Mitsuhiro Yoneda

Sometime, Call Me By My Name

#1 - Sometime, Call Me By My Name

Good Luck Girl! Season 1 - Episode 12

Momiji's spry new personality, which has also extended to Kumagai, is a hit with everyone in school, but Ichiko remains suspicious that it is one of her plots. Momiji explains how, as a result of being washed in the human world, she has lost her powers and changed personality. Ichiko and the others attempt to turn Momiji back to her usual self with no avail. After some initial hesitation, Ichiko soon starts being friends with the new Momiji, finding it pleasantly peaceful. Some time later, Kumagai ends up getting dirty and reverting to normal, teaming up with Momo to try and revert Momiji to normal in the same manner.

star 9.33
52 votes
Randy and Pecho Are Busy Getting Ready for the Party

#2 - Randy and Pecho Are Busy Getting Ready for the Party

Baccano! Season 1 - Episode 3

In 1932, Eve is watching the Hudson River in New York being dug up. The story then moves to 1931, when Runorata men come to the Daily Days for information on Dallas meanwhile in New York two idiots end up accidentally setting a storehouse on fire, where old man Barnes has been able to obtain the Immortality Elixir. Barnes manages to escape with 2 bottles but ends up getting into some trouble shortly afterwards. Back in the Flying Pussyfoot, everything is about to go down.

star 8.68
184 votes
The Perfect Boy – Death the Kid's Magnificent Mission?

#3 - The Perfect Boy – Death the Kid's Magnificent Mission?

Soul Eater Season 1 - Episode 3

Meister Death the Kid, after failing to capture Lupin the thief due to his obsession with symmetry, speaks to his father, Shinigami-sama, and decides to go after the mummy-controlling witch residing at the pyramid of Anubis. Worried about the symmetry of a picture hanging in his room back home, Kid leaves his weapons, sisters Patty and Liz Thompson, to fend for themselves in the mummy infested pyramid. The sisters manage to defeat the mummies only to be captured by the Pharaoh! Will Kid come back in time to save them?

star 8.43
252 votes
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#4 - Burst

Fairy Tail Season 1 - Episode 17

The demon, Deliora, has been released! Natsu, Erza, Gray, and Lucy try to stop the demon but it turns out there is no need. Erza, Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Happy's then turn their attention to helping the villagers.

star 8.19
464 votes
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The Enchanted Sword Masamune – Break the Soul Possession: A Heart Sings in the Rain?

#5 - The Enchanted Sword Masamune – Break the Soul Possession: A Heart Sings in the Rain?

Soul Eater Season 1 - Episode 10

Tsubaki and Black Star are assigned the task of collecting the soul of Masamune, a demon blade who can possibly become a demon god. After arriving at the village where Masamune was last seen, Black Star is ostracized by its inhabitants, and later he explains to Tsubaki that it was because he is a survivor of the murderous Star Clan, which were destroyed by Shibusen after they started to collect human souls. The duo returns to the village after Masamune possesses the body of a young boy to confront him. Black Star manages to break the boy free from the sword's control and Tsubaki sends her spirit into the demon blade to confront the soul of Masamune, who is in fact her older brother.

star 8.18
197 votes
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To Keep From Seeing Those Tears

#6 - To Keep From Seeing Those Tears

Fairy Tail Season 1 - Episode 24

Natsu, Gray, and Elfman have infiltrated Phantom Lord's headquarters. Although Natsu manages to destroy Jupiter and the lookout somehow, Phantom has yet another trump card! Incredibly, the guild itself transforms into the magical giant Phantom Mk II, and starts casting the forbidden magic Abyss Break trying to wipe out the entire guild at once. With no time to spare,Monsieur Sol a member of the Element 4 appears before Elfman!

star 8.11
398 votes
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My Roommate is a Blond Gentleman

