The Best Episodes Directed by Leslie Libman

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

#1 - Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

Keen Eddie Season 1 - Episode 13

Help is needed for Dominique Deschamps, the lovely woman who lost her wallet after flirting with Scotland Yard "loan" detective Eddie Arlette. When Eddie Arlette discovers the wallet he ultimately finds Dominique Deschamps, but is ambushed by Paul and Jean Fortier. Eddie gets knocked out, but not after the lovely lady hands him a book of matches asking for help. Monty Pippin and Eddie Arlette start an investigation, which leads them to a man named Anton Levy. Dominique and Anton were passionate about each other, but Dominique turned Anton into the French police. Anton's would agree to going to prison, but first he wanted to go to London before prison, so he could tie up some loose ends. Eddie and Monty Pippin think he's come to London to kill Dominique. Eddie, Monty, and the Scotland Yard tactical team head into Anton's mansion, where he and a very much alive Dominique greet them. Nothing bad going on here. Eddie is left scratching his head...until Michel Hoffman. Michel is Dominique's true love, not Anton. Eddie heads to Anton's mansion to get Dominique, but Michel is already there, saving her. Anton says the two will expire if Anton's true love is not given to him. Eddie finds Dominique, who refuses to go back. The hit man Jacques Desmarais is already out for Dominique. Eddie goes back to Anton's house to reason with him, but there he realizes that the love of Anton's life is his young daughter Isabelle, who joins Anton for his last meal before his imprisonment.

star 8.50
4 votes
Partners and Other Strangers (1)

#2 - Partners and Other Strangers (1)

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 5 - Episode 21

Bayliss has disappeared again as Pembleton and Brodie make their way to the scene of a shotgun suicide. The victim appears to be Beau Felton. Gee's letter, including information gained in the ""Burundi"" case, begins to make an impact at the highest levels of the department. Frank returns to the department with the news about his case. Lewis goes off, wondering who is going to be next. Det. Falsone comes to the squad with news about why he thinks Beau Felton killed himself. Lewis and Stivers discuss the Mahoney shooting. Cox finds something interesting about the Felton case; she digs in deeper and the results change the case to a murder. Bayliss turns up the next day and disappears again to his Uncle George's place. Pembleton and Howard try to work with Falsone to find Beau's killer. Gee finds out that Beau had been working undercover for the past six months on the Cantwell auto-theft ring. Megan Russert returns from France.

star 8.30
83 votes
Snatch Back

#3 - Snatch Back

Without a Trace Season 1 - Episode 7

prominents assistant district attorney whose child vanishes from a park filled with suspects and twists.The 2-year-old daughter of an old friend of Jack's, ADA Angela Buckman , disappears while being cared for . Usually the team sets up a timeline and tracks the victim's whereabouts as evidence comes in, filling in pieces of the mystery as they go. But here, Jack and his agents have no clue what happened to the child beyond her swift disappearance.

star 8.22
192 votes
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Closet Cases

#4 - Closet Cases

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 6 - Episode 9

The semi-nude body of a man is found in a dumpster outside of a restaurant. Bayliss returns Cox a pair of her earrings that she'd left at his place the night before. Disturbed by him doing that in public and while at a crime scene, she suggests they take some time off, instead they decide to break it off. The owners of the restaurant thinks that this murder might be tied to another murder (one that Munch is working). Lewis confronts Kellerman about the Mahoney videotape and the need to let Stivers know that she is also ""in the soup."" Lewis tells Stivers about the videotape, so she demands a meeting with Kellerman. Falsone confronts his ex-wife about getting to see his son more often; however, they argue and he plans to pursue getting joint custody. Kellerman decides that he will try to force Georgia Rae's hand, since he doesn't plan on doing anything corrupt for her anyway. Kellerman tells Georgia Rae that she can do whatever she wants with the videotape, he doesn't care. Bayliss decid

star 8.20
111 votes
Just an Old Fashioned Love Song

#5 - Just an Old Fashioned Love Song

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 7 - Episode 3

MGee (Mike Giardello) and Ballard investigate a double shooting at the home of a prominent sports doctor and his wife, a dermatologist. The doctor (who was wounded) did not realize the deceased (thought to be a prowler) was his sister-in-law. Munch contends with the IRS; his Waterfront partners want him to make sure that his cousin, their accountant, has been paying their taxes. The Waterfront needs a loan to pay for some improvements. Gharty has taken the day off, to take care of personal matters, like his recent separation from Flora. Munch has his hearing with the IRS; he owes $30,000 in back taxes. Bayliss and Sheppard discuss his sexuality and the possibility of a date. Falsone takes MGee and Ballard to meet an old fight man who knew their doctor. Ballard becomes excited while watching Falsone spar in the ring. MGee and Ballard's investigation lead them right back to the doctor's house, where his wife may be guilty of conspiracy to commit homicide. Gharty stops by the Waterfront t

