The Best Episodes Directed by Michael Engler

A Little Problem

#1 - A Little Problem

Life As We Know It Season 1 - Episode 9

Jackie decides to run for student body president, but struggles to find her inner "school spirit." Dino continues to deal with the many problems in his life; from friends to girls to his parents separation. Mia and Micheal have to make decisions when secrets are told. And yet more problems for Ben with his complicated relationship with Sue and the breakup with Ms. Young.

star 10.00
1 votes
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The Awful Truth

#2 - The Awful Truth

Once and Again Season 3 - Episode 2

Grace doesn't know what to make of her new teacher. Judy asks Lily to work at her planned bookstore/cafe. Lily also interviews at a radio station. Karen brings up the idea of hiring Jake to work on the bookstore/cafe. Lily isn't sure about that idea or where she wants to work. She gets hired at the radio station, so she has a decision to make. Jessie becomes increasingly annoyed by Grace and Eli's behavior when they're around each other. Judy and Lily argue about working together. Judy and Jake resolve the dispute they had the day before and Jake agrees to work on the bookstore/cafe. Will tells Judy that he found his daughter in Florida and that he's moving there to get to know her again. Eli becomes the subject of Grace's journal entries. Judy finally realizes that she has to do the bookstore/cafe without Lily.

star 9.25
4 votes
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Acting Out

#3 - Acting Out

Once and Again Season 3 - Episode 4

Jessie and Grace both audition for the same role in a school production of ""As You Like It."" Mr. Dimitri throws them a curve when he announces that he is planning a musical version of the play. Judy and Sam Blue spend the night together and Lily suspects there is something going on. Judy would like a real commitment from Sam, but he's not quite ready yet. Grace tells Mr. Dimitri that Jessie can't handle the stress of the play because of her eating disorder and eventually lands the lead role.

star 8.75
4 votes
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The Finale

#4 - The Finale

The Big C Season 4 - Episode 4

Adam surprises everyone when he fulfills one of Cathy's wishes. Cathy's estranged Dad visits her. Andrea gets the opportunity of a lifetime. Sean has mixed feelings about his impending kidney surgery.

star 8.30
189 votes
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Sweet Surrender

#5 - Sweet Surrender

Chicago Hope Season 2 - Episode 19

Dr. Watters befriends a 12-year-old girl when she's admitted with an apparently self-inflected wound to her transplanted kidney. Austin has another rough day, with the shakes during a surgery and a message from her ex-husband that he might be moving to Boston and taking their daughter with him. Diane finds out about Billy's previous relationship with Kate.

star 8.29
7 votes
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Quality of Life

#6 - Quality of Life

The Big C Season 4 - Episode 1

Cathy plans Adam's sixteenth birthday party. Andrea struggles settling in with her new room-mate at fashion school. Paul brings in a new assistant.

star 8.20
168 votes
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#7 - Pilot

Life As We Know It Season 1 - Episode 1

All Dino wants to do is have sex with his girlfriend Jackie, but she isn't ready. Jonathan wants to have a secret relationship with Deborah. Ben is hopelessly infatuated with his teacher.

star 8.20
10 votes
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Desperate Measures

#8 - Desperate Measures

Party of Five Season 3 - Episode 12

Charlie decides to go to Chicago to see Kristen and leaves Julia in charge. Kristen is very happy to see him, although Ellie is not. She tells him that she wants to run away to San Francisco, but half way there she realizes she's not ready to go back and they return to Chicago. She says he's her problem. Charlie leaves her there. Julia is more concerned about her personal life than her brother and sister. Claudia claims to be sick, but Julia won't believe her until she gets a call from the hospital saying Claudia had appendicitis and had a surgery. She won't forgive Julia until she overhears how sorry she is. Bailey lies to Sarah in order not to sleep with her. He skips practice and Sarah finds a drunk Bailey passed out at his place. He tells her he slept with Callie, but they don't break up. Callie is tired of being used by Bailey.

star 8.14
14 votes
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Episode 8

#9 - Episode 8

Downton Abbey Season 5 - Episode 8

Preparations are under way for Rose's wedding, but family tensions on both sides threaten to derail proceedings. Edith's arrangement with Marigold is happily working out, but how long can she and Cora conceal the truth from Robert? Denker reveals an unexpected side to her personality, which causes trouble for more than one of the servants. With the war memorial due to be unveiled, Mrs Patmore is still upset, but Robert has something up his sleeve. Branson comes to a heart-wrenching decision, and the storm clouds that have been gathering over Anna and Bates finally burst.

star 8.13
1797 votes
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A Bunker Hill Christmas

#10 - A Bunker Hill Christmas

Pure Genius Season 1 - Episode 7

The optimism of a young leukemia patient inspires James to become a better person; James confesses his feelings for Zoe; Julianna's Christmas visit with Walter reveals the strain of their long-distance marriage.

star 8.11
1147 votes
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Crossing the Line

#11 - Crossing the Line

The Big C Season 2 - Episode 13

Cathy is inspired by Lee’s passing to ring in the New Year in an unexpected way; burdened by financial issues, Paul tries a new tactic with the insurance agency; Adam makes a surprising connection with Dr. Todd.

star 8.10
280 votes
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A Rose by Any Other Name

#12 - A Rose by Any Other Name

Empire Season 2 - Episode 12

With Hakeem acting as Empire’s CEO, Camilla sinks her claws further and further into him. The rest of the Lyon family tries to get him to rejoin their side, but Hakeem has his own plan. Meanwhile, Jamal receives backlash from his fans and Andre and Rhonda’s marriage is tested.

