The Best Episodes Directed by Keith Boak

Going It Alone

#1 - Going It Alone

Holby City Season 5 - Episode 31

Lisa's first day working in AAU proves to be difficult and Chrissie can no longer stand living with her mother.

star 9.00
1 votes
Jackson and the Women

#2 - Jackson and the Women

Case Histories Season 2 - Episode 3

Jackson helps a teenage boy who has grown up in the shadow of his murdered mother to understand how she really died. Meanwhile, he wrestles with his own dilemmas as a past case threatens his future and relationships.

star 8.32
111 votes
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A Murder on the Plantation

#3 - A Murder on the Plantation

Death in Paradise Season 2 - Episode 1

Richard investigates the death of sugar plantation owner Roger Seymour when he is found dead with a machete in his back. Richard learns that the sugar plantation was once a major company, but fell apart when mistreatment of the workers led to them walking out. With the Seymour family all against each other, Richard knows one of them was the killer. However, with the family members having solid alibis and being in sight of each other at the time of Roger's murder, Richard seeks an alternative explanation to identify the killer.

star 8.03
558 votes
Shadow of a Doubt (1)

#4 - Shadow of a Doubt (1)

Holby City Season 4 - Episode 13

On New Year's Eve, Sophie, an ex-girlfriend of Alex Adams, arrives at Holby City, bringing with her a daughter he was completely unaware of. A strong-willed 77-year old, Annie Hackett, coerces Ric Griffin into doing an operation to remove part of her colon, against his advice. Simon Shaughnessy gets very drunk while still on duty, and has to be escorted off the premises by his family. Kath Shaughnessy's suspicions about Chrissie Williams and Alistair Taylor are as good as confirmed. Alex arranges to spend the evening with Samantha Kennedy, and she surreptitiously plies him with more drinks than he was wanting. He leaves temporarily to finish discussions with Sophie, but is then pressured into attending a road traffic accident. While driving back to rejoin Samantha, a child runs out in front of his car too late for him to avoid. He is then given a routine breathalyser on the spot.

star 8.00
1 votes
Shadow of a Doubt (2)

#5 - Shadow of a Doubt (2)

Holby City Season 4 - Episode 14

Jamie, the child that Alex Adams knocked down, is starting to recover in Otter Ward when he suddenly worsens, needing an urgent operation, but dies in theatre. Blood tests confirm the positive breathalyser, and Alex is charged with drink-driving. Samantha Kennedy becomes increasingly remorseful that she was the one at fault, but still can't bring herself to confess to him or anyone. Dr Gupta's wife gives birth by Caesarian to their fourth child, and first son, in the Holby maternity unit, but almost at the cost of her life. Alistair Taylor prepares to leave his wife for Chrissie Williams, though she continues to consistently reject him. He and Owen Davis end up brawling in the car park, after Owen intervenes to stop Alistair hassling Chrissie. Janice sees them, and finally realises what has been happening.

star 8.00
1 votes
Change of Heart

#6 - Change of Heart

Holby City Season 4 - Episode 27

The morning after the party, Ric Griffin is released from police custody, and, after an unofficial reprimand from Anton Meyer, reconsiders his application for a lucrative administrative job at the nearby Hadlington private hospital. Janice Taylor is suffering from dizziness, which Owen Davis deduces is anemia, but also the stress of the impending divorce. Teenager Oliver Gordon is in for a check after a fall at home, when Steve Waring finds a lump in his neck. It is an anxious time for his mother, until Ric can do a biopsy. American cardiac surgeon Alan Fletcher returns, with his wife, who is in the final stages of rejecting her transplanted heart. They beg Anton Meyer to use an experimental artificial heart pump to save her life.

star 8.00
1 votes
We Band of Brothers

#7 - We Band of Brothers

Holby City Season 4 - Episode 28

A case of the Norwak virus is discovered on Darwin Ward, but Ric Griffin decides to try to stay open and contain the outbreak. At the flat, Liam is disturbed by noise from next door, and going round to complain, finds an unconscious, bleeding woman in the open doorway. A man with a bat ties Liam up, but he is released when the woman comes round. In tackling the man to prevent him harming his son, Liam is badly injured in a fall.

