The Best Episodes Directed by Ken Kwapis


#1 - Finale

The Office (US) Season 9 - Episode 23

Months after the airing of the documentary, the workers of Dunder Mifflin, past and present, gather for a wedding and a final round of interviews. Mysteries are solved, hatchets are buried, pranks are prunked.

star 9.06
1246 votes
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Baby, You Can't Drive My Car

#2 - Baby, You Can't Drive My Car

Grounded for Life Season 2 - Episode 1

After the family car goes missing one night, the Finnertys find themselves at an impasse: Sean is in mourning over the loss, while Claudia hopes to gain from a slightly inflated insurance claim. But when the battered remains of the car are towed to the house a few days later, it becomes clear that Lily has been covering her tracks about an ill-fated joyride -- and the reason why her parents have to buy the missing parts from Eddie's maniacal mechanic.

star 8.36
25 votes
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Casino Night

#3 - Casino Night

The Office (US) Season 2 - Episode 22

In the season finale, Dunder-Mifflin holds a Casino Night in the warehouse to benefit charity. While Michael faces the task of juggling two dates, Jim is forced to ponder the reality of transferring to the Stamford branch and what that means for his relationship with Pam.

star 8.34
1243 votes
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The Job

#4 - The Job

The Office (US) Season 3 - Episode 23

A job opening at Dunder Mifflin's corporate offices has Michael, Jim, and Karen in New York City competing against one another, leaving Dwight in charge of the Scranton branch.

star 8.21
1095 votes
Water Park

#5 - Water Park

Malcolm in the Middle Season 1 - Episode 16

When the family goes to a water park for a day, Dewey is left home with an elderly, stern babysitter. Francis plays pool with Spangler and loses.

star 8.16
313 votes
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#6 - Rollerskates

Malcolm in the Middle Season 1 - Episode 13

Malcolm is angry because during a game of street hockey, he sprints up and down the street in shoes, only to have it start back the other way. So he decides he is ready to take skating lessons from his dad. He asks Reese and Francis how it is, but they both refuse to tell him. When he starts, he is angered by all the silly twists and spins they are doing. Meanwhile, Reese rollerskates in the house with a bunch of gunk on his skates which causes Lois to throw out her back while yelling at him.

star 8.11
328 votes
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Gay Witch Hunt

#7 - Gay Witch Hunt

The Office (US) Season 3 - Episode 1

On the heels of Casino Night, Michael inadvertently outs a gay employee; Jim adjusts to his promotion, new office, and life without Pam.

star 8.09
1388 votes
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Reality Takes a Holiday

#8 - Reality Takes a Holiday

Eerie, Indiana Season 1 - Episode 18

Marshall finds a script in the mailbox and starts reading. Suddenly he finds himself on the set of a TV series where everybody refers to him as Omri.

star 8.08
13 votes
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Family Reunion

#9 - Family Reunion

Malcolm in the Middle Season 4 - Episode 3

Christopher Lloyd adds to his gallery of eccentric characters, playing Hal's quirky, cranky and very wealthy father, Walter, in this rollicking episode. The occasion is a birthday celebration for the old man, but the snooty female in-laws seem more interested in offending Lois. Their shabby behavior initially goes unnoticed by Hal, who's desperately trying to bond with his self-centered dad; and by Dewey and Reese, who seek some of Grampa's dough by currying favor with him. But when Lois is reduced to tears after being excluded from a group photo, the family rallies to her side with an all-out counterattack that turns the party into pandemonium.

star 8.08
235 votes
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Company Picnic

#10 - Company Picnic

The Office (US) Season 5 - Episode 26

At the company picnic, Michael and Holly are reunited for the first time since their split. The rest of the staff competes in games, such as the volleyball tournament.

star 8.05
984 votes
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Off Camera

#11 - Off Camera

The Larry Sanders Show Season 2 - Episode 16

Artie has a terrible day backstage with an Entertainment Weekly writer prowling around, John Ritter and Gene Siskel nearly coming to blows, and a stray dog nipping at everyone.

