The Best Episodes Directed by Katy Garretson

The Visit

#1 - The Visit

Titus Season 3 - Episode 18

Titus and Erin's plans to formally adopt Amy are thrown for a loop when Titus' mother Juanita unexpectedly shows up at the house in the middle of the social worker's final visit. Juanita, claiming to have escaped from the mental hospital, has come seeking Titus' forgiveness.

star 9.02
64 votes
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George Gets Cross Over Freddie

#2 - George Gets Cross Over Freddie

George Lopez Season 5 - Episode 19

George discovers that Max has begun an online romance with a teenage girl from Chicago. When he assumes his son's identity to protect him from what he suspects is an internet predator, George comes face to face offline with Freddie.

star 8.38
20 votes
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Partnerships in the Night

#3 - Partnerships in the Night

Fuller House Season 1 - Episode 11

Stephanie and Kimmy form a strange partnership. DJ's boss retires, and Max has Jackson and Ramona right where he wants them.

star 7.83
600 votes
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Fuller Thanksgiving

#4 - Fuller Thanksgiving

Fuller House Season 2 - Episode 6

The house feels overstuffed when the entire Tanner family shows up for Thanksgiving, pushing DJ's organizational skills into overdrive.

star 7.80
683 votes
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Young & How Gabi Got Her Job Back

#5 - Young & How Gabi Got Her Job Back

Young & Hungry Season 2 - Episode 11

Gabi has returned from her internship in Switzerland and is anxious to face Josh after how things were left between them. But Josh insists he's fine and encourages Gabi to take a job with his new neighbor. But when Josh thinks his neighbor might have a thing for Gabi, he takes to spying to learn the truth.

star 7.76
245 votes
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Inherit the Lynn

#6 - Inherit the Lynn

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 6

Maya learns that tuition has increased substantially, and she doesn't have enough money to cover it. William tries to give her the money by pretending she has received it from the firm's continuing education plan, but she turns him down. Lynn housesits for Joan so that her DSL can be installed while she is away with Brock. Lynn claims that she is going to work on a grant proposal for another documentary, but gets nothing done. Joan refuses to let her stay at the house, and Toni and William also reject her. Maya agrees to let Lynn move in for a month if she pays rent. Lynn proceeds to lie around and do absolutely nothing. Maya pays her tuition, but learns that her credits do not transfer and she must start over again as a freshman. She is unbelievably frustrated and breaks down in tears. Lynn annoys Maya by complaining about her own plight and claiming to be depressed. William tells Lynn what Maya is experiencing and convinces her to be more sensitive, and also to take action

star 7.73
15 votes
Young & Munchies

#7 - Young & Munchies

Young & Hungry Season 2 - Episode 3

Gabi and Sofia are discouraged that they haven't gotten as far in their careers as they would like, so they decide to take action. Gabi's plan involves reaching out to Logan Rawlings about writing a food article for her magazine. But Logan's idea of a topic involves Gabi cooking with a special ingredient. Meanwhile, Elliot is upset to learn that Yolanda makes more money than he does, so he decides to ask Josh for a raise.

star 7.71
312 votes
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Heat It Up

#8 - Heat It Up

Shake It Up Season 1 - Episode 12

When the heat goes out in Rocky’s apartment, CeCe invites Rocky, Ty, and their mother to move in with them. However, the mothers' disagreements start to affect and ruin CeCe and Rocky's friendship. At the science fair the next day, CeCe and Rocky argue at school and ruin each others project on accident. When CeCe gets home she talks to her mom and both decide to cancel to trip. Unfortunately, Flynn overhears the conversation and storms out upset. Not realizing how much the trip meant to Flynn, CeCe's mom makes up with Rocky's mom and CeCe makes up with Rocky. Meanwhile, Ty builds himself a man cave to get away from the women of the house.

star 7.67
82 votes
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Doggy Daddy

#9 - Doggy Daddy

Fuller House Season 2 - Episode 5

A not-so-typical day involves a dance audition, a toddler play date, four chickens and a vet emergency. Matt comes to an important realization.

star 7.67
641 votes
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Young & Back to Normal

#10 - Young & Back to Normal

Young & Hungry Season 2 - Episode 12

Gabi is reluctant to date a cute guy until she sets Josh up with a neighbor; Elliott recruits Yolanda for "Drag Queen Bingo."