star 8.00
1 votes
New Hearts, Old Scores

#8 - New Hearts, Old Scores

Holby City Season 4 - Episode 45

As a result of Sam's threat, Meyer's abilities as a surgeon are under investigation by a new heart consultant Tom Campbell-Gore. Adams also begins to question Meyer's judgement.

star 8.00
1 votes
Pawns in the Game

#9 - Pawns in the Game

Holby City Season 4 - Episode 46

Chrissie persuades Owen to have a house-warming party and Owen invites her to live with him. The investigation by Tom Campbell-Gore draws to a conclusion. Meyer is exonerated but the conditions are to constrictive for him. He believes that the hospital is more interested in politics rather than giving patients every chance of survival. Meyer decides to leave Holby to work in America developing artificial hearts. He invites Adams to go with him and he accepts. Now that Meyer has left of his own free will this leaves Tom Campbell-Gore able to take Meyer's old position.

star 8.00
1 votes
By Any Other Name

#10 - By Any Other Name

Holby City Season 5 - Episode 32

Things get serious for Chrissie and Owen when the pregnancy runs into complications and a new midwife, Rosie Sattar starts her first day of work. Meanwhile, Danny returns from Australia.

star 8.00
1 votes
Know When to Fold

#11 - Know When to Fold

Holby City Season 6 - Episode 5

As Jess and Kelly go to visit Nic at the police station, Ric tries to hide his gambling debts and the fact that his home has been repossessed.

star 8.00
1 votes
Keep It in the Family

#12 - Keep It in the Family

Holby City Season 6 - Episode 6

Having lost his home, Ric Griffin has been sleeping in his office.

star 8.00
1 votes
The Buck Stops Here

#13 - The Buck Stops Here

Holby City Season 6 - Episode 16

After gambling with the life if a patient, Zubin asks Ric to see a psychyatrist. Jess considers not going to Nic Yorke's funeral.

star 8.00
1 votes
Episode 7

#14 - Episode 7

Hotel Babylon Season 1 - Episode 7

Three thousand pounds in cash is stolen from hotel guest Lady Patton, and although she is so rich that she hardly turns a hair, Rebecca is determined to find the thief and sack anyone responsible. But who did steal the missing money? Tension is high, with everyone under suspicion.

star 7.97
113 votes
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Bob & Carol & Ted Jr & Alice

#15 - Bob & Carol & Ted Jr & Alice

Rectify Season 4 - Episode 3

Daniel continues to adjust to group living which is further complicated by his new roommate. Meanwhile, Amantha continues to reexamine her past by reconnecting with a former high school classmate.

star 7.97
588 votes
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Stranger in a Strange Land

#16 - Stranger in a Strange Land

Outsiders Season 2 - Episode 10

Haylie gets a crash course in Farrell culture.

star 7.92
1145 votes
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Sealed Fate

#17 - Sealed Fate

TURN: Washington's Spies Season 2 - Episode 5

Abe makes one last effort to recruit a spy inside New York; Ben must determine who is a double agent.

star 7.85
398 votes
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Murder Onboard

#18 - Murder Onboard

Death in Paradise Season 2 - Episode 5

Camille's friend Aimee drops dead on a party boat, in front of Camille. Selwyn demands that an illegal drinking gang are arrested to help comfort Camille, but Richard turns his priorities to catching the murderer instead. As he looks into the motives behind Aimee's death, Richard learns that Aimee was planning to move to Miami to sign a new recording contract, and Stephen was not happy about it, nor was Eloise, who was jealous of Aimee's successes, and wanted to sabotage her move to Miami.

star 7.84
582 votes
The Queen's Speech

#19 - The Queen's Speech

New Tricks Season 11 - Episode 10

A mix tape from 1983 is discovered, containing the voice of a teenage girl who was murdered shortly after it went into her school's time capsule. Sasha is distracted by a romantic entanglement with a charming record shop owner. Gerry is dreading his future son-in-law's stag night.