star 8.04
1456 votes
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#13 - Security

Profit Season 1 - Episode 8

Profit is having an affair with the newest G&G security team addition - Kelly Hunt. However Ms. Hunt isn't who she appears to be and is a muckraking reporter looking for dirt on G&G.

star 8.00
13 votes
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Fools Rush Out

#14 - Fools Rush Out

Party of Five Season 4 - Episode 24

Sarah confesses to Bailey that she still loves him. They get back together and finish in bed together. Julia gets accepted at Stanford, making Griffin feel like he is holding her back from her college life. Charlie tells Daphne he will take full responsibility as the father of her baby if he has to. Claudia and Jamie end up dancing in the playing field by themselves.

star 8.00
12 votes
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Episode 8

#15 - Episode 8

The Affair Season 4 - Episode 8

A hopeful epiphany leads Cole on a journey to a horrific discovery. Noah questions his role in tragic events.

star 7.98
610 votes
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Out, Damned Spot

#16 - Out, Damned Spot

Empire Season 1 - Episode 6

Vernon is caught in the middle of a very sticky situation. Meanwhile, Jamal is rising to stardom, but his newfound drive and ambition might stir up trouble in his relationships. To make matters worse, a mystery woman from the family’s past shows up with a huge surprise.

star 7.95
1063 votes
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I'll Take You

#17 - I'll Take You

Six Feet Under Season 2 - Episode 12

Leticia Perfecta Perez 1929 - 2002 Some ladies are at the beauty parlor are getting ready for a Quinceanera (15th Birthday Party). When the stylist goes over to Leticia to see if she's done, he discovers she more than done. Nate and Brenda begin to start over, but something comes in the way, a secret Brenda is hiding. David and Keith apply to adopt Taylor. But what will the social worker think about two men living together? Federico and Vanessa gets an unexpected gift from a very unexpected place. Nikolai and Ruth's relationship takes a serious turn for the worse. Ruth also gets some wonderful news.

star 7.95
710 votes
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The Party

#18 - The Party

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 - Episode 16

The officers in the precinct head over to Holt’s house to celebrate his birthday, but they wind up making a poor impression on his husband.

star 7.93
3956 votes
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Kimmy Finds Her Mom!

#19 - Kimmy Finds Her Mom!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 - Episode 13

While Kimmy reunites with her mom at Universal Studios, Titus heads to Miami. Jacqueline invites Russ and his family to Thanksgiving dinner.

star 7.92
824 votes
Episode 6

#20 - Episode 6

Downton Abbey Season 6 - Episode 6

The house is made open to the public to raise money for the hospital, an act that divides opinions among the family and the servants. Tensions between Violet and Cora come to a head as a decision is made about the hospital takeover, Mr Dawes has a proposition for Molesley, and Baxter is thrown into turmoil by an unexpected letter. Carson is not happy with Thomas, while Mary and Edith hope to overcome their past and find new happiness with the men in their lives.

star 7.91
1815 votes
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Someday You'll Call My Name

#21 - Someday You'll Call My Name

Nashville (2012) Season 1 - Episode 3

Rayna immerses herself in her kids' lives and her husband's campaign, and is sobered to learn that she and Teddy are facing financial ruin; Juliette offers Deacon an exclusive contract to write and tour with her; and Juliette's troubled mother, Jolene, re-enters her daughter's life in dramatic fashion. Meanwhile, Scarlett and Gunnar's big break with Watty is threatened.

star 7.91
873 votes
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Taking the Plunge

#22 - Taking the Plunge

The Big C Season 1 - Episode 13

In the Season 1 finale, Cathy receives the news about her bee treatments.

star 7.90
588 votes
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Hey, Baby, What's Wrong? Part 2

#23 - Hey, Baby, What's Wrong? Part 2

30 Rock Season 6 - Episode 7

Criss and Liz decide to celebrate Valentine's Day, but they need to buy a dining room table first. Jack entertains his mother-in-law, Diana, as Jenna frantically looks to Pete to fill in last-minute as the producer of her first live performance on "America's Kidz Got Singing." Back at the office, Tracy and Frank try to help Lutz find someone to spend Valentine's with.

star 7.89
569 votes
Unfair Advantage

#24 - Unfair Advantage

Party of Five Season 2 - Episode 11

A teacher is hitting on Julia and she feels uncomfortable. He asks her if he can give her a ride home and tries to kiss her. She is upset and talks to Justin. He threats him, and Mr. Peck tells the Principal that Julia is the one harassing him. She gets scared and tries to change classes, but Charlie convinces her to confront him. Sarah gets a credit card and starts to spend a lot of money just to get back at her parents for lying to her. It's her birthday and Bailey takes her to have dinner and they fight. He tells her that her parents love her, no matter what. Claudia is hanging out with Jody and they steal a bottle of rum from the bar. They get drunk and Charlie gets mad at her. Charlie is flirting with a waitress at the bar, but when she tells him that she doesn't want anything with him he gets mad. He calls Kristen just to hear her voice again.

star 7.88
16 votes
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34 Days to Go

#25 - 34 Days to Go

You, Me and the Apocalypse Season 1 - Episode 1

Slough bank manager Jamie's birthday is rocked when he is arrested on suspicion of being an international cyber terrorist. Interrogated by police, he is confronted by a recent photograph of his wife Layla, who he hasn't seen or heard from since she mysteriously vanished seven years ago.

