The Best Episodes Directed by Don Mcdougall


#1 - Siege

The Virginian Season 2 - Episode 13

Trampas wins $1,000 at poker in Medicine Bow and heads to his old stomping grounds of Logan, New Mexico to repay several debts. There he has a run in with comancheros, led by Pedro Lopez (Joseph Campanella), who virtually run the town and have the town leaders under their thumb. Trampas discovers that some of the commancheros have murdered his old friends and turns them over to the Marshall (Ron Hayes) to hold for trial. However, Pedro threatens the townsfolk and they cave under and force the marshall to release the murderers. Pedro and his men then come gunning for Trampas.

star 10.00
1 votes
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The Antidote

#2 - The Antidote

The Bionic Woman Season 3 - Episode 14

A deadly poison will kill Jaime unless she reveals the location of a secret conference in exchange for the antidote.

star 8.75
4 votes
Riding with Death

#3 - Riding with Death

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 8 - Episode 14

Movie Plot: A 1970s movie about a secret government agent. On the SOL: Mike tries cooking / Servo does a tribute to the seventies. Thats the 70s AD, not the 1970s / Servo becomes a trucker / the Crew tries to inject characters into a movie. On the Camping Planet: Evil robots attack Pearl, Bobo, and Brain Guy. They ask the SOL for help, and Mike responds by blowing up the planet / once again, Pearl, Bobo, and Brain Guy have escaped destruction by taking off in the Widowmaker. Pearl demands medals for bravery. Stinger: Jim Stafford is happy. Original film made in 1976.

star 8.71
17 votes
No Tears for Savannah

#4 - No Tears for Savannah

The Virginian Season 2 - Episode 3

In Santa Rita the Virginian meets an old flame, Savannah (Gena Rowlands), who has been seeing a local man, a very jealous Gordie Madden (Robert Colbert). Savannah is accussed of murdering Madden and the Virginian gets Judge Garth to come and defend her. However, the cards are stacked against them as Madden's wealthy father (Everett Sloan) controls the town, including the Sheriff (Stephen McNally), and wants revenge.

star 8.67
6 votes
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Incident of the Reluctant Bridegroom

#5 - Incident of the Reluctant Bridegroom

Rawhide Season 5 - Episode 10

Rowdy gets drugged in a bar with Shelia, the bar owner's girl and wakes up married to her.

star 8.50
2 votes
Incident at the Trail's End

#6 - Incident at the Trail's End

Rawhide Season 5 - Episode 15

Harry Maxton has glaucoma. Gil offers Harry a job to Rowdy's surprise.

star 8.50
4 votes
Incident of the Dogfaces

#7 - Incident of the Dogfaces

Rawhide Season 5 - Episode 7

Rowdy,Quince and Clay help out three soldiers being attacked by Indians. They were sent to break the treaty with Broken Bow.

star 8.43
7 votes
The Moving Mountain

#8 - The Moving Mountain

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 5 - Episode 21

A terrorist steals a Russian rocket launcher and American missilse and plans to hold both countries hostage. Steve is sent along with a beautiful Russian agent to stop the terrorist, but his opposite number has orders to dispose of him and bring back the missiles to her superiors.

star 8.30
17 votes
Saga of Whizzer McGee

#9 - Saga of Whizzer McGee

Bonanza Season 4 - Episode 30

Hoss becomes concerned for the welfare of an insecure, belligerent fellow who is as small as Hoss is large. Interesting blend of comedy and pathos that ends unpredictably.

star 8.22
9 votes
A Woman Lost

#10 - A Woman Lost

Bonanza Season 4 - Episode 25

Ben's attempt to rehabilitate an alcoholic singer he knew in better days are complicated by her involvment with a former prize fighter.

star 8.20
5 votes
Trouble at Cooter's

#11 - Trouble at Cooter's

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 4 - Episode 10

A pair of fur thieves comes to Hazzard to sell Boss Hogg their stolen mink coats. But when they lose one of them on the highway, Boss short changes them the price. Determined to get the coats back for his loss, he plans on breaking into the storeroom through a hole in the wall at Cooter's Garage while his girlfriend charms Cooter.