star 8.03
29 votes
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Out of the Loop

#12 - Out of the Loop

The Larry Sanders Show Season 1 - Episode 8

Larry feels out of touch when he's the last to know that his headwriter is having a torrid office affair.

star 8.00
45 votes
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If Boys Were Girls

#13 - If Boys Were Girls

Malcolm in the Middle Season 4 - Episode 10

After being rattled by a battle among the boys, a pregnant Lois ponders the consequences of raising another brawling kid. So she fantasizes that her unruly sons have morphed into well-behaved young daughters. Malcolm becomes Mallory, Reese is transformed into Renee and Dewey turns into Daisy.

star 7.99
211 votes
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#14 - Poker

Malcolm in the Middle Season 3 - Episode 8

Poker showdowns with Abe give Hal a flush; dance lessons turn Lois awhirl; an Alaskan blizzard entraps and rattles Francis. (TV Guide)

star 7.98
232 votes
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Hank's Wedding

#15 - Hank's Wedding

The Larry Sanders Show Season 2 - Episode 15

Larry tries to decide about warning an elated Hank about his new bride when the ""Hey now!"" guy announces he's going to marry a younger woman he has just recently met.

star 7.93
28 votes
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You Can't Always Get What You Want

#16 - You Can't Always Get What You Want

Grounded for Life Season 1 - Episode 6

Lily freaks out when Sean says they can't afford to send her on a ski trip with her classmates. But things get worse when she learns that Sean inherited some money and spent it on a guitar for himself.

star 7.93
41 votes
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A Brush with (the Elbow of) Greatness

#17 - A Brush with (the Elbow of) Greatness

The Larry Sanders Show Season 1 - Episode 12

Larry makes the tabloids when a woman claims he knocked her into a magazine rack and neglected to apologize.

star 7.93
40 votes
Sins of the Fathers

#18 - Sins of the Fathers

ER Season 6 - Episode 4

Lawrence exhibits signs of forgetfulness, which Lucy catches, while treating a teenager who tried to hang himself. A negative article about the hospital and Corday appears in the newspaper after last week's reporter visit. Malucci learns a lesson in sympathy dealing with a man dying from a skydiving accident. Cleo is racked with guilt after misdiagnosing a four-year-old with iron poisoning, who later dies. Carter makes plans to meet with Elaine. Carol treats a pregnant waitress with no insurance.

star 7.91
98 votes
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Moral Gray Area

#19 - Moral Gray Area

Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 - Episode 3

After encountering an undead Gary, Sheila and Joel attempt to fulfill his final request. Eric makes a shocking discovery after a date with Ramona.

star 7.90
754 votes
Tests and Breasts

#20 - Tests and Breasts

Freaks and Geeks Season 1 - Episode 4

Lindsay tries to tutor Daniel in algebra, but the situation seems hopeless. He steals a test from the teacher’s office and asks Lindsay to help him fill in the answers. Mr. Kowchevski, suspicious of Daniel’s surprisingly high grade, accuses the duo of cheating. Sam, Neal and Bill begin sex education class. They feel overwhelmed by the subject, so Daniel loans Sam a porno flick in a misguided attempt to help them.

star 7.90
455 votes

#21 - Sleepover

Malcolm in the Middle Season 1 - Episode 6

Malcolm sleeps over at Stevie's house and, appalled at his over-protected lifestyle, persuades him to sneak out to a late-night games arcade - where Stevie's wheelchair is stolen. Meanwhile, Francis copes with a bullying group of cadets by telling them home tales about real intimidation -- by Lois.

star 7.88
360 votes
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Booze Cruise

#22 - Booze Cruise

The Office (US) Season 2 - Episode 11

Michael takes the entire Dunder-Mifflin staff on a motivational cruise aboard a party boat on Lake Wallenpaupack, but his planned presentation is bogged down by numerous distractions, including a dance contest, limbo, snorkel shots, and the pushy Captain Jack. Also, Jim and Katy's relationship hits the rocks as Roy and Pam finally set a wedding date, which does more than disappoint Jim, and by the end of the night, Michael's motivational cruise doesn't go completely to waste when he shares a heart-to-heart with one of the workers.