star 8.20
111 votes

#6 - Family

Sleeper Cell Season 1 - Episode 6

Darwyn tries to get close to chemical plant worker in the hopes of trying to acquire some of the company's product for the cell. Also, Tommy's estranged mother visits.

star 8.17
118 votes
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Aguna Matatala

#7 - Aguna Matatala

In Plain Sight Season 2 - Episode 5

An Orthodox Jew enters Witness Protection, but his wife refuses to join him. The situation is made more complicated by the fact he is being pursued by a man motivated by a higher authority.

star 8.14
236 votes
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All the Proof

#8 - All the Proof

Chicago Fire Season 7 - Episode 6

Halloween is in full effect for Foster and Brett, who are summoned to a home where a prank has quickly turned serious. Gorsch continues his reign of terror on Firehouse 51.

star 8.09
935 votes
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The Map of Moments

#9 - The Map of Moments

The Originals Season 2 - Episode 9

When Rebekah notices an unusual change in Elijah’s behavior, she asks Klaus and Hayley to meet her at their safe house, reuniting them with baby Hope. After reliving memories of being the odd man out, Kaleb opens up to Davina about his resentment towards his siblings and sheds some light on a spell he created in 1914. Meanwhile, when Cami discovers Esther’s plan will put her life in danger, she demands answers from Vincent, who remains steadfast in his convictions. Elsewhere, Esther makes an unlikely alliance that could prove dangerous for Klaus, and Hayley makes a decision that could change her relationship with Elijah forever. Lastly, while Elijah continues to struggle with the lingering effects of being captured, Rebekah and Klaus devise a plan to take their mother down once and for all.

star 8.08
1434 votes
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Après Moi, Le Déluge

#10 - Après Moi, Le Déluge

The Originals Season 1 - Episode 11

When Davina becomes violently ill and the repercussions soon begin to affect the entire French Quarter, Marcel, Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah rush to find out what is going on. Sophie approaches the others with some startling information about the Harvest Festival and presents a drastic plan to save Davina. Elsewhere, Hayley is racked with guilt as she comes clean to Elijah about her role in Sophie’s plan. Last, a sequence of unforeseen events sends shockwaves through the French Quarter.

star 8.06
1847 votes
Home Before Dark

#11 - Home Before Dark

The Resident Season 4 - Episode 5

With Chastain on the verge of shutting down due to the sale by Red Rock, Conrad tries a last-ditch effort to save the hospital and the doctors plan for their next career moves. On their last day, the whole staff must work together to save Nic's life after she is injured by a deranged patient.

star 8.05
391 votes
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The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

#12 - The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 - Episode 5

With Homecoming around the corner, Elena invites Liam to attend a party at the corn maze with her. Instead of attending the homecoming festivities, Caroline is preoccupied after Stefan shows up unexpectedly and needs her help. Alaric reluctantly attends the party, but a devastating accident quickly leaves him and Jo rushing to save lives. Elsewhere, Tyler's werewolf curse is put to the test, and Stefan comes clean to Caroline about his intent to move on from Mystic Falls. Lastly, Damon and Bonnie make an important discovery that affects their quest to get back home.

star 7.95
1681 votes
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Requiems & Revivals

#13 - Requiems & Revivals

The Resident Season 4 - Episode 6

As Nic struggles with her recovery, a close friend and former Chastain colleague returns to the hospital to support her. As the hospital transitions from private to public, the search begins for a new CEO, Bell asks a favor of his step-son. Devon sees an opportunity to fix the system.

star 7.94
374 votes
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Buckle Up

#14 - Buckle Up

Chicago Fire Season 8 - Episode 5

Kidd must prove herself at the National Firefighter Leadership Conference while the rest of Firehouse 51 is called to two eerily similar car wrecks. Mouch tries to keep everyone in the firehouse informed by starting a newsletter, but things quickly get out of hand. Cruz deals with a heartbreak.