star 7.87
838 votes
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Tell Me a Secret

#26 - Tell Me a Secret

Notorious (2016) Season 1 - Episode 4

After Megan provides Julia with breaking news about a murdered college football player, a young man is accused of killing the student via an app which allows users to broadcast anonymous messages. Jake decides to take on the case once he learns the suspect is the son of a high school friend. Meanwhile, Levi is troubled by photos and information revealed during Oscar's interview from jail,

star 7.81
687 votes
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33 Days to Go

#27 - 33 Days to Go

You, Me and the Apocalypse Season 1 - Episode 2

With the population in turmoil and the roads in chaos, Jamie and Dave's mission to find Layla becomes beset with bizarre obstacles.

star 7.81
723 votes
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Rosemary's Baby

#28 - Rosemary's Baby

30 Rock Season 2 - Episode 4

Liz meets her longtime idol, Rosemary Howard, and invites her to be a guest writer on "TGS with Tracy Jordan." However, Rosemary's ideas turn out to be too much for the show, prompting Jack to pressure Liz to fire her. Meanwhile, Jack takes Tracy to a therapist to explain to him why he must do the opposite of what he is told, and Jenna ruins Kenneth's page jacket, causing him to compete in a page-off to keep his job.

star 7.79
1761 votes
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#29 - Whassup

Parenthood (2010) Season 1 - Episode 4

Adam and Kristina use questionable tactics to find out about Haddie's secret relationship. Sarah doesn't know how to talk to Drew when he starts showing signs of becoming a man. Meanwhile, Jabbar has a little accident while under Crosby's watch and Julia and Joel are hesitant to let Amber baby-sit for them.

star 7.76
644 votes
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Secrets & Lies

#30 - Secrets & Lies

30 Rock Season 2 - Episode 8

C.C. and Jack face a block in their relationship when C.C. decides to go public about the affair but Jack refuses. Meanwhile, Liz struggles to keep both Tracy and Jenna happy when the two find it hard to share the spotlight, while Frank makes fun of Toofer's Harvard education with bizarre results.

star 7.75
1705 votes
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#31 - Cougars

30 Rock Season 2 - Episode 7

As part of his community service, Tracy must coach a little league team. All goes well until Jack takes interest in the team and turmoil starts from there. Meanwhile, Liz is asked out on a date by the new coffee boy, who thinks Liz is actually younger than she truly is.

star 7.74
1732 votes
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#32 - Pilot

Psych Season 1 - Episode 1

When Shawn Spencer is arrested for calling in an accurate tip to the police because only the perpetrator would know the details, his only way out is pretending to be a psychic. It turns out Santa Barbara PD isn't done with him. They ask him to consult on a kidnapping case, and a business is born.

star 7.74
2035 votes
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Out of the Frying Pan

#33 - Out of the Frying Pan

Sex and the City Season 6 - Episode 16

Aleksandr prefers strong coffee and stronger realities. In the meantime, Charlotte runs to escape the pain of not having a child and bumps into a small bundle of joy; Miranda puts her own desires aside and emphasizes Steve's; and Samantha audaciously gets a new hairstyle.

star 7.73
696 votes
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In Place of Anger

#34 - In Place of Anger

Six Feet Under Season 2 - Episode 6

Matthew Heath Collins 1959 - 2001 Mitzi Hutley comes back into David and Nate's lives, bringing with her yet another offer from Kroehner. Ruth's estranged sister Sarah arrives for an unexpected visit, David considers giving his relationship with Keith another shot, and Brenda's feelings about her situation with Nate grow more muddled. A family dinner meant to announce some happy about Nate and Brenda goes awry thanks, in part, to Nikolai's vodka pouring influence.

star 7.73
763 votes
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Kimmy Googles the Internet!

#35 - Kimmy Googles the Internet!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3 - Episode 11

Kimmy discovers the humiliating power of the internet. Titus wonders if he's compatible with Reuben. Jacqueline takes care of Mimi after butt surgery.

star 7.73
597 votes

#36 - Ellie

The West Wing Season 2 - Episode 15

During an online chat, the Surgeon General comments favorably on the legalization of marijuana. The controversy heightens when Ellie Bartlet tells a reporter that her father would never fire the Surgeon General. Toby asks his ex-wife, a Congresswoman, for her help in strongly persuading Seth Gillette to participate in the Social Security panel.

star 7.71
948 votes
The Baby Show

#37 - The Baby Show

30 Rock Season 1 - Episode 9

There are mommy issues on the set when Jenna tells everyone that Liz wants to get pregnant, and Jack gives her some very personal parental advice. Meanwhile, Tracy wants Josh to be fired, because he doesn't like Josh's impression of him.

star 7.71
1943 votes
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The Trip

#38 - The Trip

Six Feet Under Season 1 - Episode 11

Dillon Michael Cooper May 4, 2001 - May 23, 2001 The day before Rico is expecting his own new baby, he must deal with handling a 3-week old dead baby. Nate, David, and Brenda go to Las Vegas for a funeral director's convention. David continues to "date" rather random men, and trying desperately to hide it from his mother and family. Ruth gets bold and actually attempts to ask David about whether or not he is g.... but David rudely interrupts her and says they can talk about it later. Claire is struggling with feelings for Gabe, whether they are guilt or adoration is a bit fuzzy. Ruth signs up for flower arranging classes to improve her skills, only to discover she's conceived as a bit controlling and tight.

star 7.71
846 votes
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Kimmy Is Bad at Math!

