The Best Episodes Directed by Jerry Zaks

Robert's Wedding (2)

#1 - Robert's Wedding (2)

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 7 - Episode 25

Robert and Amy exchange vows in a classic Barone family wedding ceremony.

star 8.26
101 votes
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Season's Greetings

#2 - Season's Greetings

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 6 - Episode 12

When Marie receives a letter from a relative detailing how wonderful her life is and how well her kids are doing, it drives Marie insane with jealousy. She enlists Debra's help in writing a Barone "family update," but despite efforts to make everyone sound successful, the letter makes them all feel inadequate about what they have done – or not done.

star 8.11
331 votes
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Jack's Back

#3 - Jack's Back

Hope & Faith Season 1 - Episode 22

Jack returns to be comforted by his daughters after being jilted by his fiancee. Faith tries to set him up with her friend Mandi's mother, but he falls for Mandi instead. When Mandi refuses to end the relationship, Faith tries to teach her a lesson by going out with her father.

star 8.08
65 votes
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No Roll!

#4 - No Roll!

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 6 - Episode 2

When Debra tells Ray that he's too selfish in bed and that she wants a little variety he goes out and buys an adults only board game to spice things up.

star 7.96
357 votes
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Odd Man Out

#5 - Odd Man Out

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 6 - Episode 3

Frank is so green with envy that he forces Marco to choose either Marie or him as a friend. Meanwhile, Ray sides with Frank because he doesn't approve of a married woman (especially his mother) having a male friend.

star 7.87
346 votes
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#6 - Tissues

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 6 - Episode 13

When Debra grudgingly agrees to let Ray be more involved in daily decision making, Ray starts grocery shopping for things that he likes, and Debra lets him choose where the family will go for their next vacation. However, these newfound powers quickly become Ray's undoing.

star 7.86
369 votes
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#7 - Lateness

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 8 - Episode 14

Fed up with his wife's constant lateness, Ray leaves Debra at home rather than take her to the ESPY Awards. While Debra seethes over Ray's actions, Marie and Amy get into a heated debate with Frank and Robert when they air their own grievances about their wives' blatant disregard for the time.

star 7.86
263 votes
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The Breakup Tape

#8 - The Breakup Tape

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 6 - Episode 18

When Debra stumbles across a cassette tape that contains a message from Ray's college girlfriend, she wants to know why he has saved it all of these years. So Ray retaliates by asking Debra to divulge any gifts that she's kept from her former boyfriends – but he's in for quite a shock when he sees the quantity of gifts still in her possession.

star 7.83
309 votes
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Robert's Wedding (1)

#9 - Robert's Wedding (1)

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 7 - Episode 24

Robert and Amy exchange vows in a classic Barone family wedding ceremony.

star 7.78
304 votes
Meeting the Parents

#10 - Meeting the Parents

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 7 - Episode 17

Amy's mom and dad finally meet the Barone Family. Amy's folks show up unexpectedly at their daughter's house on a Sunday morning. They want to talk Amy out of marrying Robert and take her home to Pennsylvania with them. First, they are stunned to see Robert there. Then Frank and Marie arrive. It doesn't take long for the two sets of parents to disliking each other.

star 7.76
289 votes
The Plan

#11 - The Plan

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 7 - Episode 18

Yet another bump appears on the rocky road to Robert and Amy's wedding, which was nearly blocked by her disapproving parents. When the bride-to-be (Monica Horan) puts her betrothed (Brad Garrett) in charge of writing the wedding invitation, he seeks input from Ray and Frank. While they can't believe Robert let himself get roped into such a chore, they nevertheless come up with a plan: If Robert makes a mess of the job, it will convince Amy that she should take care of all the wedding plans herself. So the groom drafts an appalling mock invite---complete with the wrong date and names---and waits for Amy's reply...which is worse than he ever expected.