star 8.13
15 votes
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Cooter's Girl

#12 - Cooter's Girl

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 6 - Episode 12

A young woman comes to Hazzard to see Cooter, who happens to be his daughter that he's never met. But she thinks Cooter is very rambunctious who is working with the Dukes to stop new landowners from dumping toxic-wastes in Hazzard.

star 8.09
11 votes
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Day of the Dragon

#13 - Day of the Dragon

Bonanza Season 3 - Episode 11

Joe wins a card game and an unexpected prize...a young lady. She goes to the Ponderosa and serves them, not wanting to be set free. Meanwhile, an army is looking for her and the Cartwrights.

star 8.08
12 votes
Dukes in Danger

#14 - Dukes in Danger

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 4 - Episode 27

A prison car that is escorting two escaped convicts has an accident and they escape. They go to the Duke farm and take the Dukes hostage, along with their mortgage money, which causes Boss and Rosco to come to the farm and foreclose, and get caught up in it.

star 8.07
14 votes
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The Tall Stranger

#15 - The Tall Stranger

Bonanza Season 3 - Episode 16

Hoss plans to marry Margie, a pretty blonde, but Margie becomes fascinated with a tall, traveling stranger named Mark Connors. Margie marries Mark but soon finds it was far from a match made in heaven.

star 8.00
10 votes
Song in the Dark

#16 - Song in the Dark

Bonanza Season 4 - Episode 16

Adam's guitar-strumming friend, ranch hand Danny Morgan, is arrested on suspicion of murdering and robbing the Widow Baker. Someone had reported hearing Danny singing outside her place at the time of the murder. More, importantly, Morgan has bad scratches on his arm, and the widow was found with human skin under her fingernails. Adam is thoroughly convinced that Danny couldn't have done it; the two became friends after Danny saved Adam's life a few years ago.

star 8.00
11 votes
Ponderosa Matador

#17 - Ponderosa Matador

Bonanza Season 5 - Episode 15

Adam, Hoss, and Joe vie for the attention of a pretty young lady named Dolores. Hoss talks Joe into entering a bull fight, but it doesn't work out quite as planned.

star 8.00
7 votes
Return to Honor

#18 - Return to Honor

Bonanza Season 5 - Episode 25

Ben must travel to pay his respects after he learns of the death of his nephew Will. When he visits the grave, he finds his nephew barely alive with a bullet wound. He takes him to a doctor and Will insists that he leave, but Ben refuses. Will explains that the men after him must believe that he is dead. Ben decides his best bet is to take Will home. He and Will are followed by the same men who are interested in some valuables Will is carrying.

star 8.00
6 votes

#19 - Image

Mission: Impossible Season 6 - Episode 17

Emil Gadsen has controlled the Syndicate's vice operation in the Northeast U.S. - now he plans to flee the country to avoid an indictment, leading his underling Thor Coffin in charge. Gadsen has a list of officials he pays off that he'll be taking with him - the IMF must get the list. Barney plays a psychic who visits believer Gadsen and warns of someone coming who is "closer then a brother" (although Gadsen has no brother), then drugs Gadsen to react in pain to someone showing him the Death tarot card. Then Gadsen and his son Tony meet "Professor Gadaradz," who is Gadsen's lookalike (actually IMF guest-agent Scott). When Gadaradz has a heart attack, the IMF show Gadsen a Death card and he feels sympathetic pains. Barney convinces Gadsen that Coffin kidnapped and is now torturing Gadaradz - Gadsen breaks into Coffin's estate where Willy has snuck in and is fake-torturing Gadaradz. When Gadaradz "dies," and Gadsen collapses in pain, he gives the list (hidden in his watch) to his son Ton

star 8.00
1 votes
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Incident of Decision

#20 - Incident of Decision

Rawhide Season 5 - Episode 13

When Rowdy buys eighteen cattle for the next drive he has to contend with a young would be drover with a crooked leg and banditos.

