The Best Episodes Directed by Michael Lehmann

There Will Be Consequences

#1 - There Will Be Consequences

The Brink Season 1 - Episode 10

There is a looming global crisis, which Walter tries to avert with other heads of state via videoconferencing. Zeke and Glenn end up in a compromised state. Alex attempts to make a personal connection with Zaman.

star 8.30
720 votes
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I Was a Teenage Lesbian

#2 - I Was a Teenage Lesbian

The Larry Sanders Show Season 4 - Episode 11

While awaiting the results of a breast biopsy, a tense Paula angers Brett Butler who offers Larry some tips on his weekly massage. Hank interviews possible new agents while his beloved Sid lies gravely ill in the hospital.

star 8.26
53 votes
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The Name Game

#3 - The Name Game

American Horror Story Season 2 - Episode 10

The Monsignor confronts the Devil. Dr. Arden’s experiments reach a shocking conclusion. Dr. Thredson facilitates a surprising reunion for Kit.

star 8.14
3672 votes
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#4 - Gumball!

Bored to Death Season 3 - Episode 2

On the run from the police, Jonathan and Ray turn to Howard (Patton Oswalt) for help with trying to find out who framed Jonathan for murder, while George runs interference for them in his own inimitable, marijuana-induced way.

star 8.04
678 votes
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Save Yourself

#5 - Save Yourself

True Blood Season 5 - Episode 12

Eric makes one last attempt to thwart the Authority and save Bill from losing his humanity. Meanwhile, Alcide prepares for another battle with JD; Sam and Luna try to escape the Authority; and Andy deals with the fallout of a pact.

star 8.01
4248 votes
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Valerie Gets a Very Special Episode

#6 - Valerie Gets a Very Special Episode

The Comeback Season 1 - Episode 7

Excited about a "Room and Bored" episode dedicated to her character, Valerie pulls some strings to get a "name" actor to play Aunt Sassy's romantic interest. A celebration at the Viper Room proves typically embarrassing for Valerie.

star 7.98
136 votes
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The Dark... Whatever

#7 - The Dark... Whatever

Dexter Season 7 - Episode 10

Dexter is unnerved when Hannah's father pays him a surprise visit; the Phantom Arsonist's crimes become more vicious; and Quinn defends Nadia's honor and finds himself in a volatile situation. Meanwhile; LaGuerta asks a former superior for help on the Bay Harbor Butcher case.

star 7.97
6559 votes
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Ricochet Rabbit

#8 - Ricochet Rabbit

Dexter Season 6 - Episode 10

Dexter tries to figure out the Doomsday Killers' next victim before it's too late; Debra has a strong reaction to a crime scene, which leads her to the realization that she leans too heavily on her brother.

star 7.94
7597 votes
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People's Choice

#9 - People's Choice

The Larry Sanders Show Season 3 - Episode 5

Artie is chosen to produce the People's Choice Awards, prompting both Larry and Hank to try for a role in the show.

star 7.93
61 votes
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The Bottoms

#10 - The Bottoms

Snowfall (2017) Season 3 - Episode 5

Andre lets his guard down as he celebrates the LAPD's victory. Teddy questions Franklin's ability to control his operation, then suffers a setback of his own.

star 7.93
638 votes
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Smoldering Children

#11 - Smoldering Children

American Horror Story Season 1 - Episode 10

Violet learns about the rules of the house. The truth about Larry's condition is explained. Constance is interrogated by the police.

star 7.91
5365 votes
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Who's Grover Cleveland?

#12 - Who's Grover Cleveland?

The Brink Season 1 - Episode 8

Alex makes amends. Zeke is forced to face the women in his life. Walter urges caution in the Situation Room.

star 7.91
735 votes
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The Black Clock of Time

#13 - The Black Clock of Time

Bored to Death Season 3 - Episode 3

Already nervous about his appearance on "The New Dick Cavett Show," Jonathan is thrown for a loop when another scheduled guest happens to be his nemesis, Louis Greene (John Hodgman). Meanwhile, Ray's attentiveness as a father is tested; and George is floored by Emily and Bernard's latest news.

star 7.90
700 votes
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Let's Boot and Rally

