The BEST episodes directed by David Drury

Having it All
47 votes

#1 - Having it All

Blue Murder (UK) - Season 5 - Episode 1

When a cheerleading coach is found brutally murdered, suspicion soon falls on her husband, but further investigation by DCI Lewis and the team uncovers a bitter family rivalry and a shocking affair. Janine struggles to cope at home following the departure of her ex-husband, Pete.

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Episode 8
473 votes

#2 - Episode 8

Ashes to Ashes - Season 3 - Episode 8

DCI Gene Hunt and his team are investigating a diamond heist following the murder of three London gang members. But DI Alex Drake is distracted and, with encouragement from DCI Jim Keats, she decides to pursue her own investigation to the bitter end - did Gene Hunt murder Sam Tyler? When Gene discovers that Alex has gone, he races after her leaving Ray Carling, Chris Skelton and Shaz Granger to plan an ambitious sting operation. As Gene desperately tries to reach Alex before she discovers the truth, Chris, Shaz and Ray's world completely falls apart. It's time for Alex and the rest of the team to find out the truth about Gene Hunt...

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Episode Two
83 votes

#3 - Episode Two

The Take - Season 1 - Episode 2

The drama moves on three years to 1988, and the new rave culture promises opportunities for the Jacksons as a market for ecstasy emerges. Ozzy sends the cousins to meet a rave organiser in Hackney, and Jimmy sees the opportunity to make a deal with drug lord Des. However, the partnership is threatened when an increasingly erratic Freddie flies into a rage, and his fall from grace begins.

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Beyond Good and Evil (2)
163 votes

#4 - Beyond Good and Evil (2)

Lewis - Season 8 - Episode 6

Hathaway and Maddox continue to investigate the murder of Travis as the trail leads back to Lewis’s original case. The two detectives attempt to prevent another murder and Lewis sees himself isolated and alone with his reputation in jeopardy.

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Beyond Good and Evil (1)
178 votes

#5 - Beyond Good and Evil (1)

Lewis - Season 8 - Episode 5

Lewis' reputation is jeopardized when the very first case that he solved as a DI is reopened for appeal and new murders are committed with the original weapon.

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Episode Three
76 votes

#6 - Episode Three

The Take - Season 1 - Episode 3

It is now 1994 and it seems Little Freddie is following in his father's footsteps, revealing his sadistic side by orchestrating a showdown between Jackie and Maggie. Meanwhile, Jimmy makes a bid for the empire by plotting an attack on Ozzy in prison.

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Episode 8
61 votes

#7 - Episode 8

The Paradise - Season 2 - Episode 8

Clémence arrives back in town bringing her problems to an already troubled Paradise. Tom flaunts his reconciliation with Clémence in front of a desolate Katherine. Distressed she is rescued by Jonas at her darkest hour. As Katherine confides in Jonas, her words confirm his suspicions of Tom's dark past. Katherine learns some unexpected news that reignites her fight and purpose. As the moment of reckoning arrives Tom is challenged by Moray, pride and self-sacrifice push both men to destructive levels and Moray risks everything. Can Moray and Denise find a way to make their love work?

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Episode 3
212 votes

#8 - Episode 3

The Paradise - Season 1 - Episode 3

A shocking discovery in ladieswear causes ripples through the store. To test Moray's feelings, Katherine pursues another man. Miss Audrey bans Denise from having any more ideas, forcing Denise to use all her cunning.

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Episode One
140 votes

#9 - Episode One

The Take - Season 1 - Episode 1

Drama, based on the novel of the same name. 1984. Recently released from prison, aspiring gangster Freddie Jackson vows to make a name for himself in Eighties London, backed by East End kingpin Ozzy, who he met in jail. Joined by his cousin Jimmy, the hoodlum begins his steady rise through the underworld ranks, feeding an insatiable appetite for violence along the way.

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Episode 7
375 votes

#10 - Episode 7

Ashes to Ashes - Season 3 - Episode 7

DCI Jim Keats has almost finished his report into DCI Gene Hunt and his team, but he's still pushing DI Alex Drake to find out what really happened to Sam Tyler. When reports come in of a disturbance at an ANC illegal drinking den Gene heads in all guns blazing. The men at the club are quick to dismiss the disturbance as nothing, but when DI Ray Carling spots blood on the floor and discovers a dead body, it leads Gene into a murder investigation.

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This Charming Man
42 votes

#11 - This Charming Man

Blue Murder (UK) - Season 5 - Episode 4

The lead vocalist of a rock band is found murdered ahead of the release of the band's latest album. DCI Lewis and the team discover that the deceased had been a difficult person and made a number of enemies. Ellie, a fan of the band, takes a great interest in the investigation.

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Episode 2
400 votes

#12 - Episode 2

Ashes to Ashes - Season 3 - Episode 2

A severed hand is sent to Fenchurch station. Discovering that several women have been murdered, Alex decides to join the dating agency they all used. Alex tries to discover the truth about Sam Tyler's death, but Gene is obstructive.

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Episode 2
219 votes

#13 - Episode 2

The Paradise - Season 1 - Episode 2

A rich customer's erratic spending worries the staff but pleases Moray. After Sam attempts to help the woman her grateful thanks lead to a misunderstanding that threatens both his career and the store's reputation. Miss Audrey is given the task of leading the Miss Paradise Pink promotion in the store. After she gets flustered though she turns to Denise for help.

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One of Our Own (1)
121 votes

#14 - One of Our Own (1)

Silent Witness - Season 18 - Episode 9

After Sergeant Sam Honeywell is discovered beaten and shot in his burnt-out car in Essex, the police are furious in what is a hugely emotive and political case for them, and DCI Jim Sullivan is determined to track down Honeywell’s killer. After a local drug dealer and son of crime boss Dean Fallon seems to have his alibi sewn up, suspicion falls much closer to home.

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Keeper of Souls (1)
100 votes

#15 - Keeper of Souls (1)

Prime Suspect - Season 3 - Episode 1

The episode opens in a bar where we see transsexual Vera Reynolds in cabaret. Jane is now working for the Vice Squad. A rent boy is found dead in a burnt out flat. The body is discovered to be that of a Colin Jenkins, also known as Connie. Jane's prime suspect is Jimmy Jackson who grooms under age rent boys.

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Episode 1
432 votes

#16 - Episode 1

Ashes to Ashes - Season 3 - Episode 1

Alex soon realises she has not returned home after all, and wakes up in 1983. Gene is on the run, and DCI Jim Keats has arrived from Complaints to investigate CID following the shooting. Newly-promoted DI Ray Carling leads an investigation into the kidnapping of a young girl, and sets up a sting operation. Alex decides that she will have to discover the truth about Gene if she is ever to get back to her own time.

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The Promise (1)
30 votes

#17 - The Promise (1)

Messiah - Season 3 - Episode 1

When a prison riot erupts into violence, Red ends up face to face with the ring leader, a man who once held him hostage and nearly drove him mad. Injured prisoners are moved to a crumbling, overstretched hospital. But a killer is amongst them, preying on their weaknesses. As the vicious murders spiral out of control, can Red and his team put aside their own emotional torment and find a method in his madness

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The Promise (2)
0 votes

#18 - The Promise (2)

Messiah - Season 3 - Episode 2

The killer is still on the loose and Red's investigation is in crisis. The London hospital is no longer a place of safety; it has become a graveyard of pain. The killer seems to be taunting Red. Kate is plagued by horrific images she doesn't understand, as one by one the chief suspects are found dead. In a terrifying conclusion, Red sets himself up as the killer's final victim.

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