star 8.00
3 votes

#21 - Max

The Bionic Woman Season 3 - Episode 10

Max, the bionic dog, is kidnapped by foreign agents, while Jaime lies helpless in a hospital bed undergoing a bionic check-up.

star 8.00
8 votes
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Limo One is Missing

#22 - Limo One is Missing

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 1 - Episode 9

Leave it to Cooter to drive everyone wild. When government agents driving the U.S. President's limo through Hazzard stop at the Boar's Nest, Cooter hot-wires the vehicle and sets out on a joy ride.

star 7.98
57 votes
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Swamp Molly

#23 - Swamp Molly

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 1 - Episode 6

Way back in the '30s, Molly sprang Uncle Jesse out of a heap of trouble with the Feds. Now she wants to make one last moonshine run... and she wants Jesse and the other Dukes to help.

star 7.97
73 votes
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High Octane

#24 - High Octane

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 1 - Episode 5

Will a batch of kick-tail gasoline solve the nation's fuel crisis? Uncle Jesse fires up the moonshine still for a patriotic cause. And a lovely female revenue agent fires up Bo's dancin'-and-romancin' flames.

star 7.95
91 votes
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Home Again

#25 - Home Again

Dallas Season 2 - Episode 14

Ellie's brother Garrison, presumed dead, shockingly shows up at Southfork. Ellie, knowing the Ranch was supposed to be his, tells the family she will be giving Southfork to Garrison. The family is not happy and J.R, of course, insults Garrison, causing the old man, who does not want Southfork, to fight back.

star 7.94
33 votes
The First Born

#26 - The First Born

Bonanza Season 4 - Episode 1

Clay Stafford signs on to work for the Cartwrights and shortly afterwards shoots and kills a man who accuses him of cheating at poker. The miners warn Clay to leave town, but it appears he killed in self-defense. Surprisingly, he tells Little Joe that he is his half-brother, and Marie was his mother. Ben listens to his story and takes his word for it, but Adam and Hoss think he should wire the judge in New Orleans to confirm Clay's real identity. Meanwhile, Clay and Joe develop a close relationship, but the vengeful miners still want Clay out of Virginia City and their first warning, is when Joe is beaten up by them. Ultimately, Clay decides life on the ranch is not for him.

star 7.93
14 votes
Just a Matter of Time

#27 - Just a Matter of Time

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 5 - Episode 13

Steve enters a time warp while on an orbital mission, hurling him six years into the future. Upon landing, the authorities arrest him for treason, believing he defected to Russia and was brainwashed into thinking the time warp occurred. Steve has to both prove his innocence and figure out how to get back to his own time.

star 7.92
23 votes
The Miracle Maker

#28 - The Miracle Maker

Bonanza Season 3 - Episode 34

Hoss blames himself when a young woman is crippled in a wagon accident, and hopes a faith healer can help her walk again.

star 7.82
11 votes
Farewell, Hazzard

#29 - Farewell, Hazzard

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 5 - Episode 21

Boss Hogg forecloses on the Duke farm and a bunch of other farms to sell the land to a big developer named L.S. Pritchard. But what he don't know is that she plans on using Hazzard to strip-mine coal.

star 7.79
19 votes
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A Question of Strength

#30 - A Question of Strength

Bonanza Season 5 - Episode 6

Hoss and a pair of nuns, the younger one having a difficult time training for the order, are robbed and stranded at a way station.

star 7.78
9 votes
Look to the Stars

#31 - Look to the Stars

Bonanza Season 3 - Episode 26

A young genius, Albert Michaelson, vies for a scholarship. Adam assists Albert in the boy's experiments. Albert only needs the school teacher's approval to be granted a scholarship-which will be very difficult to get considering Albert was expelled from school.

star 7.75
8 votes
The Mountain Girl

#32 - The Mountain Girl

Bonanza Season 3 - Episode 33

Joe promises a dying sheepman he will make sure the old man's granddaughter gets her rightful inheritance from a wealthy San Francisco family. This episode was filmed immediately after "Inger, My Love", which explains why Blocker's arm is still in a sling.