star 7.91
774 votes
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The Chosen (1)

#15 - The Chosen (1)

The Practice Season 8 - Episode 2

Alan Shore agrees to help friend Sheila Carlisle, a successful attorney who claims God speaks to her, and who has subsequently been fired from her law firm for being mentally incompetent. Meanwhile there are startling new developments in the case of Brad Stanfield, whom Ellenor and Jamie are defending for allegedly poisoning his pregnant wife.

star 7.89
69 votes
Shut It Down

#16 - Shut It Down

Chicago Fire Season 8 - Episode 14

A series of mysterious gas leaks has members of Firehouse 51 puzzled and spread thin. Brett’s conflicted when her birth mother gets serious about finding her. Severide misunderstands his role as Cruz’s best man. Mouch bites off more than he can chew.

star 7.88
658 votes
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What Lies Above

#17 - What Lies Above

NCIS Season 14 - Episode 17

McGee discovers his apartment has been torn apart by a robber trying to locate an item of great value hidden somewhere by the convicted criminal who previously owned the unit. Also, Congresswoman Flemming tries to persuade Director Vance to pursue a career in politics.

star 7.87
2320 votes
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The Plunge

#18 - The Plunge

Chicago Fire Season 7 - Episode 13

Cruz leads the charge in getting the firehouse to gear up for the Polar Plunge. Herrmann has a hard time bouncing back after dealing with a tough call. Foster’s personal relationships begin to interfere with her job.

star 7.86
855 votes
City Beneath The Sea

#19 - City Beneath The Sea

The Originals Season 2 - Episode 20

When Dahlia devises a clever way to get Klaus’ attention, she reveals some startling details about baby Hope and leaves him with an enticing proposition to consider. Elsewhere, while Elijah and Freya find themselves with opposing views on how best to handle Dahlia’s looming deadline, Rebekah, Davina, and Cami work together to come up with their own strategy. Meanwhile, following a tense stand-off between Elijah and Jackson in the bayou, Hayley is left to make a difficult decision about her and Hope's future. Finally, Vincent, who is eager to leave his witch past behind him, approaches Davina with an offer that leaves her intrigued.

star 7.86
1261 votes
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That Way Madness Lies

#20 - That Way Madness Lies

Shades of Blue Season 3 - Episode 3

Harlee questions her own sanity as Wozniak keeps secrets from those closest to him. Loman intimidates a witness.

star 7.84
438 votes
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Return to Sender

#21 - Return to Sender

NCIS Season 13 - Episode 21

Gibbs and Senior FBI Agent T.C. Fornell unite after two British prisoners, including a former spy, escape and arrive stateside via a shipping container. Also, McGee is busy apartment hunting and determined to find out how DiNozzo purchased his lavish place.

star 7.84
1749 votes
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Bill & Gary's Excellent Adventure

#22 - Bill & Gary's Excellent Adventure

Alphas Season 1 - Episode 6

While Bill and Gary take on a case of their own, Nina and Cameron grow closer.

star 7.82
3710 votes
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Hiding Not Seeking (2)

#23 - Hiding Not Seeking (2)

Chicago Fire Season 6 - Episode 13

While working to track down a bombing suspect, Voight and Antonio meet with Chief Boden, who unwillingly agrees to let Dawson and Brett go undercover. As the investigation continues, Boden, Casey and Severide lend their skilled expertise in the investigation. Elsewhere, Kidd and Zach's relationship hits a bump and Cruz has a hard time expressing his true feelings for Brett. Meanwhile, Herrmann and Connie are forced to come up with an alternative solution when two birthday parties are booked on the same day at the firehouse. The crossover starts on Chicago P.D. S05E16 Profiles (I).

star 7.82
1355 votes

#24 - Homecoming

The Wire Season 3 - Episode 6

Stringer Bell gets an education in construction management; Bunk uses shoe-leather to catch up with Omar.

star 7.82
2985 votes
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Death's Door

#25 - Death's Door

The Tomorrow People (US) Season 1 - Episode 9

When John finds himself in a dangerous situation, Stephen is unable to help without revealing himself to Ultra. Not satisfied with the answer he has discovered about his father's disappearance, Stephen decides to take drastic measures with the help of his fellow Tomorrow People to find out the truth. Meanwhile, Cara and Russell negotiate a trade with Jedikiah, which ultimately makes Jedikiah take a big risk.

star 7.81
1529 votes
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Toil and Trouble

