The BEST episodes directed by Eiichi Kuboyama

Shouma Shinonome
31 votes

#1 - Shouma Shinonome

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 5 - Episode 31

While Tokoha's friends cheer her up after her loss to Rin, Shion tries to gain details about his upcoming opponent: Team Demise's Shouma Shinonome. However, he has an accidental encounter with Shouma himself, which leaves Shion with no time to look up any more information about him. Then, the decisive cardfight between Shion and Shouma commences. Although acting gentlemanly and knowing Shion's background, Shouma questions whether or not Shion is taking Vanguard seriously, causing him to slightly waver. Even though Shouma efficiently blocks most of Shion's attacks, Shion gets a chance to win the match but fails to do so. In the end, Shouma wins, meaning that Team Demise advances through the regional tournament and TRY3 is eliminated. Elsewhere, Kouji reports to Kanzaki about Chrono...

Shion vs. Kai
31 votes

#2 - Shion vs. Kai

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 6 - Episode 24

The second fight of the special match is Shion vs. Kai, who is using his Overlord deck. Shion attacks aggressively at the start, but Kai quickly closes the gap and puts him a nearly hopeless situation akin to the cardfights from their first encounter. This time however, Shion keeps his composure and miraculously defeats Kai.

Chrono's Memory
31 votes

#3 - Chrono's Memory

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 7 - Episode 8

Transported to a secluded ruined area, Chrono cardfights Ryuzu. While battling, bits of Chrono's lost memories regarding his father slowly pop into his mind until he finally recalls the incident involving himself, Rive, and Ryuzu. As it turns out, Rive and Ryuzu were friends who were working on creating a link between Earth and the planet Cray. One day, Chrono was brought over to a laboratory and watched an experiment in which Rive was used to open a portal to Cray. However, Rive later learned how Ryuzu wanted to sacrifice Cray for Earth's benefit. While Rive argued with him, Chrono heard a voice calling him from the Cray side of the portal. That voice belonged to Chrono Dran, and Chrono had summoned the dragon to Earth. When Ryuzu wanted to capture Chrono Dran, Rive knew at that moment what he had to do. He overloaded the system, caused the portal to explode, and destroyed the lab while protecting Chrono and Chrono Dran. While carrying the two away, Rive told Chrono to forget everything. Back in the present time, with all of his memories retained, Chrono is more appalled with Ryuzu, who knocks him unconscious with a taser.

Hiroki Moriyama
31 votes

#4 - Hiroki Moriyama

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 7 - Episode 3

Chrono meets with Kouji to ascertain that Rive is still alive. Kouji also explains his reasons for keeping this information secret. Meanwhile, the United Sanctuary Branch is invaded by the Company's Hiroki Moriyama, a young boy who believes he is a hero of justice while all who oppose him are evil. Since Team AL4 is currently out, Taiyou takes it upon himself to defend the branch by cardfighting Hiroki. As the battle continues, Hiroki spouts more of his ideals of how justice always wins, evil always loses, and evil must be punished. This reminds Taiyou of the old elitist philosophy of the branch and gives him more reason to defeat Hiroki. Unfortunately, not only does Taiyou lose, but Am (as Ace) summons one of the Zodiac Time Beasts and uses its power to destroy the branch. While there were no casualties, Taiyou is nonetheless disheartened that he could not defend the branch.

Change My Heart
34 votes

#5 - Change My Heart

Dog Days - Season 2 - Episode 11

The Union Festival comes to a close, and Millihi and Sink take some time to relax at Yukikaze's house. But things take an unexpected turn when Millihi finds a strange crystal, and the three are engulfed in a blue fog...

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Sakai: City of Freedom & Riches
73 votes

#6 - Sakai: City of Freedom & Riches

Oda Nobuna's Ambition - Season 1 - Episode 8

Sakihisa demands 120,000 kan from Nobuna or the imperial court will not recognize Yoshimoto as the new Shogun so Nobuna and Yoshiharu heads off to the neutral merchant city of Sakai. While the Oda army defends Kyoto from Danjyou and Yoshitatsu's forces, Nobuna meets with Soukyuu Imai, the leader of the Egoushuu, the merchants who control Sakai. Imai agrees to help her but the rest of the Egoushuu particularly Soukyuu Tsuda, won't since they don't like him for having a monopoly on the city's takoyaki stands. After having a meeting with Tsuda and the Egoushuu, Tsuda will help pay Nobuna's debt to Sakihisa for a part of the takoyaki market. To make things more interesting, a cooking contest will be held between Yoshiharu and Jubei where they will both cook takoyaki for Tsuda to buy, which no matter who wins, Nobuna still gets her money. Also, Imai and Tsuda are also betting on both cooks respectively which if Jubei wins, Tsuda gets an important position within the Egoushuu.

Galette Sword Style Record!
64 votes

#7 - Galette Sword Style Record!

Dog Days - Season 2 - Episode 5

Highway Bandits are ruining the lives of the people in Ayase. Nana, Vert, and Jau head out to stop the bandits but meet a much more interesting character.

Looking for Memories
58 votes

#8 - Looking for Memories

IS: Infinite Stratos - Season 2 - Episode 11

The IS class goes on a leisurely field trip with the girls vying for Ichika's attention. While leaving, the class is attacked at their various locations by Phantom Task.

How Clueless You Are
33 votes

#9 - How Clueless You Are

Chihayafuru - Season 2 - Episode 24

As Chihaya becomes hesitant about going to watch Arata, she and Taichi are snuck in by Fujisaki's coach, Midori Sakurazawa. At this point, Arata is leading against Shinobu, as he somehow managed to gain a momentum over her. Shinobu soon starts fighting back by switching up her usual graceful style for a more aggressive attack, but even her trademark speed is outmatched by Arata. Shinobu soon becomes more focused and makes a valiant attempt to fight back, but in the end, Arata manages to win the tournament.

