The Best Episodes Directed by Dearbhla Walsh

Episode 7

#1 - Episode 7

Shameless Season 1 - Episode 7

The balifs and Mr Wilson are still after Frank. And Frank seems to be more interested in spending time with his ex-wife, Monica, than dealing with his spiraling debts. However, much to Frank's annoyance Norma, Monica's lesbian partner, gives Frank a good idea, to fake his own death! Meanwhile Maggie realises that Frank isn't as interested in her as she hoped. When Anthony comes around to talk about Fiona she accidentally gets Chilli in her eyes and staggers out into the Garden! The first time she has been out in five years! Tony has finally found the perfect way to get rid of Steve and get with Fiona for he has stumbled across Steve's car stealing scam. The balifs aren't so convinced that Frank is dead until one of them attacks Frank in his coffin, in front of the family! When Frank doesn't stir the balif finally realises that Frank is really dead, and how sick his violent outburst/attack seemed. At Frank's wake Frank bursts out of the coffin and a party starts. Maggie turns up to ever

star 8.13
155 votes
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Episode 10

#2 - Episode 10

Shameless Season 2 - Episode 10

The local elections are underway and Kash is running to be Chatsworth's councillor against dirty-dealing Bernie Creme. However, it turns out that Bernie is just a racist who exposes himself to the entire pub and loses all his supporters. Lillian's husband is involved in a tragic accident which, at first, appears to be caused by Tony and Stan's Police van. But it later turns out that moments before he was hit by the van he was shot in the head. And it seems he was a junkie, according to the Police. Lillian is dashed off down the Police station to be interviewed about her late husband while Carol realises who shot him-Carl! Tony and Stan quickly figure out it was Carl as well due to CCTV footage. The family (bar Fiona who doesn't know) rallies behind Carl and just about manage to get him off the hook. Frank meanwhile decides to take the deadman's indentiy to get his benifits and then tries to kill his pet dog through various methods.

star 8.05
82 votes
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#3 - Gunner

Marvel's The Punisher Season 1 - Episode 5

Frank and Micro go looking for answers from a reluctant witness. Madani and Sam learn of a looming investigation. Rawlins sees a ghost.

star 7.92
3165 votes
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The Lord of No Mercy

#4 - The Lord of No Mercy

Fargo Season 3 - Episode 6

Gloria and Winnie get closer to the truth. Emmit tries to make things right. Nikki and Ray prepare for payback. Varga cleans up a mess.

star 7.90
3216 votes
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Episode 6

#5 - Episode 6

Shameless Season 1 - Episode 6

Balifs are after Frank and the large amount of money he owns them. But Frank is too busy trying to fool his ex-wife out of hiding. He gets Shelia to ring up Monica and tell her that she has won a raffle, at the local supermarket. But Shelia is devestated when she tells Monica that Carol Vordaman is doing the prize giving and Monica doesn't know who Carol is! At the supermarket Frank is spotted by Monica and her lesbian partner, Norma, and a halirious car chase begins (a spoof of Duel/Road Kill). Monica and Norma follow Frank and Kev back to Shelia's where Debbie spots her mother. Monica is hurt when Debbie ignores her and returns home. Fiona and the other kids, apart from Lip and Debbie, turn up at Shelia's to see their mother. Upstairs Shelia tries it on with Norma. A family meal between mother and children ends in disaster when Monica comes out as gay and Fiona walks out.

star 7.84
159 votes
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#6 - Legitimacy

Borgia Season 1 - Episode 6

As peace remains brittle, Rodrigo publicly acknowledges his paternity of Juan, Cesare, Lucrezia and Goffredo to strengthen the family bonds.

star 7.80
61 votes
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Ash Wednesday

#7 - Ash Wednesday

Borgia Season 2 - Episode 2

Cesare Borgia celebrates Mass on Ash Wednesday for the King of Naples and his court. According to the liturgical texts, Cesare made ​​a sign of the cross on the forehead of each participant with ash, in these words: "Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return." But when comes the turn of King Federico d'Aragona, Cesare draws a "C" on his forehead. Thus causing the sovereign Cesare stands in contradiction with the spirit of contrition associated with this holiday.

star 7.80
50 votes
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The House of Special Purpose

#8 - The House of Special Purpose

Fargo Season 3 - Episode 5

Nikki and Ray’s retaliation has consequences for Emmit. Gloria and Winnie start connecting the dots.

star 7.77
3244 votes
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Episode 6

#9 - Episode 6

Shameless Season 2 - Episode 6

Lip is sleeping with Mandy while she pretends to be Ian's girlfriend to hide the fact that he's gay. However, after Mandy falls pregnant with Lip's baby everyone thinks Ian's the dad and the Maguires welcome him to the family - with the threat of castration if he doesn't marry her. Fiona gets mugged on her way home from a drunken night out.

star 7.75
101 votes
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Episode 5