#14 - Let's Boot and Rally

True Blood Season 5 - Episode 5

With time running short, Bill and Eric enlist Sookie to probe for clues on Russell's hiding place. Unable to deal with the demon magic inside him, Lafayette calls out to Jesus’ spirit for help. Patrick Devins and Terry are held hostage in the bunker of their Iraq War buddy Brian Eller. Jason wakes to a disturbing dream; Jessica gives Tara advice on adjusting to vampire life; Sam visits Luna with bad news.

star 7.87
4770 votes
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Soul of Fire

#15 - Soul of Fire

True Blood Season 4 - Episode 11

It's up to Sookie and her powers to keep Bill, Eric and Pam from harm. While Jesus casts a spell, Lafayette is totally absorbed by the past. Sams gets even with Marcus and Alcide deals with Debbie head on. Andy's foray into the forest is filled with deep, overwhelming emotion.

star 7.86
5732 votes
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Transposition (2)

#16 - Transposition (2)

Deception (2018) Season 1 - Episode 13

The team goes up against the mystery woman in a battle of dueling deceptions. Just when Cameron thinks he finally has the upper hand, the mystery woman unleashes her most game-changing twist yet.

star 7.84
649 votes
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Make a Wish

#17 - Make a Wish

The Larry Sanders Show Season 5 - Episode 7

Larry wants to be on People's Ten Sexiest Men list, even if it means bumping off guest Ben Stiller. Beverly gets stuck taking care of their ""One Wish"" Foundation child when he comes to meet Larry. Hank distributes his illegally obtained Cuban cigars.

star 7.83
54 votes
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I Can't Believe I Made Love to a Sociopath

#18 - I Can't Believe I Made Love to a Sociopath

Blunt Talk Season 2 - Episode 7

On the eve of Vivian and Moby's wedding, Walter gets tangled up in a private detective's web of conspiracy. Meanwhile, Celia's new lover brings Jim to his breaking point.

star 7.83
282 votes
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The Sex

#19 - The Sex

Worst Week Season 1 - Episode 14

Sam and Mel were caught in an intimate moment when their nephew took their picture, and now plans on showing it around his school.

star 7.82
249 votes
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Hiring It Done

#20 - Hiring It Done

Chance Season 1 - Episode 3

As Jaclyn continues her therapy, Chance attempts to protect himself and his family from Blackstone’s latest round of harassments.

star 7.82
1156 votes
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Unholy Night

#21 - Unholy Night

American Horror Story Season 2 - Episode 8

A murderous Santa wreaks havoc on Briarcliff. Sister Jude faces off with the devil. Arden has a shocking encounter in the death chute.

star 7.82
3831 votes
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The Offer

#22 - The Offer

Snowfall (2017) Season 2 - Episode 6

Franklin must deal with his past in order to retrieve stolen merchandise. Teddy and Matt take a trip to Central America. Now in the crosshairs of La Fuerza, Lucia and Gustavo set out to find the one thing that can save them.

star 7.81
667 votes
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Gone Fishing

#23 - Gone Fishing

Tyrant Season 1 - Episode 10

On the verge of betraying and displacing Jamal, Barry receives troublesome news that threatens to destroy everything he's worked so hard for. Meanwhile, Jamal's rising suspicions lead him to question the loyalty of those closest to him.

star 7.81
1005 votes
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The Party

#24 - The Party

Californication Season 5 - Episode 11

Hank overstays his welcome at the house of Karen and Richard and hits the road with one last stop at Malibar, where he runs into Lizzie, who uses her newly acquired acting chops to lure him back to the Runkle Manor. Once there, Hank is surprised by everyone he loves and loathes: Karen, Becca, Charlie, Marcy, Stu, Richard and his creepy sponsor, Gabriel. Even Sam and Kali show up, but it's not a party until someone gets hurt and luckily for these partygoers, Hank has it in him for one final run-in with Tyler.

star 7.81
3475 votes
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I'll Never Be Batman

#25 - I'll Never Be Batman

The Brink Season 1 - Episode 4

Alex gets advice from Walter before his crucial rendezvous with Raja. Walter works around a medical emergency and interference from above to cut a deal with India's foreign minister. Zeke realizes he's promised more than he can deliver to the women in his life.

star 7.78
870 votes
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#26 - Thanksgiving

Scream Queens (2015) Season 1 - Episode 10

Chad takes Chanel to his family home for Thanksgiving, where she meets his brothers, Brad and Thad, as well as his parents. However, an uninvited guest throws the holiday into chaos. Meanwhile, Dean Munsch gathers the survivors at Kappa House, but dinner quickly explodes into accusations of who among them is really the killer. Then, the Red Devil carves up a deadly main course as another victim falls.