star 7.75
8 votes
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She Walks in Beauty

#33 - She Walks in Beauty

Bonanza Season 5 - Episode 1

Hoss wants to marry mysterious Regan Miller, a woman with less than a pristine past. When he thinks Adam is trying to steal her away, he loses control and beats Adam up.

star 7.74
19 votes
Pin the Tail on the Dukes

#34 - Pin the Tail on the Dukes

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 4 - Episode 17

Jesse's old crony Hector, who just got out of prison, is after Boss for stealing his land. Meanwhile Rosco and Cletus use phony radar guns, and Bo and Luke accidentally destroy one. So Boss has Bo and Luke framed for destroying county property.

star 7.74
19 votes
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Coltrane vs. Duke

#35 - Coltrane vs. Duke

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 4 - Episode 4

Boss Hogg is offered top dollar for the Duke farm to a beer distributor and in order to get his hands on it, He has Rosco pretend that he got whiplash while chasing Bo and Luke so he can sue them for the farm.

star 7.69
32 votes
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#36 - Rollback

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 5 - Episode 7

Steve goes undercover, joining a roller derby team whose owner plans to acquire and sell top-secret information. When the owner discovers the ruse, he plants evidence to lead Steve in the wrong direction, and uses the distraction to go get the information.

star 7.67
21 votes
The Ride

#37 - The Ride

Bonanza Season 3 - Episode 18

Adam races against the clock to prove a man who was once his friend is guilty of robbery and murder and Adam is convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt he is guilty.

star 7.67
15 votes
The Friendship

#38 - The Friendship

Bonanza Season 3 - Episode 8

Joe befriends and takes responsibility for an ex-convict named Danny. Danny loves horses and is not used to people's ways on the outside of jail. Will his rough jailhouse upbringing mar any hopes of friendship?

star 7.64
11 votes
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Blessed Are They

#39 - Blessed Are They

Bonanza Season 3 - Episode 30

When two feuding families argue over the custody of two orphaned children, a reluctant Ben is called upon to straighten out the situation before real trouble erupts.

star 7.50
10 votes
The Artist

#40 - The Artist

Bonanza Season 4 - Episode 3

Ben helps Matthew Raine, a famous painter who has gone blind and now wallows in self-pity, discover a new purpose in life. However, Raine's employee Gavin has other ideas.

star 7.50
10 votes
Logan's Treasure

#41 - Logan's Treasure

Bonanza Season 6 - Episode 5

Sam Logan is released from jail after serving his twenty year sentence for stealing $100,000 worth of gold dust. He is followed by a bounty hunter who believes Sam will lead him to where the gold is buried.

star 7.50
2 votes
Crash Diet

#42 - Crash Diet

CHiPs Season 1 - Episode 19

The CHP officers have to lose weight as part of a comprehensive physical conditioning program.

star 7.50
28 votes
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Incident of the Hostages

#43 - Incident of the Hostages

Rawhide Season 5 - Episode 26

Rowdy buys three white children from the Arapahos that have been raised by the Apache.

star 7.50
2 votes
The Fortunes of J. Jimerson Jones

#44 - The Fortunes of J. Jimerson Jones

The Virginian Season 2 - Episode 17

J. Jimerson Jones (Pat O'Brien) finds a gold vein and on the way to Chicago to enjoy his fortune, meets Judge Garth and Betsy. In Chicago the Garth's make the acquaintance of young newspaper reporter Eddie Tighe (David Macklin) while Jones meets a middle-aged hotel maid, Maggie Hyeth (Ann Doran). Jones becomes the target of con artists and Betsy the romantic target of Tighe, with generally humorous results.

star 7.50
2 votes
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The Good Samaritan