#26 - Toil and Trouble

NCIS Season 16 - Episode 11

United States Secretary of Defense Wynn Crawford shuts down Gibbs' murder investigation and demands that Special Agents McGee and Torres be arrested for their actions in the case.

star 7.81
1057 votes
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Straight Life

#27 - Straight Life

Oz Season 1 - Episode 5

The infiltration of drugs into Oz has reached unprecedented levels; and the undercover efforts of McManus and Glynn to find out who's smuggling it in backfires in a deadly way. Despite a lockdown in the Emerald City, drugs continue to trickle in--and the blame shifts from prisoners to corrupt officials.

star 7.81
720 votes
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One for the Ages

#28 - One for the Ages

Chicago Fire Season 6 - Episode 22

Boden takes a big step in the pursuit of a major career decision; Kidd becomes increasingly distrustful of Renee's motives with Severide; Herrmann has trouble bouncing back after a tragedy.

star 7.78
1037 votes

#29 - Thanksgiving

Bull (2016) Season 2 - Episode 9

As Thanksgiving approaches, Bull releases his team to enjoy the holiday with their families, only to find himself working a case solo when he agrees to help a boxer who is being tried for murder. Also, Chunk makes a major personal decision at his family’s Thanksgiving dinner, while Marissa’s dinner with Kyle is abruptly cancelled when he is mugged.

star 7.78
1275 votes
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Manifest Destiny

#30 - Manifest Destiny

John Doe Season 1 - Episode 9

John boards a flight for London but discovers a murder-mystery in mid-air while getting to know a pretty fellow passenger and neurologist.

star 7.78
314 votes
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A Walking Shadow

#31 - A Walking Shadow

Shades of Blue Season 3 - Episode 4

Harlee focuses her sights on taking down the intelligence unit. Stahl’s continued obsession brings him closer to New York. Wozniak uses Wallace as Espada struggles with keeping secrets from Tufo.

star 7.78
416 votes
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Rescue Me

#32 - Rescue Me

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 - Episode 17

In order to keep Stefan from being harmed by Sloan and the Travelers, Caroline and Enzo agree to make a trip to Atlanta to find a newly discovered doppleganger, where Enzo opens up to her about his past. Damon and Elena spend an awkward afternoon at Jeremy’s parent-teacher conference, where they hear bad news about his behavior at school. Bonnie has an unsettling encounter with Luke, and learns more about his family history. Liv fills Jeremy in on the rumors about the Travelers’ next move, and they make an unexpected deal. Finally, a terrifying turn of events at the Travelers’ camp leads to the appearance of their mysterious leader, Markos.

star 7.77
1802 votes
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So It Goes

#33 - So It Goes

NCIS Season 12 - Episode 3

When an NCIS case reveals a connection to Ducky's estranged childhood best friend, he and Special Agent Bishop travel to London for interviews with family and co-workers of his friend. While there, Ducky finds himself reminiscing about the choices he made in his past and the subsequent impact they had on his adult life. Adam Campbell and Alice Krige guests star.

star 7.75
1610 votes

#34 - Bulletproof

NCIS Season 11 - Episode 15

After uncovering faulty bulletproof vests in a truck filled with stolen U.S.M.C. merchandise, the NCIS team attempts to locate both the source and any vests that had been shipped to military personnel overseas.

star 7.75
1942 votes
The Big Uneasy

#35 - The Big Uneasy

The Originals Season 1 - Episode 18

Genevieve asks Elijah to allow her coven to publicly celebrate a traditional feast day, where members of the community offer the witches gifts in return for blessings. Monique and Genevieve disagree over what the ancestors want from them, and Genevieve reveals her plan to build the witches power. When Elijah focuses his attention on restoring their home to its former glory, Klaus accuses him of doing it only to impress Hayley. Next, Klaus sets a new plan in motion by finding Cary, a werewolf from his own line, and sending him off to find a missing piece of family history. Marcel lets Thierry in on his new plan to rebuild his power, but Diego has his own ideas about the future. At the Feast of the Blessings, Monique and Genevieve try to use the ceremony to teach Davina a lesson, but Klaus intervenes and gives Davina a surprisingly important gift. While Hayley struggles to decide where her loyalties should lie, the ceremony explodes into violence.

star 7.74
1603 votes
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The Numerical Limit