star 7.67
293 votes
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Funner House

#11 - Funner House

Fuller House Season 1 - Episode 3

When Stephanie, Kimmy and DJ have a girls' night out and leave Joey in charge of the kids, things get wild out on the town and at home.

star 7.59
854 votes
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And the Ten Inches

#12 - And the Ten Inches

2 Broke Girls Season 5 - Episode 21

When Max and Caroline need more space for their renovated dessert bar, they’re willing to do just about anything to convince Angie (Lisa Lampenelli), the brash owner of the pizza place next door, to rent them her back office.

star 7.57
1617 votes
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Young & Ferris Wheel

#13 - Young & Ferris Wheel

Young & Hungry Season 2 - Episode 7

When Josh is looking for a special gift for Shauna, Gabi thinks she has a great idea and goes behind Josh's back to make it happen. But Gabi is horrified when her grand plan leads to an awkward reunion for Josh. And Elliot is afraid to fall asleep in front of his new boyfriend, so he asks Yolanda to watch him sleep to make sure he doesn't do anything embarrassing.

star 7.57
281 votes
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And the Partnership Hits the Fan

#14 - And the Partnership Hits the Fan

2 Broke Girls Season 5 - Episode 20

When a law firm courting Randy for a job invites Randy and Max to dinner at a hip new restaurant, the evening veers off course when their eclectic cuisine doesn’t sit well with Max.

star 7.56
1623 votes
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Charlie's Angel

#15 - Charlie's Angel

The Cool Kids Season 1 - Episode 11

Hank signs up to host a Shady Meadows closed-circuit TV show, but is quickly replaced by rising star Sid, who dishes out hot retirement home gossip on-air. Meanwhile Margaret helps Charlie woo a widow at her bereavement support group.

star 7.52
122 votes
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The Not-So-Great Escape

#16 - The Not-So-Great Escape

Fuller House Season 1 - Episode 4

Jackson tries to help Ramona at school but that lands them both in trouble and leads to a disagreement between DJ and Kimmy over parenting styles.

star 7.52
745 votes
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The Love You Fake

#17 - The Love You Fake

Frasier Season 9 - Episode 20

Frasier is still fighting with his neighbor Cam Winston, so Martin and Cam's mother pretend to be in love.

star 7.49
625 votes
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And the Not Regular Down There

#18 - And the Not Regular Down There

2 Broke Girls Season 5 - Episode 6

Max is both puzzled and curious when the new guy she is dating expresses hesitations about intimacy because he is “not regular down there.” Also, Sophie and Oleg struggle to get pregnant.

star 7.47
1483 votes
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#19 - Boo!

Frasier Season 11 - Episode 16

Frasier treats a woman who has a phobia about clowns. He plans to don a clown costume and full make-up as part of her treatment. Martin sneaks into Frasier's office and scares him by coming up behind him with one of Frasier's masks over his face. Frasier does not find this amusing, so Martin repeatedly teases him about being a "fuddy-duddy." Frasier decides to retaliate for the prank. He tells Martin that he is leaving the apartment, then puts on the clown costume and rings the doorbell. When Martin comes out to answer it, Frasier jumps out, wielding a cleaver. Martin collapses and suffers a mild heart attack. Frasier feels incredibly guilty about his actions, and is humiliated in the waiting room when the nurse reads off an account of what happened. Martin recovers quickly and returns home, but doesn't want to tell Ronee about his health crisis.

star 7.45
595 votes
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You Ain't Gotta Go Home but...You Know the Rest

#20 - You Ain't Gotta Go Home but...You Know the Rest

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 4

Toni's brother Antoine comes to town for a weekend rendezvous with Maya, but soon spooks her by declaring his love and announcing that he will not return to Boston. When she rejects him, he locks himself in the bathroom and refuses to leave. Meanwhile, William orders Lynn to leave his house, but continually sabotages her efforts to find a roommate. Toni agrees to help Joan clean out her house, but insists that Joan's love life is what actually needs to be purged.