#7 - My Roommate is a Blond Gentleman

IS: Infinite Stratos Season 1 - Episode 6

After losing against him in a practice bout, Ichika has a training session with Charles, which is interrupted by Laura who wants to fight him, but refuses. On his way back, he spots Laura talking with Chifuyu, begging her to return to Germany and that the IS Academy doesn't deserve her, but the latter doesn't listen. It is revealed when Ichika was kidnapped during the 2nd Mondo Grosso IS championship, Chifuyu forfeit the finals in order to rescue him. Upon returning to his dorm, Ichika walks in on Charles in the shower to discover he is actually a girl. Charles reveals she is her father's illegitimate daughter who was taken in after her mother passed away and made an IS test pilot. But when the Dunois corporation entered a financial crisis due to the demand for third generation ISs, Charles was ordered to act as a boy to give the company publicity and steal data from Ichika. Sympathizing with her due to his parents abandoning him and Chifuyu, Ichika decides to keep Charles' secret as she'll be safe at the IS Academy due to Diplomatic immunity. Meanwhile, Laura, who blames Ichika for blemishing Chifuyu's record removes her eye-patch, revealing a golden left eye and swears revenge on him.

star 8.07
215 votes
The Translucent Chord of Cinderella's Heel

#8 - The Translucent Chord of Cinderella's Heel

IS: Infinite Stratos Season 2 - Episode 3

Tatenashi extorts Ichika for a massage before he butlers for his class' maid cafe the next day. Stopping by the cafe, Rin orders a set wherein she has to feed Ichika personally. Disheartened after Houki interrupts her attempt to be fed by Ichika, Rin eats the pocky and is complemented as being cute. Realizing it is in comparison to a squirrel, Rin storms off leaving Reiko Makigami asking Ichika to use her company's equipment. As Ichika goes on break, Cecilia, Houki, Charlotte, and Laura all try to join but Cecilia wins out taking him to the brass band exhibition. Returning, Ichika is abducted by Tatenashi to be the prince of the student council's rendition of Cinderella wherein, unbeknownst to him, whomever gets his crown receives the right to live with him. Under constant fire, Ichika manages to survive Rin, Cecilia, Charlotte, Laura and Houki only to be pursued by the walk-in contestants where he is dragged under stage by Reiko who desires to steal Byakushiki.

star 7.91
93 votes
Natsu Devours a Village

#9 - Natsu Devours a Village

Fairy Tail Season 1 - Episode 9

Natsu and the others get lost in the depths of Clover Canyon, a great natural labyrinth, on the way back from stopping the dark guild Eisenwald's evil schemes. They stumble upon a suspicious looking village, but don't care as long as they find something to eat! Food comes first! Moving houses, galloping chairs, whatever! As long as they're edible! But this village holds a secret truth...

star 7.75
396 votes
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Von Stroheim's Revenge

#10 - Von Stroheim's Revenge

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) Season 1 - Episode 18

As JoJo awaits to warn Lisa Lisa about the Pillar Men, Esidisi's brain takes over the body of Suzi Q and sends the Super Aja off on a boat bound for Venice before confronting Lisa Lisa.

star 7.74
128 votes
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The Game Master

#11 - The Game Master

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) Season 1 - Episode 11

As expected, Straizo recovers from Joseph's attack and uses the laser eye attack Dio used to seemingly pierce through JoJo's head and neck. However, this turns out to be a clever trick by Joseph.

star 7.69
142 votes
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The Dark Knights

#12 - The Dark Knights

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) Season 1 - Episode 5

A talented young pickpocket named Poco unwittingly lures JoJo and company into an encounter with Dio, Tarukus, and Blueford.

star 7.45
181 votes
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Keita Amano and Karen's Best Entertainment

#13 - Keita Amano and Karen's Best Entertainment

Gamers! Season 1 - Episode 7

Karen invites Keita out to a date. It takes a long time.

star 7.23
56 votes
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#14 - Blues

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad Season 1 - Episode 19

Ryusuke (along with Beck and Prudence) get kidnapped by Sykes, who takes him to meet his uncle, the bluesman John Lee Davis, who wanted to know who had stolen Prudence. Upon meeting Davis, one of his musical inspirations, Ryusuke has a jam session which overwhelms his idol, so much so he convinces Sykes not to kill him. So, four days after his kidnapping, Ryusuke is returned, badly beaten, but alive (but Sykes keeps Beck and Prudence with him). As he asserts the situation to Taira and Chiba, Koyuki and Saku, who were looking after the fishing pond for Ryusuke, are visited by one of the managers of the Greatful Sound Festival, Kazuo Sato, who is ecstatic to meet Koyuki after seeing him sing in the Dying Breed's tour movie. Koyuki later gets the chance to see himself on the silver screen, along with Maho.

star 7.23
95 votes