The BEST episodes directed by Graeme Harper

House of Curfews
11 votes

#1 - House of Curfews

House of Anubis - Season 2 - Episode 32

The Sibunas are delighted when Alfie reveals Victor's amulet in one piece - all part of the trick. Then Nina realizes that someone had moved the dollhouse and decides to hide it. Piper says goodbye and gives Patricia her necklace. Eddie comes and sees Piper's necklace on Patricia and belives that she's Piper and tells "Piper" that he feels bad that he still didn't tell Patricia about their kiss.

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Doomsday (2)
3172 votes

#2 - Doomsday (2)

Doctor Who (2005) - Season 2 - Episode 13

Humanity is caught in the crossfire as the Cybermen and the Daleks wage war against each other. When the mysterious Genesis Ark opens, the Tenth Doctor is faced with an impossible decision: saving the world could mean losing Rose Tyler forever…

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Journey's End (2)
3537 votes

#3 - Journey's End (2)

Doctor Who (2005) - Season 4 - Episode 13

The Earth has been overwhelmed and the universe faces dominion by the resurgent forces of a terrifying and limitless empire led by one of The Doctor's greatest enemies. Aiding the Time Lord in a final battle are several of his closest allies and companions, but for one of them, a price will be paid...

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The Caves of Androzani (3)
116 votes

#4 - The Caves of Androzani (3)

Doctor Who - Season 21 - Episode 19

The situation on Androzani Minor is building toward a violent confrontation. And the Doctor and Peri are slowly succumbing to spectrox toxemia.

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House of Dead-Ends
18 votes

#5 - House of Dead-Ends

House of Anubis - Season 2 - Episode 33

Eddie thinks that Patricia on purposely pressed turned the speaker on to get revenge on Eddie. The race is on between Victor and the Sibunas to find the missing falcon reflectors. Victor doesn't finds anything in Alfie's room. Jasper brushes Fabian off when he's confronted about his secret talks with Jerome and Fabian believes it. Nina finds another reflector in the kitchen: a goblet.

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Turn Left
2931 votes

#6 - Turn Left

Doctor Who (2005) - Season 4 - Episode 11

Whilst attending a carnival on the Chino-planet of Shan Shen, Donna is cajoled into having her fortune read, where her past is carefully examined. With the Doctor missing, Donna must work with Rose, a traveller from a parallel universe, to prevent darkness encompassing the whole of the universe.

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The Stolen Earth (1)
3488 votes

#7 - The Stolen Earth (1)

Doctor Who (2005) - Season 4 - Episode 12

The Earth has been moved, and it's a race against time as Donna and the Doctor try to find it before the Daleks destroy everything; they head for the Shadow Proclamation and the Medusa Cascade. Meanwhile on Earth a veritable bevy of ex-companions join together to contact the Doctor and take down the Daleks. Can Captain Jack, Sarah-Jane, Martha Jones and Rose find the Doctor in time...

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The Caves of Androzani (2)
100 votes

#8 - The Caves of Androzani (2)

Doctor Who - Season 21 - Episode 18

The Doctor and Peri have been rescued from the firing squad by the mysterious Sharaz Jek. But he has his own plans for them. And why are they suddenly feeling ill?

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The Caves of Androzani (1)
102 votes

#9 - The Caves of Androzani (1)

Doctor Who - Season 21 - Episode 17

The planet Androzani Minor, the distant future. In the planets' caves war rages between government troops and the android warriors of the mysterious Sharaz Jek. But what makes spectrox, the substance they battle to control, so valuable? And how far will the Doctor go to protect his companion?

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The Caves of Androzani (4)
167 votes

#10 - The Caves of Androzani (4)

Doctor Who - Season 21 - Episode 20

Events on Androzani reach a bloody climax. Will the Doctor and Peri survive the carnage? And at what cost?

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Utopia (1)
2884 votes

#11 - Utopia (1)

Doctor Who (2005) - Season 3 - Episode 11

After being brought back to life in The Parting of the Ways, Captain Jack Harkness was just left on the Gamestation by the Doctor and Rose. In this episode, Captain Jack Harkness storms back into the Doctor's life, and the TARDIS is thrown to the end of the universe itself.