star 7.75
313 votes
A Vote for Debra

#12 - A Vote for Debra

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 6 - Episode 20

Debra decides to run for school president but Ray isn't sure he can handle the twins by himself during all those meetings so he votes against her. She loses and finds out that he voted against her so they get into an argument but her mouth is quickly shut when she reveals that she denied knowing him because he was embarrassing her.

star 7.73
293 votes
The Shower

#13 - The Shower

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 7 - Episode 21

Debra gives a bridal shower for Amy, but her good intentions get sidetracked by Marie's overzealous participation. When Marie attempts to "take over" Amy's wedding shower, Debra gets upset and yells at her, prompting Marie to leave in a huff. Returning to the party festivities, Debra starts drinking a little too much champagne and winds up being too tipsy to drive. When she can't reach Ray on the phone, Debra decides to take a nap in her car with the keys in the ignition and is awakened by a police officer, who arrests her for drunk driving. When her license is suspended, Debra finds herself in a precarious situation when she's forced to rely on Marie for help.

star 7.69
310 votes
The Disciplinarian

#14 - The Disciplinarian

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 7 - Episode 15

Tired of being labeled the "evil witch" around the house, Debra convinces Ray that it's his turn to discipline the kids. While leaving to take Ally to a Frontier Girls meeting, Debra tells Ray that he must force the twins to clean up their room or they can't go out and play. Reluctant at first to spoil their fun, Raymond starts to tire of their devilish antics and winds up going overboard with the boys' punishment. Meanwhile, Frank proclaims himself a model disciplinarian, only to learn that despite his scare tactics, Ray and Robert broke plenty of rules around the house.

star 7.68
310 votes
Aunt Myra Doesn't Pee a Lot

#15 - Aunt Myra Doesn't Pee a Lot

Two and a Half Men Season 4 - Episode 20

Alan looks forward to Judith's wedding, while Charlie and Myra continue their romance.

star 7.67
2468 votes
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Ally's Birth

#16 - Ally's Birth

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 5 - Episode 25

As Ray escorts Ally to a father-daughter dance, he realizes how grown up and independent his daughter has become. As a result, he begins to recall the day, nine years ago, when the Barone clan welcomed her into the family, but not without incident. In the flashback, expectant parents Ray and Debra are caught by surprise when Debra goes into labor in the back seat of Robert's patrol car, forcing him to be called into action. Meanwhile, Ray and Debra plot to keep a pushy Marie away from the delivery room until after the baby is born, not an easy feat.

star 7.67
231 votes
The Surprise Party

#17 - The Surprise Party

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 8 - Episode 8

After Debra's mother suggests throwing Debra an "old-fashioned English Tea Party," Ray reluctantly agrees after she promises to do all the work. When Debra realizes Ray is planning something for her birthday, she suggests he change the theme to a Chinese banquet. Unfortunately, Lois has already started planning the tea party and now Ray must find a way to convince her to change her plans.

star 7.62
291 votes
The Sigh

#18 - The Sigh

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 7 - Episode 7

Ray moves his things out of his bathroom and into the kids' bathroom so Debra has more space, but he soon regrets it when his dad and Robert start teasing him and tell him that he is no longer the king of his own house, Debra is.

star 7.61
295 votes
Tucked, Taped and Gorgeous

#19 - Tucked, Taped and Gorgeous

Two and a Half Men Season 4 - Episode 21

Alan and Charlie re-examine their sexual identities after Alan befriends Greg, a gay man. Meanwhile, Jake has a crush on Greg's daughter.

star 7.59
2404 votes
And the Plot Moistens

#20 - And the Plot Moistens

Two and a Half Men Season 3 - Episode 21

Jake’s teacher has a meeting with Alan and Judith to discuss the lack of interest Jake has at school. Alan starts to fall for Francine, in a platonic way, because he is tired of the lack of intelligent communication he has with Kandi. Charlie helps Jake audition for his school musical.