#39 - Kimmy Is Bad at Math!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 1 - Episode 8

Kimmy studies for her math GED exam with her classmate Dong, while Jaqueline changes her mind about getting divorced.

star 7.69
1323 votes
The Perp Walk

#40 - The Perp Walk

Notorious (2016) Season 1 - Episode 2

As Sarah's funeral approaches, Jake's feelings may be clouding his ability to defend and protect an out-of-control Oscar from the press. Julia wants to locate Sarah's brother and only living family, to give Sarah a voice as well as to get an exclusive scoop on an alleged family argument. Also, Jake takes on a baby kidnapping and the mother's appearance on LHL uncovers an unexpected lead. Meanwhile, Sean "Diddy" Combs drops by LHL to see his friend Louise Herrick.

star 7.69
878 votes
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Pilot Junior

#41 - Pilot Junior

Life As We Know It Season 1 - Episode 2

Dino's secret about his parents' marital problems weakens his relationship with Jackie. Jonathan makes a scary discovery, and Ms. Young makes a surprising move on Ben.

star 7.67
3 votes
Bullock Returns to the Camp

#42 - Bullock Returns to the Camp

Deadwood Season 1 - Episode 7

After tracking down a murderer, Bullock returns to Deadwood a changed man--and a marked one--while Utter must pay final respects to a fallen friend. Dority and Stubbs both take special interest when teenagers Miles and Flora Anderson arrive in camp in search of their father, each finding work at a rival saloon; Calamity Jane earns her moniker in the Pest Tent; Swearengen sees through Trixie's latest subterfuge; and Alma remains cold on Farnum's inappropriately advanced bid on her claim.

star 7.66
1931 votes
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The Eye Inside

#43 - The Eye Inside

Six Feet Under Season 3 - Episode 3

Callie Renee Mortimer 1984 - 2003 Young Callie comes walking out of a bar and notices a few guys whistling at her. Becoming fearful for her safety, she crosses the street. By the time she realizes it's a group of her friends, it's too late. Lisa takes a major decision without asking Nate. A decision that brings trouble. Ruth and Bettina are getting closer and Ruth is taking some of Bettina's advice, but not all of it is good. Claire and Phil's relationship changes for the worse, but on the upside Claire is getting praised by her teacher. David and Keith go vacation together to try to reconnect with each other.

star 7.66
686 votes
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#44 - Pilot

Notorious (2016) Season 1 - Episode 1

When Julia learns an internet mogul has been issued an arrest warrant for leaving the scene of a hit-and-run, she gets the scoop on the story; Julia surprises the mogul's lawyer, Jake Gregorian, during a live interview.partner Ella Benjamin in his quest for getting ahead. Jake’s brother and law partner, Bradley Gregorian, takes on a blackmail case involving a politician, and LHL’s junior producer, Megan Byrd, receives surprising information about Julia’s fiancé.

star 7.64
1101 votes
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Hey, Baby, What's Wrong? Part 1

#45 - Hey, Baby, What's Wrong? Part 1

30 Rock Season 6 - Episode 6

Criss and Liz decide to celebrate Valentine's Day, but they need to buy a dining room table first. Jack entertains his mother-in-law, Diana, as Jenna frantically looks to Pete to fill in last-minute as the producer of her first live performance on "America's Kidz Got Singing." Back at the office, Tracy and Frank try to help Lutz find someone to spend Valentine's with.

star 7.64
1710 votes
Jack Gets in the Game

#46 - Jack Gets in the Game

30 Rock Season 2 - Episode 2

When Jack discovers that his boss is retiring, he decides to enter the competition for his position. Meanwhile, Jenna begins to enjoy her fame for being fat and along with Jack encourages Liz to get her act together. Finally, Kenneth makes it his mission to get Tracy and Angie back together.

star 7.63
1932 votes
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What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?

#47 - What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?

30 Rock Season 6 - Episode 22

Determined to prove his marriage has survived Avery's kidnapping unscathed, Jack asks Liz to officiate their vow renewal. Meanwhile, Criss tries to convince Liz that he's worth sticking around for. Tracy meets with Cornel West to discuss his influence as a black celebrity and and Kenneth is forced to live with Hazel when his page application is rejected.

star 7.63
1485 votes
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I Love a Charade

#48 - I Love a Charade

Sex and the City Season 5 - Episode 8

On a night out at a Manhattan club, Carrie is amazed to learn that her old friend Bobby Fine, a flamboyant singer, is finally getting married - and that his intended is a woman. While the initial shock never quite wears off, it does give Carrie and her friends the chance to visit the Hamptons. Once there, Samantha takes over Richard's mansion and throws a party; Charlotte's new boyfriend makes his society debut; and Carrie runs into writer Jack Berger.

star 7.62
731 votes
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Summer Time

#49 - Summer Time

The Big C Season 1 - Episode 2

Cathy learns from Dr. Todd just how little time she has left, and for the first time in her life, starts to appreciate her body. Paul tries to make sense of his wife's request to live apart for the summer by signing up for couples therapy. Adam, desperate to get away from his "crazy" mom, attempts to sneak off to soccer camp without her knowing.

star 7.60
896 votes
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Goldilocks and the Bears

#50 - Goldilocks and the Bears

The Big C Season 2 - Episode 7

Lee takes Cathy to a Tibetan doctor to deal with her high blood pressure. Feeling jealousy of Lee, Paul takes Cathy and Lee out for an evening, while Adam interfere with Andrea's date.