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7 votes

#12 - Vigilante

Heartbeat - Season 5 - Episode 11

Arthur Wakefield suffers a heart attack after tackling Terry Tinniswood when he tried to burgle his home. Arthur dies, but Mrs Wakefield manages to identify Terry from photos and then from a line up. The Tinniswood family however claim that Terry was at home all night. Mrs Wakefield then sets out to make Terry feel guilty and insecure. Special Constable Cowley who thinks he knows everything is assigned to help Nick on his patch, but Nick isn't pleased with the idea. Cowley is determined to win the prize for the best gooseberries in the up coming flower show. - But his wife makes sure that doesn't happen. Greengrass' plan to cheat in the show goes horribly wrong!

The Enemy of My Enemy
242 votes

#13 - The Enemy of My Enemy

Robin Hood (2006) - Season 3 - Episode 11

The gang are shocked when Robin announces that Gisbourne is joining their fight against Isabella, but can their uneasy truce survive? Robin and Gisbourne then travel to York to save their half-brother Archer from execution, and find that he has made a formidable enemy in the Sheriff of York.

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Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? (1)
92 votes

#14 - Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? (1)

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Season 1 - Episode 7

Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) mysteriously disappears – just as a huge meteor threatens to crash straight into Earth. When Maria (Yasmine Paige) wakes up one morning, it's as though Sarah Jane – and Luke (Tommy Knight) – never existed. Living across the road in Sarah Jane's house is a woman called Andrea (Jane Asher). And with the attic empty and Mr Smith (Alexander Armstrong) nowhere to be seen, every other trace of Sarah Jane has vanished – and Maria is the only one able to remember her. With the mysterious, hooded figure of the Trickster haunting Bannerman Road and the alien Graske meddling in time, Maria sets out to discover whatever happened to Sarah Jane. But as her journey takes her back to 1964, will she be able to find Sarah Jane in time to stop the meteor from destroying the world?

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Army of Ghosts (1)
2819 votes

#15 - Army of Ghosts (1)

Doctor Who (2005) - Season 2 - Episode 12

Ghostly beings have been regularly appearing across the world and people, believing them to be their dead loved ones, are welcoming their visits with open arms. When the TARDIS arrives at the Torchwood Institute, the Tenth Doctor and Rose are taken prisoner. They are drawn into the investigation of a mysterious sphere kept in Torchwood Tower, and monstrous foes return as two universes collide.

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No Victim
1 votes

#16 - No Victim

The Bill - Season 17 - Episode 4

PC Worrell and PC Quinnan attend to a woman threatening to jump off a bridge. She turns out to be Sarah Collins, the wife of Terry Collins, a DS at Stafford Row CID. Despite the doubts of some of her colleagues, PC Worrell is determined to pursue the matter as a domestic violence case. She convinces Sarah to make a statement and testify in court by telling Sarah of her own experience with domestic violence. The case is dismissed, however - Sarah becomes reluctant to testify, and there are doubts about her character. When Worrell goes to check on her at the Collins house, she finds that Sarah has murdered her husband. Meanwhile, Dave Quinnan struggles to find the right time to tell his wife about his affair with Polly Page.

Episode Thirteen
11 votes

#17 - Episode Thirteen

The House of Eliott - Season 2 - Episode 1

Bea and Evie travel to Paris and consider working for Gille Caragnac, a successful couturier. When he offers them a permanent position at his fashion house, some tough decisions have to be made. Jack arrives and proposes to Bea. Florence Ranby is appointed as head of the workroom at The House of Eliott but Tilly and Madge have difficulty adapting to her fastidious ways. Bea and Jack return to England without Evie.

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Planet of the Ood
2669 votes

#18 - Planet of the Ood

Doctor Who (2005) - Season 4 - Episode 3

The Doctor and Donna find themselves on an icy planet known as the Ood-Sphere. There they discover what drove the Ood to be a servant race.

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Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? (2)
119 votes

#19 - Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? (2)

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Season 1 - Episode 8

Maria (Yasmine Paige) finds herself taken back in time by the alien Graske to a pier in 1964. There, she meets a young girl her own age called Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) who, with her friend Andrea (Jane Asher), is about to embark on a fateful adventure. Taken by the Graske again, Maria is then reunited with the present-day Sarah Jane. But with them both trapped in limbo as part of the meddlesome Trickster's plan to wreak chaos, they are helpless to stop the huge meteor which is about to crash into the Earth. Maria's dad Alan is the only one able to remember Sarah Jane and Maria and faces a struggle to bring them back in time to save the world.