star 7.75
888 votes
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Getting Away Clean

#27 - Getting Away Clean

Deception (2018) Season 1 - Episode 9

The Deception team gets an unexpected partner, while Gunter makes a discovery that will change the team's lives forever.

star 7.74
752 votes
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I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

#28 - I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

True Blood Season 3 - Episode 6

Spurned by Eric, Sookie fears the worst for Bill, whose fate now lies in Lorena's hands. Fueled by a night of bloody passion, Tara executes a desperate plan to stave off Franklin's advances. In Bon Temps, Tommy finds it difficult to leave the family nest; Jessica gets her fix from a Merlotte's customer; and Jason's romance with Crystal hits a snag, as does Lafayette's with Jesus. After revealing his master plan to Eric, Russell pays a visit to Louisiana in order to start executing it.

star 7.74
6207 votes
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The Gowanus Canal Has Gonorrhea!

#29 - The Gowanus Canal Has Gonorrhea!

Bored to Death Season 2 - Episode 3

George worries about remaining “intact” after getting some sobering news from his new urologist, Dr. Kenwood. A bad day for Jonathan gets worse when a pair of S&M henchmen kidnap him. They demand a ransom which calls “GI” George & Ray to action.

star 7.73
1185 votes
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Valerie Relaxes in Palm Springs

#30 - Valerie Relaxes in Palm Springs

The Comeback Season 1 - Episode 8

Valerie and Mark head to the desert for a long weekend at a Palm Springs resort - with strings attached. While Mark draws the line with Jane's crew on the golf course, Valerie finds a new mentor in an old acquaintance.

star 7.73
111 votes
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Five Votes Down

#31 - Five Votes Down

The West Wing Season 1 - Episode 4

Five votes keep an important gun-control bill from being passed and the West Wing has 72 hours to track down the errant congressmen; Toby is accused of manipulating the stock market by having a friend testify to Commerce on internet stocks; and Leo's wife gets fed up with his long hours.

star 7.73
1263 votes
A Long Time Coming

#32 - A Long Time Coming

Snowfall (2017) Season 1 - Episode 6

Franklin turns to Jerome for guidance, resulting in an unexpected encounter. Teddy contemplates a different future for his family. Gustavo and Lucia enlist business partners from Gustavo’s past.

star 7.73
1366 votes
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I've Been Living Like a Demented God!

#33 - I've Been Living Like a Demented God!

Bored to Death Season 2 - Episode 4

A professor hires Jonathan to track down a valuable item. George finds an alibi to explain the results of his drug test. Flushed with cash from his “Super Ray” comic book, Ray heads to the bar – and meets a familiar barfly.

star 7.72
902 votes
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The Blonde in the Woods

#34 - The Blonde in the Woods

Bored to Death Season 3 - Episode 1

After celebrating the release of his new book, Jonathan learns some distressing familial news. George reunites with his daughter Emily and Ray spends time with his biological son Spencer. Meanwhile, Jonathan's latest case leaves him in a precarious position.

star 7.72
943 votes
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Spring Break Forever

#35 - Spring Break Forever

Veronica Mars Season 4 - Episode 1

Panic spreads through Neptune when a bomb goes off during spring break. Veronica and Keith are hired by the wealthy family of one victim injured in the bombing to find out who is responsible.

star 7.72
509 votes
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Night of the Dead Living

#36 - Night of the Dead Living

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 1 - Episode 9

On a slow and hot September night in the squad room with no air conditioning, the detectives spend the night together. Bayliss has a new suspect brought in on the Adena Watson case, a twelve-year-old boy. Munch deals with his breakup of his latest relationship. There is a mystery about a solitary lit candle in the squad room: who lights it and why? Bolander debates about calling the Dr. Blythe for a date. Santa Claus drops by depressed about today's society. Gee finds an abandoned baby in basement of the building.

star 7.70
166 votes
Unlocking Your Hidden Powers

#37 - Unlocking Your Hidden Powers

Chance Season 1 - Episode 7

Chance’s world is thrown into chaos when he uncovers the truth about the people closest to him.

star 7.70
973 votes
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#38 - Make-Believe