star 7.40
15 votes
George Vows to Make Some Matri-Money

#21 - George Vows to Make Some Matri-Money

George Lopez Season 5 - Episode 20

"100th Episode" George takes over planning a wedding for one of Angie's rich clients (Eva Longoria) in order to prove he can do her job better than she can.

star 7.39
17 votes
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TV Heist

#22 - TV Heist

The Cool Kids Season 1 - Episode 6

Hank and Margaret lose a cornhole competition to some resident cheaters and, as a result, miss out on the coveted prize—a new 65" flat-screen TV. So, the gang attempts to steal the TV, which means breaking in to Allison's office after locking her and Sid in the sauna.

star 7.38
160 votes
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Love Stinks

#23 - Love Stinks

Frasier Season 9 - Episode 5

Frasier hosts a party for the staff at the radio station to improve his image. Meanwhile, Roz dates a garbageman and Niles recalls his childhood memories with Daphne.

star 7.35
550 votes
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Dr. Nora

#24 - Dr. Nora

Frasier Season 6 - Episode 20

A new radio psychiatrist infuriates Frasier with her no-nonsense conservative style.

star 7.34
604 votes
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Daphne Does Dinner

#25 - Daphne Does Dinner

Frasier Season 10 - Episode 14

Niles and Frasier plan a party to celebrate the unveiling of a painting that Niles has just purchased. However, Daphne notes that every event the brothers host inevitably ends in disaster. She suggests that Niles instead host the party with her. Frasier is hurt to learn that he will be excluded, and says that he will not even attend the party. Daphne believes that she has everything under control, but things quickly begin to unravel. Alice writes her name in crayon on the painting. Daphne remains calm, and gives Roz the name of a man whom Niles uses to restore artwork. However, the game hens catch fire in the meantime. The caterers are too busy to replace them, so Daphne must turn to Frasier for help. He comes over to assist with the food preparation, but must hide in the pantry whenever Niles comes in the kitchen so that his role will remain a secret. Frasier becomes angry when he overhears Niles and others complimenting the food and saying how much better off they are without Frasier's involvement. Mike Shaw, the artist responsible for the painting, shows for the party after earlier declining his invitation. He doesn't care for the stuffy guests, and decides to go upstairs and watch pay-per-view boxing with Mrs. Moon. Niles hears a couple's description of Shaw (white-haired man in a flannel shirt using a cane) and assumes they have him confused with Martin. The couple who met Shaw has to leave. Martin arrives to bring Frasier some dishes, and winds up having to pose as Shaw for the other guests. Roz asks Daphne to stall the unveiling because the art restorer is painfully slow. Niles insists that dinner must be served immediately. He discovers Frasier, and they begin to argue, leading to more chaos. Daphne tries her best to salvage the evening, but an unexpected event prompts her to give up. Frasier consoles her by telling her that the disastrous party means she is officially part of the family.

star 7.32
628 votes
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Match Game

#26 - Match Game

Frasier Season 11 - Episode 18

Frasier hires a professional matchmaker, but winds up going on a series of increasingly disasterous dates. Meanwhile, Niles and Daphne take things a bit too far while trying to get the most out of Daphne's pregnancy.

star 7.32
587 votes
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And the Basketball Jones

#27 - And the Basketball Jones

2 Broke Girls Season 5 - Episode 8

Oleg’s pro-basketball playing cousin comes to town to play a game against Max’s favorite team and gifts her with two free tickets, but chaos ensues when the girls interfere with the game and risk ruining their cupcake business’ reputation in the process.

star 7.26
1505 votes
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All in a Panic

#28 - All in a Panic

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 13

Toni reluctantly signs her divorce papers, and accepts a date from a persistent ex-flame after he kisses her. Maya, certain that Toni isn't over Todd, asks Todd to intervene in the hopes that they can give their marriage another try. Meanwhile, Joan hires a chef who turns out to be an ex-girlfriend of William's. Joan is upset until William tells her that the sex wasn't that good. William is forced to reveal that Lynn was the best sex he ever had--but Lynn doesn't feel the same.

star 7.23
13 votes
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The Great Crane Robbery

