The Best Episodes Directed by James Marshall


#1 - Isis

Smallville Season 10 - Episode 5

Lois decides to tell Clark she knows he’s The Blur, but she accidentally activates an ancient artifact that transforms her into the Goddess Isis, complete with superpowers of her own. Oliver and Clark reluctantly decide to ask Tess for help with Lois. Meanwhile, after Cat Grant witnesses Lois as Isis using her superpowers, she decides Lois is the Blur and sets out to prove it.

star 7.95
2623 votes
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#2 - Rosetta

Smallville Season 2 - Episode 17

Clark travels to New York to meet Dr. Swann, a brilliant scientist who holds a message for Clark from his home planet. Meanwhile Lana decides to move out of Chloe's house after they get into an argument about Clark.

star 7.95
966 votes
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#3 - Malec

Shadowhunters Season 1 - Episode 12

The Institute is in full swing as everyone is preparing for the wedding of Alec and Lydia. Lydia is getting final touches made on her wedding dress, and Isabelle is trying to figure out a way to throw a traditional, mundane bachelor party for her brother. Alec is struggling on two sides – his parabatai should be at his side on his wedding day, yet he and Jace are still at odds. Alec also continues to struggle with his feelings for Magnus, especially when Magnus won’t give up on Alec. Meanwhile, Jace, Clary and Magnus go looking for warlock Ragnor Fell to try to find the antidote to awaken Jocelyn.

star 7.90
1609 votes
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#4 - Arrival

Smallville Season 5 - Episode 1

Lana greets two new Kryptonian arrivals from the ship, Nam-Ek and Aethyr, and their presence poses a grave danger to Clark and his family & friends.

star 7.84
1013 votes
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Collateral Damage

#5 - Collateral Damage

Falling Skies Season 3 - Episode 2

With hostilities escalating between the resistance and the alien invaders, Tom calls on a nuclear specialist known as "The Rat King" to come up with a plan that will strip the aliens of their power. As suspicion continues to mount about a mole within the resistance, Tom and his leaders make a drastic decision that jeopardizes trust among the group. Anne, meanwhile, has a feeling that all is not right with her newborn.

star 7.82
3057 votes
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#6 - Phantom

Smallville Season 6 - Episode 22

Clark discovers the reason Lana married Lex then and sets out to kill Lionel. Lex tries to use DNA from the last phantom to power his super-soldiers. Lois goes to a dam to search for Lex's lab but is caught by a security guard and fatally injured. Chloe's power is discovered.

star 7.79
879 votes
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#7 - Zod

Smallville Season 6 - Episode 1

A powerless Clark is trapped in the "Phantom Zone" surrounded by the criminals his father imprisoned there. However, an unexpected ally comes to his aid. Meanwhile, Zod in Lex's body advances his plan to transform Earth into a new Krypton, while using Lana to produce an heir.

star 7.77
876 votes
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#8 - Insurgence

Smallville Season 2 - Episode 12

Lex hires some thugs to bug Lionel's office but things get out of control when Lionel and Martha are taken hostage, and Clark must rescue them without revealing his secrets.

star 7.75
852 votes
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#9 - Vessel

Smallville Season 5 - Episode 22

Professor Fine has unleashed a virus that will kill millions. Clark must put a stop to him, while Lex wonders what happens when he will tell Lana his newest secret.

star 7.72
858 votes
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The Secret

#10 - The Secret

The O.C. Season 1 - Episode 12

No one was supposed to see what happened. But Luke did. And so did Ryan. Now, somehow, all Newport knows that Luke's dad has been living a lie. And subsequent gossip raises questions of secrecy and trust.

star 7.71
444 votes
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Phoenix (2)

#11 - Phoenix (2)

Smallville Season 3 - Episode 2

Clark gives up the ring and its effects rather than kill his father, and both he and the rescued Lex return to Smallville. Clark must deal with crime lord Morgan Edge, who has followed him to Smallville, while Lex must determine who tried to have him killed - Lionel or Helen.

star 7.70
883 votes
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#12 - Survivors

Supergirl Season 2 - Episode 4

When Kara and Alex investigate the murder of an unregistered alien, the trail leads to an alien fight club run by Roulette, the ringmaster who commands aliens to fight in mortal combat for the entertainment of rich humans. While trying to stop the fighting, Supergirl and Martian Manhunter find themselves up against a surprising opponent. Meanwhile, Hank is thrilled to have found another Martian and tries to get to know M'Gann better. Supergirl takes Mon-El under her wing and begins to train him.

star 7.70
4481 votes
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#13 - Changeling

The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 - Episode 4

While Amberle embarks on a deadly task to prove her worth to the Ellcrys, the Dagda Mor sends the Changeling, an ancient, shape-shifting Demon, to kill her and anyone in its way. But when a demon can take shape of anyone in the palace, finding it won’t be easy.