star 7.87
1301 votes
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Looks and Books

#23 - Looks and Books

Freaks and Geeks Season 1 - Episode 10

A car accident results in Lindsay deciding to stop hanging out with her “freak” friends. She decides to rejoin the mathletes and start hanging out with Millie again. Sam adopts a new modern hair style in the hopes of impressing Cindy. When this fails, he seeks out a new wardrobe.

star 7.87
343 votes
Lois's Birthday

#24 - Lois's Birthday

Malcolm in the Middle Season 2 - Episode 3

Crummy gifts rile birthday gal Lois, who suddenly splits from home, leaving confusion, anxiety and desperation in her wake.

star 7.85
299 votes
What Have You Done For Me Lately? (AKA The Garden Weasel)

#25 - What Have You Done For Me Lately? (AKA The Garden Weasel)

The Larry Sanders Show Season 1 - Episode 1

Larry finds himself in opposition to a network executive who wants him to do live commercials during the show for ""The Garden Weasel.""

star 7.84
107 votes
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Touched by an Anglo

#26 - Touched by an Anglo

Outsourced Season 1 - Episode 5

A shipment of sexual novelties leads to a seminar on sexual harassment. Someone calls the company hot-line to file a complaint against Todd.

star 7.83
154 votes
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The Warmth Episode

#27 - The Warmth Episode

The Larry Sanders Show Season 1 - Episode 11

Worried about his ratings, Larry hires a focus group to help him tighten up the show.

star 7.83
40 votes
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#28 - Monkey

Malcolm in the Middle Season 3 - Episode 22

New monkey business occupies Reese, now a self-appointed law enforcer; a capuchin monkey has it in for Lois's co-worker, Craig.

star 7.83
215 votes
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#29 - Knighttime

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 - Episode 2

Sheila and Joel meet a knight and Anne lays down the law. Plus, there's a rumor going 'round that Eric and Abby are k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Ooooooh!

star 7.82
476 votes
The Spiders Episode

#30 - The Spiders Episode

The Larry Sanders Show Season 1 - Episode 3

Larry battles his reluctance when real live spiders are scheduled for the show, and tries to find a sketch to do with guest Carol Burnett.

star 7.81
64 votes
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#31 - Therapy

Malcolm in the Middle Season 2 - Episode 8

Malcolm's humiliation as a Krelboyne drives him crazy, so he fakes his way into seeing the school's shrink, with whom the con continues.

star 7.80
287 votes
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Cynthia's Back

#32 - Cynthia's Back

Malcolm in the Middle Season 3 - Episode 14

The return of the smart and sassy Cynthia rattles Malcolm, who's astonished by her physical maturation. And so is drooling Reese.

star 7.79
226 votes
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Being There

#33 - Being There

The Larry Sanders Show Season 2 - Episode 13

Larry and Francine quarrel over her commitment to their renewed relationship.

star 7.78
23 votes
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New Neighbors

#34 - New Neighbors

Malcolm in the Middle Season 2 - Episode 13

Malcolm's family tries to become friendly with their new neighbours with the pool, but end up with new enemies instead. Neighbour boy Josh convinces Dewey that the lawn gnome wants to eat him, and spreads vicious lies about Malcolm that have the police coming to visit. Young daughter Emily likes to bite Reese every chance she can get, and Reese can't fight back because she's just a four-year-old girl. Lois takes an immediate dislike to Tina, the mother of the family, who refuses to admit that Emily has a biting problem and treats her Hispanic gardener like dirt. Only Hal bonds with new neighbour father Mike, but they have to carry on their friendship in secret. Malcolm enlists Reese's help in smearing Josh's name the way Josh did his. In the process of planting evidence under Josh's window they bust and draw attention to Tina having an affair, in the pool, with her gardener. The new neighbours move out. Commandant Spangler works his cadets hard to prepare for his hero, Oliver North's,

star 7.77
266 votes
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#35 - Mini-Bike