star 7.51
2338 votes
Sweet Charity

#21 - Sweet Charity

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 7 - Episode 16

Ray reluctantly agrees to do some charity work at a hospital after Debra signs him up, but he soon becomes a hit with the patients and starts spending more time there than at home, much to his wife's dismay.

star 7.47
282 votes
Grandpa Steals

#22 - Grandpa Steals

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 7 - Episode 12

Boisterous Frank learns a difficult lesson in humility from his granddaughter, Ally. During a trip to the supermarket with Ray and Ally, Frank starts nibbling on some trail mix, completely ignoring the nearby "no sampling" sign. He's soon confronted by a testy manager, and a heated argument ensues. Watching it all unfold is Ally, who becomes frightened by Frank's ranting. When the trio returns home, Ray speaks to his father about his behavior. While Ray's comments initially fall on deaf ears, Frank later realizes he needs to talk to Ally... but now he's scared because he's never had a real conversation with her.

star 7.40
282 votes
Roe to Perdition

#23 - Roe to Perdition

Frasier Season 10 - Episode 18

Frasier and Niles become a big hit when, at a party, they serve beluga caviar they purchased on the black market. Meanwhile, Martin has a tough time returning $40 an ATM gave him in error.

star 7.35
597 votes
Somebody Hates Raymond

#24 - Somebody Hates Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 7 - Episode 13

Raymond's friend Andy tells him that Jerry Musso, a radio talk show host, hates him. While Raymond is in shock over this, Robert enjoys seeing him fall over like this and they fight.

star 7.35
283 votes
Wheels of Fortune

#25 - Wheels of Fortune

Frasier Season 9 - Episode 16

Frasier is suspicious of Blaine Sternin, Lilith's former-con artist brother, when he visits in a wheelchair and is now preaching.

star 7.33
688 votes
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (3)

#26 - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (3)

Frasier Season 10 - Episode 9

Niles recovers rapidly from his heart surgery and receives the go-ahead from doctors to resume normal activities, but seems reluctant to do this. He maintains his strict post-operative diet, and refuses to exercise or share a bed with Daphne. He annoys everyone by constantly going around making speeches about his near-death experience and how much he appreciates life. Frasier refuses to argue with Niles because he promised God that he would never quarrel with his brother again if he recovered from his sickness. The frustration of having to agree with everything Niles says begins to drive Frasier crazy, especially when Niles starts monopolizing his radio show to give his own advice to callers. Frasier believes he has found a way to back out of his promise after he learns that Daphne had already made her own deal with God. In the meantime, Martin talks with Niles about the feelings he experienced after his shooting, and forces his son to overcome his fears and go on with his life.

star 7.33
665 votes
Talk to Your Daughter

#27 - Talk to Your Daughter

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 6 - Episode 19

Armed with research and much preparation, Ray is ready to speak with Ally about the facts of life only to find that Ally's interest has changed from where babies come from to the meaning of life. Totally unprepared for this line of questioning, a baffled Ray gets unsolicited advice from his family on how to answer.

star 7.31
328 votes
The Annoying Kid

#28 - The Annoying Kid

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 7 - Episode 8

Ray and Debra are excited to have finally met a couple, Neil and Lauren, who are just like them. However, Ray starts having mixed feelings when their annoying 8 year-old son, Spencer, wreaks havoc around the Barone household.

star 7.27
317 votes
Faith's Maid

#29 - Faith's Maid

Hope & Faith Season 1 - Episode 19

Olga, Faith's former maid, comes to move in with the family. Hope fires her, but Olga misunderstands and invites her pregnant daughter to join them. Soon, their efforts to find new jobs ends up with Hope and Faith working at a club Charley wants to join.

star 7.18
65 votes
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We Two Kings

#30 - We Two Kings

Frasier Season 10 - Episode 10

Frasier and Niles bicker over who gets to host the family Christmas celebration. When it seems that Martin will have to work, they decide to bring Christmas to him, with disastrous results. Meanwhile, Roz finds herself attracted to a hunky shopping mall Santa.

star 7.12
655 votes