White Famous Season 1 - Episode 8

Floyd buries his pride and accepts a role in Kali's newest music video, directed by Teddy, to spend more time with the singer. Malcolm leverages his job as an agent to bag an ambitious backup dancer with big screen dreams. Meanwhile, Teddy and Floyd have a falling out as Balls battles the blues.

star 7.69
116 votes
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Authority Always Wins

#39 - Authority Always Wins

True Blood Season 5 - Episode 2

Eric and Bill try to keep their wits about them when they're put through the interrogation wringer at the Vampire Authority headquarters in New Orleans. Meanwhile, Pam recalls her first meeting with Eric in early 20th-century San Francisco; Alcide turns his back on Marcus' wolf pack; Emma's grandmother comes between Sam and Luna; Steve Newlin wants what he thinks belongs to Jessica; and Jason's womanizing comes back to haunt him.

star 7.69
4892 votes
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Blues from Laurel Canyon

#40 - Blues from Laurel Canyon

Californication Season 2 - Episode 11

Ashby hosts a party to celebrate the publication of Mia's book. Becca is devastated to catch Damien cheating on her.

star 7.68
2935 votes
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#41 - Wolves

White Famous Season 1 - Episode 6

A coked-out Teddy seeks Floyd's help in winning back the rights to 'Angry Black;' Malcolm sets up shop at Floyd and Balls' place while looking for new employment. Meanwhile, Amy's talent for negotiation gets tested when a confrontation with Peter turns violent and an unexpected opportunity presents itself to Floyd.

star 7.68
134 votes
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Coke Dick & First Kick

#42 - Coke Dick & First Kick

Californication Season 2 - Episode 6

Hank decides to seek out Lew Ashby’s long lost love, Janie Jones. Hank accidentally walks in on Julian going at it with a rocker chick he’s “mentoring”. Mia spends the day trailed by Rolling Stone reporter Annika Staley. The Runkle residence is transformed into the set of Vaginatown.

star 7.67
2848 votes
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Hard-Hearted Hannah

#43 - Hard-Hearted Hannah

True Blood Season 2 - Episode 6

Sookie embarks on a dangerous mission to locate Godric. Bill is shocked when a vampire from his past resurfaces in Dallas and keeps him hostage. Jason makes some difficult decisions. Andy interrogates Lafayette about his disappearance, Terry intervenes.

star 7.66
4179 votes
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Valerie Bonds With the Cast

#44 - Valerie Bonds With the Cast

The Comeback Season 1 - Episode 3

After a table read for "the first official episode," Valerie invites her co-stars to a "bonding lunch," but Juna doesn't show up. The two make up later with a one-on-one lunch, where Valerie learns why Juna is such a paparazzi favorite.

star 7.66
152 votes
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Prayer for our Daughters

#45 - Prayer for our Daughters

Tyrant Season 3 - Episode 4

Barry and Molly respond in wildly different ways to a catastrophe that threatens to throw the country off course. Violent protests break out in Abuddin. Fauzi and Leila launch their political campaigns in earnest while Al-Qadi grapples with his delicate position between Islamic factions.

star 7.65
1097 votes
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#46 - Bolloween

Outsourced Season 1 - Episode 6

Todd explains Halloween to the employees, and throws a party to get closer to Asha.

star 7.63
1240 votes
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Valerie Stands Up for Aunt Sassy

#47 - Valerie Stands Up for Aunt Sassy

The Comeback Season 1 - Episode 4

Concerned that Paulie G. has written an unflattering line that will turn audiences against her character, Valerie enlists a new writer, Gigi, to help pitch a less offensive one. Meanwhile, Valerie rethinks her impulsive decision to adopt a puppy.

star 7.63
144 votes
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Dead Meat

#48 - Dead Meat

True Blood Season 6 - Episode 8

Sookie must make a decision about brokering a deal between Warlow and Bill; Jason gets to know Violet; Sarah goes to extremes to keep Tru Blood flowing; Alcide makes a decision that impacts Sam and Nicole.

star 7.63
3707 votes
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She's Not There

#49 - She's Not There

True Blood Season 4 - Episode 1

Sookie journeys away from Bon Temps; Eric and Bill try to win back the human public; Jason learns that no good deed goes unpunished; Tara finds refuge in close quarters; Sam bonds with his own; Hoyt and Jessica debate the dinner menu; Jesus urges Lafayette to join a coven; and Terry tries to alleviate Arlene’s fears about the baby.