star 7.60
476 votes
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The Last Thanksgiving

#51 - The Last Thanksgiving

The Big C Season 2 - Episode 8

Cathy invites friends and family to a Thanksgiving dinner, but a long-hidden secret she brings to light causes trouble.

star 7.60
448 votes
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Thin Ice

#52 - Thin Ice

The Big C Season 3 - Episode 1

Cathy receives medical news that gives her reason to hope for recovery; Sean supports Andrea's newfound appreciation for her African heritage; Adam turns to prayer to help his ailing mother.

star 7.60
336 votes
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Dearly Beloved

#53 - Dearly Beloved

Party of Five Season 2 - Episode 3

After being irritated by the family's interference in her wedding plans, Kirsten and Charlie decide to run off to Reno and elope. Charlie's friend, Dudley, continues to plan their engagement party, despite the happy couple's disappearance. Bailey decides to run for class vice president. Sarah volunteers to be his campaign manager. But when Sarah ends up doing all the work and Bailey pays less attention, she tells Bailey how she really feels about him. Julia lies to Justin in order to spend time with Griffin.

star 7.60
15 votes
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Heart of the Matter

#54 - Heart of the Matter

Cupid Season 1 - Episode 8

While looking for good romance videos to rent, Trevor meets Dan, the coach of a local hockey team. He invites him to a party at the bar, deciding that he should help him find his true love - namely, his neighbor Susan, a woman who seems to keep to herself, avoiding conversation and all contact with other people. Meanwhile, Claire is wondering why Alex seems to be avoiding her and fears that he may want to dump her. But the truth is that he is falling in love with her and afraid of his own feelings for her. Trevor finally manages to draw Susan to the party and have her meet Dan. But when she realizes that the man is trying to set her up, she flees. She later explains to Trevor that she cannot start a relationship because she only has six months left to live.

star 7.60
5 votes
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Time and Punishment

#55 - Time and Punishment

Sex and the City Season 4 - Episode 7

Things between Carrie and Aidan – which had been going great – get weird after Aidan overhears Big on Carrie's answering machine. While he seems more distant and cold, Carrie goes out of her way to please him. Finally, when Aidan and a waitress get too friendly, Carrie confronts him if he's out to get even with her. He asks her not to see Big again, but she can't. Aidan will just have to accept it. Meanwhile, Samantha goes to bed with a guy who stole her cab and ends up shaving his pubic hair after he tells her to get waxed. And Charlotte faces lack of support from her friends when she decides to quite her job and become a full time wife and mother – and maybe cure Aids in the meantime. All the arguments she has with Miranda cause her to have a neck thrown out, and if that wasn't painful enough try having Aidan picking you up from the bathroom floor when you're naked.

star 7.58
746 votes
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#56 - Thanksgiving

Party of Five Season 1 - Episode 10

The Salinger siblings finally meet the Walter Alcott, the drunk driver who killed their parents. Walter Alcott wants to see the Salingers in person. They all talk privately with Walter. Bailey wants Walter to suffer like they have. He later leaves and shows up at Kate's house, where they reconcile. Julia assures Walter that she can forgive him.

star 7.58
24 votes
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All About Insecurities

#57 - All About Insecurities

Privileged Season 1 - Episode 9

Upset that Laurel is still giving her the cold shoulder, Megan is nonetheless excited that her college pal Caryn is coming to visit her in Palm Beach. When Caryn reveals that she's just been promoted from assistant to junior editor at The New Yorker magazine, Megan can't help but feel bad about her own stalled writing career. Trying to be helpful, Caryn suggests Megan write an expose about the lives of the people she's met in Palm Beach, but Megan rejects the idea. When Sage and Rose's publicist learns that Rose and Sage have musical talent, she books them a gig performing at the opening of a hot new Miami nightclub, where the girls are thrilled to have a red carpet encounter with Perez Hilton. Finally, Will invites Megan and Caryn to a tennis match he has been hired to photograph, but Megan accidentally tells his boss that Will is independently wealthy, causing a rift in their friendship.

star 7.57
40 votes
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Stride of Pride

#58 - Stride of Pride

30 Rock Season 7 - Episode 3

Liz works to prove to Tracy that women are funny while simultaneously attempting to head off a meltdown from Jenna after some negative publicity. Meanwhile, Jack tries out an unconventional dating strategy.

star 7.57
1424 votes
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Up All Night

#59 - Up All Night

30 Rock Season 1 - Episode 13

Valentine's Day is much more than candy and flowers when Jack celebrates the finalization of his divorce and the writers are forced to pull an all-nighter. Liz receives flowers from a secret admirer.

star 7.57
1942 votes
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Brooklyn Without Limits

#60 - Brooklyn Without Limits

30 Rock Season 5 - Episode 7

Jack tries to sway the congressional election for the benefit of the network, while Liz finds the perfect pair of jeans. Meanwhile, Jenna helps Tracy secure a Golden Globe nomination.

star 7.54
2026 votes
The Situation

#61 - The Situation

Parenthood (2010) Season 1 - Episode 5

Drew helps Adam connect with his son Max, when Max rejoins the baseball team. Sarah makes a new friend, Amber's English teacher, Mr. Cyr. Meanwhile, Crosby feels pressured to have a baby sooner than he thought and Julia tries to teach Sydney self-protection.

star 7.53
697 votes
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The Big RV Adventure

#62 - The Big RV Adventure

Welcome to the Family Season 1 - Episode 3

When his partner shows him his vacation pictures, it pushes Dan over the edge and he buys a used RV, which does not thrill Caroline. She decides to get even but ends up in an emotional crisis. Meanwhile, Lisette gets jealous when she meets an ex-girlfriend of Miguel's, who just happens to be her son's teacher. And Junior is having trouble getting romantic with Molly in his future father-in-law's house.

star 7.52
157 votes
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Kimmy Goes to School!