#10 - Episode 5

Shameless Season 2 - Episode 5

Sheila asks Lip to water the plants for a neighbour who's away on holiday, but the house is burgled and Lip is arrested by a bent copper, stitched up and charged. Frank goes to the police station and makes matters a lot worse. Debbie copies videos from Kash's shop and rents them around the estate, but one of her customers accidentally returns a home-made porn tape featuring the local lollipop lady

star 7.72
109 votes
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The Bonds of Matrimony

#11 - The Bonds of Matrimony

Borgia Season 1 - Episode 5

The wedding of Lucrezia to Giovanni Sforza is to seal the union between the Borgia and Sforza families, but the marriage will not be consummated.

star 7.72
67 votes
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#12 - Resurrection

Penny Dreadful Season 1 - Episode 3

Dr. Frankenstein is confronted by the consequences of his past. Vanessa has a vision of Mina, which leads her, Sir Malcolm, Ethan and Sembene to a strange discovery at the London Zoo.

star 7.70
2691 votes
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The Time of Sweet Desires

#13 - The Time of Sweet Desires

Borgia Season 2 - Episode 1

Cesare covets the hand of Carlotta d'Aragona and the Naples throne. Rodrigo et Lucrezia, for their part, wold like to turn the page on the death of Juan Borgia.

star 7.70
64 votes
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Lady in Waiting

#14 - Lady in Waiting

The Tudors Season 2 - Episode 8

At Henry's command Jane Seymour is made a lady-in-waiting to Anne Boleyn, to the discomfort and suspicion of the Queen. When Henry is seriously injured in a jousting match all thoughts turn to who might succeed him. There will be far-reaching consequences if Anne's pregnancy does not deliver a healthy son.

star 7.65
310 votes
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Something for You

#15 - Something for You

The Tudors Season 4 - Episode 3

Buoyed by the happiness that a young wife brings an aging man, Henry is noticeably more tolerant and forgiving than he once was. Such goodwill is well appreciated by the peasants of the North who gratefully accept Henry’s forgiveness for the Pilgrimage of Grace revolt, during a Royal visit. But the King’s benevolence may yet be tested by his new Queen: Katherine Howard has submitted to seduction by the young and handsome Thomas Culpepper.

star 7.63
287 votes

#16 - Demimonde

Penny Dreadful Season 1 - Episode 4

Vanessa's infatuation with Dorian Gray continues to grow. Professor Abraham Van Helsing is hired to work with Dr. Frankenstein. And Fenton draws his master to Sir Malcolm's mansion.

star 7.62
2505 votes
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Episode 4

#17 - Episode 4

Shameless Season 2 - Episode 4

Plans are afoot for Steve and Fiona's upcoming wedding. They pay a visit to the local vicar who eventually agrees to let them marry in the church but only after Steve agrees to pay a lot of money. Then disaster strikes when his car is stolen outside the church. Steve begins to panic and calls Tony. However, unknown to Steve Tony has actually stolen it for a joke but decides to look inside the car and finds a lot of money and drugs. Veronica becomes convinces her mother is going crazy when she continues to talk to her dog. Marty packs her off on a mystery cruise and then takes the dog to have an operation to loose its voice! Steve persaudes Tony to hand over the car. Steve drops the car off with some drug dealers but Tony and Stan turn up. Things turn nasty when a gun is pulled and then fired. One of the drug dealers is killed and the other one escapes but is quickly captured. A warrant is issued for Steve's arrest and he has to flee the estate.

star 7.62
97 votes
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Episode 9

#18 - Episode 9

Shameless Season 2 - Episode 9

Debbie's on a mission to help Marty who has an impending court appearance for a breach of the peace. Fiona is suffering from morning sickness, so Craig is planning a surprise trip to Wales to relax. Craig's wife, Sue, is jealous of his new relationship and seeks a showdown at the Gallaghers' house.

star 7.61
89 votes
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Matters of State

#19 - Matters of State

The Tudors Season 2 - Episode 7

The English Reformation is in full swing. Queen Anne suffers from nightmares and feels threatened by Katherine and her daughter. Henry pays an unplanned visit to an old friend, Sir John Seymour, father of Jane Seymour.

star 7.59
316 votes

#20 - Sister

The Tudors Season 4 - Episode 2

Thomas Culpepper - Henry VIII’s newest servant - continues to make eyes at his King’s young bride, Katherine Howard. Her servant suggests seduction. While the King shows his age by going to bed early during the Christmas celebration the young but not so innocent members of his court party on.

star 7.52
309 votes
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Moment of Nostalgia

#21 - Moment of Nostalgia

The Tudors Season 4 - Episode 1

A long hot summer, thirty years into the reign of King Henry VIII, and well into middle age, Henry takes his fifth wife, Katherine Howard. The Queen's "low background" combined with her youth and beauty, arouses a lusty familiarity in certain members of King Henry's court most notably his handsome young servant Thomas Culpepper.

star 7.51
320 votes