star 7.69
3652 votes
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#14 - Crush

Smallville Season 1 - Episode 19

After a hit-and-run accident that destroys his drawing hand, a cartoonist is left with bitterness, pain... and an unexpected gift of telekinesis that he turns into an instrument of revenge.

star 7.68
1061 votes
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#15 - Nicodemus

Smallville Season 1 - Episode 15

Jonathan turns against his son, Lana becomes a sexy flirt and Pete sets out to settle a score with Lex. They all exhibit unusual behavior after coming into contact with a strange, toxic flower - and there appears to be no antidote to the flower's poison.

star 7.68
1013 votes
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#16 - Fury

The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 - Episode 3

Wil and Amberle are kidnapped by Eretria and Cephalo while returning to the palace. But the Rovers are the least of their worries –Wil must learn how to use the Elfstones before a bloodthirsty Fury kills them all.

star 7.67
3822 votes
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#17 - Graymark

The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 - Episode 3

With Wil trapped, Eretria and Mareth must work together to free him before time runs out.

star 7.64
2195 votes
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#18 - Amberle

The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 - Episode 8

Wil must confront his past; the bond between Allanon and Mareth continues to grow.

star 7.64
1705 votes
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#19 - Warlock

The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 - Episode 7

Bandon and his followers race to resurrect the Warlock Lord; Mareth risks everything before she's too late.

star 7.63
1758 votes
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#20 - Splinter

Smallville Season 5 - Episode 7

Clark gives into paranoid delusions brought on by exposure to new "silver" kryptonite, and Professor Fine is the only one who can save him... before he kills Lana.

star 7.63
831 votes
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#21 - Mercy

Smallville Season 5 - Episode 19

Lionel is taken hostage by a masked man who forces him to play elaborate games for the prize of staying alive. Martha goes to confront Lionel after Clark tells her Lionel knows his secret and becomes a part of the game herself, fighting for her life.

star 7.62
870 votes
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#22 - Gone

Smallville Season 4 - Episode 2

After discovering that Chloe's body isn't in her coffin, Clark and Lois Lane investigate but are stopped by Lois' father, General Sam Lane. They believe General Lane knows more then he's telling, and figure out he's been in contact with Lex. Meanwhile, after Lana's sudden departure Jason follows her to Smallville. And Lionel sends a mutant killer to determine if Chloe is alive and kill her for sure.

star 7.60
901 votes
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#23 - Dweller

The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 - Episode 4

Wil, Mareth and Allanon travel to a dangerous territory for an answer; King Ander meets the Princess of Leah, but finds she's more than he bargained for.

star 7.57
1963 votes
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#24 - Hereafter

Smallville Season 3 - Episode 12

Clark discovers that his schoolmate Jordan can foresee the future, but is horrified when Jordan tells him he "sees" Lana dying in a fire in the next few days. Meanwhile, suspicious of his behavior, Chloe investigates Adam's background and discovers some disturbing news.

star 7.55
739 votes
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The Strip

#25 - The Strip

The O.C. Season 1 - Episode 26

"I love the Vegas," Seth says. But Seth is a player who's played when he, Ryan, Sandy and Jimmy hit the gambling town for what's presumed to be Caleb's bachelor bash. And claws are out when Julie and Hailey attend the Newport bachelorette party.

star 7.52
376 votes
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A Clatter and a Chatter

#26 - A Clatter and a Chatter

Aftermath (2016) Season 1 - Episode 5

After accepting help from an old friend, a deathly omen torments Karen; the Copelands learn that no refuge is truly safe.

star 7.50
1521 votes
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#27 - Heat

Smallville Season 2 - Episode 2

Clark gains a new power - heat-vision. As he struggles to control it, Lex gets married to the new Smallville High teacher, Desiree Atkins, little does he know that she not only has an alterior motive, but that she's coming on to Clark too.

star 7.50
985 votes
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Black Hat Angels

#28 - Black Hat Angels

Charlie's Angels (2011) Season 1 - Episode 6

Bosley's identity has been compromised, and he has been unjustly tied to a kidnapping that the Angels are investigating. In order to clear him, they must find the real perpetrator.

star 7.50
473 votes
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#29 - Accelerate

Smallville Season 2 - Episode 21

Lana is haunted by the ghost of a dead friend, Emily, but the "spirit" has connections to Lionel Luthor, who is also scheming to get control of the Indian caves and "help" Lex with his wedding.

star 7.49
800 votes
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Madame Sosostris

#30 - Madame Sosostris

Aftermath (2016) Season 1 - Episode 6

When the family splits up, Josh leads half the party to a nearby university to find a prophetic professor, while Karen leads the others to a nearby summer camp on a supply mission.

star 7.43
1423 votes
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Reaping Havoc

