The Best Episodes Directed by Gordon Anderson

Episode 5

#1 - Episode 5

The Catherine Tate Show Season 3 - Episode 5

Nan appears on Paul O'Grady's teatime show and broadcasts her horrible views to the nation. The Aga Saga women takes a wrong turn into "Tottenham" and Lauren refuses to speak French for an oral exam.

star 9.52
67 votes
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Episode 6

#2 - Episode 6

The Catherine Tate Show Season 2 - Episode 6

As another series comes to an end, Lauren accuses her teacher of being gay. Does Paul think his wife isn't funny anymore. The shop keeper asks Derek for some advice about her son being gay and Nan has a visitor over she met in the post office, which is the guest appearance of comedian Peter Kay.

star 9.50
38 votes
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Episode 6

#3 - Episode 6

The Catherine Tate Show Season 3 - Episode 6

In the last episode in the series, Lauren gets hitched, Derek gets a massage, Georgie does another fund raiser, this time for dwarfs, Janice and Ray talk about a sandwich with no bread and Nan's sister comes over from Spain and Essex couple Paul and Sam return with more laughs.

star 9.27
44 votes
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Episode 4

#4 - Episode 4

The Catherine Tate Show Season 2 - Episode 4

Catherine Tate presents a number of sketches.

star 9.18
40 votes
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What Am I Thinking?

#5 - What Am I Thinking?

The Catherine Tate Show Season 1 - Episode 6

Watch out as Catherine Tate and Peter Kay clash on in this rather special season final of Catherine Tate. Also watch out for Lauren as she manages to find her way into even more trouble.

star 8.91
45 votes

#6 - Backhander

The Catherine Tate Show Season 1 - Episode 4

A menacing game of 'IT' breaks out in the work office. Also, Catherine Tate's newly invented character shows us the silly game of 'Last Hit'. However things soon turn ugly when a man gets hit by a car, but still feels as if he needs to play.

star 8.83
53 votes
Episode 18

#7 - Episode 18

Shameless Season 8 - Episode 18

There's uproar in The Jockey when Frank pockets Cynthia's scratch card. And when Cynthia is assaulted, Frank becomes the prime suspect. Carl kicks off against the accusers, but Kelly shows Carl CCTV footage of Frank near the crime scene. Frank remembers nothing but scratch marks on his chest tell a different story. While Frank hands himself in, a distressed Carl seeks to prove his dad's innocence and phones Kev Ball, who returns to the Chatsworth like a knight in shining armour. New video footage jogs Frank's memory, but puts him in a stickier situation. Can a deal be made with gangster Growbag Macready? Frank's fate rests in his hands. Meanwhile, Mickey moves into the Jockey after a disagreement with Mimi, and Marty's presence continues to cause trouble between Shane and Kelly.

star 8.45
69 votes
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Episode 1

#8 - Episode 1

The Catherine Tate Show Season 2 - Episode 1

Catherine returns with some old characters, and some hilarious new ones, including an incredibly gay guy in denial of his sexuality, and a crazy dog trainer.

star 8.34
76 votes
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Episode 5

#9 - Episode 5

The Catherine Tate Show Season 2 - Episode 5

Catherine plays Lauren the chav.

star 8.29
63 votes
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Valley Girl

#10 - Valley Girl

The Catherine Tate Show Season 1 - Episode 3

Bernie welcomes a new co-worker. A woman explains a meaningful conversation with a man and the scared woman is scared again.

star 8.20
84 votes

#11 - Icarus

Endeavour Season 5 - Episode 6

After the mysterious disappearance of a teacher, Endeavour finds himself investigating the dark and secret world of a public school.

star 8.12
349 votes
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Abigail (Again)

#12 - Abigail (Again)

Lovesick Season 2 - Episode 8

The day after Angus's divorce party, Abigail won't answer Dylan's calls. He, Luke and Evie try to pierce together what happened the night before.

star 8.01
166 votes
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Death Row Wife

#13 - Death Row Wife

The Catherine Tate Show Season 1 - Episode 2

Paul and Sam laugh about a catalogue and Lauren isn't bothered she wasn't invited to a party. Meanwhile we meet the information woman who operates the information desk in the shopping mall.

star 7.96
98 votes
Episode 20

#14 - Episode 20

Shameless Season 8 - Episode 20

Marty attempts to find a job and ends up turning to crime to tide him over. Kelly discovers that there's a price on Marty's head. Billy is determined to stand up for his rights as a father. Mimi ends up giving him an ultimatum. Mickey's flat is raided by the local police. Marty is confronted by Shane about a secret he left behind in Spain. Kelly is heartbroken agter she is told the truth and doesn't know who to believe.

star 7.91
67 votes
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Episode 4

#15 - Episode 4

The Catherine Tate Show Season 3 - Episode 4

Gingers for Justice take to the rooftops with guest star Patsy Palmer. Lauren causes trouble in science class and The Aga Saga Woman and her children are terrified when a mechanic brings over a courtesy car whilst her Land Rover is being repaired.

star 7.83
12 votes
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Caravan Club

