The Best Episodes Directed by Gary Nelson

Memories of Monica

#1 - Memories of Monica

Have Gun, Will Travel Season 6 - Episode 7

Repaying a debt, Paladin rides to Valley Heart. Sheriff Reagan awaits the return of a native son who has been jailed for the past six years. The sheriff's wife was once this native son's girlfriend, and he has vowed to see Reagan dead for taking her from him.

star 10.00
1 votes
Angels and Devils

#2 - Angels and Devils

Early Edition Season 2 - Episode 6

A young boy who is part of a youth basketball camp at a church is influenced by his older brother, recently released from prison. Gary works with a sister to keep the boy on the right path. Chuck struggles to find a new head chef for McGinty's and falls for a female applicant whose dishes are a little too unconventional.

star 9.11
76 votes
The Savages

#3 - The Savages

Have Gun, Will Travel Season 6 - Episode 27

An art collector hires Paladin to guide him, and his strangely childlike daughter, to the camp of a reclusive sculptor. But the collector does not tell Paladin his real reason for wanting to find the artist.

star 9.03
30 votes
Island of the Darned

#4 - Island of the Darned

Get Smart Season 2 - Episode 11

86 and 99 are stranded on a KAOS controlled island where they must fight for their lives.

star 8.77
68 votes
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The Fourth Carpathian

#5 - The Fourth Carpathian

Early Edition Season 2 - Episode 17

Gary's parents receive the paper when Gary is trapped in an absndoned theater trying to save a monkey. Gary's parents and Crumb accidentally bring together a family of Letonian trapeze artists in Chicago.

star 8.66
102 votes
The Expendable Agent

#6 - The Expendable Agent

Get Smart Season 2 - Episode 24

A British scientist who came to America to reveal a new rocket fuel formula hides at Max's apartment as KAOS tries everything they can to capture him and steal the formula.

star 8.54
60 votes
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Everybody Goes to Rick's

#7 - Everybody Goes to Rick's

Early Edition Season 4 - Episode 21

Gary travels back in time to 1929, and is the proprietor of a speakeasy at the location where McGinty's is currently located. He must try to prevent the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

star 8.53
43 votes
Don't Walk Away, Renee

#8 - Don't Walk Away, Renee

Early Edition Season 2 - Episode 20

Gary helps Renee, a woman who is being targeted by thieves.

star 8.47
73 votes
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Romancing the Throne

#9 - Romancing the Throne

Early Edition Season 2 - Episode 12

Gary must deal with a stowaway princess who hid in his trunk.

star 8.36
78 votes
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#10 - Fate

Early Edition Season 3 - Episode 18

A homeless man plummets to his death while Gary tries to save him. Gary is rattled by his inability to prevent the tragedy and questions his involvement with the paper. When Gary refuses to prevent the next day's bad news, he winds up being forced to confront his own fate when he reads his obituary in the paper and must figure out what he's done wrong so he can save his life.

star 8.34
102 votes
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Fatal Edition (2)

#11 - Fatal Edition (2)

Early Edition Season 4 - Episode 8

When Gary's own investigation leads him to one of Scanlon's informants, he learns that at the time of Scanlon's death, the reporter was about to break a story on a murder-for-hire ring. With the help of Sun Times photographer Miguel Diaz, Gary obtains a printout of Scanlon's notes for his story that identifies six murders that were made to look like accidents. Meanwhile, Detective Brigatti uncovers some evidence of her own, which proves Gary's innocence and implicates someone with whom she works closely in the department. When Brigatti is subsequently taken hostage and about to be murdered, Gary must save her before the real killer sets him up a second time.

star 8.29
101 votes
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The King Lives?

#12 - The King Lives?

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 14

Max travels to Coronia to protect the King of Coronia from the King's evil half-brother Basil

star 8.27
31 votes
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How to Succeed in the Spy Business Without Really Trying

#13 - How to Succeed in the Spy Business Without Really Trying

Get Smart Season 2 - Episode 25

Max and 99 are saved by Siegfried, who wants to defect. The Chief doesn't trust Siegfried until he starts to sell important information about KAOS.

star 8.27
62 votes
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#14 - Blackout

Early Edition Season 3 - Episode 1

During a blackout in Chicago, Marissa attempts to save two trapped teenagers.

star 8.26
107 votes
Die, Spy

#15 - Die, Spy

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 25

The story spoofs NBC's "I Spy" and Robert Culp of that series appears in a cameo role.

