The Best Episodes Directed by Michael Dante Dimartino

Chapter Twenty: The Crossroads of Destiny

#1 - Chapter Twenty: The Crossroads of Destiny

Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 2 - Episode 20

Everyone races against time to stop Azula's sinister plan. Zuko finds companionship in an unlikely source. Aang's destiny hangs in the balance - and so does Zuko's, as Iroh tells him "it is time to choose."

star 8.47
1424 votes
Racist Dawg

#2 - Racist Dawg

King of the Hill Season 7 - Episode 20

Hank fails to install the new valve on the water heater correctly, and it causes a leak, leaving Peggy to wake up with Bill hovering over her on the front lawn. Not wanting any further complications,Peggy hires Mack, an African American repairman. Ladybird attacks Mack, and he accuses her of being a racist dog and quits. When a dog trainer tells him that Ladybird subconsciously follows Hank's lead, everyone accuses Hank of being racist, too.

star 8.13
168 votes
Boxing Luanne

#3 - Boxing Luanne

King of the Hill Season 7 - Episode 11

Buck comes up with a scam to make money off of Luanne's good looks, by putting her in the boxing ring. After a few bouts where Luanne dominates her opponents, she grows confident. Believing that the set-up bouts are real, she calls on Frieda Foreman for her biggest match yet. Hank warns her of the charade, but Luanne has a point to prove.

star 7.97
174 votes
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Unemployment Part 2 (or Theory of the Leisure Ass)

#4 - Unemployment Part 2 (or Theory of the Leisure Ass)

Mission Hill Season 1 - Episode 9

Andy still hasn't found a job after two months -- not that he's exactly looking for one. His learning about Jim's previously secret career pushes him to become more motivated.

star 7.95
54 votes
Death is a Bitch

#5 - Death is a Bitch

Family Guy Season 2 - Episode 6

When Peter tries to get out of paying a doctors bill by faking his own death, he is visited by Death himself, who wants to take Peter away. After Death twists his ankle while chasing Peter, everyone on Earth becomes immortal while death is incapacitated.

star 7.84
2067 votes
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Brian: Portrait of a Dog

#6 - Brian: Portrait of a Dog

Family Guy Season 1 - Episode 7

When a heat wave hits Quahog, Peter gets Brian to enter a dog show to win $500 so that the family can get a new air conditioner. When they argue over a trick gone bad, Brian walks out on the family and Peter replaces him with a cat. Brian struggles to assert his civil rights and soon ends up at the pound. Luckily, Peter is able to bail him out by bribing the judge.

star 7.46
2246 votes
The Buck Stops Here

#7 - The Buck Stops Here

King of the Hill Season 5 - Episode 2

Bobby gets a job as Buck Strickland's caddy. He and Buck hit it off, and Bobby starts imitating Buck and defying his father. Things come to a head when Buck takes Bobby to Hot Springs, Arkansas on a gambling jaunt, and Hank goes after them. Meanwhile, Peggy and Minh get into a heated competition over who can donate the most blood.

star 7.42
208 votes
I Never Met the Dead Man

#8 - I Never Met the Dead Man

Family Guy Season 1 - Episode 2

While teaching Meg to drive, Peter crashes into the town satellite dish, which knocks out the city's cable. He promises Meg that if she takes the blame, he'll get her a car. Without TV, peter goes crazy, which drives the family insane. Meanwhile, after refusing to eat the broccoli that Lois gives him, Stewie attempts to build a weather control device that would destroy all vegetables.

star 7.39
3481 votes
Stuck Together, Torn Apart

#9 - Stuck Together, Torn Apart

Family Guy Season 3 - Episode 19

Lois runs into an old male friend from school and they renew their friendship, but Peter's jealousy forces a trial separation. Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie get themselves stuck together with industrial-strength glue.

star 7.35
1509 votes
Mr. Saturday Knight

#10 - Mr. Saturday Knight

Family Guy Season 3 - Episode 9

Peter's boss comes to dinner at the Griffin house but soon dies. The Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory is turned into the Happy-Go-Lucky Terminal Disease Institute. Unemployed, Peter begins his search for a job and ends up going after his lifelong dream of becoming a knight at a traveling Renaissance Fair. Caught in a compromising position with the infamous Black Knight's wench, he must defend his family's honor in an duel with the Black Knight.

star 6.94
1623 votes

#11 - Remembrances

The Legend of Korra Season 4 - Episode 8

Wu begins his exile with Mako's family, and realizes that he knows nothing about his bodyguard.

star 6.55
1137 votes
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