#29 - The Great Crane Robbery

Frasier Season 8 - Episode 4

Frasier tries to make a good impression on the new station owner and ends up becoming his mentor. The guy is a young Sillicon Valley billionaire who has more money than society expertise, and seeks from Frasier the help he needs to enter the high society lifestyle without embarrassing himself. But Frasier sees his dream job go down the drain when Todd starts copying everything about him, his clothes, his furniture etc. Frasier then decides that perhaps he should be the one changing styles, but doesn't find anything that relates to him as much as his old furniture. Lastly, Frasier receives the worst news of all, Architectural Digest is doing a cover story on Todd's apartment. Meanwhile, Niles struggles to be a royal pain in the ass in front of Mel's society friends, as a part of her deal to give him the divorce, but his bad behavior actually brings good results and only makes him look even better for her friends.

star 7.21
620 votes
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#30 - Juvenilia

Frasier Season 9 - Episode 14

To attract youth to his radio show, Frasier appears on KACL's Teen Scene. But the high school host only ridicules him.

star 7.18
662 votes
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The Pact

#31 - The Pact

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 19

Lynn and Maya confront Joan about her jealousy and overall bad attitude regarding Toni's wedding. Joan is upset when Toni announces that Reesie Jackson, her college roommate, is coming to town to be a bridesmaid. Joan had forced Toni and Lynn to swear never to speak to Reesie again after she stole Joan's boyfriend, Brian. She is livid when she learns that Toni and Lynn have not only stayed in touch with Reesie, but are the godmothers of her two children. Joan gives Reesie the cold shoulder. She rants that Reesie stole her chance at a perfect life with a husband and kids. Reesie reveals that she has contracted AIDS from Brian. He had unprotected sex with men, refusing to take along condoms because he was in denial about the fact that he is gay. The girls try too hard to comfort Reesie, and freak out a little when she cuts herself while chopping vegetables. She assures them that they cannot contract HIV this way, but Joan initially remains a little skeptical. Toni picks out her

star 7.13
15 votes
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#32 - Rivals

Frasier Season 7 - Episode 6

Each brother believes the other is making a move on his newfound woman.

star 7.09
709 votes
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Mommy Nearest

#33 - Mommy Nearest

Reba Season 2 - Episode 7

When Reba goes to work full-time for Brock's rival, Jake starts referring to Barbra Jean as ""Mommy."" Meanwhile, Van gets a new job working as a gardener, and Cheyenne can't understand why he'd rather spend time with his fellow ""lawn jockeys"" than the in-crowd.

star 7.04
133 votes
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#34 - Switch

Reba Season 2 - Episode 8

In hopes of resuscitating her non-existent love life, Reba hits the bar scene with her friend Lori Ann but is mortified when they run into Brock, Barbra Jean, Cheyenne and Van on a double date. Cheyenne finally convinces a reluctant Reba to try speed dating, and everyone is surprised when she actually makes a love connection.

star 7.04
134 votes
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Semi-Decent Proposal (1)

#35 - Semi-Decent Proposal (1)

Frasier Season 8 - Episode 21

Frasier must take Lana to her surprise birthday party, but he takes interest in Claire.

star 7.01
535 votes
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An Oscar Named Desire

#36 - An Oscar Named Desire

The Odd Couple (2015) Season 2 - Episode 6

Oscar and Charlotte hit a speed bump when they hesitate to take their relationship to the next level. Also, Felix attempts to overcome his fear of dogs with Teddy's help when Emily regains custody of Biscuit.

star 6.96
403 votes
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Analyzed Kiss

#37 - Analyzed Kiss

Frasier Season 10 - Episode 23

Julia becomes extremely depressed after breaking up with Avery, who had never followed through on his promise to leave his wife for her.

star 6.91
621 votes
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Chess Nuts

#38 - Chess Nuts

The Odd Couple (2015) Season 2 - Episode 9

Oscar learns that Felix was nationally ranked chess player as a child and convinces him to return to the game to make money. Also, Emily investigates why Felix is acting strange since he began playing chess again,

star 6.73
412 votes
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Take This Poem and Call Me in the Morning

#39 - Take This Poem and Call Me in the Morning

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 12

Lynn finds herself extremely attracted to a poet, and is stunned to learn that he has been celibate for five years. Ellis refuses to leave the house after fans on the Internet trash him and label him a sellout. William tries to win back the girls' trust following the Christmas Eve debacle.

star 6.70
10 votes