star 8.23
30 votes
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Just one of Those Things

#16 - Just one of Those Things

Early Edition Season 3 - Episode 14

Gary decides to tell Erica about the paper but she does not believe him until she witnesses him saving the life of a little girl trapped in a refrigerator. Unfortunately, Patrick, who is looking for an apartment, accidently takes Gary's paper.

star 8.20
130 votes
Jenny Sloane

#17 - Jenny Sloane

Early Edition Season 2 - Episode 4

Gary must help a young boy who is ill with leukemia, but is refusing treatment. Gary learns about Jenny Sloane, a well-known woman who also has a terminal illness, and hopes Jenny will inspire the boy to receive treatment. Jenny's involvement with a self-absorbed Sun-Times columnist causes her to question her place in the public eye.

star 8.16
108 votes
The Return of Crumb

#18 - The Return of Crumb

Early Edition Season 2 - Episode 14

Gary has to keep an honest cop, Detective Crumb, from being arrested due to a blackmailed investigation.

star 8.12
69 votes
Fatal Edition (1)

#19 - Fatal Edition (1)

Early Edition Season 4 - Episode 7

When Frank Scanlon, a Chicago Sun Times columnist famous for his exposes, meets Gary during one of his daily saves, Gary piques the interest of the reporter, who believes that the rescues are more than coincidental. Intent on investigating Gary further, Scanlon demands that Sun Times cameraman Miguel Diaz hand over the confidential file he's been collecting on Gary. Meanwhile, when Gary reads in the paper that Scanlon is about to be murdered, he rushes to save him but the paper lists the wrong time of death - leading Gary to be found at the scene by police and subsequently arrested. Mounting circumstantial evidence even has Detective Toni Brigatti convinced of Gary's guilt. After escaping his arraignment, with Marissa's help, Gary becomes a fugitive desperate to find Scanlon's murderer.

star 8.06
101 votes
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Hot Time In Old Town

#20 - Hot Time In Old Town

Early Edition Season 2 - Episode 21

While preventing a building from falling over and killing thousands, Gary is knocked unconscious and wakes up in October 1871, two days before the Great Chicago Fire.

star 8.01
72 votes
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The Mysterious Dr. T

#21 - The Mysterious Dr. T

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 13

When a top CONTROL scientist dies, it turns out that he wasn't the real brains behind the operations.

star 8.00
32 votes
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The Debutante

#22 - The Debutante

Have Gun, Will Travel Season 6 - Episode 19

Mrs Quincy longs to see her granddaughter who has been away since she was six. When her daughter and husband died in the mine fields, she was taken in. Now betrothed to be married, Paladin is hired to ensure she is this long lost relative.

star 8.00
1 votes
Where-What-How-Who am I?

#23 - Where-What-How-Who am I?

Get Smart Season 2 - Episode 23

86 overhears a plot to kill scientists but Max suffers amnesia in a car crash. KAOS uses a creative way to protect this information.

star 7.91
63 votes
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With Love and Twitches

#24 - With Love and Twitches

Get Smart Season 4 - Episode 9

The big day arrives for Smart and Agent 99, but almost without Smart as he is sidetracked by a bizarre case.

star 7.89
26 votes
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Strike While the Agent Is Hot

#25 - Strike While the Agent Is Hot

Get Smart Season 2 - Episode 2

An agent dies, which leaves Max in charge of the "Spy's Guild" labor negotiations.

star 7.89
92 votes
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The Out-of-Towner

#26 - The Out-of-Towner

Early Edition Season 4 - Episode 1

Gary meets a man, Sam Cooper, that also receives tomorrow's paper (the New York Daily). However, unlike Gary, Sam hires others to complete the rescues and uses the paper's knowledge to make money.

star 7.89
108 votes

#27 - Malachi

Gunsmoke Season 11 - Episode 9

While Matt's out of town, his friends play along with a drifter's innocent impersonation of the marshal, but a man comes to town determined to get revenge on the marshal, and he's not playing.