#16 - Caravan Club

The Inbetweeners Season 1 - Episode 5

The boys call Jay's bluff and agree to go to the Camber Sands meeting of the Caravan Club to see if it really is 'like a massive orgy'.

star 7.77
1792 votes
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Bunk Off

#17 - Bunk Off

The Inbetweeners Season 1 - Episode 2

Will, Simon, Jay and Neil bunk off school. They head to Neil's house to get drunk, where Simon has a vodka-induced romantic revelation about his childhood sweetheart.

star 7.76
1915 votes
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Episode 2

#18 - Episode 2

The Catherine Tate Show Season 2 - Episode 2

Thomas and Chloe fear for their lives when "Mummy" has to hire an agency nanny from the north. The flatulent posh lady bothers a taxi driver with her demands and her...erm...functions. Meanwhile Lauren is 'not bovered' when she mistakingly calls 'Dizzy Rascal,' 'Naghty Rascal.' Muu Shepard, famous Birmingham dog trainer, deals with training a new champion after her old friend 'Mr. Tibbs' passes away. Nurse Berny has an incident involving a T.V. hypnotist. "Zebbedy" harrasses some customers at "Speedy Jays." The office ladys play their guessing game. Nev misses another visit to the roadside eatery by a famous person. Jason has to escort "Nan" to the doctor's office for a visit with no appointment...

star 7.68
19 votes
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Thorpe Park

#19 - Thorpe Park

The Inbetweeners Season 1 - Episode 3

The boys set off on their first road trip in Simon's new car for a day out at Thorpe Park. Once inside the pleasure park, however, Will soon wishes they had never come.

star 7.68
1672 votes
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Will Gets a Girlfriend

#20 - Will Gets a Girlfriend

The Inbetweeners Season 1 - Episode 4

Will finds out that going to a mixed sex school isn't too bad after all when he pulls the most popular girl in the year above.

star 7.67
1845 votes
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Car Party

#21 - Car Party

The Catherine Tate Show Season 1 - Episode 1

A young couple has to live in their car for their baby's sake. Also does Beyoncé have "bling" or "bing"?

star 7.66
138 votes
Episode 3

#22 - Episode 3

The Catherine Tate Show Season 2 - Episode 3

Lauren, and the Granny.

star 7.60
15 votes
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First Day

#23 - First Day

The Inbetweeners Season 1 - Episode 1

Will's parents have just divorced and he has had to change schools and make a new set of friends. But his new mates are neither that cool nor that credible...

star 7.58
2397 votes
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Xmas Party

#24 - Xmas Party

The Inbetweeners Season 1 - Episode 6

It's the end of term and Will has been voted the chairman of the Christmas prom committee, an enviable position indeed.

star 7.53
1846 votes
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#25 - Evie

Lovesick Season 3 - Episode 4

Dylan, Evie and Luke sift through the tricky aftermath of a big night at the club. Meanwhile, Angus invests in a posh new mattress.

star 7.49
129 votes
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Evie (Part Two)

#26 - Evie (Part Two)

Lovesick Season 3 - Episode 8

At a college reunion, Luke finds new ways to avoid dealing with his feelings, Angus considers a business proposition, and Dylan meets Evie's ex.

star 7.47
136 votes
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#27 - Isabel

Lovesick Season 2 - Episode 5

At a whiskey tasting, Dylan and Luke think back on a drunken awards ceremony, where things didn't quite go as planned for any of them.

star 7.42
149 votes
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#28 - Jonesy?

Lovesick Season 2 - Episode 7

Dylan reconnects with Jonesy, a friend who doesn't recall sleeping with him. Three months earlier, the guys try to cheer him up with a wild night out.

star 7.41
142 votes
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Last Hit

#29 - Last Hit

The Catherine Tate Show Season 1 - Episode 5

We follow the grandma and her visit to the one pound shop, meanwhile Lauren is getting up to her own tricks again when she finds out she's not invited to a party.

star 7.39
18 votes
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#30 - Emma

Lovesick Season 2 - Episode 6

Dylan meets up with his old girlfriend Emma. In a flashback, Evie and Dylan feel pressured on Valentine's Day, while Luke woos an ex.

star 7.33
147 votes
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Episode 6

#31 - Episode 6

Shameless Season 11 - Episode 6

Aiden is once again in trouble with the law. Sentenced to community service, Aiden is forced to care for an OAP called Stanton. But his life is thrown into turmoil when Stanton dies whilst he was supposed to be looking after him. Meanwhile, Esther is struggled to keep her family together without Kassi. But when she reaches breaking point, Frank comes to her rescue and teaches her that life as a single-parent isn't bad. Elsewhere, Dom is convinced he is guilty of murder. But whose murder?

star 7.32
74 votes
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Queen of Cups

#32 - Queen of Cups

Lovesick Season 3 - Episode 6

At a charity carnival, Jonesy plays matchmaker for Luke, Dylan and Evie visit a fortuneteller, and Angus sets his sights on a giant stuffed bear.

star 7.29
127 votes

#33 - Martha

Lovesick Season 3 - Episode 5

A surprise party for Dylan's parents takes an awkward turn. Luke and Jonesy try something new. Angus gets questionable advice from a fellow divorcé.

star 7.11
125 votes
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