#45 - The Good Samaritan

Bonanza Season 4 - Episode 13

Hoss decides to help out Wade Tyree and introduces him to Abigail and her daughter, Bonnie. Hoss hopes this will stop Wade's constant drinking. Wade soon marries Abigail, but when things don't go his way, he goes back to drinking. Hoss helps out by helping the new family plant crops. When no rain comes, Hoss introduces them to irrigation, and Abigail faints while watering the crops. Wade realizes he has been a terrible husband and father, but gets a second chance when Abigail finds out she is going to have another child. Abigail and Bonnie both forgive Wade and a new family is born!

star 7.46
13 votes
Heiress Daisy Duke

#46 - Heiress Daisy Duke

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 6 - Episode 13

An investigator comes to Hazzard tracking down a photo of Daisy Duke thinking that she's the long-lost granddaughter of millionaire Carter Stewart - who is offering a big reward for anyone who finds her. So Boss has Daisy hypnotized into thinking she is the granddaughter, but other heirs don't want her to return and are trying to kill her.

star 7.43
13 votes
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Dear Diary

#47 - Dear Diary

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 4 - Episode 20

Rosco loses his diary on the Duke farm which contains all of Boss' schemes he's made and when Jesse is about to deliver it to Boss and Rosco, Two crooks - which Boss Hogg swindled steal it and try and blackmail Boss with it - and Bo and Luke are accused of being a part of their gang.

star 7.39
17 votes
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Hazzard Hustle

#48 - Hazzard Hustle

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 5 - Episode 8

Boss opens up an illegal horse-betting saloon in Rapahoe County and uses the Dukes' phone line to frame them. But the Boss of Rapahoe County is not happy being cheated out of her county's money.

star 7.33
11 votes
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King of the Mountain

#49 - King of the Mountain

Bonanza Season 5 - Episode 21

When mountain man Jim Leyton decides to marry, he chooses Hoss as his best man. Julie's father, Grizzly, does not agree and Hoss must come to the rescue.

star 7.33
9 votes
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Go West, Young Dukes

#50 - Go West, Young Dukes

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 7 - Episode 8

Boss Hogg finds a piece of paper from his great grandfather Thaddeus that Jesse's great grandfather Jeremiah signed over the Duke farm. Confused as ever, The Dukes find their great grandma's diary and they tell the story about the events leading up to it from the 1800's.

star 7.31
15 votes
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Boss Behind Bars

#51 - Boss Behind Bars

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 6 - Episode 6

The Beaudrys (from "Daisy's Shotgun Wedding" (522)) return to Hazzard to swipe Boss Hogg's still since their's blew up. But to get Boss out of the way, they frame him of sabotaging Jesse's car in the old timer's race when his car flips over. Rosco throws Boss in the slammer while the Beaudreys steal Boss' still.

star 7.30
22 votes
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Dukes Strike It Rich

#52 - Dukes Strike It Rich

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 5 - Episode 2

Boss Hogg swindles newlyweds Jeb and Carrie Morton into buying a worthless piece of land next to the Duke Farm. So the Dukes try and help them by scamming Boss by making it look like they've found gold on their property and the Morton's property and struck it rich so that Boss will buy back the land.

star 7.26
18 votes
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Half a Rogue

#53 - Half a Rogue

Bonanza Season 4 - Episode 18

In this entertaining episode, laced with humor, Hoss first meets mountain man Jim Leyton. Bing Russell makes his first appearance as Deputy Clem Foster.

star 7.25
12 votes
The Horse Breaker

#54 - The Horse Breaker

Bonanza Season 3 - Episode 10

A professional wrangler working for the Cartwrights is paralyzed when thrown by a particularly mean bronco. The woman nursing him was once engaged to the late son of a neighboring rancher out to get Ben.

star 7.25
16 votes
The Squire of Gothos

#55 - The Squire of Gothos

Star Trek Season 1 - Episode 17

The Enterprise finds itself at the mercy of a seemingly omnipotent being who fancies himself a 18th century Englishman.

star 7.22
359 votes
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The Fugitive