star 7.62
6474 votes
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Tweet Tweet Tweet

#50 - Tweet Tweet Tweet

The Brink Season 1 - Episode 6

Walter runs into Joanne in Tel Aviv and tries to use her new position to his advantage. Zeke and Glenn, who are being held hostage by Martin and Vanessa, agree to participate in role-playing games in hopes of being released. Kittredge shares a revolutionary dream with Alex.

star 7.58
842 votes
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Forced Perspective

#51 - Forced Perspective

Deception (2018) Season 1 - Episode 2

As Cameron continues to focus on helping his brother, he and Kay get to work on a case that has unknowing tourists participating in a reality show – yet it’s anything but real, it’s deadly.

star 7.58
1089 votes
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Play Me

#52 - Play Me

Nurse Jackie Season 3 - Episode 3

Kevin's younger sister Tunie visits after a breakup with her boyfriend. Lenny prepares a surprise romantic picnic for Zoey. Two street vendors are brought in after a turf war turns violent. Akalitus fights Catholic bureaucrats over the hospital's chapel.

star 7.57
1023 votes
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I'm Alive and on Fire

#53 - I'm Alive and on Fire

True Blood Season 4 - Episode 4

Alcide helps Sookie hunt for Eric; Marnie searches for guidance to break a spell; Bill discovers a common bond with the Bellefleurs; Jason begs for liberation from Hotshot; Sam penetrates Luna's inner circle; Arlene sees the writing on the wall; Tommy returns to his roots.

star 7.57
6031 votes
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We Could Sing a Duet

#54 - We Could Sing a Duet

Bored to Death Season 3 - Episode 4

George urges Jonathan to show Emily what it's like to be out with a younger man, but they wind up on a stakeout with a wannabe gumshoe (Brett Gelman) impersonating Jonathan. Meanwhile, George goes out on the town with Bernard, but is shocked to learn that Richard Antrem (Oliver Platt) is a competing restaurateur; and Ray is drawn to an older woman (Olympia Dukakis) after a fight with Leah.

star 7.56
734 votes
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Another Perfect Day

#55 - Another Perfect Day

Californication Season 4 - Episode 9

Evicted from his apartment, Hank moves back in with Karen and Becca while he prepares for his trial and teaches his daughter to drive; while Karen's out on a date with Ben, Becca and Pearl steal the Porsche and wreck it.

star 7.55
4095 votes
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The Baptism

#56 - The Baptism

Big Love Season 1 - Episode 10

The Henrickson's prepare Teenie's baptism with friction and surprises from Barb's judgmental sister. Bill decides to take preemptive action against Roman with his brother. Margene continues to butt heads with Nicki, and her misfortunes pile up. Ben wants to show his affection to Brynn but is surprised when she demands something more.

star 7.53
343 votes
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Glass Houses

#57 - Glass Houses

Californication Season 3 - Episode 6

Karen hatches a plan to move the family back to New York for good. Hank's mighty pleased, but Becca's crestfallen about leaving her new best friend, Chelsea. After inviting herself to Hank's class, Karen meets the comely ladies of the university: T.A. Jill Robinson and sexpot student Jackie. Later on, tempers flare when Becca and Chelsea get into some serious trouble and Hank and Karen are forced to pay a tense visit to Chelsea's parents, Felicia and Stacy Koons. Charlie is crushed when Marcy loudly consummates her girlhood-crush on Rick Springfield. But Sue Collini thinks up a creative way to restore Charlie's confidence.

star 7.53
3529 votes
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A Cell Doesn't Have to Be a Closet

#58 - A Cell Doesn't Have to Be a Closet

Blunt Talk Season 2 - Episode 8

Harry and Walter discover they've been framed for murder. Walter's absence from the office leads to a giant opportunity for Shelly.

star 7.52
278 votes
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Escape from Dragon House

#59 - Escape from Dragon House

True Blood Season 1 - Episode 4

One of the barmaids from Merlotte's is murdered and all signs point to Jason as her killer. Also evident is the fact that she had been around vampires, and Sookie knows just where to go to find out who the girl had been with. Bill introduces Sookie to Fangtasia, the biggest vampire bar in Shreveport, and Eric, the oldest vampire in Shreveport. Her search could lead her into territory she never thought she'd cover.

