The Best Episodes Directed by John Erman

Part 1

#1 - Part 1

Roots: The Next Generations Season 1 - Episode 1

It has now been 12 years since Chicken George and his family left their plantation in Virginia and arrived in Henning, Tennessee. The year is 1882 and the era of Reconstruction of the south and substantial progress for the newly-freed slaves, is coming to an end with the implementation of Jim Crow laws throughout the state. George's son Tom Harvey has been asked to travel to Memphis to meet with members of the Colored Republican Party Club, a group of local black politicians who are trying to come up with a new election strategy in light of the changing times. Meanwhile Tom's oldest daughter takes a liking for and wants to marry a young mulatto man, much to Tom's disapproval. The white son of a local attorney and adviser to the railroad eschews his father's profession in favor of poetry and falls in love with a local college-educated black school teacher brought to the town by Tom to open a colored school. However when they marry, he is expelled from his family and their presence in town raises the ire of the townspeople.

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39 votes
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Part 3

#2 - Part 3

Roots: The Next Generations Season 1 - Episode 3

The year is 1914 and Will and Cynthia Palmer's daughter Bertha heads off to college, eventually meeting and falling in love with a poor but hard-working fellow student named Simon Haley. Meanwhile Jim and Carrie Warner's son has become a doctor but because he is black, he is prevented from treating his own dying white grandfather, Colonel Warner. Bertha returns home from college for break to find the Ku Klux Klan has come to town and Simon returns to his home in Georgia to learn that his share-cropping family can't afford his tuition anymore and his father is ready to put him back to work in the fields. Simon manages to find work as a Pullman porter on the railroads to earn money during the summer, but also attracts a benefactor - a kind journalist who he served on a train route. In 1918, rather than attend graduation, Simon enlists in the army and heads off for war, heeding the words of Dr. W.E.B. Dubois, but leaving behind a stunned and grief-stricken Bertha.

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Part II

#3 - Part II

Roots Season 1 - Episode 2

Despite a violent rebellion, the slave ship Lord Ligonier completes its voyage and Kunta Kinte endures the indiginity of an Annapolis slave auction. Fiddler, the slave in charge of Kunta's training, becomes his only friend, a friendship that's tested when Kunta plans his escape.

star 7.72
217 votes
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Of Moose and Men

#4 - Of Moose and Men

M*A*S*H Season 4 - Episode 11

Hawkeye tangles with a tough Army colonel, Colonel Spiker, B.J. helps Zale, who's received a "Dear John" letter, and Frank looks endlessly for Korean saboteurs.

star 7.48
433 votes
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Part 7

#5 - Part 7

Roots: The Next Generations Season 1 - Episode 7

In the exciting conclusion, it is now 1960 in Henning, Tennessee, 10 years after Alex's wife Nan left him, and Alex attends the funeral for his great Aunt Elizabeth. He has finally succeeded in a writing career by publishing free-lance articles including interviews with Minister Malcolm X of the Nation of Islam and George Lincoln Rockwell, head of the American Nazi Party. Alex lands a contract to ghost-write the autobiography of Malcolm X, although Malcolm is assassinated before the book is published. Alex then realizes that he should write a book about his own family and he obsessively researches his origins, alienating his new girlfriend in the process. After identifying the language of the words passed down to him, he manages to get an advance that will allow him to travel to Gambia, West Africa. Once there, he is taken by boat to the Griot for the Kinte clan. After the Griot retells centuries of history, Alex finally hears the name of Kunta Kinte and the story of the drum that lead to his capture into slavery, marking the end of his search for his family's roots.

star 7.38
34 votes
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Change is Gonna Do Me Good

#6 - Change is Gonna Do Me Good

The Bob Newhart Show Season 4 - Episode 4

Emily accuses Bob of being stuck in a middle-aged rut and challenges him to switch family responsibilities.

star 7.33
42 votes
Marriage, Sgt. Carter Style

#7 - Marriage, Sgt. Carter Style

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Season 5 - Episode 17

Carter decides that Gomer might not re-enlist if he were married, so he tries to push the private into a quick wedding.

star 7.29
14 votes
A Tattoo for Gomer

#8 - A Tattoo for Gomer

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Season 5 - Episode 15

Gomer's practical joke backfires when Lou Ann appears to like his fake tattoo.

star 7.13
15 votes

#9 - Bloodline

The Fugitive Season 1 - Episode 20

Kimble works as a kennel man for Max Bodin, a breeder of prize-winning Irish Setter show dogs, and whom is currently putting his kennel up for sale. Max's son, Johnny, and Johnny's wife Cora discover that one of the dogs has developed hip dysplasia which means all of the dogs in the bloodline will likely inherit the condition and be worthless as show dogs. But they keep the news from Max and plot to live off the sale. But when Kimble stumbles onto their plan, they have him investigated.

star 7.03
36 votes
The Empath

#10 - The Empath

Star Trek Season 3 - Episode 12

On a planet doomed to destruction, Kirk, Spock & McCoy become involved with two aliens who use them as laboratory animals in a bizarre series of tests on an alien empath who may be the savior of her planet.

star 6.59
558 votes
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#11 - Nightmare

The Outer Limits Season 1 - Episode 10

In a war action with the planet Ebon, some soldiers are captured, interrogated and tortured.

star 6.29
59 votes
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