#56 - The Fugitive

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 4 - Episode 5

A pretty drifter named Mindy Lou overhears Boss and Rosco talking about stealing motorcycles, repainting them and selling them for the upcoming Tri-County motor cross. So Boss orders Rosco to arrest her but she gets away and is found by the Dukes - who try to help her. Johnny Paycheck performs at the Boar's Nest.

star 7.21
23 votes
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The Honor of Cochise

#57 - The Honor of Cochise

Bonanza Season 3 - Episode 3

The Cartwrights and a bigoted army captain are pinned down by Cochise and his braves, who claim the officer poisoned 30 of their people.

star 7.16
19 votes
The Youth Killer

#58 - The Youth Killer

Kolchak: The Night Stalker Season 1 - Episode 19

Young swinging patrons of an exclusive dating service are turning up, dead of old age. The police don't believe they are the same persons, but Kolchak investigates and discovers that the head of the dating service is actually Helen of Troy, who sacrifices perfect young victims to Hecate, her patron goddess, in return for eternal youth and beauty. The fact that Helen is unaware one of the victims had a glass eye and lied about it on their form proves vital to Kolchak when he accidentally dons one of the rings that lets Helen sacrifice her victims in the appropriate manner.

star 7.13
15 votes
The Deception

#59 - The Deception

Planet of the Apes Season 1 - Episode 8

When the guys try to track down the apes who are framing humans for crimes in a small community, Fauna, a blind female ape, falls in love with Burke while believing him to be a chimpanzee.

star 7.13
24 votes
The War Comes to Washoe

#60 - The War Comes to Washoe

Bonanza Season 4 - Episode 7

The Civil War once again divides the citizens of Nevada, as well as Adam and Joe Cartwright. One of season four's highlights, the plot involving British spy Bill Stewart, based on historical fact.

star 7.13
8 votes
The Gladiators

#61 - The Gladiators

Planet of the Apes Season 1 - Episode 2

Burke, Virdon and Galen come across two humans fighting and get involved, but lose the magnetic disc. To recover it, they must approach the nearby village, where the ape prefect pits humans in a series of gladiatorial games.

star 7.10
40 votes
The Revenge of Hughie Hogg

#62 - The Revenge of Hughie Hogg

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 5 - Episode 13

When Rosco is up for re-election, Boss has no trouble supporting him until his devious nephew Hughie Hogg returns to run for sheriff and blackmails his uncle into helping him by showing evidence of a crooked deal he made.

star 7.00
12 votes
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The Way Station

#63 - The Way Station

Bonanza Season 4 - Episode 6

With a storm brewing, Adam takes refuge at a way station, run by cantankerous Jesse and his young grandaughter Marty, who yearns to see what exists away from the way station. The station is also visited by Luke Martin, a killer who is running from a posse. He makes Marty an empty promise to take her with him and see the world together, but Adam steps in and suggests Luke let her alone. Everybody but Marty is relieved to see him go, but he quickly returns and holds everyone hostage to protect himself from the posse.

star 7.00
15 votes
The Hostage

#64 - The Hostage

Bonanza Season 6 - Episode 2

Outlaws capture Ben and hide him in an abandoned mine, holding him for a ransom. The boys must come up with a plan to save him before it's too late.

star 7.00
1 votes
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The Ballerina

#65 - The Ballerina

Bonanza Season 6 - Episode 18

Kellie Conrad dances and her father plays the fiddle to earn a living. Hoss feels a sense of guilt after he unintentionally hurts the arm that Kellie's father uses to play the fiddle, in a saloon fight with some roughnecks. He gets them to stay at the Ponderosa while the girl's father recuperates. While there, Ben introduces Kellie to his friend Paul Mandel, a ballet star before an explosion cut his dancing career short. Kellie persuades Paul to help her learn ballet. She soon comes to the realization that she loves both the ballet and Paul. She struggles inwardly to make a choice between her love of ballet and giving it all up for the love of her father.

star 7.00
2 votes
Incident of the Mountain Man

#66 - Incident of the Mountain Man

Rawhide Season 5 - Episode 17

Thomas and the men of the wagon train are ready to string up Josh Green for killing Thomas's boy. Josh is a mountain man lost in the modern world.