#36 - The Numerical Limit

NCIS Season 15 - Episode 19

Gibbs is granted protective custody of a 10-year-old orphaned refugee, Elena, when an NCIS case reveals she is the target of a violent gang.

star 7.73
1373 votes

#37 - Payback

Crossing Jordan Season 2 - Episode 4

After a high class party girl dies in custody, Woody will face possible charges. Jordan must step up to defend him and try to help save his career. Elsewhere Lily is trying to help a little boy.

star 7.72
221 votes
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Atomic No. 33

#38 - Atomic No. 33

Numb3rs Season 4 - Episode 16

Don and the team must investigate a religious cult after scores of followers are poisoned.

star 7.71
438 votes
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Breaking Point

#39 - Breaking Point

The Rookie Season 2 - Episode 9

Nolan’s trust is tested when he tries to help the previous owner of his home reconnect with his family. Harper has finally earned an overnight visit with her daughter that is put into jeopardy when her past undercover life resurfaces again.

star 7.71
1067 votes
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Death and the Maiden

#40 - Death and the Maiden

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 - Episode 7

While Elena and Damon try to explain Amara’s situation to Stefan, Dr. Wes gives Katherine some deeply disturbing news. Nadia shows up at Caroline’s dorm room, searching for Katherine. After a surprising conversation with Amara, Jeremy and Bonnie share a glimmer of hope. Silas fails to keep a promise, causing Damon to turn to Tessa for help with his new plan, and Stefan makes a heartbreaking confession to Damon and Elena.

star 7.71
2123 votes
I Could Never Love Like That

#41 - I Could Never Love Like That

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 - Episode 18

With their humanity turned off, Stefan and Caroline begin wreaking havoc at Whitmore, leaving Damon to come up with a risky plan involving Lily. After rushing to help Jo treat victims of Stefan and Caroline’s latest killing spree, Elena discovers Jo is pregnant, prompting her to reevaluate her own life as a vampire. Meanwhile, when Sarah boldly turns the tables on an unsuspecting Enzo, he is forced to open up about his tragic past. Lastly, at Scull Bar, a twisted round of karaoke leaves Tyler and Matt in a dangerous situation.

star 7.70
1301 votes

#42 - Boom

NCIS Season 16 - Episode 3

One of the NCIS agents is starstruck after the team investigates an explosion outside the home of Navy Petty Officer First Class Todd Nicholas and his wife, popular reality TV star Sheba Nicholas. Also, Vance continues physical therapy for the injuries sustained when he was held hostage.

star 7.69
1150 votes

#43 - Deepfake

Madam Secretary Season 6 - Episode 6

When a fabricated video makes it look like Elizabeth and Henry are making fun of a foreign dignitary, they struggle to convince him not to pull out of an important international agreement. Stevie says goodbye to an important person in her life.

star 7.69
399 votes
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A Desperate Man

#44 - A Desperate Man

NCIS Season 9 - Episode 13

When a Navy lieutenant commander is found dead in a building under construction, NCIS must search for a killer while dealing with interruptions from her distraught detective husband. Meanwhile, Ray’s return has Ziva thinking about her future.

star 7.69
2963 votes
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

#45 - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 - Episode 8

As Julian and Lily throw a party to celebrate Mary Louise and Nora's anniversary, Stefan and Damon set in motion a risky plan to eliminate a new threat posed by Julian. Meanwhile, following a major revelation uncovered by Valerie, Caroline is forced to face her new reality, even as it threatens to destroy her relationship with Stefan. Finally, determined to do what's best for her family, Lily makes the most difficult decision of her life.

star 7.68
1533 votes

#46 - Secrets

NCIS Season 9 - Episode 15

When a Navy captain is found dead with an unusual costume hidden under his uniform, NCIS uncovers a secret society of real-life super heroes and must track down the villain.

star 7.68
2799 votes
Devil's Triangle

#47 - Devil's Triangle

NCIS Season 9 - Episode 7

The NCIS team searches for answers when the current husband of both Gibbs's and Fornell's ex-wife is suspiciously kidnapped.

star 7.67
2968 votes
Insane in the Membrane

#48 - Insane in the Membrane

NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 - Episode 6

The team’s participation in the annual Red Dress Run is cut short when a Petty Officer is found dead in the French Quarter from a drug overdose.

star 7.67
953 votes
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#49 - Deception

NCIS Season 3 - Episode 13

When a Commander in charge of a shipment of fuel rods for nuclear power stations disappears, the NCIS team is called in. The team must solve the case in time, before the person who kidnapped the Commander finds out the secret location of the fuel rods or harms the Lt. Commander.