#63 - Kimmy Goes to School!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 1 - Episode 6

Kimmy's GED class isn't as educational as she'd hoped. Lillian helps Titus shoot a music video in Jaqueline's house.

star 7.51
1393 votes
Everything That Rises Must Converge

#64 - Everything That Rises Must Converge

The Big C Season 1 - Episode 12

Dr. Todd and Cathy go to see the Bee Man to seek non-traditional treatment for her cancer. Paul is overly supportive of Cathy around the house. Sean gives Adam relationship advice about Mia.

star 7.50
672 votes
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What's Your Story?

#65 - What's Your Story?

The Big C Season 3 - Episode 2

Sean discovers a new and unusual way to generate income; Andrea tries to start an African-American interest club; Adam becomes increasingly devoted to his faith and joins a Bible study group at school.

star 7.50
364 votes
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Positive Attitude

#66 - Positive Attitude

Party of Five Season 4 - Episode 7

Griffin still keeps the truth about his finance problems away from Julia and decides to borrow a lot of money from a business associate. Charlie collapses on the racquetball court and later tells everything to Kirsten. Sarah is convinced that now is the right time for her to lose her virginity, but her plan fails. Due to her decidion, Bailey ends up in bed with Annie.

star 7.50
12 votes
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Heaven, He's in Heaven

#67 - Heaven, He's in Heaven

Cupid Season 1 - Episode 3

A woman seeks Claire's help when she fears her marriage is in jeopardy because her husband feels frequent and sudden urges to sing and dance in public.

star 7.50
6 votes
Dirty Jobs

#68 - Dirty Jobs

Masters of Sex Season 2 - Episode 4

Langham observes Masters and Johnson exiting a hotel room and shares his suspicions with DePaul, who is forced to make plans for her work without Virginia's involvement. Meanwhile, Betty attempts to conceal her infertility from Gene; and Masters tries to bring Johnson aboard as his assistant only to be thwarted by the head of the hospital, who takes a prurient interest in Masters' study.

star 7.49
1056 votes
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My Motherboard, My Self

#69 - My Motherboard, My Self

Sex and the City Season 4 - Episode 8

Carrie freaks out when her computer crashes because her whole life was on the computer. Everybody starts telling her that she should have backed up her work. Aidan buys her a new computer and a zip drive and she gets angry at him for invading her space. He gets angry at her for not letting him be a part of her life more and he gives her back her key. Miranda's mother dies. Samantha buys a guide on the street featuring 1001 sexual positions and tries them with her wrestling coach boyfriend. For some reason she can't get off and fears that she lost the ability to have an orgasm so she masturbates all day to try and get it back. Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte go to Miranda's mother's funeral to give Miranda their support and Carrie is surprised to see Aidan there.

star 7.49
778 votes
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What a Drag

#70 - What a Drag

Party of Five Season 4 - Episode 1

Julia has trouble adjusting to life as a married woman. Claudia wants to be popular in high school. Sarah's father files drunk driving charges against Bailey when he refuses to stop seeing Sarah.

star 7.42
12 votes
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Musical Chairs

#71 - Musical Chairs

The Big C Season 2 - Episode 2

Frustrated at not being able to land a spot in the clinical trial of a new treatment by a respected oncologist, Cathy resorts to supernatural aid; Sean becomes assertive around the house; Adam capitalizes on his classmates' sympathy about his mother's illness.

star 7.40
476 votes
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Vaya Con Dios

#72 - Vaya Con Dios

The Big C Season 3 - Episode 9

Cathy tries scuba diving in an effort to maximize the fun on her Puerto Rico vacation; Paul, reeling from the news about Joy, tries to keep it together during a speaking engagement. Later, Sean decides to take a respite from dating after undergoing yet another breakup.

star 7.40
252 votes
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Games People Play

#73 - Games People Play

Party of Five Season 1 - Episode 12

Kristen and Charlie sleep together. Later, she is cold to him and tells him that she slept with him because she is sick and scared. Bailey plans a trip with Kate. Her father wants to send her to a boarding school in Connecticut, but Bailey finds out that she is wants to go. They fight and Kate tells him that she will have sex with him, but he refuses to because she doesn't mean that. Julia and Morgan go on a date. Nina tells her to be mysterious, surprising and make him jealous. Claudia overhears their conversation and do all that to get Arnie's attention. Charlie tells Kristen that he loves her and will be there for her. She tells him that she can't have babies.

star 7.32
19 votes
There's No C in Team

#74 - There's No C in Team

The Big C Season 1 - Episode 3

When Cathy's attempt to connect to the people closest to her fails, she signs up for a well-meaning but overbearing cancer support group. Adam rebuffs Cathy's attempts to connect with him, so she decides to put together a dinner party with Andrea, Sean and Daphne. Meanwhile, Paul tries to win back his wife's love with an elaborately romantic gesture. Marlene discovers Cathy's cancer secret in a most unusual way.

star 7.30
700 votes
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Losing Patients