Malcolm in the Middle Season 2 - Episode 22

Lois (Jane Kaczmarek) forbids the boys to ride a motorbike they found, but Reese (Justin Berfield) disobeys and breaks a leg.

star 7.75
241 votes
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Galentine's Day

#36 - Galentine's Day

Parks and Recreation Season 2 - Episode 16

When Leslie hears her mom’s story about an old flame, she and her boyfriend Justin track him down and reunite them on Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, Andy and his band are nervous about playing a gig at the Senior Center.

star 7.75
1355 votes
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No Family is Perfect

#37 - No Family is Perfect

Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 - Episode 1

OK, let’s see here: Joel’s stuck in an asylum, Sheila’s chained to a pole, and Abby’s on the hunt for Serbian bile. Yep, sounds about right.

star 7.74
843 votes

#38 - Promise

The Larry Sanders Show Season 1 - Episode 2

Larry is annoyed that David Spade is booked on another show and Hank's fan club visits.

star 7.74
76 votes
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Sexual Harassment

#39 - Sexual Harassment

The Office (US) Season 2 - Episode 2

Just as corporate tells Toby, one of the workers at the Scranton branch, to give a seminar on sexual harassment issues, Michael receives a visit from his obnoxious sales-rep friend Todd Packer. The two chauvinistic friends try to prove that the office is not in need of harassment counseling, but only wind up making the situation worse, causing yet another zany day at the office.

star 7.72
1519 votes
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The Fight

#40 - The Fight

The Office (US) Season 2 - Episode 6

When Dwight embarrasses Michael by punching him in the stomach at work, Jim organizes a lunchtime rematch at Dwight's Dojo. Meanwhile, Pam becomes annoyed at Jim when he gets too physical with her, Ryan updates the emergency contact information on a secret mission, and Michael tantalizes Ryan when the boss gets a hold of Ryan's cell phone number.

star 7.72
1383 votes
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Malcolm's Girlfriend

#41 - Malcolm's Girlfriend

Malcolm in the Middle Season 3 - Episode 4

Malcolm has a new light in his life: a perky classmate named Sara (whose face, in a quirky touch, is never shown). But, according to Malcolm , she’s “good-looking and smart and cool. And if we went out together, it would make me happy. So therefore, it will never happen.” Ah, but it does—a surprising turn of events that elates the lad and perturbs his parents, especially when Malcolm goes into an academic tailspin. And it’s not long before our lovesick hero admits that he’s becoming “obsessive and neurotic, and a totally jealous creep.”

star 7.71
251 votes
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Catch Us If You Can

#42 - Catch Us If You Can

Grounded for Life Season 1 - Episode 10

Sean catches a fly ball that's still in play and loses a game for the Yankees. Claudia's upset when the bachelorette party she's throwing for her girlfriend gets disrupted by Sean, Eddie and the boys, who have been chased home by irate fans.

star 7.71
31 votes
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The Fire

#43 - The Fire

The Office (US) Season 2 - Episode 4

The Office is forced into the parking lot for the day when a fire starts in the kitchen. To ease everyone's boredom, Jim suggests a game of "Desert Island" and "Who Would You Do?," where certain staff members reveal a little too much information about themselves. Throughout the day, Michael talks business with Ryan, leaving Dwight feeling left out.

star 7.71
1414 votes
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Hank's Contract

#44 - Hank's Contract

The Larry Sanders Show Season 1 - Episode 7

It's contract negotiation time for Hank and he's going for a raise ... and a golf cart.

star 7.70
49 votes
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#45 - Pilot

Outsourced Season 1 - Episode 1

When Todd Dempsy finishes management training for his job at Mid America Novelties, he finds that his call center has been outsourced to Mumbai, India, and that in order to keep his job, he must relocate to India and manage the call center there. He is picked up from the corporate housing by Rajiv, his assistant manager, who is interested in replacing him, and meets the rest of his employees. He also meets two other call center managers: Charlie, who gives him advice over lunch, and later Tonya, who immediately shows an interest in him.