star 7.65
1484 votes
Two Ships

#50 - Two Ships

Designated Survivor Season 2 - Episode 6

When a U.S. Navy ship containing secret surveillance becomes stranded in enemy waters, President Kirkman must negotiate the crew and ship’s release. If captured, the technology on board would create a massive threat to national security. Meanwhile. Chief of Staff Emily Rhodes reconnects with someone from her childhood.

star 7.65
2697 votes
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Kirkman Agonistes

#51 - Kirkman Agonistes

Designated Survivor Season 2 - Episode 18

As more content from President Kirkman’s confidential therapy sessions continues to leak out, Vice President Darby meets secretly with the entire Cabinet, resulting in attorney Ethan West looking into the president’s past – while playing a large role in his future as commander in chief.

star 7.64
1834 votes
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Samyutta 11.10

#52 - Samyutta 11.10

Brotherhood Season 1 - Episode 6

Michael helps out Declan's partner. Tommy sees a way to fix his zoning problems by helping a black minister.

star 7.64
186 votes
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#53 - Grudge

FBI: Most Wanted Season 1 - Episode 13

When a case of cyber-stalking escalates to multiple murders, the team must track down a hacker who will stop at nothing to get revenge on those he believes have wronged him. Someone from Hana’s past offers her help on the case, but at a price she’s not willing to pay.

star 7.63
314 votes
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Short Fuse

#54 - Short Fuse

NCIS Season 8 - Episode 3

The team investigates a bomb tech's guarded personal life after she is attacked.

star 7.63
3037 votes

#55 - Arm-ageddon

Limitless Season 1 - Episode 10

When Boyle's former military buddy is accused of murder and blames it on the loss of control of his prosthetic arm, Boyle asks Brian to help determine if the artificial limb was hacked. Also, Brian's father demands he stop working for the FBI.

star 7.62
2955 votes
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The Negotiation

#56 - The Negotiation

FlashForward Season 1 - Episode 20

It's April 28 - the day before the prophesized flashforward date - and as the world waits to see if their future visions will come true, Mark must do everything in his power to protect Gabriel, who is the bridge between Dyson Frost and the Global Blackout; Aaron locates his daughter's captors and puts his life on the line in order to rescue her; Janis is tasked with killing a fellow agent; and Simon comes face to face with the head of the nefarious organization that may be responsible for the blackout.

star 7.61
4935 votes
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#57 - Baitfish

NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 - Episode 11

The NCIS team investigates a deadly explosion at the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Gala, and discover Pride (Scott Bakula) was the intended target of the bomb.

star 7.60
829 votes
Shell Shock (1)

#58 - Shell Shock (1)

NCIS Season 10 - Episode 6

When a Navy Lieutenant who recently returned home from the Middle East is found dead from a brutal attack, the NCIS team questions the victim’s friend, Marine Captain Joe Wescott. Gibbs realizes the Captain is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, but knows his experience overseas may also provide a key link to the crime.

star 7.58
2666 votes
Good Cop, Bad Cop

#59 - Good Cop, Bad Cop

NCIS Season 7 - Episode 4

When a Marine's body surfaces halfway around the world, the investigation forces Ziva to dig up a buried chapter of her life.

star 7.57
2180 votes
The Contingency

#60 - The Contingency

Zoo Season 2 - Episode 11

Mitch and Jamie brave an animal attack at the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C., and Jackson finally gets the answers he’s been looking for from a surprising source.

star 7.57
1486 votes
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#61 - Gaslight

Alphas Season 2 - Episode 5

An Alpha loses his mind and kidnaps Rachel; the team loses touch with reality while trying to find Rachel.

star 7.56
2731 votes
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#62 - Caged

NCIS Season 6 - Episode 12

The NCIS team must reveal the truth behind the murder of a jail guard which resulted in a prison riot and McGee being held captive by the inmates.

star 7.53
1775 votes

#63 - Untouchable

NCIS Season 3 - Episode 20

When a Pentagon cryptographer is found dead, the NCIS team has to discover whether the person was or wasn't a Pentagon mole, and if the person committed suicide. As the investigation continues, the team discovers that the person wasn't alone when she died, so someone must have murdered her. So, the team has to find the person, a mole, who murdered the cryptographer.