star 7.82
65 votes
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Episode 8

#20 - Episode 8

Hotel Babylon Season 1 - Episode 8

The hotel is inspected, and the report makes terrible reading, leaving Rebecca's future as manager in doubt. Her troubles increase when Adrian McBride, European director of the company which owns the hotel, arrives unexpectedly. But Rebecca is amazed to be offered a promotion.Meanwhile, Charlie is kept busy looking after Mr Wiltshire, an armed robber who is a key witness in a criminal trial and is staying in the hotel with a police protection team - he has to give evidence against some London gangsters, so his life is in danger. And at the end, Charlie gets caught up in a dramatic gun fight.

star 7.80
110 votes
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Loyal to the Bone

#21 - Loyal to the Bone

Outsiders Season 2 - Episode 9

Tensions between the Farrells and the coal company take a devastating turn.

star 7.73
1209 votes
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The Vast, Immovable Object

#22 - The Vast, Immovable Object

For the People (2018) Season 2 - Episode 4

The team in the public defender’s office takes on the case of a young man accused of strangling a woman to death and are determined to prove him innocent. Meanwhile, Tina and Sandra go head-to-head after a man is arrested while transporting a body part through the airport. Elsewhere, Seth and Leonard grow closer after they are tasked with speaking to a conference of an unusually young group of future lawyers.

star 7.68
252 votes
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First Casualty (1)

#23 - First Casualty (1)

Silent Witness Season 14 - Episode 5

Nikki is called to perform a post mortem on the body of a woman found in a river, and the discovery that she had recently given birth causes the pathologist to worry her child may be abandoned somewhere. Meanwhile, Harry investigates the apparent suicide of a lieutenant at a nearby Army base, and suspicions soon arise that the two cases may be linked.

star 7.65
178 votes
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#24 - Breadcrumbs

New Tricks Season 11 - Episode 9

Tragedy strikes for Griffin when a friend is found murdered. Gerry has to move in to McAndrew's flat, which causes problems at work.

star 7.62
60 votes
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The Word of Rao

#25 - The Word of Rao

Krypton Season 1 - Episode 4

Seg is approached by a Black Zero leader as Rao finds a scapegoat for the failed Rankless Initiative.

star 7.59
2112 votes
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First Casualty (2)

#26 - First Casualty (2)

Silent Witness Season 14 - Episode 6

An X-ray of Lt Lockford's skull reveals a second bullet, confirming suspicions that he was murdered. Danny Ferris's father is not satisfied with the verdict on his son's death, and asks Nikki to perform a second post-mortem, and as the investigation continues to unravel, a tragic secret is revealed at Hillsdon Army Base.

star 7.59
171 votes

#27 - Rose

Doctor Who (2005) Season 1 - Episode 1

Location: London, England Date: 4th/5th/6th March 2005 Enemy: Nestene Consciousness Rose Tyler stumbles across a man called The Doctor as he seeks out the Nestene Consciousness, to prevent the living plastic it is controlling from taking over the world.

star 7.57
5231 votes
Domestic (1)

#28 - Domestic (1)

Silent Witness Season 15 - Episode 7

Harry is disturbed to be called to a crime scene at the home of a family he knows, and finds the bodies of the mother and her teenage daughter, while her stepson lies in a coma - although her toddler has been left unharmed. The police suspect the woman's husband to be the killer - but the pathologist is not so sure of his guilt. The double-murder investigation reveals more about the tangled lives of the inhabitants of Magnolia Drive

star 7.46
136 votes
Domestic (2)

#29 - Domestic (2)

Silent Witness Season 15 - Episode 8

Harry and Nikki delve deeper into the tangled lives of the inhabitants of Magnolia Drive.

star 7.29
173 votes
A Twist of Fate

#30 - A Twist of Fate

Holby City Season 6 - Episode 15

Ric performs a very high risk operation on a cancer patient and Diane thinks that it is for money. She decides to tell Tom about it and Ric is left feeling betrayed by her. Ric later reveals to Zubin that he took on the risk for kicks.

star 7.00
1 votes