star 7.52
4440 votes
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State of Emergency

#60 - State of Emergency

Tyrant Season 1 - Episode 2

When Barry's older brother, Jamal, the newly appointed President of Abbudin, is incapacitated, Barry must put his plans to return to America on hold. His life is further complicated, when his nephew's new bride is kidnapped by terrorists.

star 7.51
1176 votes
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Keep This Party Going

#61 - Keep This Party Going

True Blood Season 2 - Episode 2

Sookie is forced to babysits Jessica, as well as the romantic inconveniences the teen vampire's presence creates. At the Light of Day leadership conference, Jason makes an impression on its ambitious leaders, Steve and Sarah Newlin. While one of his fellow campers, Amanda Jane with her band, the God Rockets, livens the spirits at camp with their hit single, Jesus Asked Me Out Today. Maryann casts her spell on Merlotte's patrons.

star 7.51
4313 votes
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Like Father Like Son

#62 - Like Father Like Son

Californication Season 7 - Episode 3

Hank gets his first episode assignment, much to the dismay of coworkers Terry and Hugh. Meanwhile, Levon tries to bond with Rath's assistant; Charlie attempts to patch things up with Marcy; and Karen considers giving up on Hank.

star 7.50
2414 votes
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Shake and Fingerpop

#63 - Shake and Fingerpop

True Blood Season 2 - Episode 4

Bill and Sookie travel to Dallas to carry out Eric's mission; Jason falls victim to a practical joke; Maryann throws a birthday party for Tara.

star 7.49
4575 votes
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My Brother's Keeper

#64 - My Brother's Keeper

Tyrant Season 1 - Episode 3

While Barry’s decision to stay in Abbudin is met with mixed emotion, the discovery of new evidence connected to the attempted murder of Jamal threatens to drive a wedge between the two brothers.

star 7.48
1063 votes
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It Hurts Me Too

#65 - It Hurts Me Too

True Blood Season 3 - Episode 3

In search of Bill, Sookie heads to Mississippi in the company of Alcide, a werewolf bodyguard. Haunted by visions from his past, Bill makes a surprising pledge of allegiance.

star 7.46
6131 votes
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AKA The Perfect Burger

#66 - AKA The Perfect Burger

Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 3 - Episode 1

As Jessica focuses on helping the helpless, Dorothy Walker shows up at Alias to beg for help finding a missing Trish.

star 7.43
1361 votes
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The Fourth Man in the Fire

#67 - The Fourth Man in the Fire

True Blood Season 1 - Episode 8

Sookie tries to hold herself together in the wake of another possible tragedy; Tara lashes out at Sookie and Sam; Amy charms the crowd at Merlotte's.

star 7.42
4440 votes
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New Beginnings

#68 - New Beginnings

The Big C Season 1 - Episode 11

Paul seeks support from people at his work place, but gets more than he bargained for. Sean pulls away from Rebecca when it appears she’s getting too serious. Cathy, Marlene and Rebecca have a girl’s lunch at a strip joint -- which unexpectedly influences Cathy’s thoughts about her cancer. Adam meets a girl, Mia, at the bus stop.

star 7.40
756 votes
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Outer Darkness

#69 - Outer Darkness

Big Love Season 3 - Episode 9

Nicki's homecoming, after a visit from her sister wives, isn't what she imagined; Barb endures a trying experience at her old church; Ted does an about-face on the casino project; Scott's reunion with Sarah doesn't go over well with her father or brother; Joey is upset by Bill's change of heart about Roman after the Greenes' latest move.

star 7.40
332 votes
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Win at All Costas

#70 - Win at All Costas

Go On Season 1 - Episode 12

Ryan receives an invitation from Bob Costas, his hero, to take part on his new TV show while Fausta invites everyone in the group to her niece's Quincenierra - everyone except Anne. Meanwhile, after completing a major project at work, Mr. K searches to find a new way to contribute and make a difference.

star 7.37
1037 votes
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#71 - Daughter

Californication Season 7 - Episode 11

Hank might soon be out of a job. Becca makes a big announcement.

star 7.35
2132 votes
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The New Writer

#72 - The New Writer

The Larry Sanders Show Season 5 - Episode 5

Hank suffers paranoid agonies when he fears that Kevin Nealon is hanging around trying to get his job. Phil has trouble adjusting to the woman Larry has hired as a new writer.