star 7.88
42 votes
Performance Anxiety

#28 - Performance Anxiety

Early Edition Season 4 - Episode 14

The former recipient of the New York paper decides to relinquish his duties by turning over the next day's news to his friend Clams, but the paper suddenly stops coming after Clams meets with a mysterious man asking questions about his satisfaction with his special subscription. When Gary is involved in a similar meeting, Clams warns him that he too could lose his paper if he makes any wrong decisions. Desperate to get his own paper back, Clams steals Gary's edition so he can convince the powers-that-be to give him another chance. But even as he tries to make amends, Clams continues to abuse the paper and winds up putting the life of a down on-his-luck computer genius in jeopardy. When Gary reads that Clams and the computer wiz will perish in a dangerous explosion, he must race to save their lives before it's too late.

star 7.83
105 votes
The Spy Who Met Himself

#29 - The Spy Who Met Himself

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 1

KAOS's League of Impersonators are serving as duplicates for CONTROL agents, trying to steal the plans for a warhead and wreak havoc at CONTROL. After the real Max kidnapped and is replaced by an impostor, he manages to escape and a committee has to determine which is the real Max!

star 7.82
84 votes
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Nest Egg

#30 - Nest Egg

Early Edition Season 3 - Episode 10

To his surprise, Gary runs into his mother in the middle of Chicago. Later he shadows her and sees her drinking champagne with a strange man. Gary first suspects an affair, but learns that the stranger has tricked her into investing in a fictive company.

star 7.82
129 votes
The Dead Spy Scrawls

#31 - The Dead Spy Scrawls

Get Smart Season 1 - Episode 18

CONTROL tries to find the location of a KAOS communications center, which turns out to be in a pool hall.

star 7.82
43 votes
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The Hot Line

#32 - The Hot Line

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 24

The Chief is relieved of Duty as Chief,when he receives a call from what he believes is the President;(actually it is Gorshen a Kaos voice impersonator)informing the Chief as of Today Max is the New Chief.This part of Kaos's plan to infiltrate,and then destroy Control.With Max being in charge Kaos really don't need to plan.

star 7.79
28 votes
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#33 - Leadside

Get Smart Season 4 - Episode 23

Wheelchair bound mastermind Leadside is caught in a robbery by Max and announces a three-part plan. Phase one, he will escape from Max. Phase two, he will destroy CONTROL. Phase three, he will kill Maxwell Smart. After Leadside follows through on Phases One and Two, Max holes up in his apartment, vowing "Leadside will only complete Phase Three over my dead body." This is one of my favorite episodes and Ronald Long is brilliant as Leadside. "My mother gave me Norman." The wheelchair in the back of the truck bit is still side-splittingly funny.

star 7.69
25 votes
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The Mild Ones

#34 - The Mild Ones

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 11

Max & 99 have to infiltrate a motorcycle gang called the "Purple Knights", because Control believes they kidnapped the Prime Minister of a foreign country while Max was guarding him.

star 7.67
35 votes
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Maxwell Smart, Alias Jimmy Ballantine

#35 - Maxwell Smart, Alias Jimmy Ballantine

Get Smart Season 2 - Episode 5

Max has to impersonate a safe cracker named Jimmy Ballantine. He has his face wrapped in bandages so KAOS won't recognise him. 99 poses as a manicurist & agent 13 is in the towel steamer. Control believes the barber shop is a KAOS front. The KAOS agents want Max to open the vault of a federal reserve bank. 99 doesn't know which one,so the Chief has all the banks vaults left unlocked. Max opens the vault, KAOS guys are removing the money & plan to kill Max,when he gets the drop on them & their plan backfires. 99 & the Chief arrive & Max accidentaly locks the Chief in the vault.

star 7.66
110 votes
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The Worst Best Man

#36 - The Worst Best Man

Get Smart Season 4 - Episode 6

Each time Smart picks a best man for his upcoming wedding to Agent 99, the man meets with a mysterious accident. The Chief deducts that there must be a link between all of the accidents and KAOS because all of Max's prospects are fellow agents. To prevent further loss of manpower a t CONTROL, Hymie is appointed best man. KAOS then reveals it's true interest in Max's choice of best man - nearly to the extinction of CONTROL.

star 7.65
35 votes
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Play It Again Sammo

#37 - Play It Again Sammo

Early Edition Season 3 - Episode 22

Gary does his usual routine to help others, and finds himself involved with the robbery of an ancient Chinese helmet that was stolen from LA. Detective Sammo Law from the Los Angeles police department is in Chicago looking for the missing helmet. After investigating Gary's involvement with the case, Sammo and Gary find out Gary accidentally bought the helmet as a piece of an art decoration object. Unfortunately the helmet is stolen again, forcing Sammo and Gary to team up to get it back, while trying to stop the man who stole it and his niece from being murdered by international smugglers who want the helmet.