#31 - Reaping Havoc

Dead Like Me Season 1 - Episode 5

Since becoming a grim reaper, George has become quite friendly with Betty, a wildly glamorous co-reaper. But when the dazzling Betty becomes too curious about what lives on the other side of the undead, George learns yet another difficult lesson: Even in the afterlife, friends are hard to keep.

star 7.43
810 votes
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#32 - Krypto

Smallville Season 4 - Episode 14

Lois accidentally hits a dog and brings it back to the farm to heal, but Clark quickly realizes it has super-strength. He investigates and discovers it was part of an aborted LuthorCorp experiment...and that robbers are using the dogs to help them steal money. Meanwhile, Lana wonders what Jason is up to with his mother, and Jason is forced to ask Genevieve a few questions of his own.

star 7.42
747 votes

#33 - Obsession

Smallville Season 3 - Episode 14

Clark is forced to use his powers in front of Alicia, a new girl at school, but he is surprised to find out she has powers of her own. The two develop a bond through their shared secret, but things turn ugly after Alicia becomes obsessive about sharing Clark with anyone else - especially Lana. Meanwhile, Lana asks Lex to investigate Adam.

star 7.42
889 votes

#34 - Veritas

Smallville Season 7 - Episode 15

Clark must learn a new superpower as he and Kara join forces to take on Brainiac, putting the lives of their friends in danger.

star 7.41
831 votes
The Eyes Have It

#35 - The Eyes Have It

Charmed Season 5 - Episode 6

While seeking the advice of a fortune teller regarding her missing power of premonition, Phoebe discovers that there is a demon who has been stealing the eyes of Gypsies. Meanwhile, Piper wants to see a doctor about her baby, but Leo is concerned about the threat of exposure.

star 7.41
448 votes

#36 - Combat

Smallville Season 6 - Episode 17

Clark and Chloe find an escaped Zoner named Titan who is the star of a secret fight club that puts its death battles on the internet. Lois can tell that there is a story and goes to investigate, where she is put in the ring to fight. Clark goes in as a super-powered fighter to take on Titan but ends up against a different opponent instead.

star 7.40
774 votes

#37 - Forever

Smallville Season 4 - Episode 21

Clark must stop the school photographer after he sets up a fake high school and uses his ability to petrify people to kidnap students - including Chloe and Lana - to keep the glory days of high school going forever. Meanwhile, Lex and Lionel are kidnapped and tortured by the Teagues in an effort to find the Kryptonian artifact, revealing that...Lana has it.

star 7.34
770 votes

#38 - Survival

The Sentinel Season 2 - Episode 22

Dawson Quinn, a cop-killing thief who stole five million dollars that has never been found, is transported through forested wilderness. The convoy is attacked and the criminals flee with Banks as hostage.

star 7.33
6 votes
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#39 - Rage

Smallville Season 6 - Episode 7

After being shot while stopping a carjacking, the Green Arrow begins acting strangely. Chloe and Clark investigate and find Oliver is taking a super drug that while healing his wound, has some dangerous side effects.

star 7.25
777 votes

#40 - Eternal

Smallville Season 8 - Episode 18

Tess tries to kill Davis by blowing up his truck. However, after he escapes, she realizes she needs help to destroy him and turns to Clark. Tess reveals Davis' secret childhood with the Luthors and hints that she knows Clark's true identity. Meanwhile, Davis runs to Chloe for help.

star 7.23
1249 votes

#41 - Transference

Smallville Season 4 - Episode 6

Clark is drawn to the state penitentery by one of the kryptonian crystals, which Lionel is using to switch bodies with Lex. Clark intervenes and Lionel enters his body instead. While Lionel uses his newfound super-powers to regain his lost fortune and alienate Clark's friend, Clark must convince his parents that he is the "real" Clark and reverse the processs, while avoiding murderous convicts.

star 7.22
778 votes

#42 - Truth

Smallville Season 3 - Episode 18

When Chloe accidentally inhales a mysterious krypto-gas, she discovers it acts as a truth serum to anyone who comes in contact with her and decides to take advantage of her new power by going to the Kents to find out Clark's secret. However, her new power comes with fatal consequences and Clark must find an antidote before she discovers the truth about him or worse, dies.

star 7.22
799 votes
Bon Voyage, Angels

#43 - Bon Voyage, Angels

Charlie's Angels (2011) Season 1 - Episode 3

The Angels take the case of an investigative journalist who disappears on a cruise ship, a case that connects with Kate's past.

star 7.13
594 votes
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#44 - Fracture

Smallville Season 7 - Episode 12

Lex tracks the amnesiac Kara to Detroit, where Lois follows him. An obsessive busboy infatuated with Kara shoots Lex, and Chloe has to determine whether to heal him or not.

star 6.96
788 votes