star 7.69
211 votes
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The Flirt Episode

#46 - The Flirt Episode

The Larry Sanders Show Season 1 - Episode 6

Jeannie becomes very jealous and accuses Larry of flirting with a playful Mimi Rogers on the show.

star 7.69
54 votes
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A Specific Form of Recklessness

#47 - A Specific Form of Recklessness

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 - Episode 7

Sheila's got a plan: turn Jean undead so she'll be around to meet her grandkid. Joel's not on board, but this train has already left the station.

star 7.68
448 votes

#48 - Carnival

Malcolm in the Middle Season 2 - Episode 23

Malcolm, Dewey, Stevie, and Reese hide out at a traveling carnival after hours and run afoul of a determined security guard and several members of the freak show.

star 7.68
231 votes
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The Hey Now Episode

#49 - The Hey Now Episode

The Larry Sanders Show Season 1 - Episode 13

Hank falls asleep during the show, which is just the last straw for a fed-up Larry.

star 7.67
40 votes
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Hal Quits

#50 - Hal Quits

Malcolm in the Middle Season 2 - Episode 14

Malcolm becomes concerned with his future and his career. He takes an aptitude test, which doesn't help because he finds out that he is equally excellently qualified to do anything. Hal, after having a bad time at Dewey's class career day, quits his job and decides to paint. His family is amazed at the transformation: suddenly he's happy and more attentive to both his sons and his wife. However, he soon becomes obsessed and spends twenty-four hours a day painting, even stealing money from Francis for more paint. He becomes more and more frustrated until he's ready to give up, but Lois pushes him and he finishes his masterpiece... only to have the five hundred gallons of paint he slapped up fall down on his head. Francis gets a job over spring break at Lucky Aide, where Lois works, and loses his mind working for Craig in inventory.

star 7.67
258 votes
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Tutoring Reese

#51 - Tutoring Reese

Malcolm in the Middle Season 2 - Episode 19

Malcolm and the Krelboynes tutor Reese, and uncover the real reason behind his failing grades.

star 7.65
251 votes
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Lecture Circuit (1)

#52 - Lecture Circuit (1)

The Office (US) Season 5 - Episode 14

Michael goes on a speaking tour of the other branches to explain Scranton's relative success, accompanied by his driver, Pam. Back at the office, Dwight and Jim - now heads of the party planning committee - forget a birthday, with severe consequences. Meanwhile, Andy falls for someone he should not.

star 7.65
993 votes
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Tornado Days

#53 - Tornado Days

Eerie, Indiana Season 1 - Episode 12

As the tornado ""Old Bob"" approaches Eerie, the citizens prepare for their annual tornado day picnic to appease him. But Marshall and Simon insist on staying home, and as the tornado chasing meteorologist left by Bob on his first pass-though tells them - and this makes Bob angry.

star 7.62
21 votes
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Be Patient

#54 - Be Patient

ER Season 6 - Episode 15

Corday discovers that her mother and David Greene spent the night together. Greene later discovers that his father has lung cancer. Lucy's mother visits the ER to empty her daughter's locker and pay a visit to Carter, who is regaining strength and recovering. Abby goes behind Weaver's back with a patient on a gut instinct. Luka witnesses a hit-and-run accident and rushes the victim to the ER in a plumber's truck. Carol must tell a promiscuous 14-year-old that she has cervical cancer.

star 7.61
110 votes
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Lecture Circuit (2)

#55 - Lecture Circuit (2)

The Office (US) Season 5 - Episode 15

Michael and Pam continue their tour of the branches with Michael taking a lesson from their visit to Utica. Dwight and Jim struggle to fulfill their new party planning duties with a grumpy staff. Angela's new cat causes a stir.

star 7.59
958 votes
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Miscarriage Return Policy