star 7.59
71 votes
Kisses for KAOS

#38 - Kisses for KAOS

Get Smart Season 1 - Episode 17

After several buildings are inexplicably blown up, Control follows the trail to an art gallery where a former chemist, debonair Rex Savage, has teamed up with painter Mondo to produce a series of explosive paintings. 99 disguises as an art expert with Max as her driver/butler as they try to get Savage's fingerprints and photograph, something that turns out to be a little more complicated than expected.

star 7.58
49 votes
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The Amazing Harry Hoo

#39 - The Amazing Harry Hoo

Get Smart Season 1 - Episode 25

The Claw is back, and planning to lead Max into his deadly trap. His scheme leads Max and 99 to San Francisco as they follow a Chinese agent (Number 3) in the hopes that this will lead them to Number One (Claw), the mastermind behind a smuggling operation that uses a laundromat as facade (though the real money is actually in the laundry). However Max gets help from Harry Who, a chinese police inspector with a keen eye for detail and two possibilities to explain anything.

star 7.55
44 votes
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Hubert's Unfinished Symphony

#40 - Hubert's Unfinished Symphony

Get Smart Season 1 - Episode 26

Max and the Chief disguise themselves as concert critics as they go in the aid of Hubert, a violin virtuoso who has been working undercover to find the identity of KAOS's Big Boss. Just before Hubert is able to give his report he is killed but first hides a clue in the form of writen music. Max must then stop pianist Wolenska from being killed by a bomb planted in the piano on which he will perform Hubert's last symphony, a desperate attempt of the Big Boss to keep his identity secret.

star 7.51
38 votes
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Two on the Bench

#41 - Two on the Bench

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Season 5 - Episode 14

Carter won't believe that Gomer really knows football star Moose Lewis.

star 7.50
12 votes
The Secret of Sam Vittorio

#42 - The Secret of Sam Vittorio

Get Smart Season 4 - Episode 4

Thirty years earlier bank robbers Connie and Floyd met up with Sam Vittorio, who had robbed 192 banks. Now dying, Vittorio will only reveal the location of his hidden loot to his protégés, who look remarkably like Max and 99.

star 7.50
33 votes

#43 - Halloween

Early Edition Season 3 - Episode 6

Gary is abducted by two witches that he saved from a fire. The witches believe that Gary is a warlock, and that Gary can help them free their sister who has been locked up for close to 200 years.

star 7.47
102 votes
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The Return of the Ancient Mariner

#44 - The Return of the Ancient Mariner

Get Smart Season 4 - Episode 8

With an attempt to kidnap Admiral Hardgrade in the works, Max has him stay in his apartment.

star 7.45
28 votes
Hoo Done It

#45 - Hoo Done It

Get Smart Season 2 - Episode 8

Max and Harry Hoo try to solve a murder of an agent in a tropical hotel, but their suspects keep turning into victims.

star 7.41
72 votes
Requiem for a Cop

#46 - Requiem for a Cop

Kojak Season 1 - Episode 6

Kojak races a 48-hour deadline to prevent the burial with dishonor of his old friend, a veteran officer suspected of corruption.

star 7.29
51 votes
It's a Bird, It's a Plane

#47 - It's a Bird, It's a Plane

Gilligan's Island Season 3 - Episode 27

A U.S. Air Force jetpack washes ashore in the lagoon. After close inspection of the jetpack, the Professor determines that the tanks contain just enough fuel to carry Gilligan to Hawaii. However, that determination was made before Gilligan wasted most of the fuel while proceeding to goof-up several attempts to be discovered and rescued. While flying the jetpack near where Navy search vessels are reported to be lurking, Gilligan is so scared by a radio report of an ""Unidentified Flying Object in the area"" that he blasts higher and hides in a cloud, not realizing that the UFO the Navy ships see is actually him with the jetpack!

star 7.23
60 votes
Gilligan Gets Bugged

#48 - Gilligan Gets Bugged

Gilligan's Island Season 2 - Episode 13

Gilligan's thinks he is doomed after being bitten by a yellow and green bug. Soon, the other castaways are also bitten by the same bug.

star 7.14
63 votes
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#49 - Topsy-Turvy