star 7.35
52 votes
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The Case of the Missing Screenplay

#73 - The Case of the Missing Screenplay

Bored to Death Season 1 - Episode 3

While attending a New York film society function, George introduces Jonathan to a filmmaker, who asks him to rewrite a screenplay. Later, he goes out with a party girl and leaves the script at her home, which happens to be a shrink's office. Jonathan asks Ray to pose as a patient to recover the script. Meanwhile, George encounters his ex-wife and her smug new husband.

star 7.34
1210 votes
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Divine Intervention

#74 - Divine Intervention

The Big C Season 1 - Episode 10

Cathy’s unexpected visit to Andrea’s home yields many surprises. Later, Cathy seeks spiritual advice at church and while helping around the house. Rebecca calls it quits with Sean in order to reconcile her friendship with Cathy. Adam apologizes to Andrea. Paul sleeps with Tina. Cathy reveals to Paul she has cancer.

star 7.30
756 votes
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#75 - Gaman

The Terror Season 2 - Episode 3

As the Terminal Islanders adjust to their new surroundings, Chester tries to provide for his family, while fending off the evil that follows him; Henry reels from the trauma of his imprisonment; Asako sees bad omens; Amy takes up a new job.

star 7.26
630 votes
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Good Guys and Bad Guys

#76 - Good Guys and Bad Guys

Big Love Season 2 - Episode 7

Margene's mother visits the family. Scott has upsetting news about Alby. Meanwhile, a familiar face returns to Juniper Creek.

star 7.15
305 votes
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The Wedding

#77 - The Wedding

Worst Week Season 1 - Episode 9

Sam has to resolve an argument between Mel and Angela.

star 7.13
247 votes
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#78 - Pilot

The Beautiful Life: TBL Season 1 - Episode 1

Beneath the glamor and privileges of a model lies backstabbing, insecurity, jealousy and competition. In the series premiere, young models Raina Marinelli and Chris Andrews slowly adjust to the intense fashion world. Meanwhile, notorious supermodel Sonja Stone returns to New York City after her mysterious disappearance.

star 6.97
39 votes
The Beautiful Aftermath

#79 - The Beautiful Aftermath

The Beautiful Life: TBL Season 1 - Episode 2

Believing that his chances at a modeling career are over, Chris makes arrangements to leave New York City. However, an unexpected call from Claudia quickly leads to a change of plans. Meanwhile, secrets from Raina's past are exposed when Marissa invites Raina's brother Alex to a party, and Marissa decides to seek revenge publicly when she believes that Sonja stole a major campaign from her.

star 6.92
36 votes
The Beautiful Lie

#80 - The Beautiful Lie

The Beautiful Life: TBL Season 1 - Episode 3

Trouble brews between Chris and Raina when Raina books a big Calvin Klein campaign with Cole under false pretense that they're a real life couple. Chris books his first big spread with Isaac for Details magazine. Repercussions from Sonja's planted photo create major difficulties in her life and career. Marissa helps her designer friend Richie Rich throw a party to show off his new collection.

star 6.79
34 votes
The Roast

#81 - The Roast

The Larry Sanders Show Season 5 - Episode 12

Artie works hard to make sure all of Larry's ""friends"" attend a celebrity roast in his honor while Hank tries to learn how to handle hecklers so he can be the roastmaster.

star 6.69
54 votes
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The Beautiful Triangle

#82 - The Beautiful Triangle

The Beautiful Life: TBL Season 1 - Episode 4

The sparks between Cole and Raina fly in public and in private during their Calvin Klein photo shoot causing their outside relationships to suffer. Sonja, with the help of Claudia and Claudias husband Richard, books her first major cosmetics campaign since her fall from grace. Marissa tries to help Rainas brother Alex out by bringing in the A-listers to his club.

star 6.65
34 votes
The Beautiful Campaign

#83 - The Beautiful Campaign

The Beautiful Life: TBL Season 1 - Episode 5

The unveiling of the Calvin Klein billboard in Times Square and the interest from W Magazine starts to take a toll on Raina as she continues to struggle with her feelings for Cole. Problems arise in Claudias marriage with Richard while Sonjas working on the campaign. Marissa steals a one of a kind pair of shoes from Max Azaria when she doesnt get booked for the Herve Leger show.

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