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67 votes

#10 - F.F.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) - Season 5 - Episode 8

Jolyne and Ermes unravel the mystery of Stand F.F. and its user, who admits to helping Pale Snake in his efforts to steal their Stands.

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Ah, the Forgotten Splendor of the Age of Emperors
29 votes

#11 - Ah, the Forgotten Splendor of the Age of Emperors

Chihayafuru - Season 2 - Episode 5

Having scouted Hokuo during the semi-finals, Sumire reports that they plan to target Taichi, Tsutomu and Kana to secure three wins without much effort, which pushes them to become more serious about their match. To everyone's surprise, Hokuo's Hiro Kinashi decides to arrange the order to have a fair match up using their full strength. As Sudo is chosen as the speaker for the final match, motivating Hokuo not to slack off, Taeko brings Misuzawa some tasuki to help them cool down. Whilst Kana manages to perform well against her opponent thanks in part to Sudo's reading rhythm, Chihaya struggles against her opponent as she focuses too much on emulating Shinobu's technique. However, after Yusei ends up losing his match, Chihaya starts to make her comeback.

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Ibuki's Mugwort Blazes, a Pyre Laps at My Poor Heart
32 votes

#12 - Ibuki's Mugwort Blazes, a Pyre Laps at My Poor Heart

Chihayafuru - Season 2 - Episode 11

Yusei becomes upset when Tsutomu settles for his suggestion way too easily, as he only mentioned it because he felt Tsutomu was drifting into a supporting role. After reading up on her opponents, Chihaya agrees to use the same order as the previous match, as she feels Tsutomu needs a rest from his scouting. Mizusawa soon begin their match against Shoyo High School, in which one loss means they lose. Whilst initially overwhelmed by Shoyo's speed, Misuzawa manage to make a comeback and win, thanks to the notes Tsutomu gathered from a team who lost to Shoyo. Meanwhile, Arata is allowed to participate in the individuals on the condition that he write an essay of apology and not be allowed to cheer on Chihaya and Taichi in exchange. As Misuzawa prepare for their semi-final match against Akashi Girls School, which features former Queen representative Megumu Ousaka, Tsutomu manages to deduce information about the other players based on Sumire's seemingly obscure notes.

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'Forever', He Said
29 votes

#13 - 'Forever', He Said

Chihayafuru - Season 2 - Episode 18

With a newfound passion, Misuzawa begin to work on their flaws and fight back against Fujisaki, although Tsutomu loses his match. Meanwhile, as Chihaya tries to endure the pain of her injury, she spots Shinobu in the crowd and gives her teammates some encouragement to focus on winning. With the playoff match also showing intense dedication, Shinobu recalls how she was forced to be alone in order to become a strong individual player. Despite how she had always been focused on individual matches, she finds herself strangely drawn to the passion flowing the from the teams. Back in the match, Misuzawa is under pressure as Taichi falls behind and Akihiro loses his match, but Taichi encourages the others to aim for three wins.

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A Love Song Sung from a Trash Heap... (2)
279 votes

#14 - A Love Song Sung from a Trash Heap... (2)

Darker Than Black - Season 1 - Episode 18

Kenji falls for the doll, and they try to run away together with Hei's help. While out shopping, Hei is nearly identified by Kirihara Misaki as BK201, but Misaki doesn't see the relation between Li Shunsheng and BK201. Later, Kenji is caught and nearly killed by the boss, his brother, when Hei saves him. Kenji and the doll successfully run away.

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Please Accept This Bronze Statue
24 votes

#15 - Please Accept This Bronze Statue

Hajime no Ippo - Season 2 - Episode 25

After a gruesome fight, Takamura becomes the WBC Jr. Middleweight World Champion, and orders a giant bronze statue of himself to celebrate. Itagaki wins his first official match, and Ippo meets Itagaki's family - and learns how terrifying a simple pun can be!

Night of the Summer Festival
11 votes

#16 - Night of the Summer Festival

Konohana Kitan - Season 1 - Episode 7

The bon festival is here, and the attendants take turns off work to check it out.

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Enrollment Part V
142 votes

#17 - Enrollment Part V

The Irregular at Magic High School - Season 1 - Episode 5

Mibu tells Tatsuya that they are planning to let the school know of their thoughts about the discrimination among the students. An open forum is held at the school regarding the treatment of Course 1 and Course 2 students. However, there is an intrusion…

54 votes

#18 - Storm

Comet Lucifer - Season 1 - Episode 4

There's a storm approaching Garden Indigo, one that comes roughly every forty years. Do Mon panics at the weather report and decides that the broken roof must be repaired.

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Order! Hurry to the Battlefield!
40 votes

#19 - Order! Hurry to the Battlefield!

Big Order - Season 1 - Episode 8

After witnessing Kamimusubi die in front of him, Hiiragi calls for Hoshimiya Eiji to withdraw. Ayahito lets slip that Gennai is trying to cause another Great Destruction, and Hiiragi begins to share the events of ten years ago. Shortly thereafter, Gennai's forces attack in order to kidnap Sena.

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The Lion's Arranged Marriage
6 votes

#20 - The Lion's Arranged Marriage

Dog Days - Season 3 - Episode 6

The time has come for Leonmitchelle's annual challenge in which whoever defeats the princess earns the right to marry her, but this time, a new and powerful contestant who is an old friend of hers, appears as well.

Song of the Stars
7 votes

#21 - Song of the Stars

Dog Days - Season 3 - Episode 11

Once returning with reinforcements, Shinku joins forces with Gaul against Verde to rescue Aria, while Milhiore uses her song to heal the Sky Whale.

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