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The Memory Man
7 votes

#20 - The Memory Man

Bergerac - Season 5 - Episode 1

Jim must discover the identity of a man with amnesia who was found wandering around naked and who is haunted by a nightmare.

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Bernie Clifton's Dressing Room
362 votes

#21 - Bernie Clifton's Dressing Room

Inside No. 9 - Season 4 - Episode 2

It's been 30 years since Northern double-act Len and Tommy last appeared on stage together, that fateful night at the Glasgow Pavilion. Then Tommy walked out on Len, and that was curtains for Cheese & Crackers. Until now - and one last gig in front of an invited audience.

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Dead Man Walking
310 votes

#22 - Dead Man Walking

Robin Hood (2006) - Season 1 - Episode 11

When Little John's son is arrested in Locksley, John moves to protect his son from the Sherrif's law - and is quickly thrown in Nottingham's dungeon. Alice is suprised to find her husband is still alive.

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The Age of Steel (2)
2676 votes

#23 - The Age of Steel (2)

Doctor Who (2005) - Season 2 - Episode 6

The plans of John Lumic to convert the world into Cybermen are now in full force. The Tenth Doctor, Rose, Mickey and the Preachers must find a way to stop him from enforcing his "ultimate upgrade."

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Episode Twenty-Five
8 votes

#24 - Episode Twenty-Five

The House of Eliott - Season 3 - Episode 1

The House of Eliott designs prove to be a great success in the USA and Bea finds that she has a new admirer, Donald, a successful businessman. When they return to London they discover that Alice has left for Maison Gille and Madge finds communication with her husband Gerry difficult. A young aspiring designer, Grace Keeble, infuriates the sisters when she double crosses them and Evie is not persuaded by business entrepreneur Larry Cotter to invest in a joint venture. Bea is distracted when it emerges no one has heard from Jack in some time.

Gone Tomorrow
11 votes

#25 - Gone Tomorrow

Heartbeat - Season 5 - Episode 8

This episode is a strange but good one! Alf is witness to a UFO sighting but can‘t remember what happened. Maggie suggests that Alf should see a hypnotist to fill in the missing moments. Blaketon is keen to cover it up and puts Alf on sick leave. Nick argues that there's nothing wrong with Alf. Alf however is worried that his experience might put his job on the line. Nick encourages Alf to stick to his guns and helps him stand up to the authorities that wanted to put it down to his imagination. Eileen and Blaketon have a game of golf, and they spot an unusual triangle shaped mark on the green! Everything is sorted out in the end. Greengrass has won a cruise, but is terrified of sailing so he ends up selling it.

Rise of the Cybermen (1)
2906 votes

#26 - Rise of the Cybermen (1)

Doctor Who (2005) - Season 2 - Episode 5

After the TARDIS makes a crash landing on the Earth of another universe, Rose discovers her father is alive and rich, Mickey encounters his alternative self, and the Tenth Doctor learns one of his oldest and deadliest foes is about to be reborn.

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2375 votes

#27 - 42

Doctor Who (2005) - Season 3 - Episode 7

In a far-flung galaxy, saboteurs are at work, and crew members are being possessed. The TARDIS crew find themselves in the 42nd century on a spaceship, SS Pentallian, slowly being pulled into a sun, and must find a way to survive

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The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith (1)
107 votes

#28 - The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith (1)

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Season 2 - Episode 9

When Sarah Jane finds a time fissure, her curiosity leads her to go through it and she finds herself in 1951, in the village of Foxgrove, where she was born. Eager to see the parents she never knew, she makes a decision that will have catastrophic consequences

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The Unicorn and the Wasp
2628 votes

#29 - The Unicorn and the Wasp

Doctor Who (2005) - Season 4 - Episode 7

The Doctor and Donna's meet Agatha Christie at a manor owned buy Lady Eddison. When Agatha Christie goes missing and a body turns up in the library the adventure turns into a pulp sci-fiction murder mystery, with a murder, a jewel thief, and a wasp alien. Can they solve the mystery?

