The Best Episodes Directed by Kelly Park

First Date

#1 - First Date

Call Me Kat Season 1 - Episode 9

Kat deals with nerves over her first date with Oscar. Meanwhile, Randi tries to figure out the perfect gift for Daniel for their anniversary.

star 7.84
90 votes
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The Big Party

#2 - The Big Party

The Big Show Show Season 1 - Episode 6

The Big Show takes Cassy on a wrestling cruise for their anniversary. Meanwhile, Lola, Mandy and JJ throw a wild house party.

star 7.62
53 votes
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Yard Sale

#3 - Yard Sale

The Upshaws Season 1 - Episode 7

After Regina throws Bennie out, she starts cleaning house. Bennie tries his old tricks to get back in her good graces. Lucretia's affair takes a turn.

star 7.52
33 votes

#4 - Eggs

Call Me Kat Season 1 - Episode 7

After a visit to the gynecologist takes an unexpected turn, Kat must consider freezing her eggs if she ever wants to have children. Meanwhile, Max and Carter help Phil with his online dating to prevent him from getting catfished, but it turns out Phil may be the one catfishing.

star 7.47
100 votes
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Remember Macho Mazzi?

#5 - Remember Macho Mazzi?

Family Reunion Season 1 - Episode 8

When Jade competes in a pageant, she recruits a former beauty queen to be her coach. Meanwhile, Mazzi tests his "macho" abilities to impress Moz.

star 7.22
36 votes
California Jeanin’

#6 - California Jeanin’

Call Your Mother Season 1 - Episode 8

As Jean’s birthday approaches, Jackie and Freddie compete over who is getting her the best gift; and Jean’s best friend, Sharon, surprises her in Los Angeles but their time spent celebrating quickly takes a turn.

star 7.00
58 votes
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Snow Cups and Fisticuffs

#7 - Snow Cups and Fisticuffs

Bunk'd Season 4 - Episode 19

To help the campers stay cool during a heat wave, Lou announces that she’s finally caved and bought a shaved ice machine for Camp Kikiwaka.

star 6.46
12 votes
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