star 7.53
1423 votes
Course Correction

#64 - Course Correction

FlashForward Season 1 - Episode 19

Demetri and Agent Banks attempt to track down a killer as questions arise about the universe course-correcting itself, when people who thought they'd escaped their fates are found dead; Mark reluctantly agrees to help Simon find his sister, Annabelle, but discovers he's withholding the truth about her true circumstances; the FBI discovers the identity of Suspect Zero; and Nicole learns the whereabouts of Keiko - the woman in Bryce's flashforward - but struggles with whether to share this information, due to her growing feelings for him.

star 7.52
4932 votes
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Blizzard of '01

#65 - Blizzard of '01

Oz Season 4 - Episode 13

Wick's family sues Oz for his death which was caused by the experimental drugs he took. This also means, Dr. Nathan's under investigation and could lose her job. Ryan gets a surprise visit... from his real mother. Howell tells Ryan their trysts are over and she threatens to move on to Cyril. Busmalis confesses to Rebadow that he's a virgin. Schillinger tells Carrie about Hank's death and she immediately goes into labor, delivering the baby in Oz's hospital. Beecher meets a lawyer who tells him his parole chances are decent as long as he stays out of trouble. So what does Beecher do'? He gets thrown in the hole for fighting with his new podmate. After a session with Sister Pete, Vahue decides he doesn't need her help, even though he really does. Hill questions Redding's decision to start eliminating prisoners and takes action. Deyell decides to donate his organs after he's executed. Tidd pays a heavy price for his new allegiance to Said.

star 7.50
470 votes
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The Marked

#66 - The Marked

The 4400 Season 4 - Episode 6

Jordan wants Shawn to rejoin the movement. Meanwhile, a 4400 with an amazing ability disappears.

star 7.46
559 votes
Pure Heroine

#67 - Pure Heroine

Sweet/Vicious Season 1 - Episode 10

After the verdict is overturned, and Tyler is arrested, the girls learn that injustice has impacted their entire campus.

star 7.42
175 votes
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Rule #47: Always Take Advantage Of Me Time

#68 - Rule #47: Always Take Advantage Of Me Time

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 - Episode 3

Abby spends her first night alone without the kids to focus on writing her next book when things take a sudden turn for the worse, sending the ladies on a wild ride through Hollywood. Meanwhile, Jake wants his first night with the kids at his new place to be perfect.

star 7.41
136 votes
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#69 - Throwaway

The Shield Season 1 - Episode 9

A planted gun in a truck-jacking case causes complications for the Strike Team, and now they're left to clean up their own mess. While the rift between Officers Lowe and Sofer deepens, causing Capt. Aceveda to intervene. Also, Detective Wyms deals with the mess of her family during a visit from her daughter.

star 7.40
1232 votes
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Keepin' It Real

#70 - Keepin' It Real

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 1 - Episode 6

The NCIS team must find a motive when they discover the body of a marine who had been living a double life as a wealthy bachelor.

star 7.40
1545 votes
Flip the Script

#71 - Flip the Script

Cult Season 1 - Episode 11

Jeff and Skye question Dr. Kimble's teaching assistant, Allegra, and the three discover that Kimble's lab has been ransacked. Allegra identifies Phillip Kellian's manuscript as being almost identical to one of Kimble's. Skye discovers that Stuart opened a production company on the Cult studio lot, so they break into Stuart's offices and discover a surveillance room with hidden camera feeds. On the show, Kelly worries about Andy's growing fear of Meadow. Kelly accompanies Meadow to therapy, and it is revealed that they witnessed their own parents' murder as young girls.

star 7.38
173 votes
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Wake Up Call (2)

#72 - Wake Up Call (2)

The 4400 Season 2 - Episode 2

It's been one year since the 4400 returned. After a period of intense medical observation, Tom has returned to NTAC in a limited capacity, assigned only to desk duty. Diana, having been through a series of inept partners, finally finds a way to cut through the red tape and get Tom back, all while in the midst of formally adopting Maia. Meanwhile, Richard, Lily and the baby are still living in meager conditions in a mountain cabin far away from Jordan. Jordan has now closed Arcadia Estates, and is on the verge of opening "The 4400 Centers," a place for non-members of the 4400 to discover "the 4400 within themselves." Collier becomes Shawn's guardian, and enlists him to heal important benefactors of the Centers.