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Episode Fourteen
13 votes

#30 - Episode Fourteen

The House of Eliott - Season 2 - Episode 2

Newly weds Jack and Bea find their marital bliss is disturbed by the arrival of Jack's old girlfriend Clara Rhoades. Things are made worse by Clara's interference in the running of the House of Eliott when she manages to persuade Bea to employ Alice Bourgoyne, an ineffectual vendeuse. Evie arrives from Paris and is committed to making the House of Eliott as successful as Maison Gille. Sir Desmond suddenly dies. Tilly continues to experience difficulty working with Florence but when she meets Norman Foss things don't seem quite as bad.

The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith (2)
108 votes

#31 - The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith (2)

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Season 2 - Episode 10

With the Earth devastated under the control of the Trickster, Sarah Jane and Luke go back to 1951 and change things back to how they were- which means that Sarah Jane's parents must die. Will she make that sacrifice?

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A Dangerous Deal
333 votes

#32 - A Dangerous Deal

Robin Hood (2006) - Season 3 - Episode 9

Gisborne awaits his execution in a Nottingham dungeon, and meets a fellow prisoner who has a profound effect upon him. Robin thinks he can strike a deal with Sheriff Isabella, but his plans are thwarted when an unexpected stranger from her past arrives, looking for revenge.

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Peace? Off!
462 votes

#33 - Peace? Off!

Robin Hood (2006) - Season 1 - Episode 10

Robin saves an arsonist from burning Locksley Church and brings him back to the forest, the gang are reluctant to feel sympathy for him - until they realise who he is and where he's been. Peace is on the table as an emisary from Saladin visits England to negotiate with Prince John, but instead the Sheriff attempts to hold him for ransom. When Robin discovers the plot, he makes plans for the ransom money - but what will he have to face to get it?

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Episode Twenty-Six
7 votes

#34 - Episode Twenty-Six

The House of Eliott - Season 3 - Episode 2

Bea is shocked by Jack's sudden reappearance and her confusion is compounded when Donald arrives. The House of Eliott employs ambitious Grace Keeble but her designs, and her personality, are not to Evie's liking. The 'Ready to Wear' clothing venture with Larry Cotter seems to go from strength to strength. Madge and Gerry's marriage deteriorates. When Jack has difficulty getting a studio to accept his latest script, he enlists Bea's help. The arrival of two refugees effectively destroys a romantic evening for Jack and Bea.

Enemy of the Bane (1)
76 votes

#35 - Enemy of the Bane (1)

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Season 2 - Episode 11

Mrs Wormwood returns to see Sarah Jane- but to ask help. The Bane have turned against Mrs Wormwood and are preparing to unleash a dark power against the universe. However, to thwart the Bane's plan, Sarah Jane must call upon an old friend

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Episode Twenty-Seven
8 votes

#36 - Episode Twenty-Seven

The House of Eliott - Season 3 - Episode 3

Tilly works hard helping to put the latest House of Eliott 'Ready To Wear' collection together but her health begins to suffer as a consequence. Jack arranges for Katya to be employed by the House of Eliott but Madge is definitely not happy. When Tilly's purse goes missing, all eyes look towards Katya, however Agnes' latest beau knows more than he lets on. Donald proposes to Bea but her feelings for Jack have not been resolved. When he pressurizes her into making a decision it appears that fate has the upper hand. Jack is taken a back by Bea's announcement.

Enemy of the Bane (2)
108 votes

#37 - Enemy of the Bane (2)

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Season 2 - Episode 12

Luke's dreams are being tormented by visions of Mrs. Wormwood. The Sontarans are back for revenge. Sarah Jane must once agian call on an old friend.

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Revelation of the Daleks (2)
128 votes

#38 - Revelation of the Daleks (2)

Doctor Who - Season 22 - Episode 13

The planet Necros, the future. The Doctor arrives for the cryogenic interment of an old friend at Tranquil Repose, a vast repository of bodies in suspended animation. But what does the 'Great Healer' really have in mind for them...?

A Thing or Two About Loyalty
375 votes

#39 - A Thing or Two About Loyalty

Robin Hood (2006) - Season 1 - Episode 9

Lambert, a friend of Sir Guy of Gisborne and castle scientist, realises that lives could be at risk if his latest invention were to fall into the Sheriffs hands. When Lambert won't make more of the invention, an "explosive" black powder, he is put into the dungeons by the furious Sheriff. Much volunteers to get himself arrested so he can help Lambert from within, but will he get more then he has bargained for?