Gilligan's Island Season 3 - Episode 10

Gilligan bumps his head and suddenly sees everything upside down. The Professor tries to help by brewing an antidote made of keptibora berry extract, but the antidote causes Gilligan to see double. After consuming more juice, he sees four of everything. Meanwhile, the island is invaded by three headhunters who slowly capture all of the other castaways. Gilligan saves the day by serving the headhunters lots and lots of keptibora berry extract, which causes them to see ""hundreds"" of castaways running toward them!

star 7.07
28 votes

#50 - Win-A-Date

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Season 5 - Episode 16

Gomer and Carter are contestants on the "Win-A-Date" televised program.

star 7.07
15 votes
Survival of the Fittest

#51 - Survival of the Fittest

F Troop Season 2 - Episode 15

Parmenter and Agarn go on a wilderness survival test with only a knife, a canteen, and the new Army survival manual.

star 7.00
9 votes
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#52 - Alice

Have Gun, Will Travel Season 5 - Episode 27

A daughter hires Paladin to help her look for an old friend of his - her mother. She wants to know more about her past and especially her nickname but he won't discuss it until they arrive in Codyville, Arizona; where she was last seen.

star 7.00
1 votes
No Hearts, No Flowers

#53 - No Hearts, No Flowers

McMillan and Wife Season 2 - Episode 5

Sally's next on a maniac's agenda; a psychiatrist assists.

star 7.00
2 votes
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Gilligan, the Goddess

#54 - Gilligan, the Goddess

Gilligan's Island Season 3 - Episode 30

King Killiwani and two other natives come to the island looking for a 'White Goddess.' Ginger and Mary Ann are likely candidates, until the Castaways discover that the natives plan to take the ""White Goddess"" back to their island to marry a volcano and then be sacrificed into it. After seeing Gilligan in a wig and heels, the natives choose him as the ""White Goddess.""

star 6.92
34 votes
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Luck o' the Irish

#55 - Luck o' the Irish

Early Edition Season 4 - Episode 22

A young Irish woman loses her chance at a million dollar lottery when Gary swipes her dollar that she was going to buy the winning ticket with. To repay her he ends up caught up in a wild scheme that has them pretending to be engaged while Kate looks for a man she loves.

star 6.81
74 votes
Two Plus One

#56 - Two Plus One

Have Gun, Will Travel Season 6 - Episode 30

Paladin is riding to meet a lovely French lady in Los Angelos. On the way he encounters an Indian maiden being attacked. The girl, Taymanee, after being rescued, informs Paladin that she now belongs to him. His tryst takes a bad turn when Taymanee's attackers return. Rate it now! Air Date April 6, 1963 Production Code 31177 Top Episodes Genesis The Fifth Bullet Sweet Lady of the Moon The Hanging of Aaron Gibbs A Quiet Night in Town - Part I El Paso Stage The Predators Marshal of Sweetwater American Primitive A Quiet Night in Town - Part II Episode Summary Add/Edit On his way to an assignation with a lovely French lady in Los Angelos, Paladin encounters a Yosemite Indian maiden being attacked by two saddle tramps. Having rescued her, Paladin is nonplussed when the girl, Taymanee, informs him that she now belongs to him. This puts a serious crimp in his plans for a romantic interlude with his French lady, especially when Taymanee's attackers return.

star 6.00
1 votes
Malcolm at the Crossroads

#57 - Malcolm at the Crossroads

The Andy Griffith Show Season 6 - Episode 3

To get his mind off throwing rocks through windows, Ernest T. Bass is given the job of being a traffic cop. However, when Ernest T. begins throwing bricks through car windows, Malcom Merriweather is assigned Ernest T.'s task, causing Ernest T. to vow for revenge.

star 5.94
53 votes
The Return of Wrongo Starr

#58 - The Return of Wrongo Starr

F Troop Season 2 - Episode 14

Wrongo gets mixed up with a goat and some dynamite when Parmenter assigns him as a guard.

star 5.75
4 votes
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Cage at McNaab

#59 - Cage at McNaab

Have Gun, Will Travel Season 6 - Episode 23

Paladin is asked by the wife of a man who is condemned to die to visit him in prison and see if new evidence can be found to clear her husband. Not sure if he wants the job, Paladin agrees to the visit and it leads to quite an unexpected result. Paladin literally finds he now walks in another man's footsteps.

star 0.00
0 votes