#56 - Miscarriage Return Policy

Shin Chan Season 2 - Episode 3

“Tot for Teacher?” – When Shin catches Miss Anderson shopping for baby clothes and Penny sees her at the lady parts doctor, the kids put two and two together and end up with… The completely wrong answer! They decide to be the first to congratulate their teacher, quickly spreading the dirty little secret around town. But they’d better hurry, in case she misses the baby carriage?!? “Nice Day for a Whitey Wedding” – Whitey’s got a girlfriend and Shin doesn’t want to hear the pitter patter of little feet. Since Mitzi says that happens when people are happily in love, the tyke decides to marry the pair… For no one’s unhappier than the hitched! But Whitey doesn’t care, he’s just hoping that if he’s fast enough, she’ll think it’s a dream. Let’s do it people-style! “Little Kids Drinking Beer!” – Warning: The makers of Shin chan do not endorse attempts at underage drinking. Hiro bought some beer off of e-bay and the kids are dying to get a taste, but Shin’s plans are foiled even before fully formed and the cheapskate doesn’t believe in spilling one for the homies… Or does he? Hima, it’s time for our night cap!

star 7.56
9 votes
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Jury Duty

#57 - Jury Duty

Malcolm in the Middle Season 3 - Episode 20

Lois gets jury duty and Hal tries to figure out what case she's working on. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Reese saw Stevie's mom naked and brag about it, they also take Dewey to the sewers and get lost.

star 7.55
210 votes
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The Farting Sex Tourist

#58 - The Farting Sex Tourist

Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 - Episode 4

Sheila inspires her friends and insults the principal. Joel bonds with Abby, and Dan makes a damning discovery while spraying for ants.

star 7.55
1864 votes
Future Malcolm

#59 - Future Malcolm

Malcolm in the Middle Season 4 - Episode 19

Leonard (Jason Alexander), a cynical, genius chess player with no friends or job, makes Malcolm think he could grow into a similar adulthood. Determined to prevent this undesirable fate, Malcolm tries to help Leonard change his life by lining him up for a job interview with the obnoxious Craig. Meanwhile, Francis finds employ as a nude model and begins to delight in the exposure.

star 7.54
183 votes
Diversity Day

#60 - Diversity Day

The Office (US) Season 1 - Episode 2

A consultant arrives to teach the staff about tolerance and diversity but Michael insists on imparting his own knowledge. Meanwhile, Jim struggles to keep hold of a lucrative contract extension.

star 7.49
2074 votes
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I Wanna Be Suspended

#61 - I Wanna Be Suspended

Grounded for Life Season 1 - Episode 3

Jimmy's science project, a model of the solar system, is due and he's eager to get back from the street fair to finish it. However, when Sean and Claudia find out The Ramones are playing, Jimmy's science project is forced to wait. Sean decides to write a note to Jimmy's principal, Sister Helen, to explain that he felt it was more important for Jimmy to attend the concert than to finish his science project. The note only ends up getting Jimmy suspended. To make it up to him, Sean and Eddie take Jimmy to the Statue of Liberty -- again with disasterous results.

star 7.48
54 votes
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The Performance Artist

#62 - The Performance Artist

The Larry Sanders Show Season 2 - Episode 14

In an effort to freshen up the guest list, Larry agrees to have a controversial performance on, then chickens out when he sees the guy's routine.

star 7.38
29 votes
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#63 - Pilot

The Office (US) Season 1 - Episode 1

A documentary crew arrives at the offices of Dunder Mifflin to observe the employees and learn about modern management. Manager Michael Scott tries to paint a happy picture, while sales rep Jim fights with his nemesis Dwight and flirts with receptionist Pam.

star 7.36
2787 votes
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The Herpes Effect