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And the Winner Is...
301 votes

#40 - And the Winner Is...

Inside No. 9 - Season 4 - Episode 5

We join the jury of a television awards company as they decide on who is going to win the Best Actress award. But only one of the eight actresses can be chosen.

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Revelation of the Daleks (1)
102 votes

#41 - Revelation of the Daleks (1)

Doctor Who - Season 22 - Episode 12

The planet Necros, the future. The Doctor arrives for the cryogenic interrment of an old friend at Tranquil Repose, a vast repository of bodies in suspended animation. But what does the 'Great Healer' really have in mind for them...?

Sins of the Fathers
4 votes

#42 - Sins of the Fathers

Bergerac - Season 4 - Episode 8

One of the stars of a film being made about the German occupation of Jersey finds his life being threatened.

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Real Crime
0 votes

#43 - Real Crime

The Bill - Season 17 - Episode 12

DC Kate Spears is assigned to a domestic violence case, but is alarmed when DC Mickey Webb realises the perpetrator, Neil Hayes, is also a suspect in a series of truck hijackings he is investigating, and requests he be bailed so he can lead them to the gang. Spears's sympathy for the victim, Lisa Hayes, starts to wear thin when she refuses to press charges, harasses Spears at work, and then is discovered to be having an affair with Hayes's boss.

Lick of Paint
0 votes

#44 - Lick of Paint

The Bill - Season 17 - Episode 46

A spate of graffiti taggings in Sun Hill sees the police showing zero tolerance to the perpetrators. Carver is sympathetic towards an alcoholic teacher at Canley Art College when his classroom and students' work are defaced. Boyden asks Hagen to move in with him, but she is reluctant, wanting her own space. To her outrage, Boyden moves her belongings to his house as a surprise. Boyden arranges for the council to paint a wall blank to set a trap for the graffitists, catching quite a few in the process. The defacement at the art college turns out to have been committed by the teacher who is jealous that one of his students is sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, life model Moira Sutherland.

0 votes

#45 - Temptation

The Bill - Season 17 - Episode 47

Clarke has been working double shifts all week, and goes behind Ackland's back to get some more overtime from Boyden as she is desperately in debt. Taviner promises her some time in the Area Car, much to Hollis's annoyance. Taviner and Clarke interview Warren Debdale, a student who was brutally beaten, but he insists he didn't know the perpetrators. His father suspects the boy's friends are involved, but Glaze discovers the father is being blackmailed by a drug smuggling gang. Assigned to watch Warren in the hospital, Clarke has a coffee with a nurse, and is horrified to find Warren missing when she returns. Clarke's flatmate then threatens to throw her out unless she pays the rent she owes.

0 votes

#46 - Suspects

The Bill - Season 18 - Episode 22

Des begins to panic when MIT arrive at the station to investigate the fire, but soon begins to realize they have another prime suspect in mind. Debbie successfully manages to track down an internet fraudster, and later decides to take a computer policing course, but is shocked when Meadows fails to support her in her venture.

At The Deep End
0 votes

#47 - At The Deep End

The Bill - Season 18 - Episode 23

New DC Eva Sharpe arrives at Sun Hill and is thrown straight in at the deep end, after she is tasked with tracking a drug dealer on her first day.

Mon 11 Apr
0 votes

#48 - Mon 11 Apr

Hollyoaks - Season 28 - Episode 71

Ethan puts Sienna's loyalty to the test on a risky job. Eric makes a revelation about his love life. Warren discovers the strength of his new pills. Nancy worries about Charlie's behaviour.

Tue 12 Apr
0 votes

#49 - Tue 12 Apr

Hollyoaks - Season 28 - Episode 72

Sienna has an expensive demand for Ethan, while Warren accidentally puts the twins in danger... Eric becomes an unlikely shoulder to lean on. Charlie resorts to unfavourable measures.

Wed 13 Apr
0 votes

#50 - Wed 13 Apr

Hollyoaks - Season 28 - Episode 73

Tension brews between Warren and Maxine, and Warren makes a surprising decision. Ste has some explaining to do. Yazz gives Charlie a chance to make amends. Brooke comes to a realisation.