star 7.00
3 votes
Incident of the Clown

#67 - Incident of the Clown

Rawhide Season 5 - Episode 24

Morris G. Stevens, a failed actor, toured the world as a clown. Now a philologist he wants to create a Comanche dictionary.

star 7.00
1 votes
Comrade Duke

#68 - Comrade Duke

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 5 - Episode 17

The Russians' gymnast team comes to Hazzard and a defector named Natasha escapes and hides out at the Duke farm while Boss helps the Russian gymnast leader find her.

star 6.91
10 votes
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Legacy of Terror

#69 - Legacy of Terror

Kolchak: The Night Stalker Season 1 - Episode 17

Physically fit specimens (an Air Force pilot, a football player, a cop) are all being targeted for a grisly death: their hearts are being cut from their chests while they're still alive, with a dull blade, on higher and higher flights of steps. Kolchak investigates and spots a strange feathered creature near the scene of one of the murders. He finds out that an ancient Aztec cult is trying to resurrect their ancient god, Nanautzin, the Lord of the Smoking Mirror. Since his destruction at the hands of the Conquistadores 520 years ago (the Aztec millennia), his worshippers must sacrifice the hearts of five worthy victims every 52 years. Upon the completion of the final cycle, Nanautzin will be restored to life. However, the final death must be a ""perfect sacrifice"": a willing victim who is given his every wish for a year before his final death. Pepe, a box boy, is the ""perfect sacrifice"" and Carl must track him to the highest staircase in Chicago and convince him to back out of the sacrifice.

star 6.91
11 votes
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The Gentleman from New Orleans

#70 - The Gentleman from New Orleans

Bonanza Season 5 - Episode 18

The new stranger in town claims to be the famous pirate Jean Lafitte, and Hoss believes him.

star 6.80
5 votes
Tomorrow's Tide

#71 - Tomorrow's Tide

Planet of the Apes Season 1 - Episode 6

An ape who runs a fishing business plans to use Virdon and Burke as slaves after he captures them.

star 6.71
31 votes
The Pure Truth

#72 - The Pure Truth

Bonanza Season 5 - Episode 23

Hoss is suffering from spring fever, goes to the wrong town and is accused of bank robbery.

star 6.50
12 votes
No Less a Man

#73 - No Less a Man

Bonanza Season 5 - Episode 24

The town council feels Roy Coffee can no longer do his job, and with the notorious Wagner gang on their way to rob the bank, everyone is in a panic. Ben and Adam disagree with the town council and do what they can to help Roy out.

star 6.40
5 votes
The Richest Man in the World

#74 - The Richest Man in the World

Wonder Woman Season 3 - Episode 17

Diana must find a reclusive millionaire who is the only one who can help her with a secret device that scrambles missile-guidance systems.

star 6.00
8 votes
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The Flannel-Mouth Gun

#75 - The Flannel-Mouth Gun

Bonanza Season 6 - Episode 19

Adam becomes involved with a quick-triggered range detective hired by the Virginia City Cattleman's Association to find out who is responsible for all the rustling going on in the area.

star 6.00
1 votes
Incident at Crooked Hat

#76 - Incident at Crooked Hat

Rawhide Season 5 - Episode 18

Gil stands by his old friend Jack Jennings. Jack's a gunfighter. In a fair fight he shot the brother of the most powerful man in the town.

star 6.00
2 votes
Incident at Alkali Sink

#77 - Incident at Alkali Sink

Rawhide Season 5 - Episode 29

Burt Harvey is accused of cowardice at Gettysburg by his new father-in-law.

star 6.00
1 votes
A Pink Cloud Comes from Old Cathay

#78 - A Pink Cloud Comes from Old Cathay

Bonanza Season 5 - Episode 28

A headstrong Chinese girl (Marlo Thomas) visiting the Cartwrights incites labor unrest among local workers.

star 5.70
10 votes