The Best Episodes Directed by Kaoru Yabana

The Delinquent Soccer Player Returns

#1 - The Delinquent Soccer Player Returns

Minami-Ke Season 1 - Episode 3

Fujioka admits that he likes Kana after she wakes up from a nap at school. Kana runs home then asks Chiaki what Fujioka meant by "I really like you." The next day Kana invites Fujioka over for dinner, Kana ends up kicking Fujioka out.

star 9.86
58 votes
Fruitless Love

#2 - Fruitless Love

Minami-Ke Season 1 - Episode 13

The Minami family celebrate New Year's.

star 9.86
58 votes
FILE 8: The Cursed House #2

#3 - FILE 8: The Cursed House #2

Ghost Hunt Season 1 - Episode 23

The remaining psychics tour around the area in order to verify Mai's dreams. A member of the family tries to commit suicide, fearing that others may be killed as a result of possession. Ayako provides each family member with protective charms, though the two children and another family member refuse to use them. Mai uses the Kuji to prevent Katsuki, one of the family members, from jumping off a cliff, but ends up affecting another family member, Wakako, and effectively wards off the spirits possessing Katsuki and Wakako.

star 9.63
41 votes
Boy and Girl

#4 - Boy and Girl

Minami-Ke Season 1 - Episode 10

Toma, a tomboy from another Minami family, is introduced while Makoto is still pretending to be a girl in front of Haruka.

star 9.51
58 votes
FILE 7: The Bloodstained Labyrinth #1

#5 - FILE 7: The Bloodstained Labyrinth #1

Ghost Hunt Season 1 - Episode 18

Madoka, an associate of Naru's, requests the SPR take on a case for the former Prime Minister and investigate the mysterious disappearances of young people at one of his properties. Before the case, Naru asks Yasuhara to pretend to be SPR's director in his stead. The SPR team join two other teams of investigators, one of which requests they all participate in a séance which has an unexpected result.

star 9.43
42 votes
FILE 5: Silent Christmas #1

#6 - FILE 5: Silent Christmas #1

Ghost Hunt Season 1 - Episode 12

John brings the SPR their next case on Christmas Eve. Children at a local church are being possessed by the ghost of a mute boy who vanished one day during a game of Hide and Seek. The boy, Kenji, hides in the woods once he claims a body. While in control of a child, he mistakes Lin for his dead father and clings to him. John exorcises Kenji from the child he resides in, but Kenji then promptly possesses Mai.

star 9.39
44 votes
FILE 2: The Doll House #3

#7 - FILE 2: The Doll House #3

Ghost Hunt Season 1 - Episode 6

After a failed attempt to exorcise the spirits of the dead children, a well appears in the middle of the living room. Mai is pulled into the well by a malevolent spirit during a second exorcism. While unconscious, she sees the abduction of a little girl and the subsequent suicide of the child's distraught mother. With this new knowledge, the team is able to cleanse the spirits of the woman and children, restoring peace to the old house.

star 9.36
45 votes
The Deity is Blindsided

#8 - The Deity is Blindsided

Kamisama Kiss Season 2 - Episode 9

The ruse is simple. Nanami confers her godly powers to Kurama, so he can pretend to be a god, someone Jiro cannot turn away from the gates. While Kurama and Tomoe distract Jiro, Nanami sneaks in to deliver the cure.

star 9.02
56 votes
The Night Before Battle!

#9 - The Night Before Battle!

High School D×D Season 3 - Episode 7

Diodora continues to pester sweet Asia as the Rating Game approaches. Issei and the others prepare for battle as dark things brew in the background. When the Gremory household jumps to the field, they find themselves in an unexpected battle!

star 8.49
192 votes
Skiing and a Vampire

#10 - Skiing and a Vampire

Rosario + Vampire Season 2 - Episode 9

Tsukune and the others visit a skiing slope in the human world, which is owned by Mizore's mother, Tsurara.

star 7.98
112 votes
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