#64 - The Herpes Effect

Shin Chan Season 1 - Episode 19

"The House is Officially Unblown!" - Picking up the story as the Noharas settle into their new, un-exploded home, it's another glorious day as the family oversleeps and not a thing is to be found! Sure, the toaster's in one of those brown, medium-sized and unmarked boxes… It's a crazy morning and Hiro could get canned, but at least their back in their old - new - digs! "The Gay Might Elope" - An innocent day at the park and an innocent question later, and Penny's delusions take a new twist… Eloping with Maso? But even the little bunny beater's escapist dreams aren't safe as Ai steals the show and recreates fantasy island, working her butt-bouncing boy toy into the plot. Well, at lest Maso's flight of fancy involves a girl for a change! "Whiteface Charcoalpants" - Frustrated with his family, Shin meets up with a demon bearing the power to make his darkest desires come true. But when the bare-bottomed brat doesn't make the best of choices, things turn out far from what he had in mind! Weirder now than ever, Shin just might be stuck with his hastily re-imagined family… Can the little devil turn the demon's own bag of tricks against him?

star 7.22
9 votes
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Lane Change

#65 - Lane Change

Amazing Stories Season 2 - Episode 13

Traveling a deserted highway, a woman facing divorce sees her past through the windshield after she picks up a stranded woman.

star 7.13
15 votes
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Stop Referencing the Show!

#66 - Stop Referencing the Show!

Shin Chan Season 1 - Episode 24

"The Ench Stroke" - Ench encourages the kids to come up with a personal motto. Shin's words to live by? Well, it involves his junk. "Pupin the Turd" - The Bad Pun Bandit nips the bountiful Booby Stone and Pupin the Turd will have to rack his melon to stay two big steps ahead of the villain. Breasts. "The Fifth Beetle" - Maso's rare stag beetle is being held for ransom. The gang comes up with a plan to get the bug back that just happens to involve paint fumes.

star 6.67
9 votes
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Condescending Spanish for Heiresses

#67 - Condescending Spanish for Heiresses

Shin Chan Season 1 - Episode 25

"The Miseducation of Maso's Will" - Ai is treating Maso like a dog and Penny isn't having it. It's a crash course in manliness but the only tail Maso's chasing is his own. "The Horrible Secret of Count Ench the Magnificent" - Principal Ench displays his skills in prestidigitation and nobody is safe. Look it up. "Ai Yi Yi!" - Ai uses Maso to make Shin jealous… but it's hard to compete with snail poop.

star 6.62
8 votes
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The Emperor’s Love

#68 - The Emperor’s Love

Shin Chan Season 2 - Episode 11

“The Boy Scouts of Japan” – While out in search of aliens, extraterrestrial or illegal, the gang comes across an even stranger phenomenon… The Imperial Scouts of Japan! “The Not-So-Last Temptation of Hiro” – When Hiro unintentionally rescues a woman from a pervert on the train, it’s an instant commuter romance… “Cupid’s a Slut!” – When Penny recruits Shin to deliver her tokens of love… Warning: Those offended by classical Greek love, please look away!

star 6.57
7 votes
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Lucky Bastard Fever!

#69 - Lucky Bastard Fever!

Shin Chan Season 2 - Episode 5

“Mr. Penny Builds Her Dream House” – Penny holds Shin’s ass hostage, forcing him to play a little role reversal “house,” Penny-style! “I’m gonna be the daddy who rules the roost with an iron fist and you’ll be my wife who looks slutty so I’ll like you!” But when Shin has trouble staying in character, Maso’s recruited into the act… Now it’s your turn to wear the man-boobies! “Blowing Me Softly!” – It’s Friday night and Mitzi’s lost the draw… She’ll have to blow dry the holy terror Hima after bath time! (Hiro doesn’t do the blowing in this marriage!) After all, one of her children needs to look presentable! Will Hima’s hair be dried? Will cowlicks be prevented? Will they ever have the budget again for that sweet animation from earlier? “Lucky Bastard Fever Episode 1: Rise of the Pecker!” – There’s a new menace after our favorite superhero, and he’s discovered Action Bastard’s alter-ego… Or should I say Bruce Bastard? It’s silly having an alias when Bastard’s your last name, you hang with the same chick, and there’s an Action Bastard logo on your sleeve! But I digress! It’s time to manhandle this Flying Pecker ‘til he’s limp!

star 6.43
7 votes
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