star 7.31
647 votes

#73 - Dogtown

Fastlane Season 1 - Episode 10

Shane, a drug runner for local dealer, gets caught and Billie is forces him to help Van and Deaq acquire credibility as marijuana suppliers with is boss, Trey, who is also Shane’s childhood friend. Van and Deaq ask Aquarius for some help with their reputation as well and begin to build some report with Trey. That is until Shane decides he’s tired of being the low man on the totem pole.

star 7.29
90 votes
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Dead Man Talking

#74 - Dead Man Talking

Jake 2.0 Season 1 - Episode 15

An agent whom Lou believes to have died years ago--a man with whom she has a past, and who she was forced to leave behind on a mission--is found alive and a rescue op is mounted. Meanwhile, Jake is thinking a lot about what happened between him and Diane, and the nanite project may potentially have a new member.

star 7.28
79 votes
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The Whole Truth

#75 - The Whole Truth

Medium Season 3 - Episode 8

Allison is called to help Devalos investigate the shocking death of a well-respected assemblyman, but for some reason she has visions of a young boy trapped in a well mixed in with her visions of the assemblyman. She must figure out what the dreams of the young boy mean because the dreams of the assemblyman alone aren't enough for her to solve the assemblyman's death.

star 7.24
346 votes
Take Out

#76 - Take Out

Numb3rs Season 3 - Episode 14

When two police officers are killed while eating dinner out, Charlie tries to figure out where the killers will strike next. Don's superiors make him see the department shrink.

star 7.24
603 votes
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#77 - Carrier

The 4400 Season 2 - Episode 8

After living for 8 years in an alternate world that only Tom and Alana remember the world with the 4400 has returned as it was at the second the 8 years started. A 30 year old 4400 woman wakes up and finds everybody else in her local community dead. Maia puts April's love for her to a test.

star 7.23
708 votes
Wake Up Call (1)

#78 - Wake Up Call (1)

The 4400 Season 2 - Episode 1

It's been one year since the 4400 returned. After a period of intense medical observation, Tom has returned to NTAC in a limited capacity, assigned only to desk duty. Diana, having been through a series of inept partners, finally finds a way to cut through the red tape and get Tom back, all while in the midst of formally adopting Maia. Meanwhile, Richard, Lily and the baby are still living in meager conditions in a mountain cabin far away from Jordan. Jordan has now closed Arcadia Estates, and is on the verge of opening "The 4400 Centers," a place for non-members of the 4400 to discover "the 4400 within themselves." Collier becomes Shawn's guardian, and enlists him to heal important benefactors of the Centers.

star 7.20
874 votes
An Innocent Man

#79 - An Innocent Man

Sweet/Vicious Season 1 - Episode 9

Jules reports her attack, forcing everyone to relive that night; following Harris' discovery, Ophelia tries to make things right.

star 7.14
181 votes
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Full Moon

#80 - Full Moon

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 4 - Episode 17

Kellerman and Lewis (with Brodie) investigate a shooting at the New Moon motel, where everyone there has a motive for the crime. They split up and canvass the denizens of the motel; Lewis also searches for the victim's missing boot. The murder is just one of the many crimes that has occurred or is occurring at this establishment.

star 7.00
139 votes
Jerry 2.0

#81 - Jerry 2.0

Jake 2.0 Season 1 - Episode 7

Thwarting a potentially disastrous terrorist attack, Jake captures the teenage son of a dangerous anti government militia leader, who retaliates by sending his men to kidnap Jake, but in a mix-up, they instead capture Jake's immature, younger brother Jerry, who is visiting.

star 6.92
80 votes
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Knight of the Living Dead

#82 - Knight of the Living Dead

Knight Rider (2008) Season 1 - Episode 6

When a tech is murdered inside of Knight Inudstries, the team must track down the person that infiltrated headquarters before they strike again. Meanwhile, Mike and Sarah find themselves stuck together during a storm.

star 6.92
690 votes
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Lay Down the Law

#83 - Lay Down the Law

The L Word Season 5 - Episode 8

Niki's multi-million dollar action movie opens, but allegations about her sexuality lead Tina and her manager to suggest she take a date -- a male date -- to the premiere. Jenny is banned from the theater causing Adele to take the reins for the evening. Shane and Molly continue to play mind games with each other. Jodi throws a dinner party to some couples, and Bette is devastated to learn Tina and her date are also invited. Meanwhile, Tasha goes on trial and Alice delivers a shocking statement.

star 6.79
179 votes
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