#75 - Losing Patients

The Big C Season 2 - Episode 1

Cathy seeks a second opinion, causing a strain on her relationship with Dr. Todd; Sean learns about his sister's cancer while adjusting to life with a pregnant Rebecca; Adam sees a therapist against his will.

star 7.30
420 votes
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Dan Finds Out

#76 - Dan Finds Out

Welcome to the Family Season 1 - Episode 2

Things get awkward when Caroline runs into Molly and Junior in the doctor's office waiting room; Dan goes to Miguel's boxing gym to get in shape.

star 7.27
254 votes
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Fools Rush In

#77 - Fools Rush In

Party of Five Season 4 - Episode 23

Griffin wins a free trip to Los Angeles when he turns out to be the thousandth customer at the supermartket. He and Julia gets closer and ther relationship seems to filled with love again. Meanwhile, Charlie is bothered by Daphne's stripping and that makes some troubles in their relationship. The real shock comes when she admits being pregnant. Claudia is finally happy when Jamie asks her to go to his prom.

star 7.25
12 votes
Going, Going, Gone

#78 - Going, Going, Gone

Party of Five Season 3 - Episode 2

Will is leaving for college and his new roommate comes from Seattle so they can go together. He's a freak, but Will has to be nice to him - after all they're spending a year together. Bailey feels threatened by his presence and they have a fight. Bailey finds his car and decides to live in a dorm to meet people and move on with his life. Will leaves. Kristen gets a job far away and they have to deal with the distance. She tells Charlie that if they were married things might have been different. Julia wants Griffin to find a place of his own, but he spends his money buying her a car. She gets fired after he confronts her boss and decides to leave to San Diego to get on with his life. Claudia wants her relationship with Byron to be just like Julia and Griffin's, but Byron is more interested in Julia than in her. Claudia blames Julia for stealing her boyfriend but later realizes that he's the jerk.

star 7.21
14 votes
It's Not Easy Being Green

#79 - It's Not Easy Being Green

Party of Five Season 1 - Episode 15

Charlie tries out how Kirsten's relationship with Ben Atkins is. Julia is surprised to find out that Justin is dating Libby Dwyer, her friend. Claudia's relationship with Artie is in big question when she take over his role in ""Oliver"".

star 7.21
19 votes
Altered States

#80 - Altered States

Party of Five Season 2 - Episode 19

Julia doesn't want to go to school, and when she does she feels awful and guilty. She lies to Justin and Charlie and runs away to New Orleans to meet Griffin. She feels safe around him. They spend time together, talking about what happened to her, and he tells her to go back home. Bailey is jealous about Sarah for wearing tight clothes in her shows and for hanging out too much with her band. They fight because she thinks he's controlling her too much. Kathleen wants to be more in Charlie's life. She invites the whole family to go to Hawaii and Charlie gets mad at her because he wants to keep it casual. He tells her that he doesn't love her and she attempts suicide.

star 7.20
15 votes
Asking for a Friend

#81 - Asking for a Friend

Splitting Up Together (US) Season 2 - Episode 2

Afraid that the answer could ruin his chances with Lena, Martin finds every way he can to avoid asking Lisa Apple if she is pregnant, while the potential pregnancy makes Lena more and more distant. At the same time, Lena worries Mason is changing himself to please his new girlfriend and finds parallels to her own relationship with Martin. Elsewhere, Maya tells Frank a pretend story about her "friend" who is dating someone new and pregnant to gauge what his honest reaction will be.

star 7.20
121 votes
You Win Some, You Lose Some

#82 - You Win Some, You Lose Some

Party of Five Season 3 - Episode 25

Sarah dumped her boyfriend. Her mom tells Bailey that she got into Brown, and Bailey gets mad at her because she is moving away, but she is going to Berkeley instead. They kiss, but Sarah tells Bailey that she just wants to be friends with him. Charlie and Grace break up because she doesn't like children, and she wins the election. Justin is going to Europe for 2 months and ask Julia to go with him. But she doesn't and gets married to Griffin. Charlie, Bailey and Claudia give Julia their mom's ring, and she moves out.

star 7.15
39 votes
Point of No Return

#83 - Point of No Return

Party of Five Season 3 - Episode 19

Grace's parents are spending time with them, and Grace doesn't like it, but Charlie does. Claudia is spending time with Avery, which makes his son jealous of her. Bailey spends all his money in drinking and can't afford a clown for Owen's birthday party, so he dresses as a clown. He gets to the party drunk and ruins it. Martin tells Charlie that Bailey might have a drinking problem, but Charlie refuses to accept that idea, even though everybody else thinks so too. Julia breaks up with Sam because he's a racist.

star 7.15
40 votes
I Declare

#84 - I Declare

Party of Five Season 3 - Episode 16

Bailey is not doing so well in school. Callie throws a big party at their place and the landlord threats to kick them out. He is trying to stay sober, but it's hard. Unable to keep up with school, he decides to quit. Charlie doesn't want to rush things with Grace, but the more they try to slow it down, the more they want to be together, so they sleep together. Julia is accepted in Stansford, but is not sure she wants to go. She wants a time off studies, and to find herself. Charlie thinks it's all Sam's fault. Ross is dating one of Claudia's teachers, and she outs him to the entire school. She tries to fix it, but Ross tells her it's not that easy.

star 7.10
39 votes
The Big Journey

#85 - The Big Journey

Sex and the City Season 5 - Episode 7

Carrie reunites with Big (Chris Noth) when she travels to the West Coast in the seventh of eight new episodes airing this summer. At the end of last season, Big moved to California, and Carrie's final rendezvous with her on-again, off-again beau was canceled when Miranda went into labor. On tonight's episode, Carrie's book tour takes her to San Francisco, which isn't far from Big's new digs in Napa Valley. When they meet, Carrie is surprised at how much her former lover has changed. Joining Carrie on the press junket is her man-hungry publicist Samantha, who, surprisingly, has grown disillusioned with New York men.

star 7.10
747 votes
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Fly Away

#86 - Fly Away

The Big C Season 3 - Episode 10

Cathy finds herself spending time with a stranger; Paul is flattered by the attentions of an American tourist; Sean is guilt-ridden when his sister doesn't return to the dive boat.

star 7.00
224 votes
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Ozymandias 2.0

#87 - Ozymandias 2.0

Once and Again Season 2 - Episode 5

Changes in the design of Miles' building that Rick's firm are designing means a dinner meeting for Rick - and a reluctant Lily -- with Miles and important clients. When Lily puts her two cents worth in at the dinner, it makes for an awkward evening for Rick.

star 7.00
3 votes
Love's Laborers' Lost

#88 - Love's Laborers' Lost

Once and Again Season 2 - Episode 10

Judy finds herself drawn between two men: the intellectually stimulating Paul, and the physically stimulating Will. Eli grows tired of Carla always wanting to get into trouble.

star 7.00
1 votes
Personal Demons

#89 - Personal Demons

Party of Five Season 3 - Episode 7

Charlie is angry because Kristen is gone. Grace comes into the restaurant looking for support in her homeless program. She wants the leftovers from Salinger's, but Charlie kicks her out of the place. An old friend of Nick comes looking for a job, and Charlie gives him one because his father used to. Claudia believe that everything bad happening is the house's fault, so she gets an exorcist. Someone opens an account in the name of Nick Salinger, and they think it was the exorcist but actually it was Earl. Bailey tells Callie that the last time he had sex was 2 years ago. She seduces him and they sleep together. Sarah is throwing a Halloween party and Bailey goes so he won't feel so bad for cheating on her. Julia is upset because Justin is dating a new girl and tries to ruin everything, but regrets and get them back together. Bailey has a fight with Sarah and goes to Callie for comfort, but she is with another guy, so Bailey decides to look for comfort in a beer.

star 6.94
16 votes

#90 - Pilot

Privileged Season 1 - Episode 1

Megan Smith, a recent graduate from Yale University unable to find success in the journalism field, accepts a job offer from Laurel Limoges - tutoring her two snobby, stuck-up billionaire twin granddaughters with the hopes of getting them into Duke University.

star 6.91
78 votes
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#91 - Pilot

Welcome to the Family Season 1 - Episode 1

Dan and Caroline are happily anticipating an empty nest as their daughter, Molly, gets ready for college, but everything changes when Molly reveals she is pregnant; Caroline and Dan meet Molly's boyfriend, Junior, and his parents.

star 6.91
393 votes
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#92 - Self-Esteem

My So-Called Life Season 1 - Episode 12

Self-esteem is the lesson of the day for Angela's warped relationship with Jordan, Brian's unreciprocated devotion to Angela, Rickie's flair for the dramatic, and Graham's cooking expertise.

star 6.73
120 votes
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One Ball, Two Strikes

#93 - One Ball, Two Strikes

Dream On Season 4 - Episode 10

It's the Whitestone office party, and Martin is less than thrilled to be there, until he notices a hottie making eyes at him from across the room. He gets to know the woman, Alannah, better during the evening. Afterwards, Martin bumps into Gibby and is surprised when he shows off Alannah as his latest plaything. In the days following, Martin is paranoid that Gibby suspects he and Alannah are carrying on behind his back.

star 6.60
5 votes
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The Best Laid Plans

#94 - The Best Laid Plans

Life As We Know It Season 1 - Episode 3

Dino is on a mission to get back together with Jackie, but does she want to be back with Dino? Ben and Ms. Young try to find a way to get some alone time. Deborah shares a shocking admission to Jonathan.

star 6.60
5 votes
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Blame It on Reo

#95 - Blame It on Reo

Dream On Season 4 - Episode 21

Unbeknownst to Martin, Jeremy uses Eddie's empty bachelor pad to attempt to score with a hot teen TV star.

star 5.67
3 votes
All About Honesty

#96 - All About Honesty

Privileged Season 1 - Episode 2

Megan is ecstatic to be attending a gala event of the rich and famous, where Laurel introduces her to several influential individuals. However, the event turns sour when Megan gets into a heated argument with her sister Lily, Rose spots her ex-boyfriend with another girl, and Megan has to rescue both Rose and Sage after the two get caught driving without a license.

star 5.46
79 votes
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All About Love, Actually

#97 - All About Love, Actually

Privileged Season 1 - Episode 11

Laurel makes a trip to Santa Barbra to see her old flame Miles, and is surprised when he shows up at her doorstep in Palm Beach a few days later, but Miles quickly realizes that Laurel’s business and family come first. Megan and Will’s new status as a couple gets off to a rocky start when Will announces he has accepted a job that will take him to Brazil for six months. Meanwhile, Megan prevents Rose from cheating on her final and grounds her as punishment. Rose accepts being grounded, but is furious when she learns that Sage was the one who told Megan about the plan to cheat. Charlie has second thoughts about moving in with his girlfriend Mandy. Finally, Charlie’s cousin Luis gets a job working in the kitchen with Marco and Sage decides to torture him with her demands.

star 3.13
39 votes
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